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MARCH 2018, VOL. 16 ISSUE 3

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President Matassa Proclaims
SACS Western Store Day
Ascension Parish President grocery stores in the New
Kenny Matassa proclaimed Orleans area; what little free
February 15, 2018 as SACS time he had away from the
Western Store Day in business was spent relaxing and
Ascension. visiting friends and family who
According to the lived in Gonzales; an avid
proclamation, SACS began horseman, Gayle’s idea of
originally as Super Auto Clinic relaxation usually involved
and Sales, a small auto shop on riding horses and working
Burnside Avenue in Gonzales. cattle.
Gayle Braud, a native of the Gayle Braud was looking for a
Irish Channel in New Orleans, way to connect his passion for a
owned and operated several rural life with business, when an

Gayle Braud thought that
SACS was a good name for a
feed store, so he kept it, and
SACS Feed and Western Store
held its official grand opening
on October 5, 1968. Gayle’s
uncle Gil Braud cooked a
jambalaya in a 300 gallon sugar
kettle, which was the largest
jambalaya ever cooked at that
time, and by the end of the day
they had served every bit of it -
1200 plates! - which Gayle took
as a good sign.
SACS Feed and Western Store
managed to adapt its merchan-
dise over the years to the needs
opportunity presented itself to and wishes of its customers; the
buy into a partnership at SACS. family-friendly atmosphere of
He added a small line of the store added to its success,
livestock feed and Levi’s jeans in as did the large number of
one section of SACS for people who have worked at the
customers who could not get store over the years. Gayle
those things locally. He soon Braud worked every day at
realized his passion was not in SACS until health issues forced
the grocery business but in his semi-retirement; long-time
owning and operating a western manager Joey Templet began
store, so he sold his grocery working at SACS as a teenager
businesses and home in Metairie in 1972 and continues there to
and moved his family to this day; Joey’s wife Susie
Gonzales. Templet worked at SACS for
many years and was general been rebuilt into the beautiful
manager until her retirement; building it is today.
Gayle’s daughter Gay Robert SACS has been a regular
has been office manager for 21 supporter of the community and
years and took over chief contributor to community
operations upon Gayle’s death events, especially equestrian,
on December 10, 2013. rodeo, school, and sporting
SACS was devastated by a fire events; and SACS has been a
in February 2017, but Gay strategic partner in the success
rallied the SACS family team, of Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.
and customers and the
community rallied around
SACS, and through dedication
and determination, SACS has

• Full catering menu • Space for seminars
• Outdoor Pavilion for Weddings
• Space for seminars • Business meetings
• Birthday parties
Accommodates up to 300 guest.
Call to set up an appointment
to view our venues.

225.677.5545 • 17425 Airline Hwy • Prairieville

Gonzales Garden Club Readies for Flower Show

Gonzales Garden Club Members hosting the March 7th gathering were (L to R) Conchita
Richey, Lorraine Gautreau, Cynthia Cagnolatti, Jamie Trisler and Priscilla Monson.
Not pictured is Janis Poche.

The Gonzales Garden Club met at the

home of President Jamie Trisler on March
7, 2018. Thirteen active members and
four associate members attended the
event as well as two invited guests, Dale
Gonzales Garden Club Members Loretta Ramirez, Jamie Trisler and Marilyn Rice pose
behind the newly planted Savannah holly in memory of Ruby Nell Smith at the First United
Bowman and Sandy Stewart. Roll call
Methodist Church.
began with each member naming a “must
have” plant for flower arrangements.
Members Rita Bourque and Loretta
Ramirez each brought a mass floral
design for critique.

After discussing old and new business,

Chairman of Planting for Public and Special
the purpose of the meeting shifted to
Places Mary Jo Pohlig updated the club on
preparation for the club’s upcoming
the status of GGC-sponsored gardens at
Kidz Kove and Jambalaya Park.
annual flower show. An open forum
addressed the flower show theme, plant
material selection, flower conditioning,
container selection, floral design
proportion, niche composition, design
Member Loretta Ramirez designed this
The Garden Tip of the Month was
accessories and stable transportation of
lovely mass floral design of pink
provided by Cynthia Cagnolatti. She
alstroemeria and white statice flowers in
arrangements from home to the show recommended that members set up
a white cylindrical container against shiny
site. Members asked questions, shared accounts with the National Garden Club
pink satin. Horticulture Chairman Conchita Richey
tips and offered solutions on the various website to take advantage of online
gave instructions and distributed labeling
floral design topics.
supplies for the flower show, which will be
held at the Gonzales library on April 4th, as
shopping services for featured items and
Lorraine Gautreau listens.
access to lesson plans for garden
programs. The Horticulture Hint for
March is to begin planting warm-season
vegetables, such as tomatoes and strawberry peach tea and lemonade
bell peppers. beverages. Hershey chocolate layer cake,
coconut cream pie, strawberry sheet
Trisler, Cagnolatti, Lorraine Gautreau, cake, and white chocolate ambrosia
Priscilla Monson, Janis Poche and provided a variety of dessert choices with
Conchita Richey hosted the gathering. coffee. Once the meeting adjourned,
They served a luncheon of French dip pot members swapped plants in an in-house
roast sandwiches, corkscrew pasta and exchange, then toured Trisler’s patio
grape tomato salad, and raw vegetables garden of succulents.
in poppy seed marinade along with pickled
okra and gherkins. They offered


The landscape of Jack and Jill Carter’s home was filled with healthy, blooming shrub-
bery. Purple loropetalum, white Indian hawthorn, orange nandina and white and pink
azalea varieties filled the beds. Mature crape myrtles had begun to leaf out and the
weed-free lawn had returned to green.


Raising Cane’s on Airline Highway in Gonzales was well maintained. The ligustrum
trees were neatly trimmed as were all the border shrubs. Pansies and snapdragons
lined the freshly mulched beds at the restaurant entrance creating a welcome curb
appeal for customers.

State Representative

Tony Bacala Host

Best Catch”
Catfish Dinner Fundraiser
Experienced Litigator Seeks Judgeship Erin Wiley Lanoux
Announces Run for Ascension Parish Court
Erin Wiley Lanoux has her into a person of strong
announced her candidacy for character and work ethic.
Ascension Parish Court Judge,
due to the upcoming retirement Erin promises to work with all
of Judge Marilyn Lambert. citizens and leaders of Ascension
Lanoux is currently a partner in Parish, stating, “The courtroom
the law firm of Percy, Lanoux & should be a place where the
Mumphrey, as well as the City public feels safe and assured that
Attorney for the City of justice will be served no matter
Gonzales. who you are. If I am elected, I
pledge to treat every citizen and
“In 15 years of practicing law, attorney who appears before me
I have handled a wide variety of with fairness and respect.” The
cases,” states Lanoux. “I have election for Ascension Parish
never been intimidated with Court Judge will take place on
trying something new. You November 6, 2018.
must put in the time and the
effort. I have never treated any
case I have ever accepted with
anything less than the fullest
due diligence in terms of
research and preparation. I am
Ascension Chamber of
proud of my experience as a
Commerce as Chairwoman of
seasoned attorney and will bring
the Board in 2017. One of her
this strong work ethic to the
proudest accomplishments was
bench if I am elected Ascension
successfully co-founding a
Parish Court Judge.”
charitable organization, Project
Kidz Kove, which raised funds
Erin is a lifelong resident of
and constructed a playground
Ascension Parish, a graduate of
so that children with disabilities
East Ascension High School,
can play alongside all children.
and Louisiana State University.
Kidz Kove Discovery Park
Erin graduated LSU’s Paul M.
opened to the public in 2014.
Hebert Law Center in 2003
after being selected for the
Erin has been married to Jay
Louisiana Law Review, an honor
Lanoux for over 17 years and
bestowed on the top
they have three wonderful
students in her class.
daughters, Abby, Audrey, and
Alex. They are lifelong members
Erin’s commitment to the
of St. Theresa of Avila Catholic
community is strong, evidenced
Church. Erin’s parents are Jeff
by her history of serving and
and Linda (Waguespack) Wiley.
leading various organizations
She comes from a family with a
such as the 23rd Judicial
history of dedicated public
District Bar Association as
service going back three
President in 2016 and the
generations, which has molded
In Like
a Lion
March comes in like a lion and
out like a lamb. Ever heard that
expression? Basically the
expression conveys that March
usually begins with cold, rainy
weather and ends with the
newness of spring.

I was having a conversation

with a friend recently, and we
discussed how this is symbolic
of the seasons within our
own lives.

Also, a serving of crawfish tail

Crawfish But are bugs bad for your meat is only about 1% of your

Season is health? Despite the bad rumors

about all the cholesterol and fat
daily allowance of fat, half your
daily allowance of cholesterol,
Back! in crawfish, crawfish are actually
good for you.
and is only 70 calories.
Some studies have shown that So imagine - a tree physically
consuming a diet high in and visibly changes as seasons
I’m so happy it’s that time of First of all, crawfish are an seafood has been shown to
year when I walk can walk pass: in the summer a tree is in
excellent source of protein, 14 reduce the incidence of full bloom, completely green
around the neighborhood and grams per three ounce serving. Alzheimer’s, angina, stroke, and full of foliage, but then the
at any given point smell cayenne Protein naturally doesn’t elevate asthma, heart disease and fall brings cooler weather and
and lemons billowing out of insulin, so your body can cancer. the tree begins to change
those large stainless steel pots. continue to burn fat and also, colors, then ultimately and
It’s also a time when you can the more protein you get in Crawfish muscle fibers are inevitably in the blustery
spend endless hours with family your diet, the fuller you feel shorter than the muscle fibers in coldness of winter, the tree loses
and friends on a lazy afternoon which ultimately results in red meats and are more easily its foliage and lays bare. But
with great anticipation of when then…then…spring brings
weight loss! digested. They are also low in
the table is full of current red forth grateful sunshine and
calories, fat and saturated fat, warm breezes, and the first few
crustaceans. and a good source of vitamins. leaves and blooms begin to
( emerge. But just because the
tree seemed like it was not
Naturally occurring nutrients producing during the cold,
in crawfish: dormant months, it was
• Biotin still alive.
• Calcium
• Iron How true when we go through
• Niacin difficult seasons in life. Just
• Phosphorus when it seems like all is lost,
• Protein sunlight emerges, and we come
out stronger and full of life.
• Selenium
And if we choose so, the good
• Vitamin A Lord uses those times to bless
• Vitamin B-6 others.
• Vitamin B-12
So, rejoice in the spring…the
So, don’t bat a claw next time Good Lord is about to use you
you think you shouldn’t go to be a symbolic light to those
back for round two (or three) around you!
of those Louisiana mudbugs!
Happy Easter Ascension Parish!

xoxo – Sweet Eyes

Peel Away Damaged Skin!
March Skin Treatment Special

APEELE Medium Depth Chemical Peel $200 ( a $50 Savings )

APEELE is the next generation revitalizing chemical peel

designed to provide controlled exfoliation of damaged skin with
significant viable results after one treatment!
(225) 927-7546 Amanda Maxwell-
Serving Baton Rouge & Gonzales Aesthetician/Laser Technician Michele Musso, FNP-C.

Rosalie Marie Templet Frederic
Family and Friends gather to Show
Their Love for ‘Aunt Rose’ with a
Surprise 90th Birthday Party.

reading past reports. As simple as

"5 Creative Email

it sounds, make sure you are
proofing emails thoroughly before
sending them out. Check that all

Marketing Tips"
links are working, graphics are
loading, and content can be easily
viewed on multiple platforms.
Double-check that your messages
look the way you want them to
by sending them to employee
by Orhan Mc Millan
accounts. Ideally, you will view
dezinsINTERACTIVE them on Outlook, Gmail, and on a
variety of mobile devices before
finalizing your drafts.

Going back and following your

email reports might be one of the
biggest tools in creating effective
email marketing campaigns.
Analyzing how many opens, link
clicks, bounce rates, unsubscribes,
etc. can give you a good look at
your customers behaviors. Find
out what times are receiving the
most opens, which links are being
click most, and what content is
being viewed.
We’ve all received an email we 3. Build a Subscriber List adding to it.
immediately deleted, marked as Conclusion
spam, or ignored altogether. As a If you’re sending emails to the 4. Links & Buttons
marketer, this is usually the first same people you’ve been doing Unlike direct mail, email
thought that pops up as soon as business with, chances are you The aim of most email marketing marketing opens the door for
we go hit “send” on another aren’t offering them anything new. campaigns is to increase traffic to meaningful conversations with
email newsletter, promotion, etc. Taking time to build out separate a site, sometimes a specific real people interested in your
With the ever-expanding realm of emailing list is necessary to keep landing page. No links means no business. It strengthens client
digital media, email marketing your emails relevant and useful to clicks. The focus of these points is relationships and keeps reminding
continues to be a vital communi- the persons your sending it to. to encourage recipients to your prospects to reach out to
cation channel for many. Here are interact with your email. Always you. Getting to know your
a few tips to elevate your email Reaching out to new prospects is try to include visually striking audience- analyzing their actions,
marketing and get into your a vital part of email marketing. buttons with text that give motivations, and preferences- is a
customers’ inboxes. One way to do this is have people readers more than one opportu- great way to boost conversions,
sign up for your emailing list. nity to interact (e.g., Find out and as long as you aren’t
1. Start with the Subject Subscription forms should be on more! Download Now! etc.) heartlessly spamming your
your home page, blog page,etc. subscriber lists, email marketing is
If you’re wondering how to do Even if you’ve already got a long 5. Proof, Analyze. Repeat an incredibly powerful tool for
email marketing right, the best list of emails for clients and getting messages directly to your
place to start is with the email prospects, you should never stop Analyzing emails goes beyond clients and prospects.
subject line.You want to keep it
simple enough to grab their
attention, while at the same time
enticing enough to have viewers
to open the email. Perfecting the
subject line can be the difference
between recipients opening your
email, deleting it or, even worse,
reporting it as spam.

2. Optimize for Mobile

The first thing many people do in

the morning is open their phone
and check their messages In fact,
66% of email opens occur on
smartphones or tablets. If your
emails aren’t optimized for
viewing on these devices, you’re
potentially missing out on a huge
number of clicks. Having a re-
sponsive, design-friendly email can
ensure readers are getting the
most of your content.

"Proudly Sponsored by Dutchtown Physical Therapy"

Dutchtown Primary Prek/Kindergarten Registration

will be held on April 11, 2018 from 9:00-12:00
Public School Site Ascension Parish school parent/caregiver in household for they do not already have one)
Based PK4 Programs: attendance zones. the last two months and any of
the following that apply: Those entering
Applications are open to all The following information is Kindergarten should
children living in Ascension required for Pre-K Registration: • 2017 tax documentation be five years of age by
Parish that will be 4 years old by including W-2s & Tax Return September 30, 2018.
September 30th of the school Documents Needed for
year for which they are applying. PK Applications • SNAP/Food Stamp • Child’s Birth Certificate
(9/30/18). To qualify for these documentation Up to date Immunization/shot
programs, children must meet • Birth Certificate records
income requirements or have an • Statement of Social Security
approved IEP. Families who meet • Proof of Guardianship benefits • Proof of Residence (full page
the 185% federal poverty (if not parent) of electric bill with the service
guidelines, receive SNAP (food • Official letter from employer address visible)
stamps), are homeless, are • Immunization Records stating place of employment,
unemployed, or children who are hourly rate of pay and average • Parent's driver's license or
in foster care qualify for these • Proof of Residence (electric bill number of hours worked per valid i.d.
programs. Children living in the with service address listed or week(if no check stubs are
school attendance zone are given current lease agreement stating available) • Valid email address ( School
priority at each site and provided utilities are included) staff can assist families with
transportation. Any remaining • Valid email address (School setting up an email account if
seats are filled from those • Proof of Income: 2 consecutive staff can assist families with they do not already have one)
qualifying students in other check stubs for each working setting up an email account if

"Your Community
Physical Therapy
Provider" for
10 years.

Stephen Jackson, PT, DPT

(225) 744-3631 • fax (225) 744-3647


Make Sure
on your individual goals and cir-
cumstances, from a robo-advisor.

You Choose
So, if you decide to work with an in-

the Right
dividual financial professional, what
should you look for from this per-
son? Here are a few questions you

might want to ask:
• Who is your typical client? By ask-

ing this question, you may get a
sense of whether a particular finan-
cial advisor has experience working

It’s Tax Time What kind of lifestyle do you hope

to have in retirement? Do you have
with people in your financial situa-
tion and with goals similar to yours.

• What’s important to you? The

a strategy to get there? If you don't quality of your relationship with
We Can Erase have confidence in your plan, it your financial advisor is important –
may be time to engage a financial after all, you may be working with
Your Tax Worries. professional. But how do you
choose the one who's right for you?
this person for decades – and he or
she likely will be involved with
many of your most personal deci-
These days, you have more options
• Personal Loans • Auto Title Loans
sions. Consequently, you’ll want to
• Confidential Loans • Pay Day Loans than ever – including so-called work with someone you connect
robo-advisors. Robo-advisors typi- with on an individual level, as well
cally use algorithms to assemble in- as a professional one. So, if an ad-
vestment portfolios, with little to no visor seems to share your values
$50 - $300 human supervision, after customers and appears to have good rapport
answer questions online. Generally, with you, it could be a positive sign
robo-advisors are fairly cheap, and for the future.
No Credit
their recommendations are usually
based on sound investment princi-
• How will we communicate – and
ples such as diversification. how often? If you’re interviewing
candidates, ask them how often
For Loan Information Call 647-7422 However, when considering a robo- they will meet with you in person. At
advisor, you should determine if an a minimum, an advisor should see
algorithm can address your needs you once a year to review your
as well as a human being – some- progress and suggest changes. Will
one who actually becomes familiar they also call or e-mail you with
Hey Dr. Rob,
with your life and all aspects of your suggestions throughout the year?
financial situation. Furthermore, a
Did you make me
Are you free to contact them when-
robo-advisor can’t really handle the ever you like? Will you get a real,
this Purdy? new wrinkles that will inevitably pop
up, such as when you change jobs,
live person every time you call? Will
they send out newsletters or other
and you’d like to know what to do communications to update you on
with your 401(k) from your previous changes in the investment
employer – leave the money in that world? If so, can you see some
employer’s plan, transfer the ac- samples of the communication ve-
count to the new employer’s plan or hicles they send to clients?
roll it over to an IRA. You probably • How do you get compensated?
couldn’t receive a personalized Some financial advisors work on a
evaluation of your options, based fee basis, some on commissions,
and some use a combination of
both. Find out how your advisor will
be compensated, when you’ll need
to make payments and how much
you’ll be expected to pay.

By asking the right questions, you

should get a good sense of whether
a particular advisor is right for you.
And since this likely will be one of
the most important professional re-
lationships you have, you’ll want a
good feeling about it, right from the


Jamie Lavigne, Financial Advisor

225.744.4905 4600 Sherwood Common Blvd, #103 • Baton Rouge, LA 70806-6609 • 225.292.4971 (O)

• Minimal sedation -- you are hour before the procedure. The Sedation dentistry may also be
Sedation awake but relaxed.
• Moderate sedation (formerly
pill will make you drowsy, al-
though you'll still be awake. A
appropriate for people who:

Dentistry called "conscious sedation") --

You may slur your words when
larger dose may be given to pro-
duce moderate sedation. Some
• have a low pain threshold
• can't sit still in the dentist's
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD speaking and not remember people become groggy enough chair
Ascension Premier Dental much of the procedure. from moderate oral sedation to • have very sensitive teeth
• Deep sedation -- you are on actually fall asleep during the pro- • have a bad gag reflex
Dr. Bessonet is one of only a the edge of consciousness but can cedure but this is rare. • need a large amount of dental
still be awakened. work completed
few dentists in the country • General anesthesia -- you are IV moderate sedation.
trained and certified to completely unconscious. You receive the sedative drug Sometimes, children are given se-
provide IV sedation in the through a vein, so it goes to work dation if they are terrified of
dental office. What Types of Sedation Are more quickly. This method allows going to the dentist or refuse to
Used in Dentistry? the dentist to “titrate” the drugs,
which means he can
cooperate during the visit. Ni-
trous oxide tends to be safe in
Does the thought of having
your teeth fixed make your entire continually adjust the level of se- children, and just about any den-
body tense with fear? Would you The following types of sedation dation until it is ideal for the in- tist can administer it.
rather endure the agony of a are used in dentistry: dividual patient. You cannot do
toothache than step foot in a
Inhaled minimal sedation.
this with oral sedation. Iv seda- Can Any Dentist
dentist's office? You're not
You breathe nitrous oxide --
tion also makes it possible to give
multiple combination of drugs to
Perform Sedation?
alone. A lot of people are so pho-
bic about going to the otherwise known as "laughing suit the patient, as all people have
dentist that they prefer not to gas" -- combined with oxygen different tolerances to different All states require dentists to
have any treatment. through a mask that's placed over types of drugs. provide proof of advanced
For people who avoid dentists your nose. The gas helps you Regardless of which type of training and a certain number of
like the plague, sedation dentistry relax. Your dentist can sedation you receive, you'll also sedation cases completed under
may take away some of their anxi- control the amount of sedation typically need a local anesthetic -- supervision in order to obtain a
ety. Sedation can be used for you receive, and the gas tends to numbing medication at the site license for IV sedation. It's im-
everything from invasive proce- wear off quickly. This is the only where the dentist is working in portant to make sure that your
dures to a simple teeth cleaning. form of sedation where you may the mouth -- to relieve pain if the dentist is trained and qualified to
How it's used depends on the be able to drive yourself home procedure causes any administer the type and level of
severity of the fear. after the procedure. discomfort. sedation you will be receiving.
The dentist should monitor your
What Is Sedation Dentistry? Oral sedation. Depending on the
total dose given, oral sedation Who Can Have Sedation at vital signs during the procedure
following the American Dental
can range from minimal to the Dentist's? Association's guidelines. The
Sedation dentistry uses
medication to help patients relax moderate. For minimal sedation, dentist should also have oxygen -
you take a pill. Typically, the pill Sedation is most appropriate for - artificial ventilation -- and drugs
during dental procedures. It's people with a real fear or anxiety
sometimes referred to as "sleep is Halcion, which is a member of that reverse the effects of seda-
the same drug family as Valium, that is preventing them from tion on hand in case you need
dentistry.” The levels of going to the dentist.
sedation used include: and it's usually taken about an them.

• IV Sedation
• Invisalign Certified
• Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
• Porcelain Veneers
• Implants
• Wisdom Teeth

Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD

13053 Hwy 73, Ste A Geismar, La 70734 • Call: 225.217.2688 • www.
Tax records should generally be kept appointed to act in a fiduciary role for
for seven years. This is the maximum you, or a move to a new state.
amount of time the government has to
collect the tax or start legal As we approach Spring and tax
In a recent article in Consumer proceedings against you so keeping deadlines, it’s a great time to organize
Reports, the author suggests dividing all tax records for this long should your important papers and to toss the
your important records into four keep you safe. ones you no longer need. Dividing
categories: (1) records you should those papers into four categories based
keep for a year or less; (2) records you There are other documents you should on how long they should be kept is
should keep for as long as you own the keep forever. These include your social one good way to streamline the task
thing for which the records apply; (3) security card, military discharge papers, and make it more manageable. As you
tax records that you should keep until estate planning documents and life do this, however, remember there are
the time for audit and amending your insurance policies. Make sure you store some documents that should be kept
return has passed; and, (4) records you these documents in a safe place, like a forever, like your will and your powers
should keep indefinitely. fire-proof box in your home. Also, of attorney. Not having or being able
make sure you inform your fiduciaries to locate the original of these
The records you should keep for a year where they can locate these papers. documents might result in unintended
or less include your ATM slips, bank They will usually need the originals to consequences to your family and loved
and credit card slips and receipts. Once carry out their duties. Recently, a ones. While you are getting these
By Linda Melancon you’ve received your monthly state- client contacted my office to say her documents organized and in a safe
ments and found no discrepancies, you daughter-in-law had thrown away her place, it is also a good time to review
Spring Cleaning? can destroy these records except for power of attorney while doing some
cleaning. A good way to avoid a
them with your attorney to make sure
they are up to date.
the ones needed to support tax
Don’t Throw Out deductions. As with destroying any mishap such as this is to keep your
very important papers in a separate
Your Will! records containing personal
information, you should shred the envelope or file clearly marked as The information provided is not
paper records and delete the something that should not be de-
The days are getting warmer and stroyed. intended to be legal advice and does
corresponding electronic ones.
longer and Spring is surely well on its not constitute an attorney/client
way to arriving. Along with Spring, You should retain records for major While organizing your estate planning relationship. You should consult with
comes Spring cleaning and tax purchases, including evidence of documents, it’s also a good time to an attorney for individual advice
preparation. Between the throwing payment for the item, for as long as consider whether they should be regarding your own situation.
out and organizing associated with you own the item. You will also want updated. I recommend reviewing your
both of those things, it is a great time to keep loan papers until the loan is documents at least every three years to
to get your financial and other paid off and vehicle records until the insure changes in circumstances Ms. Melancon is an attorney with Legacy Estate
important records in order and stored vehicle is sold. You will also want to and/or the laws have not changed in a & Elder Law of Louisiana, LLC, with offices in
in a safe place. However, it can be very way to negatively affect your docu- Baton Rouge, LA and Prairieville, LA. The
keep investment statements until the jhhprimary focus of her practice is estate plan-
confusing to know which records to investment is sold so you have the ments. You should also review your ning, probate, special needs planning and elder
keep and for how long. This article information needed to track income estate planning documents whenever law. For more information or to attend an up-
will examine that question as well as tax cost basis. you know there has been a change in coming estate planning seminar, call her office at
provide tips on updating important your life, such as the birth of a new (225) 744-0027.
documents. child or grandchild, the death or
disability of someone you have

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of Fish and Seafood
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225-644-7466 Ascension • 225-924-7096 Baton Rouge
Dreams Come True Sends Thanks To East Ascension Student Council
EA Student council sold Christmas Socks to raise money for Dreams Come True. Samantha Leland,
Sponsor and Jaclyn Wheat, Student Council President raised $1100.00! Your kindness will help a Dream
Kid’s dream come true. To the EA Student Council we love you guys.

The Solid Choice in

Ascension Parish
In Ascension, great Cajun families at LSU in 1978 and have spent their the Ascension Chamber of Glenda & Glenn Shaheen
come in all sizes and from all walks entire adult lives serving our great Commerce Board. Glenda
of life. We are hunters and fishermen. area. They raised a family here and has distinguished
We run clothing stores and their roots run deep. In 1980, their herself in a number of
grocery stores. first child was born…a daughter, positions that serve the
Aleaha, who is a project management community such as
Some of us serve the police or fire assistant, started her education at Chairperson of the
departments or work for the school Ascension Catholic School in Ascension Chamber of
system. We are painters, carpenters, Donaldsonville and finished at LSU. Commerce, Chairperson of
coaches, and insurance providers. We A brother, Mathew, was born in 1982 the Ascension Office of
are doctors, lawyers, and maybe even and the Shaheens’ third child Daniel, Tourism, Donaldsonville
Indian chiefs. Perhaps though, none of was born in 1985. Mathew works in Ready-City Committee,
these professions touch the lives of the field of construction management, Chairperson of the
more of our citizens more often and while Daniel, having followed his sister Ascension Rotary Club,
in more ways than the area’s civil and brother through the matriculation and Vice Chair of the
engineers. We are blessed in of Ascension Catholic and LSU, is a Louisiana Workforce
Ascension Parish, to have one of member of the United States Air Investment Board
the country’s most prolific and Reserve where he flies refueling jets District 20. She was
accomplished engineering firms (KC-135) for his country. also Chairperson of the At the time his clients were the City
call our home their home… Ascension Parish CAER (Community of Donaldsonville, West Baton Rouge
GSA Consulting Engineers, Inc. “Glenn and I are extremely proud Awareness - Emergency Response Parish, Town of Lutcher and private
of our children and ‘THEIR’ Committee), and others. developers. Later came Gonzales
GSA was founded by, and continues to accomplishments”, said Glenda. and Ascension Parish and the River
thrive under the direction of Glenn “We have been blessed with children Simultaneously she raised a family Parishes.
Shaheen. Glenn and his wife Glenda who have become great citizens. This and worked for over 30 years in the
are natives of Donaldsonville. They community has been wonderful to our fields of Safety and Administration, "Today we continue to proudly serve
met while attending high school, family and we always try to give back”. much of that time spent with those communities and several more.
Glenn at Ascension Catholic School Triad Chemical. We have done a great many projects
and Glenda at Donaldsonville High To that end, public service has been a with Ascension Parish and I am very
School. (Glenda clarifies, “It was large part of Glenn and Glenda’s life. After finishing his education, Glenn proud to be able to say that.”
actually at the city pool where we first Glenn started early-on in his college worked for a few engineering firms
met. Glenn asked a friend about me. years as being a leader as President gaining a well-rounded portfolio of In 1994, with the assistance of one of
"He was very handsome, but I really of ASCE - LSU Student Chapter and experience through a wide variety its private development clients, the
did not know him. We met again at a then as President of the Baton Rouge of projects. “I’m sure everyone company was able to buy a piece of
friends wedding and from then on we Branch. He also was a Past Member remembers that the 1980’s were land on Purpera Avenue. On the land,
saw each other every day". They were of the Rotary Club of Gonzales, YMCA hard years in which to conduct hidden by woods and brush, sat an old
married during Glenn’s last semester Board Member and also served on business. But Glenn was determined cypress house. Eventually the land
to break out on his own. He began in
Back Row: Steven Bourg, RPR; David Einsel, Sr. Project Manager; David Curtis, Engineer;
was cleared, the house dismantled
Tim Dantin, Construction Manager Front Row: Kimberly Koehl, Engineer;
Port Allen and moved his small and in 1995 GSA built, christened,
Mark Maher, Construciton Administration
engineering office to Donaldsonville. and moved into the place that GSA
He worked during the day on projects still calls home today. In fact the
and at night he attended meetings offices are beautifully adorned by the
and worked on building his company. use of the cypress that was once

Paul Vidacovich- Sr. CAD Technician; Kenneth Guillot – Engineering/CAD Technician

Award Winning Jambalaya Park

City of Donaldsonville Railroad Avenue overlay

West Lac Des Allemands Shoreline Protection Project

‘that old house’. landmark when completed in 2010.
The light blue-and-white structure
Through the many years since then, that bears the city’s name with an
GSA has been involved in dozens of illustration of a pot of jambalaya
civic projects with our local instantly modernized the thought
governmental bodies, all of whom processes of the people of our area.
continue to show the highest degree Suddenly we were promoting
of respect and confidence in this local ourselves as progressive and
business…(By the way, many of you promising and that is what is shown
know that engineering wasn’t always to thousands of people everyday as
the ‘Shaheen Way’. Glenn’s mom and they pass this monument on the
dad owned and ran Shaheen’s interstate or see it featured in
Department Store in White Castle). print and TV ads.
Some of these projects are unseen
by the people who benefit from their
modernization and efficiency. These
designs improve our lives on a daily name a few. accomplishment for GSA and the City “We continue to be part
basis in countless ways and that is of Gonzales, but not the end of the of this community by being
what drives the team at GSA. “Our In 1993 this “behind the scenes” kind story. With the contract to deal with involved in local activities
mission statement is ‘Building a of engineering took a momentary the remnants of the old facility, the through volunteering of time
Better Tomorrow - Today,’” Glenn told ‘back seat’ for GSA when the firm group at GSA put their imaginations and talents. GSA employees
us. “By that, what we mean is that landed its first Big project,designing a to work and the result was the take part in local school
we’re looking to the future. We’re not new wastewater treatment plant for magnificent city facility named for the programs including being
just building something for today.” Gonzales. The old plant was located Jambalaya Capital of the World… assistant coaches,
GSA has done extensive work on behind City Hall. ’Jambalaya Park’. mentoring and allowing
public works projects such as pump students to shadow the
station design and reconstruction, The $7.5 million project included a And more recently…THE WATER team members, providing
sanitary sewer systems, water new treatment facility as well as new TOWER. Erected near the Cabela’s services and raising funds
treatment and waste water treatment pump stations and force main. This outdoor store in Gonzales, the for Kidz Kove and a
systems, water transmission and facility came online in 1998 and beautifully designed and colorfully number of charitable and
distribution systems, levee design and was state-of-the-art, a great adorned structure quickly became a community events.”
flood protection, along with
City of Gonzales Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Program
construction administration to Glenn Shaheen

Award Winning City of Gonzales Water Tower

GSA has touched our lives in many
ways through many years. Currently,
GSA employs a staff of 15 people.
Fifteen families are able to enjoy life
in the greatest place in the country
thanks to their hard work and a gift
to Ascension Parish…that gift is
Glenn and Glenda Shaheen and
GSA's team.

1022 S. Purpera Ave. • Gonzales

Head coaches dispay the T-Bone Steak Plaque L - R David Oliver, Fritz Englade, Bret Hughes, Darnell Lee. St Amant booster and St. Amant head
coach get served their steaks by the EA booster and EA head coach

The annual T-Bone Steak Patterson, an ardent East A discussion went back and entire affair and serving
Red Beans and Rice Ascension Spartan supporter forth and it was decided that T-Bone steaks to the winners,
Challenge Supper was help made a bet with Fritz Englade, Fritz Englade would select 25 with the losers eating red
recently at Carlico’s a staunch St. Amant Gator St. Amant supporters and Jay beans and rice.
Restaurant. supporter that whoever lost the Patterson would select 25
E.A./S.A. game would treat the East Ascension supporters. This event has carried on for
It all started 29 years ago winner to a steak dinner. A supper would be held with 29 years and of course, during
when the enthusiastic Jay the losing team paying for the the dinner there was a lot of

There is Always Something Fun Happening at the Kilt

Kids Night on Tuesdays 6-9 • Tilted Trivia on Wednesdays 7-9 • Late night Happy Hour 9-close

Check out our

Happy Hour
Blackboard Specials Daily 3-6
Lunch Specials:
Monday-Friday doors
open at 10:30am

Delicious homemade
meals that are Live Music
served quickly to
accommodate your Thursdays
lunch hour!
6 : 30 -8 : 3 0

Check out our Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter pages for more info on these and more exciting
events & specials at the Kilt! • 2828 S Outfitters Drive • 225-450-3496

Members of the T-Bone steak and red beans and rice group St Amant GATORS enjoy the victory

razzing and teasing by each away Sam Speligene was last week. Needless to say a the two teams – except the day
group. The coaches from each team captain for several years. lot of fun and comradarie is of the game at which time the
team are also present. The When Sam resigned Bret held during the event. rivalry becomes more intense.
losing coaches and captain Hughes decided to pick up
serve the winning coaches and the chairmanship for East The rivaly between these two
captain the steaks. You can Ascension. teams and the fans is a unique St. Amant leads the series
imagine a great deal of fun one. Almost all the families 17 to 12 and of course, this
and teasing takes place The event is normally held a have close friends, family and statistic was brought up
while this is done. few weeks after the game how- relatives on the opposing several times during the
ever, due to various scheduling team; consequently, there is a dinner.
After Jay Patterson passed problems the event has held lot of fun and sharing between

'Cooking for a Cause'

Live Entertainment • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards • Judged by the Jambalaya Festival Association

Jambalaya Cook-Off
You are invited to participate in the 4th Annual

Wounded Combat Coalition, home of Wounded Wear which

Sunday May 6th to benefit

supports combat veterans across the United States

We moved our benefit date due to heat issues previous years. All proceeds go to Wounded Combat Coalition, home of Wounded

We need teams and sponsors.

Wear. Last year we raised $16,200 which helped 2 Purple Heart recipients receive Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) treatment.
Please help us give back to those who have given everything.

For More Information contact Zack or Katie •

14505 Highway 44, Gonzales, LA 70737 • (225) 622-3719

Still Crazy After All These Years-
50 Years of March Madness
by Bill Delaune

My annual spring pilgrimage birds were your doing. Why

down Alligator Bayou to find couldn’t I get that close to
the all-great, all-seeing, robins 50-something years ago
all-knowing Sports Ninja came with my Benjamin Pump pellet
to an abrupt stop about half a gun,” I lamented.
mile down the road. “Luckily, the statute of
“Stop-Bridge Out!” limitations has run out on those
“No Trespassing.” “This poor migratory foul that you
Means You.” and your great white hunters
Visibly shaken, I stopped my once slaughtered,” Ninja said.
dirty green Edge at the last “Remember when you and Don
barricade and proceeded on and Canton caught those
foot to the mecca of my helpless birds in the snow on
destination-the old Alligator the river side of the levee? They
Bar-or the Alligator Hilton as it were almost frozen and-if you’ll
was commonly called back in excuse the pun-easy pickings for
the day. you American Sportsman.”
I followed Delaune and “But how did you know…?”
winding road in the direction of I forgot for a moment whom I
some faint tune that my was talking to.
hearing-impaired ears could not “Then, with a sack full of
identify accompanied by a illegal robins, y’all couldn’t
group of very friendly robins make it back up the levee in the
who did everything but sit on jeep due to the ice and snow
my shoulder like some and had to go all the way down
modern-day Uncle Remus. to the old ferry landing to get
As I drew closer to the back across.” He was exactly
depilated building where right as usual.
hippies, bikers, cowboys and “It would have been poetic
LSU frat students used to share justice if y’all would have had to
the warped dance floor on spend the night on the
Sunday nights, the song became sandbar in the sub-freezing
obvious even to my deaf temperatures.”
ear-“Back in the U.S.S.R. …” “But at least we could have
“First song on the ’68 White cooked a big robin jambalaya,”
Album,” came a familiar voice I laughed. “I haven’t eaten that
that read, “You’ve come a long artists. Now I know it’s
from the porch. delicacy since maybe 1968.”
way, baby.” birthday time for you again
“Since I have to sneak around “Funny you should bring up
“Do you think the Fab Four and…”
like a Russian spy-which seems 1968,” Ninja smiled as if I had
meant that song as a tribute to “You say it’s your birthday…”
to be in vogue these days-I fallen into his trap. “Because
the Beach Boys or were they wailed the Beatles on cue.
figured I’d have the Beatles play that year that changed history
mocking their American “And no ‘69’ jokes, please,”
an old Soviet sonata.” 50 years ago is the subject of
cousins?” I asked. I begged. “I’m not growing
It was the unmistakable sound today’s lecture.”
“Tough call there,” answered old very gracefully I’m afraid.”
of the Sports Ninja-sitting in a “Begging the Ninja’s
The Great One. “I know Paul “Well, pardon me, Mr. My-
rocker that was on its last leg pardon,” I interrupted, “but I
McCartney visited Brian Wilson Oh-My What a Beautiful Day-
under a sign that read, “$5 to came through all those
after the Beach Boys did ‘Pet Destroyer. Didn’t you like the
park-violators will be towed.” blockades to get some tips on
Sounds’ to learn some bass avian escort I sent you,” he
He stood up to meet me re- my March Madness basketball
licks. But John Lennon always queried.
vealing a Virginia Slims t-shirt pool-not to get a lecture.”
enjoyed making fun of other “I should have known those
“Patience, grasshopper,” he trouble there.” soil cement. The supervisor agree?” He was on a Ninja
went “Kung-Fu” on me. “We “Do you remember where needed us to drill a few holes roll now so I joined in
can learn much from the you were when Bobby Kennedy for him and we’d be done for the momentum.
past-including how to win your was assassinated?” the day. “I’d throw Arizona in there.
silly contest. “I was working for the “No problem, right? Until Their coach was caught on tape
John Lennon was also going highway department on a the truck broke down.” offering 100,000 dollars to a
Far-Eastern in the background summer job. We didn’t get the I paused for a moment prize recruit.”
with his ’68 “Revolution”- news until the following remembering how hot it was on “That’s the spirit,” Ninja
“…But if you go carrying morning,” I recalled. July 5, 1968, on a dusty, seemed pleased. “And with this
pictures of Chairman Mao, You “Randall and I were the half-built road for two 19-year dirty agent steering recruits to
ain’t going to make with anyone youngest ones in the crew and olds sweating out Boone’s Farm the top schools, you have to
anyhow…” the older guys didn’t care much wine and using… include the bluebloods-Kansas
“Great One,” I was getting a for the Kennedys because of “Post-hole diggers,” said our and Kentucky. You can take
bit frustrated, “you know I love their views on civil rights. So boss. “Use these to get those whichever one you want but
the 60’s, the Beatles and the we had to bear some fairly samples from 12 inches down. you can bet they were
White Album but what does this brutal comments that day.” I need them by three o’clock.” both involved.”
have to do with college Paul McCartney was now “That ranks right up there as “O.K.-you take the ‘K’s’, I’ll
basketball?” screaming “Helter Skelter” at a one of the worst days of my first take the ‘O’,” I countered.
“What a short memory you startled fisherman. two decades,” I confirmed. “As in Oklahoma who has the
have,” he scolded. “Didn’t “Was that your worst day that “Bouncing those digger blades best guard in the country in
‘Lovely Rita-Meter Maid’ give summer?” Ninja persisted. off that road, barely making a Trae Young and still can’t figure
you North Carolina last year? “Believe it or not, it wasn’t,” dent, onto a surface as hard out how to win games. I would
And didn’t the Tarheels beat I replied. “Now I’m not trying as-well-concrete.” say that’s a troubled team.”
Gonzaga in the finals to win the to compare my personal “Hard as picking winners in a “Excellent,” applauded the
championship?” hardships with a national basketball pool?” grinned Ninja. Great One. “And look what
Damn-how could I have tragedy, but as a 19-year old, “I was wondering when we acronym this gives us. K for
forgotten. The little lady cop that July 5 was one of the were going to get around to Kentucky or Kansas, A for
from the “Sgt. Pepper’s” album toughest days of my life-from a that,” I admitted. Arizona, O for Oklahoma and
picked Carolina because she had physical standpoint.” “You described ’68 as a S for State-K.A.O.S.-a
issued more tickets for “You see, July 4 was on a troubled and tumultuous phonetical pronunciation of
violations on that campus than Thursday that year and all the period, “he stated. “Even your chaos and also the evil
any other. regular hands used their comp beloved Kentucky Derby that organization Maxwell Smart was
Ninja read me like a book. time to take off the following year had its first and only trying to subdue in 1968. And
“Now that the light bulb has Friday for a 4-day weekend. disqualification when Dancer’s using the Izzo theory, move
gone off in that brain-cell Randall and I were assigned to Image came flying down the Michigan State up to national
depleted mind of yours, tell me man the office and answer the stretch to win until the stewards champs.”
what you remember phone and not much else. determined he was flying a little The Sports Ninja climbed into
about 1968.” Naturally, we drank a couple of too high and took him down. his ’68 Chevy Camaro and
“Lots of anti-war protests, fifths on the Fourth, arrived at “So on the 50th anniversary waved good-bye.
civil rights demonstrations, work badly hungover and set up of that volatile year, why not “Keep the White Album from
hippies and yippies clashing with makeshift beds on the couches pick your Final Four teams that 1968 as a birthday present-I
the police at the Democratic with life preserver pillows and reflect the chaotic times of then have barricades to run,” he
Convention in Chicago. The turned the air on high. and now,” Ninja reasoned. shouted gleefully. “Oh, and
whole country was in total “All went well until mid- “Tell me one thing that you’ve one last question-what is the
turmoil,” I understated. morning when the only learned from me in the past, speed limit of sex?”
The Great One’s face took on supervisor that was working that Fishwrap.” When I assured him I didn’t
a grim demeanor. day burst into the office to “Always move Tom Izzo’s know, he cackled, “Sixty-eight.
“Do you remember where interrupt our golden slumber.” teams up one place higher than At 69 you have to turn…”
you were when Dr. King “No good can come of this,” you have them in the brackets I didn’t let him finish.
was shot?” said Ninja in a rare show of based on his coaching,” “Thanks for the record and the
“Of course,” I answered. sympathy. I responded. lecture. See you at the Derby.”
“I was at USL and the campus “Again, you are correct, sir,” “And with this sexual abuse
was about to explode. So they I conceded. “To really show my scandal involving Olympic
let us out a day early for spring age, Randall and I were working athletes and the perp being
break to avoid any riots. on the ‘new’ Highway 30 at the based at Michigan State, I’d say
Naturally we just headed for time and we ran a drilling truck they qualify as troubled and
LSU and got into more to dig holes and take samples of tumultuous. Wouldn’t you

but she don't have to. I hunt hot. Make no mistake, I am a
because I have to." Well, he was predator. However, I do feel
preaching to the choir on that that I know my limitations and
one because I have to to. try to avoid some of the stupid
As I write this article it is and risky things that I have tried
early summer, and although in the past.
there's a whole lot of great fish- Not all hunters have the same
ing ahead, my thoughts are al- desires. Some enjoy the woods
ready beginning to turn to this and water when conditions are
coming hunting season. As the comfortable. Some enjoy the
seasons begin to open I will camp life with family and
start my annual routine of har- friends. Some folks don't hunt
vesting my food for the coming at all. The latter is the largest
year. I'll wake up early on days group of people and they are
off after an exhausting week of the population which we need
work. I'll go by myself if neces- to help understand why we do

But She Don't Have To sary. I'll drive long distances if

needed for my quarry. To some
extent I will party for the better
what we do. Being an ethical,
safe and responsible hunter is a
must to win their respect. Why
It was early in the morning hunted the day before and was
part of the night and still get up people hunt is a question that
on the second Saturday of kinda wore out from the heat
the next morning and crawl can only be answered by that in-
turkey season. While trying to and it was going to be very
slowly out of a nice warm, com- dividual. For me the answer to
fully awaken I was having a con- warm this day also. Even though
fortable bed to get a breath of that question is simple. I hunt
versation with probably the best my movements to get dressed
freezing air in the outdoors be- because I have to....
turkey hunter I have ever met. weren't near as smooth as they
fore daylight. It's not necessary
We were talking about world once were it would take a whole
that I always shoot something, Till Next Time,
problems and our successes and lot more than warm weather to
but it is always a necessity that
failures of the season up to date. keep me out of the woods. At
I'm there. I wish I was one of How About You?
He mentioned that not many some point in our conversation
those people who can just sleep
people had hunted the prior he made a remark that is all so
in at times, but I just can't do it. James "Goosie" Guice
week because of uncomfortable true. He said, "You know Goose
Age has naturally changed me
weather conditions. I had I have a daughter that hunts,
some, but the fire still burns

Join us

with Kellie
Useless Random Facts
Monday Night

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Mulan are the only Disney cartoons where both parents Friday
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are present and don't die throughout the movie.

3/23 Taylor Nauta

3/30 Voyage
Daylight Saving Time is not observed in most of the state

4/6 Rhett & Thad

of Arizona and parts of Indiana.

Count the number of cricket chirps in a 15-second
period, add 37 to the total, and your result will be
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98% of Japanese are cremated.

Ants will almost never walk through baby powder.
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4/14 Spank the Monkey
Based on a new study, the loch ness monster couldn't be any
larger than a 6th grade student if it exists. Using sonar,
scientists have guestimated that there's only enough fish in
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cold-blooded creature (if the beast existed), would have to
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A hummingbird weighs less than a penny.

Bananas contain a natural chemical which can MEGATOUCH, AND POOL TABLES.
make a person happy. This same chemical is also
yuyghfound in Prozac. “ L I K E ” U S O N FA C E B O O K
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eaters in the world.
camp?” I tripped over your hoe.”
I couldn’t hold on any longer I have never been so proud of
I had to tell him the truth. It a hoe and yes, I left it at the
Thoughts from Bully wasn’t a Ho, Ho. It was a hoe,
hoe. Not to be confused with a
camp through the winter.
Well it’s spring and I was
Yoo Hoo. missing my hoe. So I went to
However, I did go to the the camp and picked up the

I Let camp with my hoe and the play

on words continued to flow
hoe. I laid it down and tied it to
the flooring of my trailer and
Everybody right off the tongue. gave it a ride.
When I arrived at the camp Once home, I gave my hoe a
Use My Hoe! Bubba said, “Damn look at that good cleaning, scrubbed it
hoe. I’m takin’ that hoe home down, and introduced it to my
Recently, I have noticed country with me.” girl friend. I now have my girl
music creating lots of songs Questions and statements friend using my hoe and she
using a play on words and send- were made. “Are you leaving knows how to work a hoe. Her
ing mixed messages with the father taught her to use a hoe
lyrics in their songs. along time ago. She said she has
George Strait sang, “She let used some rickecty hoes in her
herself go” and Tim McGraw day but this was the best hoe
sang lyrics, “back when a Ho she has had her hands on in a
was a hoe.” I’ll tell you a story long time.
about my hoe. I was working in my garden
Last year I stopped being the other day and my
cheap, for one day, and spent sweetheart called me on my cell
the extra money to get the best and asked, “What Cha Doing?”
hoe in town. I dropped $25 on I simply replied, “Me and my
this hoe and haven’t regretted it hoe are hoeing around, How
one minute, however it has been about you?”
the subject of some pretty enter-
taining conversation.
My cell phone rang just after I
had purchased the hoe and my
An Update
buddy on the phone asked.
“What are you doing?” Proud
of my purchase, I simply told
him I had gone to town and
My Hoe.
picked up a $25 hoe. He said, It was 4 years ago when I first
“A Ho, Where?” I responded, laid hands on my hoe. Me and
“At a local western store.” I my hoe are closer than ever. I
then told him, “They have the
try to put my hands on my hoe
best hoes in town and once I
a couple of times a week. Even
had my hands on this hoe I
though these day my hoe has a
wasn’t letting it go so don’t try
lot of stuff caked on it I still love
to borrow my hoe and go get
that hoe at the camp?” “We can my hoe but I still have one final
your own hoe.”
to the hunting camp and rule around my house.
In his confusion he responed, all use a good hoe like that.”
passing the hoe around and My hoe has to stay outside.
“Hold on Bully. I never, ever, “Your hoe is going to help me
letting all my buddies use it as
considered sharing a Ho with burn some black iron pots.”
much as they wanted. Hell,
you, you pervert”. “I’m taking your hoe to my
throw my hoe in the back of
Realizing he was confused I deer stand.” “Somebody get the
your truck and carry it in the
thought I’d play it up a bit. I hoe to do this.” “Damn it. I left
woods if you want.
told him I was bringing my hoe your hoe in the woods.” “OW!!
“What a friend! Where’s your

Middle of the Night Bathroom
Visit’s Can be Hazardous
I don’t know if it is age or just tube off the counter and started
being lazy or maybe being to squeeze the tube and put a
sleepy. Either way I must pay small dap on my finger.
more attention in the future. Fortunately as I raised my finger
Recently I went on a trip to to my tongue, my smell sensories
Colorado to visit family. After kicked in. I stopped just short of
heading to bed like usual I had putting that booty cream in
the need to get up and go to the my mouth.

Helping Rebuild Our Community

bathroom. It was the middle of Thank God the smells from
the night and my mouth was in Crest are so different from

from the Ground Up!

need of a flavor change. I Desitin. Packaging is so similar
reached over and in my sleepy you better pay attention on
slumber I grabbed the Desitin those late night bathroom visits.

Johnson Cement Finishing

is locally owned, reliable
and insured. During these
tough times we can deliver
your job and construct
what you need.

“No Job Too Big or Small”

15985 Gunboat Landing Road, Maurepas, LA 70449

Contact: Lee Johnson 225.304.1983 or C. J. Johnson 225.380.8188

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Braud Company Welding & Industrial Supplies Abrasives Janitorial Equipment
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The Senior Citizen Sock Hop
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When You are Ready to Make a

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Ryan "Shake" Schexnayder
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24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service

• All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery • Emergency road service

• All brands to fit autos, trucks and assistance-Commercial Only
18 wheelers, including tractor/ • Locally owned and operated since 2004
construction equipment tires • New used and retreads

Locally Owned & Operated by

Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
Call for Appointment • 225.644.8473
My Self Storage is a top of the line
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We are committed to our community and
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My Self Storage has multiple unit
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1603 N. Airline Hwy • Gonzales, Louisiana 70737 • 225-644-4461

Office Hours: 9am – 5pm • Access Hours: 6am – 11pm, 7 days a week
Email us at • Website: MYSELFSTORAGELA.COM
PPLGA Host Their Spring Kick-Off Scramble
1st Place • Sandy Riley, Alice Pierson, Debbie Stevens, Aaron Bourque 2nd Place • Betty Latuso, Diana Schouest, Jana O’Banion, Karen Snell



Cooking Gourmet at Home
1 lb Louisiana Crawfish tails (peeled) ¼ cup Mayonnaise
1 cup diced onion 1 tablespoon Creole Mustard
¼ cup diced celery 1 tablespoon Ketchup
¼ cup diced bell pepper 2 teaspoons Horseradish
2 teaspoons minced garlic 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon chopped green onions 4 eggs
½ cup extra virgin olive oil 2 cups panko bread crumbs
1 lemon (juiced) 1 cup bread crumbs
½ cups fresh shredded smoked Gouda
(any cheese you like)
Kosher salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste

In a large skillet, heat 2 tablespoons of the extra virgin olive oil over medium high heat. When the
oil is hot, add your onions, celery, bell pepper, and minced garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add the
crawfish tails, Worcestershire. Cook for about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally, then remove from the
heat and pour into a large mixing bowl.

Now, add your shredded cheese to the crawfish mixture and season to taste with salt & pepper. Add
Crawfish Cakes with the green onions, 2 eggs, and the regular bread crumbs to the crawfish and mix well. At this point
your mixture should be able to hold its shape. (add a little more bread crumbs if not)

Remoulade sauce Form mixture into cakes

In a mixing bowl add the 2 remaining eggs, salt & pepper then whisk. In another small bowl add
the panko bread crumbs
Yield: 8 cakes
In a large skillet, heat the remaining olive oil over medium high heat. While the oil is heating, dip
Prep: 15 minutes each cake into the egg mixture, then the panko bread crumbs. Once your oil is hot, add the cakes
and fry them for about 2-3 minutes on each side. (You can also bake these cakes for a healthier
option- 350 for 10 minutes) Remove the cakes from the hot oil and set them on a plate with
General Manager
Cook: 10 minutes paper towel to drain.
Ben Jarreau
In a small bowl combine your mayo, Creole mustard, ketchup, horseradish, and lemon juice.
Serving: 4 Mix well and drizzle over the top of your delicious crawfish cakes ENJOY!!!!!!