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Creel Military History

War for American Independence

Research by Dean Williams
Creel Revolutionary War Soldiers Index
Records Group M860
Rolls 12 (Cr),8(ca) and 29 (Kr) searched for any name variation of Creel

Card # Last Name First Name Unit

4007 Creel Charles 8th Virginia Regiment

4008 Creel John New Jersey Regiment

4009 Creel John Henry 9th Virginia Regiment

4038 Creel Charles 12th Virginia Regiment

4012 Creell 1st South Carolina Rgt.

4039 Creet Charles 6th South Carolina Rgt.

4040 Creet Thomas 6th South Carolina Rgt.

3836 Creal John 12 Virginia Regiment

3885 Creal James 8th Virginia Regiment

3884 Creal Charles 8th Virginia Regiment

3883 Creal Charles 6th South Carolina Rgt.

4218 Crewel John 4th Maryland Regiment

4217 Crewel Josh 1st New Jersey Rgt.

4278 Criel Charles 6th South Carolina Rgt.

4302 Crill John Ogedn’s New Jersey Rgt

4303 Crill John 1st New Jersey Rgt

4304 Crill John 3rd New Jersey Rgt

4305 Crill John 3rd New Jersey Rgt.

4306 Crill Martin Dayton’s New Jersey Rg

4307 Crill Martin 3rd New Jersey Rgt.

War of 1812 Soldiers Index Record Group M602 Roll 49

Searched for any variation of Creel
Creal Jacob 2nd Regiment Riflemen Pipers- PA

Creal James Gasque’s Battalion- South Carolina Militia

Creal John 5th Regiment Renicks Mounted Kentucky Volunteers

Creal John 40th Regiment Maryland Militia

Creel Joshua 2nd Regiment Thomas’s Georgia Militia

Creal William 89th Regiment Virginia Militia

Creal Hunton’s Command Cavalry, Virginia Militia

Creal Kemper’s Detachment Virginia Militia

Creal 41st Regiment Virginia Militia

Creale James Gasque’s Battalion South Carolina Militia

Creale John 3rd Regiment ( Renicks Mounted) Kentucky Volunteers

Creel David 2nd Regiment ( Evan’s ) Virginia Militia

Creel Latham 4th Regiment ( Ewings) Mounted Kentucky Volunteers

Creel James Gasque’ Battalion South Carolina Militia

Creel Latham Rowes Regiment South Carolina Militia

Creel 4th Regiment ( Ewing’s) Mounted Kentucky Volunteers

Creel “”” “ “ “ “ “

Creel “ “ “ “ “ “

Creel Thomas 2nd Regiment Cheatham’s West Tennessee Militia

Creel 1st Regiment Crutchfield’s Virginia Militia

Creel William 2nd Regiment Cheatham’s West Tennessee Militia

Creel William 89th Regiment Virginia Militia

Creel Wormley Hutten” Command Cavalry Virginia Militia

Creel Wormley 41st Regiment Bramham’s Virginia Militia

Criel Wormley Huntch’s Command Virginia Militia

Criele Wormley Huntch’s Command Virginia Militia

Mexican American War

Charles H. Creel -2nd Lieutenant ,4th Kentucky Vols.-USV. Served Oct. 1847-
Source w667 r52,record 2305, ID 1138
War Between The States
All Creels -

AARON, 1835 - ?, Ms - no record found as yet.

ADDISON F., 1845 - ?, 6th VA Cav, CSA, Private

ALBERT, 1836-1863, Co H, 14th Miss Vols, CSA; died in prison camp.

ALONZO, 1847 - bef1884, Co B, 145th Ill Inf Regt, USA

ANDREW J., 1845 - aft1880, Co I, 26th Miss Inf, CSA, Private.

ANDREW JACKSON, 5-16-1814 - 1-18-1863, 20th Regt Ala Inf, CSA, died of smallpox.

ANDREW JACKSON, 10-4-1844 - c1885, Co E, Davies 4th Battn Ark Cav, CSA.

ANDREW JAMES, 1834 - ?, Co D, 64th Ill Inf Regt, USA, Sergeant/Private

ANTHONY J., 8-13-1833 - 6-11-1917, Co D, 9th Regt Miss Cav, CSA(aka 17th
Battn Miss Cav); also Co F, 2nd Regt Miss Cav Reserves.

BARNETT GRIMSLEY, Feb 1844 - aft1920, Co C, 8th Va Inf Regt, CSA; also Co A, 2nd
Battn Md Cav, Private.

BENJAMIN F., 1837 - aft1880, Co B, 13th Va Inf Regt, CSA; captured near Hamilton's
Crossing in 1863, imprisoned in Washington.

BERRY JOHN, Mar 1844 - 6-14-1925, Co I, 46th Miss Regt Vols, CSA.

BUSHROD WASHINGTON, 1845 - aft1911, CSA, KY, unit unknown.

COLUMBUS WILLIAM, 1-29-1846 - 6-4-1913, Co B, 27th Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

DAVID HAMILTON, 1835 - 6-21-1862, Co G, 49th Va Inf Regt, CSA; Private and Chaplain,
died from measles.

DUNCAN STIVENDER, Dec 1845 - 3-28-1913, 15th Ala Inf Regt, CSA, and Co A,
Confederate Marines.

DURHAM MARTIN, 3-29-1821 - AFT1900, 78th Ill Inf Regt, USA, 2nd Asst Surgeon.

ELI, 1841 - 11-5-1861, 20th Regt Miss Inf, CSA; died of pneumonia.
ELIJAH, 2-4-1826 - Jan 1904, Co F, 20th Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

ELIJAH, 1835 - 1-1-1890, Capt. Lampkin's Co Va Light Art, CSA, Private.

ELIJAH, 1841 - 1864, Co K, 2nd Ky Mtd Inf, CSA, Private.

ELIJAH, 1845 - c1899, Co F, 2nd Miss Cav, CSA.

ELLA LAFAYETTE, 1841 - ?, 27th Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

FELIX THOMAS, 1846 - ?, Co E, 6th Regt Ky Mtd Inf, CSA; captured in 1863, imprisoned
in Illinois.

GEORGE, 1834 - 10-27-1864, Co D, 8th Va Inf Regt, CSA; killed at Hatcher's Run.

GEORGE A., c1844 - 9-29-1862, Co F, 27th Miss Inf Regt, CSA.

GEORGE DANIEL, July 1845 - aft1920, Co E, 27th Ga Inf Regt, CSA; lost right arm to

GEORGE DODSON, 1833 - Nov 25, 1863, 22nd Regt Ala Inf, CSA; killed at Lookout

GEORGE RALPH, 7-9-1833 - aft1900, Co A, 36th Regt Va Inf, CSA; captured 9-19-1864.

GEORGE WASHINGTON, 1836 - 8-12-1862, Co B, 28th Regt La Vols, CSA; died of

"inflammatory Rheumatism".

HAMILTON T. D., 1835 - 10-8-1862, Co D, 44th Regt Ga Inf, CSA, wounded in a skirmish 10-
1-1862, died a week later.

HARRIS C., 5-1-1848 - 6-8-1925, Capt. John Gillis' Co, 23rd Battn Miss Cav, CSA.

HENRY CLAY, 1-17-1829 - 1-14-1907, 191st Va Militia, CSA, Private to Captain under Gen
Early and Aide-de-camp of brother-in-law William L. Jackson, fought to Appomattox.

HUGH PHELPS, 5-8-1824 - c1864, 15th WVa Inf Regt, USA.

IRA WESLEY, April 1839 - aft1911, Co E, William S. Patton's, 1st Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

ISAAC NEWTON, Mar 24, 1829 - 6-28-1878, 20th Regt Ala Inf, CSA.

ISAAC SHELBY, 11-27-1845 - Oct 31, 1862, Ala, unit unknown.

ISAIAH, 5-28-1841 - Dec 1910, Co B, 27th Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

ISAIAH, May 1844 - aft1920, Co K, 8th Miss Inf Regt, CSA.

JACKSON, 1838 - ?, La, unit unknown.

JAMES ANDREW, 1836 - April 20, 1917, 4th Battn Ark Inf, CSA.

JAMES CLAUDIUS, Mar 8, 1842 - Oct 5, 1864, Co C, 2nd Regt Mo Cav, CSA; Co C, 3rd Mo
Inf Regt,CSA; Color Bearer, Corporal; killed at Allatoona Pass.

JAMES CORNELIUS, Oct 26, 1843 - 6-13-1864, Capt. Carrington's Co Va Light Art, CSA,

JAMES F., Sept 1833 - aft1900, Co K, 29th Ala Inf Regt, CSA, Sergeant.

JAMES FLOURNOY, April 22, 1842 - aft1910, Co E, 27th Ga Inf Regt, CSA.

JAMES M., 2-1-1829 - aft1900, Co G, 22nd Ala Inf Regt, CSA; captured near Nashville 12-23-
1864; a silver spoon carried in his pocket deflected a bullet from seriously wounding him.

JAMES R., c1822 - ?, Co G, 3rd Mo S. M. Cav, USA, Private.

JAMES TAYLOR, 10-5-1841 - June 1864, 20th Regt Ala Inf, CSA, killed near Marietta, Ga.

JAMES TYLER, 7-12-1843 - 2-19-1926, Co B, 27th Miss Inf Regt(Brantley's Brigade), CSA

JAMES W., Dec 1835 - c1901, 7th Regt Va Inf, CSA; captured in James Co., Va, 1863,
imprisoned in Washington.

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The Indian Wars (under construction)

Spanish-American War

James Hampton Creel, Mississippi - Private US Army

World War I
When the United States entered the “Great War” in 1917, it had but a small constabulary Army
with no experience in industrial warfare. By 1918 the United States had a two-million-man
force concentrated in France, Flanders and Italy. In this great force were Creels. As these
soldiers are identified they will be added to the ongoing list.

World War 1 / USA causalities:

Total Killed 116,708

Battle Deaths 53,513
Gas Deaths 1,462
Other Causes 63,195
Total Wounds
Not mortal 204,003
Gassed 71,345
Total Killed
And Wounded 320,710

United States Army-AEF’s

Cam Creel –Corporal, United States Army, Active duty from April 8, 1918 to August 13, 1919.
Served in 5th Company, 14th Grand Division. In Europe with the A.E.F. from June 7, 1918
through July 30, 1919. Medals earned include WW1 Victory Medal w/Battle Clasp for
Defensive Sector. Entered service at Ft. Worth Texas and discharged at Camp Pike Arkansas.

W.Leroy Creel- Private , United States Army

Jewell Dean Creel-2nd Lt. From Colorado

Emmet. E. Creel- Sergeant, Infantry. From Colorado

Grover C. Creel- Private, From Bartow Florida- Co F 150 Infantry to Nov 1st, 1918, 329
Infantry to
Jan.1,1919 Co A 311th Infantry to Discharge. Served overseas from Oct5, 1918 to
May 26, 1919. Discharged June 10, 1919

Solomon Creel-Private 1st Class from Franklin City Florida- Co A 427th Labor Bn. No service
Overseas. Honorable discharged June 25, 1919.

Rufus Creel- Wounded

United States Navy

World War II
The United States was just recovering from the severe depression of the 1930’s when it was
thrust into the global conflict know as World War 2. The threat of war had sharply divided
public opinion in the United States. Most Americans hoped for an Allied Victory, but also
hoped the United States could remain out of the War. However, on December 7, 1941 the first
bombs fell on Pearl Harbor and the dye was cast. The Japanese had attack the U.S.. The
following day the United States declared war on Japan. On December 11th the United States
declared war on the Axis Powers. Thus, America’s greatest generation entered into the global
conflict. This page is dedicated the Creels who answer the call to defend their country.

The Creels will be listed under the branches of service that they served in. Please feel free to
forward names, rank and units of the men that served.

United States Army

United States Army Air Corps

United States Navy

United States Marines

Korean War (under construction)

Vietnam War

U.S. Army

U.S. Navy

U.S. Marines

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Government Workers

Desert Storm (under construction)

Enduring Freedom

Geoffrey Brandon Creel, Private 1st Class U.S. Army 82nd Airborne – currently
serving in Afghanistan (5/05)

Photos of Brandon
Click on thumbnail for larger image

Brandon and his Brandon (3rd from right), Brandon Creel

father camp in Afghanistan
Gary Creel, 82nd Airborne Unit
to deployment to

Brandon & Mary Brandon E5 May Brandon leaving for Iraq

Military Ball May 2007

Active Duty Personnel

Max C. Creel PFC- U.S.Army, currently serving in South Korea