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Oxygen is needed in breathing process and play a role in colagen formation along with tissues

repair thus proper administration of oxygen is contribute to tissue repairment and antiaging
process. Oxygen deficiency in particular conditions causing necrosis of tissues and life
threatening. O2 therapy is one of breathing therapy to maintentance oxygenation, usually used
in management of tissues hypoxia. The successful of oxygen therapy affected by patients
condition and administation of oxygen. The secure concentration of oxygen in oxygen therapy
has FiO2 < 0,5 with pressure of 1 ATA. Excessive administation of oxygen without any precise
calculation and supervision causing damage of cell, tissue, and organ of liver. The aim of this
study is to observe the effect of excessive oxygen administration towards MDA level and
histopathology appearance of mice (Mus Musculus) liver. This study is divided to four group
of treatment, consist of negatif control, first group with FiO2 0,5 (5LPM), second group with
FiO2 0,6 (6LPM), and third group with FiO2 0,7 (7 LPM). this study was conducted in 7 days.
Every group contain 5 mice. MDA level of mice liver is calculated with spectrophotometry and
liver histopathology is observe by HE staining to examine the damaged of liver tissue. MDA
level is analysed by one way Annova then turkey test (P<0,05). The histopathology of mice
liver is decsribe in descriptive data. The result show that excessive administration of oxygen
with Fio2 0,5 ; FiO2 0,6 ; and Fio2 0,7 concentration causing elevated of MDA level in liver
and make damaged of liver tissue such as sinusoid hemmorrage, centralis vein congestion, and
imflammation of liver tissue. The conclusion of this study is excessive administraton of oxygen
causing elevated of free radicals (Liver MDA) and damaged appearance of liver histopathology
in mice (mus muscullus)