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Which of the following refers to the measure of fluids sensitivity to changes in viscosity with
changes in temperature?
A. Viscosity Index C. Viscosity Ratio
B. Coefficient of Viscosity D. Viscosity Factor
2. Which of the following fluids exhibits viscosities that increase with increasing agitation but they
return rapidly to their normal viscosity after the agitation ceases?
A. Bingham Fluids C. Dilatant Fluids
B. Newtonian fluids D. Pseudoplastic Fluids
3. What section of R.A 7920 gives provision on registration fees, license fee and fines?
A. 14 C. 12
B. 13 D. 11
4. What section of R.A 7920 gives provision not allowing firm or corporation to be registered or
licensed as such for the practice of electrical engineering?
A. 35 C. 37
B. 33 D. 38
5. What is the present worth of two P100 payments at the end of the third year and fourth year?
The annual interest rate is 8%?
A. P143.99 C. P150.23
B. P145.87 D. P152.88
6. What is the present worth of a P500 annuity starting at the end of the third year and continuing
to the end of the end fourth year if the annual interest rate is 10%?
A. P717.17 C. P732.18
B. P725.89 D. P741.78
7. What is the minimum age for a person to become a member of the Board of Electrical
A. 30 C. 40
B. 35 D. 45
8. What is the hydraulic radius of a semi-circular channel of radius 8ft?
A. 3 ft C. 4 ft
B. 2 ft D. 1.5 ft
9. What is the equivalent head of a fluid that has a velocity of 18 m/s?
A. 16.51 m C. 18.34 m
B. 13.56 m D. 11.41 m
10. What is the classification of the fluid flow if the fluid travels parallel to the adjacent layers and the
paths of the individual particles do not cross each other?
A. Steady Flow C. Uniform Flow
B. Laminar Flow D. Turbulent flow
11. Vacancies of the Board of Electrical Engineering shall be dilled by the ______ from the list of
recommendees selected by the PRC commissioner.
A. Chairman of the board C. IIEE
B. PRC commissioner D. President of the Philippines
12. Today, a business man borrowed money to be paid 10 equal payments for 10 quarter. If the
interest rate is 10% compounded quarterly and the quarterly payment is P2,000, how much did
he borrow?
A. P15,390.20 C. P17,504.13
B. P16,890.20 D. P17,890.20
13. The selling price of a TV set is double that of its net cost. lf the TV set is sold to a customer at a
profit of 25% of the net cost, how much discount was given to the customer?
A. 37.5% C. 36.9%
B. 35.7% D. 39.6%
14. The Reynolds number is a ratio of
A. Velocity effects to viscous effects C. mass flux to viscosity
B. Inertia force to viscous force D. flow rate to kinematic viscosity
15. The publication of examinations data and venues, etc. shall be published at least _____ prior to
first day of the examinations.
A. 3 months C. 2 months
B. 20 days D. 1 month
16. The program of examination is provided in what particular rule of the implementing rules and
regulations of RA7920?
A. Rule 10 C. Rule 11
B. Rule 12 D. Rule 9
17. The length of time during which the property be operated at a profit
A. Economic life C. Obsolescence
B. Physical life D. Fair value
18. The fluid in a manometer tube is 60% water and 40% alcohol (S.G=0.8). What is the manometer
fluid height difference if a 6.2 psi pressure is applied across the two ends of manometer?
A. 251 in C. 215 in
B. 151 in D. 186 in
19. The exact simple interest of P5,000 invested from June 21,1995 to December25,1995 is P100.
What is the rate of interest?
A. 3.50% C. 3.70%
B. 3.60% D. 3.90%
20. The density of water is typically taken 62.4 lbm/ft^3 for engineering problems where greater
accuracy is not required. what is the value in slugs/ft^3?
A. 1.24 slugs/ft^3 C. 1.94 slugs/ft^3
B. 2.04 slugs/ft^3 D. 3.24 slugs/ft^3
21. The density of ice is 917kg/m^3, and the approximate density of sea water in which an iceberg
floats is 1025kg/m^3. What fraction is iceberg is beneath the water surface?
A. 0.89 C. 0.71
B. 0.45 D. 0.29
22. The bulk modulus of water is found to be 2.2GPa. What is the pressure required to reduce its
volume by 0.3 percent?
A. 6.6 MPa C. 7.6 MPa
B. 4.7 MPa D. 3.7 MPa
23. The annual maintenance cost of a machine is P70,000. If the cost of making a forging is P56 and
its selling price P125 per forged unit. Find the number units to be forged to break even.
A. 1,015 C. 1,025
B. 1,020 D.1,030
24. The _____ should be the executive officer of the board (BEE).
A. President of the Philippines C. Commissioner
B. BEE board D. Chairman of the Board (BEE)
25. Teaching electrical engineering professional subject is provided in ______ of Article I of the RA
A. Section 2 (5) C. Section 2 (7)
B. Section 2 (6) D. Section 2 (4)
26. Section I Article II states. An Electrical Engineer shall be fair, impartial and reasonable in in
rendering professional service to his clients.
A. Partly false C. Partly true
B. True D. False
27. Rule 23 of the implementing rules and regulations of RA 7920 is about
A. Delisting C. Renewal of Professional License
B. Taking Oath of Professional D. Lighting od determent of Registration
28. Rule 2 of the implementing rules and regulations of RA 7920 is about
A. Title C. Official seal of PEE
B. Definition of terms D. Enforcement and executive
29. RA 7920 Rule 2 (f) is defining?
A. Commission C. Commissioner
B. RA 184, old Electrical Engineering Law D. CPE
30. RA 7920 also provide the composition of the Board of Electrical Engineering. What is its
A. Three members and a chairman C. Two members
B. Two members and a chairman D. Three members
31. Qualifications if applicants for registration as PEE who were Assistant/Associate EE under R.A 184
is Rule _____ of R.A 7920.
A. 13 C.15
B. 14 D. 16
32. P5,000is borrowed for 75 days at 16% per annum simple interest. How much will be due at the
end of 75 days?
A. P5,166.67 C. P5,333.33
B. P5,238.67 D. P5,412.67
33. In year zero, you invest P10,000.00 in a 15% security for 5 years. During that time, the average
annual inflation is 6%. How much, in terms of year zero pesos will be in the account at maturity?
A. P14,050.03 C. P16,390.32
B. P15,030.03 D. P15,848.30
34. In hydraulic machines, what is the required overcome resistance to flow in pipe, fittings, valves
entrances and exits?
A. Velocity head C. Friction head
B. Static suction head D. Static discharge head
35. How many years will P100,000 earn a compound interest of P50.00 if the interest rate is 9%
compounded quarterly?
A. 4.21 years C. 4.95 years
B. 4.56 years D. 5.12 years
36. Cost of things that neither labor nor materials
A. Construction cost C. Expenses
B. Labor D. Investment
37. At 6%, fund the capitalized cost of a bridge whose cost is P250M and life is 20 years, if the bridge
must be partially rebuilt at a cost of P100M at the end of 20 years.
A. P285.3M C. P291.5M
B. P288.4M D. P295.3M
38. Any waterbome unit which is designed and built to have an electric plant
A. Power barge C. Pascraft
B. Watercraft D. Seacraft
39. An oil floating at the rate of 0.001m^3/s through an 8cm diameter pipe has a kinematic viscosity
of 2x10^-5 m^2/s and an specific gravity of 0.85. what is the centerline velocity?
A. 0.3978 m/s C. 0.235 m/s
B. 0.678 m/s D. 0.547 m/s
40. An oil floating at the rate of 0.001m^3/s through an 8cm diameter pipe has a kinematic viscosity
of 2x10^-5 m^2/s and an specific gravity of 0.85. what is the centerline velocity?
A. 0.3978 m/s C. 0.235 m/s
B. 0.678 m/s D. 0.547 m/s
41. An ice berg has a density of 57.1 lb/ft^3. If it floats fresh water, what percent of ice berg will be
A. 10.5% C. 8.5%
B. 7.5% D. 5.5%
42. A vacuum pump is used to drain a flooded mine shaft of 69°F water. The vapor pressure of water
at this temperature is 0.34 psi. The pump is incapable of lifting the water higher than 400 inches.
What is the atmospheric pressure?
A. 14.78 psi C. 12.45 psi
B. 17.67psi D. 13.27 psi
43. A piece of machinery can be bought for P10,000 cash or for P2,000 down and payment of P750
per year for 15 years. What is the annual interest rate for the time payments?
A. 4.61% C. 4.32%
B. 4.16% D. 4.86%
44. A PEE, REE, or RME whose certificate for registration has been revoked may after of _____ from
the surrender thereof be re issued with such certificate upon approval by the commission.
A. 1-year C. 3 years
B. 2 years D. 5 years
45. A nominal of 3% compounded continuously is given on the account. What is the accumulated
amount of P10,000 after 10 years?
A. P12,670.23 C. P13,102.89
B. P12,980.43 D. P13,498.59
46. A motorcycle costs P50,000 and has an expected life of 10 years. The salvage value is estimated
to be P2,000 and annual operating cost is estimated at P1,000. What is the appropriate rate of
return on the investment if the annual revenue is P10,000?
A. 11.45% C. 13.27%
B. 12.72% D. 13.72%
47. A firm borrows P2,000 for 6 years at 8%. At the end of 6 years, it renews the load for the amount
due plus P2,000 more for 2 years at 8%. What is the lump sum due?
A. P3,260.34 C. P3,649.78
B. P3,480.21 D. P3,876.12
48. A deposit of P110,000 was made for 31 days. The net interest after deducting 20% withholding
tax is P890.36. Find the rate of return annually.
A. 10.25% C. 11.25%
B. 10.50% D. 11.75%
49. A container has glycerin of mass 600 kg and a volume of 4.476m^3. What is the specific gravity of
A. 1.26 C. 1.57
B. 2.14 D. 3.24
50. A bookstore purchased a best-selling book at P200.00 per copy. At what price should this book be
sold so that by giving a 20% discount, the profit is 30%?
A. P385 C. P400
B. P395 D. P415