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Entry Level Formative Summative

Quizlet- Have the students

make flash cards of given
terms and have them label
them as either primary or
secondary sources.
Quiz- complete a short quiz
on various sources and
whether they are primary or
Graphic Organizer- complete
the assignment on how to
sure primary and secondary
sources, as well as practice
creating a thesis statement,
arguments, picking
quotations, and creating
Discussion forum- have the
students participate in a
discussion forum by creating
a thesis statement in
accordance to a given prompt
and have the other students
respond to two posts and
write their own arguments
with evidence from given
sources to support that thesis
statement. Or they can
counter it with evidence from
given sources.
Daily journals: students are
given daily prompts to
respond to by creating a one
sentence introduction
paragraph, three topic
sentences, and one conclusion
sentence. Students can write
more than one sentence for
the introduction and
conclusions parts of the
assignment. This is to be
typed out and saved on a
google document.
Graphic Organizer- students
will revisit a previous
assignment, but instead will
create three topic sentences to
start the main body
paragraphs instead of
arguments. This is to prepare
them for the structure of a 5-
paragraph essay.
Essay- students will write and
complete a 5-paragraph essay
with a given prompt based off
of what they wrote for their
graphic organizer.