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Detailed Enhancement List CAESAR II Success Stories

Black Cat succeeds on Qatar project
CAESAR II 2016 Version 8.00 Changes & Enhancements (09/15) through CADWorx® accuracy and
Description: View CAESAR II Version 8.00 Changes & Enhancements automation
Black Cat Engineering &
CAESAR II 2016 (8.00) delivers a number of updates for the latest
piping, wind, and seismic codes; a redesigned Static Load Case Editor;
and numerous improvements in usability.

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Technical Updates

The following technical changes were made for this release, which may Other CAESAR II Success Stories
affect the numeric results:

Updated the calculations for jobs using the B31.3 2012 code standard to Product Resources
use the Axial SIF (ia) value for any non-bend elements, unless you do
not specify an Axial SIF (ia) value. When you leave the Axial SIF (ia)
value blank, the software uses the Out-Plane SIF (io) value. Nuclear Industry Capabilities
Revised the calculations for wind loads using ASCE 2010 or IBC 2012 ISO 9001 Compliance
to include a 0.6 factor when setting up load cases. Refer to each wind
code standard, and ensure the wind speed is in accordance with the Trial Software and Demos
specified wind design code. Prices, Brochures and Fact Sheets
Corrected the B31.1/B31.3 Verified Welding/Contour Tees
configuration setting to only apply this constant for tee flexibilities with News Releases
B31.1 and B31.3 jobs and not jobs specified for EN-13480. Detailed Enhancement List
Revised the allowable stress values in the materials file, cmat.BIN, for
Operating System Compatibility
materials with ASME B31.3 2012 allowable stress values.
Corrected calculations for sand/gravel soil models using the American FAQs, Articles, Tips
Lifetime Alliance (ALA) model type when the height/diameter ratio
CAESAR II Webinars
exceeds the valid range of the ALA equations. The software now limits
the height/diameter ratio to less than or equal to 20 for yield loads at 40- Discussion Forums
to 45-degree angles. In addition, to prevent negative coefficient values,
Product Details
CAESAR II now calculates the coefficient value “e” for 40- to 45-degree
angles as a positive value, which is different from the code standard.

Interface Enhancements

The following are the new features in this version.

Piping Code Updates
ASME B31.1, 2014 Edition

ASME B31.3, 2014 Edition (CR-TX-10721), including the following
Addressed the code standard requirement to consider sustained (and
occasional) stress in all support conditions. New static load cases,
called alternate sustained or alternate occasional cases, depend upon

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Moved the B31. ASME B31.TPL . 2010 Edition and IBC Seismic Code Standards. CR-TX-13178) API 617. according to code Paragraph 833. The alternate support condition is indicated using the new Alternate SUS/OCC check box on the Static Analysis . 2010 Edition ASCE 7 Wind Code Standard.) LOAD_ALT. Updated allowable stress values for material 341 (A789 S32750) and 342 (A790 S32750). including changes to expansion coefficients (Ec). Added appropriate warnings and notes to the error checking module and the output reports to account for the code updates. You can find this formula in the CAESAR II Quick Reference Guide. 2010 Edition NBC Seismic Code Standard.tpl files) for the software to use when recommending load Enhancement List condition addresses systems where non-linear supports are active in some operating conditions and inactive in others. including a small revision to the biaxial state of stress formula (Sc). 8th Edition (CR-TX-4365. except IGE/TD/12. For more information. The modified template files include: LOAD. 4th Edition (CR-TX-11947. (This was the default template in CAESAR II 2014. You must now enter a 0. Updated B31. 7th Edition (CR-TX-11949.8.) Equipment Code Updates API 560. Resolved an issue where the software was not acquiring the HGR stress type for the first load case when it applied recommended load cases for jobs with hanger design and multiple temperatures.3 Implement Appendix P configuration setting from SIFs and Stresses > Code Specific Settings to SIFs and Stresses > Legacy Settings as the Appendix P was removed and some of its requirements were merged into the body of the B31. 2014 Edition Wind/Seismic Code Updates NBC Wind Code Standard. 2010 Edition and IBC Wind Code Standard.3 code.9. LOAD_EXP. see Understanding Alternate Sustained (SUS) and Alternate Occasional (OCC) Load Cases in the CAESAR II User's Guide or the Help.includes all expansion load cases between different operating conditions.the updated default load case template.coade. Service Pack 2. weld reduction factors (W). 2012 Edition. and elastic modulus (EM) values.TPL . Includes a change in the wind load reduction factor.TPL .3 code standard.Pipe Stress Analysis http://www. Added two new load case templates (.6 wind design factor in wind load values and use the wind speed for the appropriate code standard. CR-TX-4366) API 661. (Completed portions in CAESAR II 2014 SP3) ASCE 7 Seismic Code Standard. 2012 Edition.includes all expansion and alternate SUS load cases for all available piping codes.4.Load Case Editor. (Completed in CAESAR II 2014. Corrected low temperature allowable values to match the code standard.3 materials. CR-TX-13177) 2 of 6 17-05-2016 14:53 . 11th Edition (CR-TX-792. ASME B31.Intergraph CAESAR II . 2014 Edition. which recommends alternate sustained load cases for jobs including B31. CR-TX-13176) API 610. which include support for the alternate sustained (SUS) load conditions.

the software exits measuring mode and returns you to the previous operator. Added a Group Edit view . Co. to CASTIM 2000. When you exit the dialog box. and increased the default font size setting for distance measurement labels on the model for ease of reading. Senior.coade. Distance Measurements Added functionality so you can minimize the Distance dialog box while remaining in measuring mode in the piping input. drag-and-drop capabilities. Now.Pipe Stress Analysis http://www. Load Case Editor Redesigned the Static Analysis . Updated user documentation. as well as filtering on columns. revised the layout to improve the usability of the dialog box.Load Case Editor to improve the user's experience and add more robust functionality when creating and revising load cases for analysis. Previously. revised the listing of the manufacturer formerly known as Flexider. Updated the Snap To Nearest Node functionality when measuring from piping elements to other DWG piping objects. Unison. Improved the Classic Piping Input to display a Pressure 3 value on the interface. and easier manipulation of load and change values on multiple load cases simultaneously. and evaluate nozzle/branch connections with NozzlePRO. Compare multiple file results.. Improved and enhanced the List view – Easier scrolling and viewing options. this third pressure value was only accessible by clicking >> to open the extended dialog box.Intergraph CAESAR II . Perform multiple measurements around a model continually without the dialog box blocking any of the model. Also. improved snapping in the Line Drawing (single line) mode. Press CTRL+click while measuring distances along a line of pipe. Added the ability to measure multiple distances in the Distance dialog box and see all of your measurements at Enhancement List Added hanger data for the following hanger manufacturers: Hesterberg. such as imported CADWorx models. assess the sensitivity of your model elements. and the software retains and displays all the measurements you have made. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Added easier access to third-party tools for better modeling and evaluation from the CAESAR II main menu to generate more accurate SIFs and K factors. you can type three sets of temperatures and pressures without having to open a separate dialog box. Spring Supports Mfg. Also. Improved the organization and groupings of input boxes on the Wind Loads and Wave Loads tabs to improve the usability. Changes included the following features: Removed the Load Case Options tab and merged all options to one List view. and Wookwang. 3D Model/Graphics Added rotation functionality for S3D or SPR graphics (VUE) model when importing it into CAESAR II using the S3D/SPR Model option in the 3 of 6 17-05-2016 14:53 .

For example. User Interface Updated the look of the CAESAR II splash screen that appears when launching the software to the latest Intergraph standards.10 Changes & Enhancements (11/12) Description: View CAESAR II Version 6. and Create/Review Units modules.coade. Accounting. Change Model Units. and rigids (such as valve/flanges). Also updated the CAESAR II icon to the new Intergraph style. duplicate. CAESAR II 2014 Version 7. which lets you perform group operations such as rotate.10 Changes & Enhancements 4 of 6 17-05-2016 14:53 .Intergraph CAESAR II . which includes typical actions performed on elements. which included adding more white space and indentation for field property formats.00 Changes & Enhancements CAESAR II 2013 R1 Version 6. and restraints. Added a comprehensive glossary of terms to the CAESAR II User's Guide to improve understanding of the documentation. you see only those anchors with node names and no anchor node numbers. The software defaults to showing both node names and node numbers. The Names Only option applies to whatever other node numbering option you have selected. Updated portions of the user documentation to the latest Intergraph PPM standards for formats. delete. you will see all node names specified for anchors. Updated the software to call the . Added the ability to view only node names on the 3D model by selecting a new option on the Node Number drop-down box in the piping input. Improved the speed of modeling with new single. Improved model entry time by revising the software to return the cursor to the next logical action in the piping input after you select one of the right-click menu options.Pipe Stress Analysis http://www. Added the ability to filter by line numbers from the 3D Plot (Options > Graphical Output) in the Static Output Processor. renumber. Enhanced the S3D/SPR Model functionality so you can now open zipped VUE files (ZVFs) and Stitched VUE files (SVFs) from the Load S3D/SPR Model dialog box. if you select to see Anchors on the model and you select Names Only. these modules displayed in a text-based help dialog box.00 Changes & Enhancements (10/14) Description: View CAESAR II Version Enhancement List S3D or SPR model from the Load S3D/SPR Model dialog box. Select multiple elements on the model and right-click to access the Block Operations context menu. restraints. and so forth. Select a single element on the model and right-click to access the Element context menu.chm-based help when you press F1 in the Material Database Editor. on a block of elements. but none of the node numbers for those elements. Previously. hangers.and multiple element-level right-click menus containing frequently-used commands. Documentation/Help Updated the CAESAR II Quick Reference Guide with dates and information for all piping and wind/seismic code editions supported in CAESAR II 2016. If you select All.