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Lesson Four

1. Check HW (5 min)
2. Class routine touch something, run, jump dance, touch the door, board, stamp your feet, clap
your hands, turn around, jump ( 5 min)
3. I like I don’t like + my favourite colour <3 is circle (each ss has a different colour fcds and they
say I like blue, 2nd ss I don’t like blue I like orangme, my fav colour is orange, I don’t like orange I
like gree, my fav colour si green)

4. Introduce new vocabulary to help them practice colours : sky, sun, grass, tree, apple.
Use fcds to teach the new words, play what’s missing/ Chinese whispers and then listen
to the song. They don’t have to learn this song today, but listen to it twice so that they
can remember the colours of each new word you’ve taught. (chairs for fcds cushions for

5. online game
cushions (8 min) (cushions)

6. Listen to the story “The water hole” + Ss point in their book. Listen again and repeat (chairs)
(12 min)
7. Act out the story. Tell the children to choose a character. Watch the story again, pausing after
each line making sure that the children know what they have to say. Ask the respective child to
repeat after you, making sure that he knows it. Act out in front of the class using the masks.
(cushions + standing) rest of the ss say ok, well done, excellent. (cushions)
(10 min)
8. Open the books on p. 9. Do exercise 2. (what’s this a cap, a towel, a bow, a tree) put
colours around the room ss choose the colours of the objects and put them under T drawings
on the wb (chairs) (5 min)
9. HW p. 6, WB