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usually. According to industry leading analysts. They are a critical linkage in logistics management practices and have a significant impact on the overall efficiency of the supply chain. Companies of all industries and verticals that are involved in moving inventory through the supply chain. lost opportunities caused by stock-out for retailers. or credibility issues with carriers and customers. For instance. The productivity of today’s complex warehouse and manufacturing operations can easily be impacted by inefficiencies in the yard such as: • Delayed shipments to and from the warehouse • Lack of shipment and trailer visibility needed for efficient shuttling between plant and distribution centers • Unable to locate empties to meet outbound load schedules • Inefficient yard trailer management requiring higher spotter and shuttle spend • Gate congestion • Demurrage or detention charges • Truck driver detention • Higher trailer costs for dedicated operations • Inability to monitor operations for safety and compliance violations • Difficulty in reducing the carbon footprint without negatively impacting operations 2 . delays can mean production down time for manufacturing operations. now realize that transportation delays often take place not only on the road. the actual arrival and departure times of trailers. A late shipment or a misplaced trailer in the yard will impact all warehouse and transportation plans managers have in place and result in poor customer service.YARD MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES Yards are the intersection between warehouses and transportation. but while the assets are still in yards at distribution centers (DCs) and manufacturing plants. location information in the yard. Errors and inaccurate information ripple throughout the supply chain. they now realize that without real-time. a trailer shipment. on average. any inefficiencies or errors in the yard are amplified as the effects propagate through the entire supply chain. The loaded shipments represent idle inventory and this idle time is. over two-and-a-half days (80%). Distribution center managers and supply chain executives agree that without a dependable yard management solution. and load status are not properly tracked -. between one facility to another facility. they cannot gain full value for these technology investments. accurate trailer and shipment status information across their facilities. As all goods often go through multiple yards throughout the shipment lifecycle.the entire supply chain is adversely impacted at each facility within the distribution chain. While corporations have made significant investments in managing their transportation and warehouse assets using transportation and warehouse applications. product spoilage if handling perishable goods. Of that shipment time. takes three days. the result of trailer status informa- tion delays and information inaccuracies along the supply chain. a trailer is actually in a yard idling either empty or loaded.

Once the solution is deployed the PINC customer team will train the users and make sure that all questions are answered. companies are partnering with PINC to overcome their yard and supply chain execution challenges. and deploying the system. From small facilities to enterprises with multiple locations. PINC also offers 24x7 customer support and maintenance and quarterly business reviews to make sure the users are getting the full benefit of the system. and quick time to benefit. According to our customers. labor. optical. GPS. transportation manage- ment systems (TMS). PINC’s yard management can be delivered as a SaaS only system or a SaaS plus hardware solution. and asset tracking solutions that leverage an extensive Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network. enterprise visibility. PINC also offers a comprehensive deployment model starting with understanding how your current operations work. and scalability that adapts to your operational needs. quick deployment. configuring.SCALABLE YARD SOLUTIONS 30% overall operational savings and 6-9 months payback. This has allowed customers to realize additional dock productivity by expediting gate appointments and automatically triggering trailer moves to the dock based on rules from their WMS or TMS systems. the key reasons they have selected PINC’s yard management system are proven results. More importantly our deployment model enables PINC customers to get up-and-running in weeks and are able to recognize ROI in months. testing. There are countless ways PINC can help your company become more efficient. value. ease-of-use. PINC enhances the value of existing warehouse management systems (WMS). Additionally. Since 2004. and other systems through easy integration and the provision of real-time information via web API. PINC delivers scalable cloud-based yard management. and resource requirements • Electronic event monitoring for security and critical shipment arrivals • Electronic task scheduling to yard and shuttle truck drivers that increases productivity • Scheduling inbound and outbound dock door appointments based on real-time criteria • Performance management that provides access to KPIs on equipment and facility utilization and labor productivity • Electronic documentation for safety and government compliance POWERFUL YARD SOFTWARE PINC’s yard software provides insight. automation. including: • Accurate trailer and shipment information enabled by automatic data capture that is date and time stamped • Decision-making based on real-time capacity. immediate value. the ability to easily integrate to other systems. It adapts to the companies’ operational needs and easily scales from a single location to enterprise wide. and cellular technologies. scalability. 3 . to capture and share real-time information. Then. including passive RFID.

PINC Tags facilitate consistent Gate System. are all-weather proof. 4 . and do not require batteries management software. the trailer information is transmitted in real-time to PINC’s yard PINC tags are light. and asset tracking. data across the fleet. the need for to operate. and check-out. and human error. paper forms. accelerate check-in. gates or kiosks. and enable managers and carriers to gain visibility to trailers across If a trailer doesn’t have a permanent tag installed. cost-effective. PINC RFID tags are affixed to trailers as they enter the gate by the gate operator or truck drivers at facilities using self-service The latest PINC RFID Tags feature extreme impact resistance.ADVANCED YARD MANAGEMENT: SENSOR PLATFORM Extensible Real-Time Location System (RTLS) to enable inventory accuracy. As a trailer with an RFID tag passes through the gate. PINC TAGS PINC GATE PINC passive RFID temporary and permanent tags for trailer. and contain best-of-breed RFID technology for improved location accuracy. eliminating delays. The gate is equipped with the staffed or unstaffed PINC RFID container. temporary multiple PINC customer locations.

so that a yard truck or shuttle driver can promptly locate a trailer. By moving the tracking process into the air. Through the in-cab monitor. ruggedized. geofence control. and optical. PINC Air is the world's first FAA approved autonomous drone for the supply chain and logistics industry. and confirm trailer move tasks. It redefines how inventory is tracked. and cellular connectivity mounted in the yard truck or any vehicle of your choice. Additionally. PINC Air is able to execute automatic inventory checks of trailers in hard to reach locations. a gps module. The trailer location information is transmitted in real-time to PINC’s yard management software and it automatically updates as the new location and status information is acquired. Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity. All transactions and information are recorded and can be accessed online through PINC’s yard management software. PINC AIR Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) equipped with an RFID reader and antenna. touch-screen monitor is installed inside of the yard truck. managers can monitor in real-time the location of yard and shuttle trucks. MOVE REQUESTS PINC COMMUNICATOR In-cab. The reader on the yard truck detects the location of each RFID tagged trailer parked in the yard or dock doors as the truck moves around the facility. MOVE INSTRUCTION PINC TRACKER Consists on the PINC Communicator plus PINC’s RFID tracking system. GPS module. prioritize. 5 . All trailer information captured is automatically updated into PINC’s yard management software. PINC’s yard management software facilitates two-way communication between managers and yard or shuttle truck drivers to assign.

FACILITY MAPPING: Users have an online graphical view of the facility. Moves are presented based on weighted business rules . yard trucks. • Waving – Determines the trailer type needed at a dock door and automatically issues a move to the yard truck based on business rules for outbound shipments. and loads can be electronically reconciled with purchase orders. tractors. and drivers location and status information. yard truck distance from asset to be moved. and other sensors on the ground or in the air. YARD AND SHUTTLE TRUCK TASKING: Through an in-cab touch monitor. prioritize. 6 . PINC facilitates two-way communication between the managers and yard and shuttle truck drivers to assign. REAL-TIME ASSET VISIBILITY: PINC Real-time location system (RTLS) enable users to track and locate assets in real-time using passive RFID. showing yards. and confirm trailer move tasks.priority. • Automated Moves – Automatically creates moves when predetermined conditions are met. • Directed Moves – Presents a single move to driver rather than the entire list. YARD AND SHUTTLE TRUCK AUTOMATION: Automates workflows. increases the velocity of check-in and check-out of trailers. The system allows customers to choose on whether to give drivers flexibility in move choice based on their experience. optical. speed and action of yard and shuttle trucks. DOCK DOORS MANAGEMENT: Users have a graphical view of the dock doors online. All information is electronically recorded in PINC’s yard management software. and eliminates keystrokes and administrative burden. YARD AND SHUTTLE TRUCK MANAGEMENT: Managers can monitor online and in real-time the location. Productivity reports are available to maximize efficiency. increases efficiency. shuttle trucks. trailers.AUTOMATED YARD OPERATIONS GATE MANAGEMENT: This automatic process streamlines gate procedures. age of request. All the information collected is presented online on PINC’s yard platform. GPS. and drivers. Users can access the current activity information and have the ability to initiate moves to and from any door through the PINC yard management software. reduces delays. • Spot recommender – Determines asset move destination based on business rules Increases spotter efficiency by predetermining “best” destination spot for an asset.

etc. • Alerts identify exceptions so they can be addressed in real. Reports can be exported to Excel or scheduled to be run at predetermined times. . users. Best practices based on quantifiable KPIs can be established and all the service providers can be held accountable for meeting specific performance targets.WATCHES AND ALERTS: Create a set of automated communications and get notified when important events occur. the Enter- prise Visibility application provides a comprehensive view of all of the deployed locations within the corporate supply chain network.Inbound/Outbound loaded too Long. ENTERPRISE VISIBILITY: For enterprise customers deploying PINC enterprise wide or at multiple facilities. The communication can be assigned to one or multiple recipients or groups. carriers. APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING: The user-friendly appointment scheduling function allows gate and dock appointment requests to be made and confirmed automatically through matching the information submitted by carriers with pre-defined parameters according to customer's specifications. yard capacity. Gain insights into the efficiency. Carriers can also perform live inventory checks.It can be customized to address specific issues . 7 . and other customizable metrics for the utilization of all the yard assets across all these provoke action by or to inform recipients.i. CARRIERS COLLABORATION: Enables carriers to view their assets in customers’ yards and make gate appointments online 24/7 eliminating the need for frequent phone calls and faxes. It can be setup to alert operators to ensure regular checks are performed on all reefer trailers and all important information is electronically recorded. missed check-out. • Watches automate communication of asset status changes . needs to be addressed to avoid detention/demurrage charges. trends. The frequency of the watch can be tailored to your business need. view current load status. which can be augmented by custom reports. reefer trailer check overdue.i. Inbound loaded too long. and operating status. reduce administrative overhead.e. REEFER MANAGEMENT: Records refrigerated trailer information including temperature. Load Status from “Loading“ to “Loaded”. departures. PINC's scheduling tools allow managers to avoid detention and demurrage charges.e.time . fuel level. Integration with transportation management systems and warehouse management systems are also available to automate and facilitate the scheduling process and data sharing. and obtain historical records of trailer and shipment activities. and improve communications throughout the scheduling process. empties by carrier. dock overstay. REPORTS & DASHBOARDS: The system provides more than 100 standard reports and dashboards including recent arrivals.

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