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Power Quality Guidelines

Daikin strongly recommend to commission and operate the chiller/s with Permanent Power Supply, running the
chiller on generator is not preferred as this being not a permanent power supply, and there is always a risk of not
achieving the Constant Voltage & Frequency.
In view of the above, the Contractor / Customer is intimated to follow the below Power Quality Guidelines to power
up the equipment’s on generator power.
 The generator should has the capability of line conditioning that will assure clean power delivery to loads.
Conditioning should include voltage, phase and harmonic protection. Overall, the generator should deliver
power that meets or exceeds power standards of the local utility.
 Generator should be able to take Initial Starting Current / Maximum Current depending upon number of
equipment’s on site without dipping the voltage (+ 10%). (If generator plant is having more than one set then
auto-synchronizing panel should be installed to avoid voltage & frequency deviation).
 Voltage unbalance between phases should not be more than ± 2%
 Input Voltage and Frequency to equipment’s should be consistent during operation and within the design limit.
 No phase change allowed, once the equipment is commissioned on Generator.
 Any input voltage, frequency deviation should be closely monitored.
 There should not be any harmonics distortion above acceptable limit (THD<5%).

However, as a special take we can deviate from the above guidelines subject to your acceptance of the following:
 Written confirmation that the Constant Voltage, Frequency, Phase rotation will be made available continuously.
 Phase Monitoring Relay needs to be installed in the Generator Power Supply Panel by Customer / Client.

In case the above is not followed, Daikin will not be liable for any damages and be fully authorized to withdraw the
warranty of the equipment when applicable.

Any additional information required, please feel free to contact us.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter & your acceptance to the above by signing and returning the copy of
this letter along with your company Stamp ASAP.

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