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Coatema Fachartikel – Coatema Technical Reports

Coatema – the mechanical engineering company
for coating and laminating plants

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH is a manufacturer of
coating and laminating plants for R2R applications.
Coatema has been supplying solutions for the most
different markets like textiles, foil, paper and renewable
energies for 30 years now. These solutions may consist
of small lab coating plants, of pilot plants as well as of Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Dormagen
turn-key production plants for the coating and
laminating of roll-to roll substrates.

Coatema uses more than 20 different application
systems for their plants, like e.g. the knife. To date,
the knife is one of the most universal application
systems for a large spectrum of viscosities. The form of
the knife, horizontal or axial as well as angle
adjustment and the use of different surface materials
enable a large number of different settings and
processes. Different knife systems are the Roller Knife
System, the Air Knife, the Rubber Belt System, the
Commabar System, and the Double Side System.

The fields of application for these systems reach from
functional textiles, protective clothing and artificial
leather to batteries and fuel cells.
Examples of Coatema´s Modular Coating
Knife System, Commabar System,
Example: The Knife System Double Side System, Rubber Belt System
In case of spread coatings, used, the coating paste is
laid onto the carrier or substrate by a knife. Depending
on the counterpart to the knife, there is a difference
between the roller knife and the air knife. In modern
coating plants, the knife holder is equipped with several
knives and is turnable according to the so-called
“revolver principle.” This facilitates a quick change of
the knives, especially between roller and air knife. All
applications are equipped with either manually or
motor-driven adjustable side scrapers.

Example of use: Fuel cell
Source: Forschungszentrum Jülich

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Roseller Straße 4, 41539 Dormagen
Tel.: + 49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 - 0, Fax: + 49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 - 170, e-mail:

de . it is especially the web tension that influences the thickness of the coating. Variation of the coating weight: Roller knife 10 to 1250g/m² Air knife 5/6 to 60g/m² Range of Viscosity [mPas]: Paste (1000) 100 . Fax: + 49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 . in combination with a front panel. Depending on the thickness of the coat to be applied. knives of different kinds are used. these side scrapers are form. e-mail: coatema@coatema.php Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH. Roseller Straße 4. 41539 Dormagen Tel. With the Roller knife. on the form and the adjustment of the knife and on the viscosity of the paste.0.www. a closed paste container. the thickness of the coating is defined by The distance between the knife and the substrate The substrate to be coated Kind and form of the knife Example of use: Funcitonal Textiles / Protective Clothing Angle adjustment of the knife Source: Dystar Position of the knife Viscosity of the paste Speed of the web As far as the Air knife is Coatema Fachartikel – Coatema Technical Reports In some cases. This is very important for coating pastes with a low viscosity.25 000 Air knife 5 .10 000 Examples of use: Protective Clothing Tarpaulins Floor coverings Coatema coating plant with Knife system Roof membranes (Roller – Air knife) Artificial leather Airbags Non-slip mats More detailed descriptions of application systems can be seen on on our website www.50 000 Foam 10 000 + 49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 .coatema.

an extension of production processes like e.Working width from 250 to 2.170. which guarantees a large number of flexibility. In order to be able to react more quickly and in a more foulard and roller application system cost-effective way.Click&CoatTM . can be realised much easier with the Click&Coat™ concept. Coatema R&D Center on 1. Moreover. Coatema Combi System: Multipurpose plant with roller knife.200 m2 Working width: from 250 bto 2.Self-weighing technology . Coatema has developed the innovative Click&Coat™ .Consumption control . e-mail: coatema@coatema. Click&Coat™does not only facilitate the flexibility of the single coating heads but of the entire plant: The plant components are movable. Fax: + 49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 .: + 49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 . innovative raw materials isolated from the public and present their products as prototypes to the interested market. more than 20 different modules in the most varied combination can be integrated into the plant. air knife. the additional use of dryer components. From the beginning of 2008.200 m² .0.000 mm Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH. which is said to be the largest lab worldwide and offers on 1. Here.Multi changing bar The Coatema Combi system facilitates the integration of up to 4 more application systems besides the knife. can be brought into the right position and be connected to the electronic control system by simply “clicking”. 41539 Dormagen .000 mm m . there will be a Click&Coat™ system at the customers´disposal in Coatema´s company-own lab.concept for pilot plants.Motor-driven adjustment at the µ-scale .1 production plant .10 pilot plants Coatema Fachartikel – Coatema Technical Reports According to the requirements.coatema.Automatic paste supply . the knife systems can be equipped with: .www. Roseller Straße 4.More than 20 different application systems Among the users of the lab are leading chemistry groups and other companies who want to test new.

de Coatema Fachartikel – Coatema Technical Reports On the occasion of the annual COATEMA Symposium.: + 49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 symposia/next.coatema. The 9th Coatema Symposium will take place on 08.-09. Coatema –plant in the company-own lab Working width: offers topical information regarding coating and laminating: Product information. technical know-how. Roseller Straße Topical information Coating and Laminating Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH.coatema. presented by experts in lectures.000 mm The website www. Fax: + 49 (0) 21 33 / 97 84 . is put into practice on the coating and laminating plants in Coatema´s . Please see our website www.2008 and will surely answer a lot of questions and give new suggestions for the future. specialised articles. 41539 Dormagen Tel.php for the latest news on our Symposiums and for your registration.0.coatema. fairs and exhibitions. e-mail: coatema@coatema. coating theory. www.