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Summer Internship Programme for

Post Graduate Diploma in Management
2017-19 Batch

1. Objective

 Develop in students a holistic business and cross-functional perspective of how modern
day organizations conduct their activities.
 Embed in them contextual learning relevant to the workplace and thereby expand their
managerial skill set.
 Put students in touch with their future by creating in them an awareness of the career
opportunities that lie within the organization and in different functional areas.
 Provide employers with the expertise and new ideas that students bring through their
academic training.

2. Guide

The summer internship is done under the Organization Guide (OG) and aided by the Faculty
Mentor (FM).

3. Role of the Faculty Mentor
Every student will be assigned a Faculty Mentor for the Internship Programme. The role of
the Faculty Mentor is to provide/facilitate the necessary academic guidance and to facilitate
evaluation, with the inputs from the company executives.

It is therefore necessary that the students interact with the Faculty Mentor regularly to update
him/her about the progress and seek guidance. The responsibility of contacting and
interacting with the Faculty Mentor vests with the students solely.

4. Evaluation

Students will receive 3.0 credit for the internship for which they will be eligible only if they
receive the pass grade from the summer internship Faculty Evaluation Committee.

4.1 Evaluation Schedule

Evaluation Deadline Evaluation Parameters Evaluator Marks
Stage - I One week after Internship Proposal Faculty Mentor 10
starting SIP
Stage - II TBD (July 2018) Final Report 10
Faculty Evaluation
Stage - III TBD (July 2018) Presentation & Viva Voce Committee 30


4. The complete project report . The completion certificate duly signed by the Organizational Guide should be included in the project report. The details of evaluation parameters are given below: Internship Proposal Evaluation Parameters S. III. The internship proposal evaluation is carried out by the Faculty Mentor. The Final Report must contain: 1) Title Page 2) Executive Summary 3) Introduction 4) Problem Identification (Objective of the Study) 5) Methodology 6) Analysis and Findings 7) Limitations and Conclusion 2 . Internship Proposal The Internship Proposal (10) must cover the following aspects: i. Proposed Action Plan iii. ii) A soft copy. II. Schedule: A time frame indicating steps that will be required and the expected date when they will be completed. (Understanding of the work assigned). The students will be required to complete their SIP and submit: I.2 Evaluation Process 1. Final Report and Presentation The Final Evaluation of the Internship Programme consists of the Final Report (10) and a Seminar Presentation & Viva Voce (30). Parameter Description Marks No. The company feedback in the prescribed format (to be mailed on May 15).i) Two spiral bound hard copies. ii. Objective: Stating what the internship will accomplish and the value-addition to the organization. 1 Understanding of the Work Assigned 3 2 Identifying Key Issues and Key Deliverables 4 3 Action Plan 3 Total 10 2.

Objectives of the 10 Internship Project:  Company Background. Organizational Policies). Problem / Issue Description and Objective 2 Analytical Tools & Techniques used: 10  Analysis / Findings and Suggestions 3 Presentation Skills: 5  Presentation and Handling of Q and A 4 Extent to which the knowledge and learning acquired in the First Year 5 and during the Summer Internship was applied:  Application of Knowledge and Learning Acquired 5 Final Report 10 Total 40 3 . 1 Understanding of the company (Business Model. Products /Services. Parameter Description Marks No. Final Evaluation Parameters S. Organizational Structure.