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Columbia-Southern-University CE 1103

Week 4 Assessment
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CE 1103 Week 4 Assessment

• Question 1

The best way to inspect chains during a semi-annual inspection is to:

• Question 2
The public relations manager for your plant was injured when he fell during a golf tournament
at the company owned and maintained golf course at corporate headquarters in California. All the
managers are provided free use of the corporate recreation areas, which include a tennis court, small
park with barbecue facilities, a large swimming pool, and a well-equipped gym. Participation in the
golf tournaments is specifically not required by company policies; however, executives are
encouraged to take advantage of the benefit. Is this accident recordable under the provisions of the
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act)?

• Question 3

Influencing organizational line management to accept accountability for safety performance
best describes the role of a:

• Question 4

During a Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) of a new process, a potential toxic hazard
release is identified. What is the best procedure to determine how to protect against the hazard in case
of a release or to see if the hazard is present in the work area?

• Question 5

Which class of employees would you expect to have the greatest potential for accidents?
• Question 6

Safety, health, and environment (SH&E) professionals can work to ensure that the site of a
new process facility meets all building codes. They can also help determine:

• Question 7

A company has adopted Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) 18001
to maintain continuous improvement in their safety and health management system. Based on the
OHSAS 18001 guidelines that the management system should be suitable, adequate, and effective,
which of the following should indicate that a management evaluation should be performed?

• Question 8

Which of the following most correctly defines the purpose of electrical circuit breakers?

• Question 9

How long should a manufacturer keep records relating to product safety?
• Question 10

A design that tries to ensure that a failure will leave the product unaffected or will convert it
to a state in which no injury or damage will occur is the definition of:

• Question 11

All of the following are potential disadvantages of matrix management EXCEPT:

• Question 12

Your organization is regulated by a federal government entity, which categorizes accidents
according to a rigid set of directives. Accidents are classified according to severity and cost. Class A
mishaps involve death or five or more serious injuries, Class B mishaps involve serious injury, Class
C mishaps involve recordable injury, and Class D mishaps involve property damage only. The
accident data shown here lists the mishap experience of the various departments at one of your plants.
Determine the average number of injury accidents for all departments without regard to the class.

• Question 13

A brake system on an experimental motorcycle has three components: the master cylinder,
brake cylinder, and the brake line. The failure probability on the master cylinder is 1 x , the
probability of failure on the brake cylinder is 1 x , and the probability of failure on the line is 1 x .
What is the overall reliability of the brake system?
• Question 14

Integrated performance assurance programs, safety and health programs, and quality
assurance programs embody management system standards, which have all of the following
characteristics EXCEPT:

• Question 15

Workplace violence has jumped to the front of workplace injuries and deaths in recent years.
Which of the following is NOT a legal basis for providing workplace security?

• Question 16

According to many management systems, the basic approach includes four steps that are
followed in sequence. The steps include:

• Question 17
The risk remaining after preventive measures have been taken is called:

• Question 18

According to Willie Hammer, when a new product is being developed, there are six phases of
the process. They consist of the concept phase, development go-ahead evaluation, product
development, production go-ahead evaluation, production, operations and support. During which
phase will the distributors, dealers, and field service personnel be brought into the process?

• Question 19

What are the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for drug testing of a
company's over the road transport drivers?

• Question 20

A manager who utilizes an external reward and punishment system to affect performance is a
__________ manager.

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