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Course Syllabi


This course was designed to guide students to complete an in-depth research project that builds upon their middle
school earth, life, or physical science experience. Students will critically review literature on their chosen research
problem, design and conduct a long-term study, and report the results. Students will participate in ongoing peer
reviews that will help students refine their research protocol, analysis, and conclusions. There will be two culminating
evaluative processes. First, students will present their findings at a “board review” at the local school, before
teachers, parents, and a panel of “experts from the field.” Second, students will publish their findings in a Journal
created by the class for review by three college professors each in different fields of Science, Technology, Engineering,
or Mathematics.

Syllabus Template

Teacher Name: Content area:
Larah Buffington STEM Enrichment
Contact Information: Syllabus for Semesters: 1 and 2
Phone: (678) 594-8048

Georgia Performance Standards may be accessed through

There is not a textbook for this class. I will be providing the work for my students from
several resources including the National Science Teachers Association Published Research
Handbook for grades 9-12. This will be a rigorous course of study, which will assist your child
in preparing their capstone project for the Academy. It is our hope that the research they
begin here will follow them as a continued passion of study in the future.

S8CS1. Students will explore the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism
in science and will exhibit these traits in their own efforts to understand how the world

S8CS2. Students will use standard safety practices for all classroom laboratory and field

S8CS3. Students will have the computation and estimation skills necessary for analyzing data
and following scientific explanations.
S8CS4. Students will use tools and instruments for observing, measuring, and manipulating
equipment and materials in scientific activities utilizing safe laboratory procedures.

S8CS5. Students will use the ideas of system, model, change, and scale in exploring scientific
and technological matters.

S8CS6. Students will communicate scientific ideas and activities clearly.

S8CS7. Students will question scientific claims and arguments effectively.

S8SR1. Students will synthesize science content through standard science research protocols
in earth, life, and physical science.

S8SR2. Students will investigate an accessible scientific research problem in earth, life, or
physical science.

S8SR3. Students will study the context of the accessible research question through system
development and analysis.

S8SR4. Students will appropriately employ instrumentation and apply technological analysis
to the accessible research question within earth, life, or physical science content.

S8SR5. Students will demonstrate understanding and application of scientific communication
used within the earth, life, or physical science disciplines.

Weekly Check Points…………….25%
Classwork/Lab Work …………………………………………….. 25%
Capstone Projects ……………………………………….. 50%

2 inch 3 Ring binder
Dividers with pockets
#2 Pencils
Blue or Black Pens
Glue stick X 3
Metric Ruler
Basic calculator, higher functions will be beneficial but are not necessary for this class.
Highlighters ( multiple colors)
Index cards
 Students will arrive on time.
 Students will bring necessary supplies daily.
 Students will behave with respect for themselves and others.
 Students will maintain a neat and orderly classroom.
 Students will raise their hand before responding or when needing to ask a question.
 Students will remain seated unless directed otherwise.
 Students will obtain a signed pass before leaving class.
 Students will sign up for technology using their Name and the last two numbers of
their Student ID.

Thursday afternoons from 4:30 to 5:30 Mrs. Buffington will have tutorial in RM. 126