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MEDINA, Miguel Andrei C.


History of Medicine in the Philippines

Showing the canals which were used as latrines, attracting disease in the early part of the American
period of the Philippines.


Article: [“page” 297-298 of the

The main pool of Hospital de Nuestra Señora de las Aguas Santas de Mainit, a public bathhouse
constructed on hot springs because the friars believed natural springs had therapeutic effect. (Now, the
pools are decrepit, and this is just a reconstruction)


tribute_id=22&file_no=1 [page 179 of article]. (Hydrotherapy)

ph/NouriApothecary/hilot/ Article: Article: http://www. 2016-00448 Pre-Hispanic Medicine Source: Miguel Andrei C. pagtatawas is no longer limited to using alum. as this lady is shown doing. as a means of diagnosing patients. A variation involves melting candle wax and allowing this to settle on water. Source: According to the article shown below.html .MEDINA.