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Onyx Control panel Onyx Control panel Onyx Control panel 4-loops, 1272 pnts

Onyx Control panel 5-loops, 1590 pnts 3-loops, 954 pnts Qty=10
2-loops, 636 points Qty=4 Qty=4 SS12 + SS21 + SS22 + SS23 + SS24
Qty=1 SRR1 + SRR2 + ITR1 + ITR2 + + SS32 + SS41 + SSCPP + LAB +
PCI Building SRR3 + SRR4 LCR1 + SS51 SSYRD

OnyxWork™ Master Control

GUI panel 6-loops, To FGS system OnyxWork™ GUI
workstations 1908 points Trouble/Fault Signaling workstations
Fiber Optic Noti.Fire.Net™ CCR Building
- High Sped, Voice
Enabled, Class A
Typical SLC Loop Unshielded BACNet
Twisted Pair Class A Interface to DCS

Relay Module Control

Detectors for Addressable Output
Linear Heat FRM-1
Suppression Releasing Module
for 2) Module FCM-1- FCM-1
Addressable FSP-optical
Suppression Relay Module
Power FSL - Laser
Systems FRM-1
Detectors for Monitor Supply Dual Input
Suppression Module Module FDM-1 Manual Pull Station
Systems (Loop 2) Addressable NBG-12LX
FSP-optical Monitor Module
24VDC Control Module
FDM-1 Isolator
FSL - Laser FCM-1 Duct Sensor
Module ISO-X

To Next LCD
Display Pressure switch
LCD Display for - To FGS system for
Also connected to: Fire Signal & Confirm
Suppression Suppression
System Status - Gas release switch for HVAC shutdown
Indication Located confirmation of gas
at Room Door release.
- Flammable gas
- Toxic Gas Detectors
HVAC Damper
Gas Cylinders Strobe, White Horn Red, HR
SR (with Amber
or Red Lens)