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5 moles of heptane reqd: moles of oxygen needed for complete
1. Use of Gravimetric Factor: Given 1% Al in sample, How much of its ore is combustion
needed to produce ____ gram of Al 29. Given: 1 gram of a substance, which has the highest number of atoms – H 2
2. Graham’s Law of Diffusion: Effusion Rates of SO 2 and CO2 ZnSO4 Hg CO2
3. Given: Density of oxygen, density of a gas Reqd: MW of the gas at the 30. Number of atoms in Na2CO3.10H2O – 36
same condition 31. Given: 42 g of Kr, how many g of He such that they have the same number
4. Given: Pressure and Temperature of a gas Reqd: the mass of the reactant of atoms
needed based on the reaction given 32. Determine the MW of a compound given ___g sample dissolve in
5. Given: V of O2 at STP, determine the coulomb of energy needed for the naphthalene (with Kf=___) and ΔTf.
electrolysis of water 33. Commonly used coagulant: Liquid alum, Lime, Soda ash
6. Organic Chem: what is the precursor of vinyl chloride – ethylene, ethyne, 34. Component of Cement- Fe, Si, Al
vinyl acetate… 35. Chemical element present in laughing gas – NO
7. Also known as saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon- paraffin, olefin, arene, 36. Numerical trend of Molarity, molality and mole fraction
alkene 37. MSDS
8. Acidity of phenol with different substituent 38. Component present in wastewater that cannot be seen by the naked eye-
9. Solubility of Nitrile particulates, turbidity, settleable solids, suspended solids
10. Endpoint of Indicator: Phenolpthalein- red, violet, green.. 39. Usually used in the removal of dust- air entrapment, electrostatic
11. Colligative Property: Boiling point rise precipitator
12. Definition of BOD 40. pH of neutral solution given pKw = 13.62
13. Tolerance of a body of water when it accepts load…- Stress tolerance, 41. Name the compound NO2CH2CHCH3COOH
Threshold limit, carrying capacity 42. Number of sigma bond in each carbon of a benzene ring- 3
14. Given: Height of 50 ft, volumetric rate, 80% conversion of energy. Reqd: 43. Energy used to remove the electrons from an atom
how many 100-W bulbs can be lighted 44. Energy used to remove the loose electron in an atom
15. Common name of Calcium Carbonate- Chalk 45. Cation flow in electrolysis- anode to cathode or cathode to anode
16. Common name of Silicon Dioxide – Quartz 46. Carboxyllic acid can be derived from the: oxidation of primary ROH,
17. Product of fractional distillation of air- nitrogen, oxygen…. Oxidation of Ketone, Oxidation of HC, Hydrolysis
18. Pale yellow crystals, insoluble in water, soluble in ether, ROH,alkali 47. Definition of Heat- energy in transit
indicator used for acid base titration- phenolphthalein, phenosulphothalein 48. Given: %C %H and %O, determine the formula
19. Produced when H is remove in a benzene ring- aryl, phenyl, benzyl… 49. Determination of the exact concentration of a solution- standardization,
20. Range of Electronegativity- 0-4 titration
21. Diamond structure is due to strong- covalent bond 50. Given the atomic number of Pt determine the number of neutrons of Pt
22. Trend of BP and MP of Halogen group, inc MW inc BP and MP, inc 51. Atomic number indicates the- number of protons and neutrons
atomic number Inc BP and MP 52. Halogen that reacts vigorously in the presence or absence of light- Br, Cl
23. Given Boiling point and melting point of NO2 , N2O and NO Reqd: Highest 53. Organic Chemistry deals with the study of compound that are all-
ΔHvap Covalently bonded only, with electrovalent bond only, some have
24. Oxidation Number of 2-propanone electrovalent others have covalent bond
25. What is the oxidation number of nitrogen (nitride) when it reacts with 54. Which does not change in dilution- moles, volume, concentration
metal cation- -3,+3 55. Definition of buffer
26. Magnesium react with ____ to produce Magnesium nitride: HNO3 NH3 56. Order of reaction wherein an inc in the initial concentration causes an inc
27. Steroids that control rates of biological reactions- Hormones, Enzymes in the half-life- zero, first, second, cannot not be determined


# of units produced. Reqd: change in Volume trace 14. selling price per unit 4. 24. Control system that minimize upset. Heat transfer: Given: difference in temperature. Given different type of bearing which has high resistance 2. 3. technical grade 25. 1. Determinant of a matrix at t= 3. Given: 500 kg of 20% NaOH solution Reqd: amount of water that should 3. operating P. Formed when one of the variable is held constant – curve.4) 23. t= 3 min @ constant V reactor Reqd: % conversion 7.9 min at Constant P reactor 8. first payment occurs two years after the receiving 20. Definition of Parabola. Given: gaseous fuel (composition) C H inert Reqd: mole fraction of 31.USP grade.a) focus 12. Material Balance: Distillation. Determine the % the machine vapor that is condensed C) initial payment of ____ pay 22000 for 5 yrs. 57. with 10% water is being cooled at ___° C. decrease labor cost A) pay 13500 for 10 yrs. Charles Law deals with – P and T. Separation of crude oil from oil gas. Given % conversion Reqd: determine the % conversion if the volume of 9.5 Hp 63-65. first payment occurs two years after the receiving 18.0 – a)4 b)3 15. Determine the work done to melt 4 kg of ice to water at 0° C.quality control. Given: pump operating at 600 rpm with power requirement of 1. What is a Hoist? 1. how much money does he have (story) the reactor is doubled 10.Alkali. Definition of adiabatic tank 62.definition of Chain conveyor distillation 6. line.cascade commercial grade. thickness of cake. b)directrix 13.5 ml of CCl4 (density = 1. sketch. Centrifugal bowl with a certain speed (rpm). Determine the equivalent diameter of a trapezoid Reqd: lbs of water evaporated/ lb of wet material 2. k of the material. MW and EW Reqd: combustion products. Source of Malic Acid.5 ml of CBr 4 (density= 3.Antoinetta Fortuna-Ibe 9. What is a crane? GENERAL ENGINEERING. determine determine the density when they are mixed the pressure at the wall 60. Why is automation applied?.CO2 NOx 26.Lauro Guevarra 10. Alkaline Earth Metals 22. Chairperson of PRC.545) . V and T dimension of the wall (LxWxH) Reqd: determine q 59.Apple. Determination of degrees of freedom given a reaction Oxygen in the flue gas 32. V and n. Air at __° C.318. Given : C20H4FNOx . Chairman of ChE board examination. How many significant figures. Determine the profit. Definition of isentropic HF (different combination of this compounds) 27. VC (equation as a 3. Given: 2. vacuum distillation. Financial analysis. Estimate the diffusivity of acetic acid at normal boiling point year after the receiving the machine D) pay 100000. Conveyor. Given: mass of a substance.determine the mass flowrate 30. Plasticizer used in PVC 61. Calculation of Pressure (P=ρgh) 5. Group IA elements. Given: Fluegas Analysis Reqd: moles of feed/ moles of flue gas be added to produce 5% NaOH solution 4. Definition: Acid test ratio function of number of units). 58. Problem.cracking. Citrus fruits 28. Given: % conversion. Definition of quench tank the machine 19. P and V. first payment occurs one year after the receiving the machine 2 . Given: TFC.Balot vendor. Primary consideration in practical automation the best option for payment: 17. reagent grade.a company will buy a machine worth 100000 which is 16. Questions on ideal gas law PV= nRT Reqd: the Hp needed for a pump operating at 1200 rpm 29. Analytical reagent used for laboratory works. Definition of Screw conveyor 7. Unit of K constant for a given rate expression B) pay 15000 for 5 yrs. Drying Calculation and material balance: Given: 1000 lbs of wet material CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES (50 items) with 10% moisture (dry basis) feed on a drier and leaves at 5% moisture. Kinetic energy is a function of – mass and speed of points equidistant from . Q absorbed by the substance 6. LAWS AND ETHICS (65 items) 8. thermal 5.

5 men can catch 5 fish in 5 minutes. Definition of Hertz acceleration at half the initial acceleration for 12 sec. The final velocity is 43. determine g’(x) decreases exponentially. Determine the fraction such that the denominator is 3 more than twice the 27. 24. 300 m/s 22. 32. b2 – 4ac >0. Determine the diameter of a ball with a volume of 345 cm3 39. 28. Given energy of fuel 30 MJ/ liter. given: E and area 17. Determine the distance traveled. V2. Sign of trigonometric function at angle 90<angle<180 49. How 15. 11. y=36. Light years = in meters many days can 8 men dig and fill such land. determine V2’.5m/s. Sound intensity. G and E. Then it change it 42. determine the tension 18. one container contains 2 red. Given x4= 16. 25. constant deceleration 25-5 km/hr.5 . 0. capitalized cost 51.mass. determine the friction required to determine the most resistant to fatigue overcome friction of 1500 N. the intensity ______ as the length of the medium or source increases : 29. Angular acceleration in 5 minutes. the roots are. Enthalpy momentum 3 . 20. Solving three equations. 16. 150 lb scaffold with strings attached (in both ends) at the 34. Find slenderness ratio. Given a 20 ft. 100000 are deposited in a bank. Determine the inflection point of a given equation 37. 100. given angle= 45 degree and a velocity of found out to be 40 m/s. Perfectly elastic collision: Given m1. 20. 4 annual withdrawals that increase b) Slope of a vertical line is zero at 1000 per year are made. Transformer 12.4. real worth. V1’. complex. Which is a vector quantity. Given containers. Which is not true about slope 48.real and unequal wall. Determine the number of months such that an initial amount of ___ numerator and when 7 is added to both the numerator and the doubles at 1% interest rate per month denominator. determine 54.Specification (design) is the force experienced by the balls.irrational. increases exponentially. log of a negative number. 23. One red ball is drawn. Related rates: Given r as a function of t.6. Determine the radius of a ball with a volume of 345 cm3 40. another contains 1 white B) Inversely proportional to E and one contains 1 red and 1 white. Definition of equity. determine the maximum value of x-y. Additional consideration in planning. Given combination of values of yield strength. 33. Find the present worth for a maintenance cost of 100000 and increases at 30000 per year for 5 years at 10%. additional of 3lb ball is added and released. determine the force at the bottom. A car initially at rest accelerates uniformly for 8 sec. C as a function of r. 3 unknowns 26. 44. Determine the first withdrawal such that the balance will be depleted. Find the range of a projectile. Morality. speed. D) Inversely proportional to deformation 47. 900 kg body. constant acceleration. Radius of gyration – k dC/dt 55. Given: slope 1 in 10. 10 14. determine its relationship with source distance 21. 53. present 50. Stress applied is 45. Equilibrant force 36. Chain Rule: Given a function g(x). 30. m2. Given a 20-ft ladder leaning against a wall at a distance of 8 ft from the 52. The interest rate for the first two years is a) Increases from left to right 5% and for the next two years is 6%. What 19. 41.15 kW same distance from each end. 2. Partial derivative: Given a function increases directly 31. Six men can dig a land for 6 days and 4 men can fill it in 4 days. what is the C) Proportional to E probability that the next ball that will be drawn is red. decreases directly. limit threshold. the numerator is 8 less than the denominator. Definition.annual worth. V1.8 A) Proportional to the deformation 46. Two 3 lbs ball hanging. speed. At what maximum distance from an end determine the work done must a 200 lb man should stand (to remain at equilibrium) 35. Used in comparing worth for different years. Area of a spherical triangle given three angles and radius 38. how many fish can 100 men caught 13.Environment.