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Idiomatic Expressions F) The moment is right tajir : lowded

G) Help someone out gaptek : technologicaly challenged
A piace of cake (H)
H) Easy latah : caopycat
don’t sweat it (o)
I) I don’t believe you iLfeel : close the felling
get out of town (i)
J) To get her friends together Galau : fellsad / feeling blue
get over it (L)
K) Calm down caper : attention whore
feeling blue (C)
L) Forget about the past latah : flakey
Laid back (E)
M) Last change basi deh : so played out
last shot (M)
N) That’s awesome laler : third weel
lend a hand (G)
O) Don’t worry about it G-R : getting
Hit the books (D)
P) No need to worry ngemeng : all talk
no big deal (P)
CLBK : old love blooms again
get on the ball (B) Baper : getting emotional
mager : comatose
rally the troops (J) modus : ulterior motives
P-W : comty
Take it easy (K) kode : hint
sok asik : you think you are so cool
That’s tight (N) curhat : venting
peres : poser
The stars have aligned (F) kepo : want to know/nosey
Kekinian : trendy
Stay on track (B) piktor : dirty mind
malak : hold up He broke up with his girl friend but
jaim : to cool for school it your project have not started, yet
A) Calm Down PHP : leading someone on the class got a in final exam
B) To get focused on the goal gebetan : crush I see the bay grosery are heavy
C) To feel sad pdkt : prospect can you lend a hand ?
D) To study sok tau : know it all
E) Relaxed beser : go to toilet/ broken the seal