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Name: Iswanda Dewanto dan Krisna Hendro

Class: X-MIPA-1

I: I saw you in the gajah mada street last week. What did you do?
K: I waited my brother
I: Then?
K: We went to bookstore to buy novel
I: Where is your brother now?
K: He always go to the clothes shop everyday
I: What does he do there?
K: He to sell clothes
I: Next time I’ll be there!
K: Anyway, today you look so cool with your cloth
I: Thanks Krisna
K: Where did you buy it?
I: In the dreambirds shop
K: Really? Are you sure?
I: Of course
K: It’s so cool
I: Thank you again
K: Next time I’m gonna buy it there
I: Nice to hear that. Anyway, I must leave you now. My mom asks me to go home earlier today.
K: It’s okay, see you
I: see you