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Hana database certification Question

Many Questions from Database Migration(DMO using Sum),Scale out scenarious, and

Tenant Database

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HA200 – Page 644 Performing take over

Read system replication topic ,Storage replication,SAML

Areas covered

1) Database Migration
2) Hana System Architecture
3) Monitoring
4) Security
5) High availability&Disaster
6) Backup&Reovery
7) User authorization
8) Operations of SAP HANA
9) Troubleshooting
10) Installation &Upgrade

1) Which s/w used for HTTP connection to DMO in SUM
1)SAP hana client
2) sap host agent
3)SUM startup

2) When intializae log area option used
1)After restart unusual log volumes
2)to check from specific log position

3) Scale out scenario how tenant db role is defined

4) Which authentication used in organization level 1) Kerberoes 2) SAML 3) SAP assertion 4) SAP logon 5)Question on Analytical view – HA100 6)Prequieste to use reset upgrade during DMO option 1)previous SUM folder must exist 2)source DB Should be online 7)To update SAP to S/4 hana(two option exist) 1)DMO using SUMO 2) DMO using SUM and SWPM 8)When save point is triggered(two option exist) 1) When data backup is triggered 2) While committing transaction 3) By updating memory 9) hbbsql –U user store contains(Two option exist) 1)SQL port 2) Database host 3) SAP HANA INSTANCE 4) SAP INSTANSCE 10) system Replication modes ( two option exist) 1) Asynchronius 2)Asynchronous storage 3) full synchronous .

trc files 3) .log files 15) Kernel parameter----.which missing authorization 1)kernel parameter updated by sap 2) missing Trace admin privilege 16) Table partitioning scenario which is used in Scale out scenario? 1) Parallization of work 2) Lood balancing .py collects information from 1) ---some schema 2) .4) synchronous 11) How back up used in tenant DB 1) System DB ONLY trigger backup for tenant DB 2) System DB trigger its own backup and for other tenant DB 3) Tenant DB trigger it own backup and for other tenant DB 12) To secure password which authentication used 1) Data volume encryption encrypt userDBstore 2)Kerberoes 3)sap logon tickets 13) Which backup scenario used for configuration files 1) Auto log backup 2) file system 3) full DB backup 4)Incremental Backup 14) inactive to view traces.

17)Where do u see diagonis file 1) Hana studio Another option os level path for diagonis file 18) Database kept 160 miles apart which method used for high availability 1) Asynchronous system replication 19) tenant db path encryption 1) Bidirectional communication channels 2) Communication white list 20) features same in Hana COCKpit and DBA cocpit Ans: Except Back and recovery all scenario 21) Transport Mgmt of Non sap to SAP 1) Export/Impport from delivery units 2) SAP hana transport containers 3) Enhanced CTS+ 4)SAP application life cycle management 22) Sap hana components 1) Host 2) Instance 23)In sap hana what all the components installed to connect to solution manager 1) SMD agent .

ini and inderserver.2) Host agent 24) which one of the following is correct 1) Role assigned to role 2) Privilege assigned to user 3) user assigned to role 4) role assigned to catalog objects 25) questions related to global.ini 26) what are the preferred update for reducing system downtime 1) Phased update 2) Zero downtime maintenance 27) Options to reduce downtime in DMO in SUM(not sure abt other options) 1) use downtime optimized option 28) To reduce system restart time 1) flag all columns in preload 2) reduce size of row store 3) set reload_table=false 29) which system replication through scale out scenario are correct 1) Source 2 index server Target 4 index server 2) Source 4 index server Target 2 index server 3) Source 4 hosts Target 2 host Source 2 host Target 4 host 30) Phases while updating system to reduce downtime .

31) Information about the recovery of Database which monitoring view used M_Backup_catalog-ans M_Backup_catalog_files-used for info of back files 32) Deleting old backup from 1) Backup editor 2) Sql editor 33) User User01 Uses calculation view for the developing sap hana model .while editing the object in SCHEMA01 he face missing privilege 34) DMO SUM features Options 1) in place migration 2) can migrate database to any target DB Option 1) USER USER01 Have missing object privilege to SCHEMA01 2) USER SYS_REP have missing privilege to SCHEMA01 33) question related to SAP_INTERNAL_HANA_SUPPORT privilege 34) Question related to SAML configuration using identity providers (three option exist) 36) Diagonis file uses what all the operation below(Two option exist) 1) compress 2) Merge 3) rotate 37) One question on sizing of static data which approach used? Options: 1) Compression factor 2) Double the RAM 38) Resident LCM features ( Three option exist) .

G Move all large application tables during the update phase 42) Features of SUM 1) One maintenance Phase . 1) Uninstalling hana component 2) Configure interservice communication 3) Update sap hana and its components 4) Tranport Hana components 5) 39) You have faced authorization issues what all the steps u do authorize the trace (two option) 1) Specify a table 2) Specify the view 3) Select system info of index server and go for authorization 4) Select system info of preprocessor and go for authorization 40) How to make the shorted downtime of SUM E.