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Volume Title Contents Projects or Patterns Author(s) copies
Old System
Vol. I, No. 1 The Arithmtic of Weaving The Arithmetic of Weaving 1
Helpful Hints
Lace Weave
The Lily Folding Loom
Vol. II, No. 1 Cotton--And the American Flag Cotton and the American Flag Weaving a Flag Osma Gallinger 2
No Linen Damask! No. 1 Doily Mary Jones Smith
No. 2 Small Mat
No. 3 Napkin with Heirloom Border
The New Soft Twist Cotton No. 1 Scarf or Sash, Guatemalan Style Mary M. Atwater
No. 2 Cotton Towelling, Italian Style
No. 3 Waffle Weave
Vol. II, No. 2 Four-Square Bridge Cloth Four Square Bridge Cloth Four Square Bridge Cloth Osma Couch Gallinger 1
Vol. III Missing
The Profile System of Writing Drafts:
How to Adapt the Same Design to Pattern Drafting by the Use of Helen L. Allen and
Vol. IV, No. 1 Several Techniques Harness Numbers Osma Gallinger 1
Pattern Drafting by the Profile Method
Weaving the Pattern on Paper
How to Adapt the Same Design to
Several Techniques
Weaving Plan for the Five Types "On Opposite" or "Patch Pattern" Profile
Summer and Winter Profile
Bronson "Lace-Weave" Profile
M's and O's Profile
2-Row, 8-Harness Damask Profile
Vol. V, No. 1 Missing
Vo. V, No. 2 Notes on the "Crackle Weave" "Three Flowers" Mary M. Atwater 1
"Cottage Windows," arranged for a
Pillow Top
"Rain on the River," a Modern Design
for Drapery
Two Patterns for Rugs
Vol. VI, No. 1 Planning Hand Woven Fabric What Sort of Things Can be Made? Howard C. Ford 2
What Yarns Shall I Choose?
How Much Yarn?
Lily's Weaving Chart Osma Gallinger
Vol. VII, No. 1 Using the New Lily Weaving Wool Howard C. (Toni) Ford 2
Vol. VIII, No. 1 Trouble Shooting for the Hand Weaver 1
Vol. IX Missing
Hand Woven Materials for Aprons
Vol. X, No. 1 and Skirts Sport Skirt Howard C. (Toni) Ford 2
Vol. XI, No. 1 The "Bead-Leno" Weave Mary M. Atwater 3
Vol. XII Missing
Vol. XIII We'd Suggest Evening Bags... Toni Ford 3
Vol. XIV Place Mats That Stay Placed Toni Ford 1
Vol. XV Woven Monograms Berta Frey 2
Vol. XVI Missing
Vol. XVII Colorful, Soft and Absorbent Towels Towel A "Rose Border Heather Thorpe 1
Towel B "Rose Bouquet"
Towel C "Rose Trellis"
Towel D "American Beauty"
Vol. XIV Missing
Vol. XX So You Want to Sell Your Weaving? Toni Ford 2
Vol. XXI Ten Projects on a Long-Warp Aprons Harriet Douglas Tidball 3
Vol. XXII Missing
Garments of Lasting Beauty are
Vol. XXIII woven with Nylkara Dress, Coat, Stole Tina McMorran 1
Vol. XXIV The Arithmetic of Weaving Same as Vol. I, No. 1 2
A Visit to Scandinavian Weaving Colonel John S.
Vol. XXV Centers Fishback 2
Vol. XXVI Easy-to-Weave Rugs Rug No. 1 - Summer and Winter Osma Couch Gallinger 3
Rug No. 2 - M's and O's in Checkerboard
Rug No. 3 - M's and O's with Borders
Rug No. 4 - Crackle Weave Runner
Rug No. 5 - Herringbone
Rug No. 6 - Orange Peel Pattern
Rug No. 7 - Two or Four Harness Log
Cabin Rug or Bath Mat
Vol. XXVII Two Dresses with Danish Suggestions Miss Lucy Morgan 3
Vol. XXVIII The Profile System of Writing Drafts Same as Vol. IV, No. 1 1

New System
Volume Title Contents Projects or Patterns Author(s) copies
Inga Werther and Col.
Vol. 1-55 Handwoven Upholstery Fabrics John S. Fishback 2
Vol. 2-55 Cloth Analysis Mr. Rupert Peters 2
Vol. 3-55 Heavy Mats for Bath or Bedroom 4 Mats in Pine Cone Pattern variations Heather G. Thorpe 1
Vol. 4-55 An Upholstery Fabric Patterned Warp-Faced Rep Berta Frey 2
Vol. 1-56 An Adaptable Drapery Design Harriet Tidball 4
Frances M. Nietzel
Vol. 2-56 Design Your Own! Blouses and Skirts and Tina McMorran 3
Practical Weaving Suggestions for Yardage for a Man and Yardage for a
Vol. 3-56 Homespun Yarns Woman Col. John S. Fishback 2
Vol. 4-56 Theme with Variations Four Warps inspired by a sea shell Ruth Jelks 2
Vol. 1-57 Place Mats and Napkins Brown and Gray Mats and Napkins Col. John S. Fishback 2
Bronson Lace Mat and Napkin
Finnish Lace Mat and Napkin
Jute Mats
Vol. 2-57 Some Notes on Crackle Weave Rupert Peters 2
Vol. 3-57 Handwoven Bedspreads Berta Frey 3
Warp 1 - Green Hostess or Party Jeannette Lund and
Vol. 4-57 A Visit of Two Weavers Gifts with a Christmas Look Aprons Ruth Jelks 1
Shoe Bags
Book Cover
Baby Bib and Case for Glasses
Hand Towel
Table Mats
Tree Sheet
Cocktail Napkins
Little Things
Gifts That Say "Merry Christmas" Warp 2 - Red Stole
Evening Blouse
Guest or Bath Towel
Mandarin Jacket
Table Cloth or Tree Sheet
Napkins or Place Mats
Cottage Curtains
Little Gifts with Big Uses
Practical Weaving Suggestions for Miss Winogene
Vol. 1-58 Homespun Yarns Green, Black and Gray Warp Redding 2
Black and Brown Warp
Gray Warp
Vol. 2-58 One Color Upholstery Fabrics Edna Olsen Healey 3
Vol. 3-58 Cafe Curtains Lillian Hunter 3
Vol. 4-58 Place Mats Striped Mat - Black Weft Susan R. Sherburne 1
Brown Striped Mat
Natural Mat
Natural Boucle Mat
Yellow Mat
Jade Mat
Rose Mat
Floss Mat
Vol. 1-59 Samples of Yarn Weave and Color Lili Blumenau 2
Vol. 2-59 Stoles Stoles 1, 2, 3 and 5 Col. John Fishback 2
Vol. 3-59 The Zig-Zag Weave Drall Weaves Aqua Mat No. 1 Edna Olsen Healey 1
Crabapple Mat No. 2
Gray Linen Mat No. 3
Cork Linen Mat No. 4
Traditional Threadings in a Modern
Manner for Drapery and Upholstery
Vol. 4-59 Material Lillian Hunter 2
Two baby blankets, a bonnet and a
Vol. 1-60 Weaving with Wool carriage robe Lela Gordon 2
Two baby blankets, two bonnets and a
small carriage robe
Three-tone Baby Blanket Set
Soft, sheer blanket, bonnet an saque
Col. John S. Fishback
and Mrs. Tina
Vol. 2-60 Designs Woven with Super-Sheen Huck Lace Tray Cloth McMorran 2
Brooks Bouquet Mat
Yellow Mat with Laid-In Cords
Formal Mat
Lapkin to Match
Pink Mat
Red Blouse
Green Hostess Apron
Apron with Laid-In Hem Pattern
A guide to the unusual - techniques,
threadings, tie-ups, treadlings for your Mrs. Gordon C.
Vol. 3-60 Four Harness Sampler weaving pleasure MacDonald 4
Vol. 4-60 Weaving Records Drapery or Upholstery Rupert Peters 1
Cushion Cover
Place Mat - Monk's Belt
Place Mat - Log Cabin
Place Mat - Isle of the Sea
Vol. 1-61 No-Tabby Weave and Tufted Rugs Rug A - Boy and Girl Figures Mary Meigs Atwater 1
Rug B - Vine and Trellis Figure
Rug C - Tulip Bed Pattern
Tufted Rug
Vol. 2-61 A Weave for Casement Cloth Ella S. Bolster 2
Vol. 3-61 Summer Cottons Skirt Geraldine Wood 2
Dress Yardage
Yardage for Dress
Yardage for Plaid Dress
Yardage for Dress
Vol. 4-61 Design Your Own Plaids Muriel F. Barnes 3
Reversible Wall Hanging Showing Light
Vol. 1-62 Double Woven Cloth Pattern Elsie H. Gubser 2
Reversible Handbag Showing Dark
Two Reversible Pillow Cover Designs
Vol. 2-62 Place Mats in Lace Bronson Mae D. Aldrich 1
Vol. 3-62 Chenille Rugs Mosaic Virginia M. West 2
Contemporary Sportswear with Lily
Vol. 4-62 Weaving Wools Sand Dune Elmer Hickman 2
Bronze Jade
Desert Flower
Blue Night
Brown Onyx
Bonnie Lassie
Gray Mist
Spice Red
Mardi Gras
Margaret (Betty)
Vol. 1-63 Warm n' Cool Color Variations Color Gamps Meinzer 1
Place Mats
Vol. 2-63 Ecclesiastical Weaving The Dossal Curtain Col. John Fishback 1
Church Hangings Lela Gordon
Variations on a Familiar Theme -
Vol. 3-63 Point Twill Christmas Carol Geraldine Wood 2
Song of India
The Last Rose of Summer
Gone Fishin'
The End of a Perfect Day
Vol. 4-63 Decorator Fabrics in Honeycomb Bedspread Virginia M. West 2
Sofa Pillows
Honeycomb on Summer and Winter
Honeycomb on Overshot or Crackle
Vol. 1-64 The Paper Doll Wall-Hanging Wall Hanging motifs Norma R. Johnson 1
The Upside-Down Mat
Vol. 2-64 Textures Inspired by Nature Mary E. Snyder 2
Vol. 3-64 Decorative Fabrics Silver Butterfly Elmer W. Hickman 1
Jewel Case
Jade Gem
Copper Sheen
Spring Orchid
Blue Gleam
Yesterday's Drafts Tomorrow's
Vol. 4-64 Heirlooms Coverlet from Ancient Draft Col. John S. Fishback 2
Col. John S. Fishback
Vol. 1-65 Experimenting with Color Place Mats and Geraldine Wood 1
Vol. 2-65 Handwoven Aprons The Pink Apron No. 1 Ruth L. Barrett 2
The Gray Apron No. 2
The Yellow Apron No. 3
The Green Poncho Apron No. 4
The Child's Pinafore No. 5
Denim Aprons with Handwoven
Pockets No. 6
Vol. 3-65 Corduroy - A Pile Weave Frances A. Morgan 2
Elsie H. Spencer and
Vol. 4-65 Twining Bag for Beginners Joanne S. Orwell 1
Jute-tone Bag
Gray and Coral Bag
Bird Bag
Handbags in Crochet
Vol. 1-66 Holiday Mats Patriotic Mats and Napkins Lela Gordon 2
Valentine and Christmas Mats
Easter and Halloween Mats with
Painted Warps
Log Cabin Pattern Mat
Vol. 2-66 Aprons, Anybody? Mustard Pickle 3
Mrs. Santa Claus
Spring Sky
Hampton Huck
Constant Interlude
Kenilworth Kaper
Vol. 3-66 Party Place Mats Homespun Elmer W. Hickman 1
Peach Blosson
Glen Heath
Spring Bloom
Vol. 4-66 Afghans John S. Fishback 2
How to Weave a Triangular Stole or
Shawl Finished on the Loom Osma Gallinger Tod
Vol. 1-67 Place Mats Susan R. Sherburne 1
Vol. 2-67 Ponchos Virginia M. West 2
Vol. 3-67 Summer and Winter John S. Fishback 3
Vol. 4-67 Place Mats Doric Virginia M. West 2
Al Fresco
Dresses, Shifts and Pull-Overs Shift in Burnt Orange with Black and
Vol. 1-68 Inspired by a Visit to Greece White Border Osma Gallinger Tod 2
Chartreuse Shift and Bag
Black and White Shaded Pull-Over
Bright Red Pull-Over with Hit and Miss
Borders on a Diamond Threading
Vol. 2-68 Cushions ... a la Scandinavian Bargello Elmer W. Hickman 2
Aurora Boreallis
Vol. 3-68 Another Summer and Winter Study M. Lillian Hunter 2
Vol. 4-68 Coordinated Skirt Yardage Mary Sayler 1
Vol. 1-69 Six Variations on a Plain-Weave Warp Danish Medallion Mildred Dexter 2
Brooks Bouquet
Supplementary Warp in Open Areas
Wrapped Warps
Vol. 2-69 Bathroom Rugs or Bath Mats Kendell - Summer and Winter Elsie H. Spencer 2
Graydon - On Opposites
Joni - Contour - Summer and Winter
Vol. 3-69 Butternut with Border Overshot with Emphasis on Tabby Margaret Newman 1
Vol. 4-69 Handbags - Pillows - Placemats Mildred Dexter 2
Some Experiences in Ecclesiastical
Vol. 1-70 Weaving Rose Window Wall Hanging Mary E. Black 1
Many Purpose Material
Chasuble for King's College Boy's
Chasuble for Church of the Holy Spirit
Let the Honeysuckle Blossom or You
May Not Need to Change That
Vol. 2-70 Threading Eunice Gifford Kaiser 2
Satin Honeycomb - A Six Harness
Vol. 3-70 Colonial Weave Margaret Newman 3
Vol. 4-70 Table Runners John S. Fishback 3
Vol. 1-71 Huck Variation Afghan Nell Steedsman 1
Cushion Top A
Glass Curtains
Cushion Top B
Dress Fabric
Patio Runner and Mats
Vol. 2-71 Belts, Girdles and Sashes Mary E. Snyder 1
Vol. 3-71 Quesquemitls Quesquemitl No. 1 Doris Clement 2
Quesquemitl No. 2
Three Necklaces from Quesquemitl
Reversible Necklace
Vol. 4-71 Bronson Lace Nell Steedsman 2