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I intend to take this research program because I interesting working on the lab,

wherefore I can be focused to do my own experiments with microscope,

conducive atmosphere, and satisfy equipments. I enjoy staying on the lab to find
a new discovery to solve all of my curiousities about something unfindable yet.
No matter the result will be the same with my hypothesis or not., I think the most
important thing is we try to solve the problem with many experiments.
Especially based on my final assignment on university, all of the medical
students have to make a thesis that based on a research, but the theme is
depends on each interested. I choose to take stem cell as my theme for my final
thesis and laboratory will be my second home to spend the days doing this
research. I hope by join this program, I can learn more about so many
experiments, research on the laboratory that I haven’t do before. And I can learn
about working on the lab with the different air, with great scientist in Tsukuba. I
believe so many studies that I would got in Tsukuba. When I come back to my
country, I can give a presentation about my research that I’ve done and all of
those experiences in Tsukuba on a big forum so all of the audience will have new
interested to learn more about science, especially doing a new research by
working on the laboratory. Meanwhile I will continue the research about
experimentation that I’ve done in Tsukuba on the next step immediately for the
better future.

The laboratories that I choose are :

1. Regenerative Medicine and Stemcell Biology
I’m very interesting to do some research in this laboratory because it really
related with my final thesis on university that use HDF (Human Dermal
Fibroblast) cell as a subject and I will do research about migration of Human
Dermal Fibroblast cell on supporting wound healing fastly by using honey as a
indicator. Beside my final thesis at university, in this laboratory I hope I can
learn more about the way to regenerative cells and stemcell biology for therapy
progress on medical studies in the future. As a medical student, I believe that
using stemcell therapy will be a golden choice to recovery some damaged cell on
many organs in whole body. And when I come back to my country, I will explain
people that stemcell therapy can be use as alternative therapy, so that we can
decrease side effects of chemical therapy that usually used.

2. Experimental Pathology and Cancer Signaling

Indonesia has high death rate towards cancer, especially for mammae cancer,
cervix cancer, and lung cancer. As we know, cancer is a collection of diseases
characterized by abnormal and uncontrolled growth. Cancer arises from a loss of
normal growth control. In normal tissues, the rates of new cell growth and old
cell death are kept in balance. In cancer, this balance is disrupted. This
disruption can result from uncontrolled cell growth or loss of a cell's ability to
undergo apoptosis. Other effect of cancer is they can spread to other organs.
Beside that, I have interest to learn more about cancer signaling. Based on my
study in university, therapy principle of cancer are radiotherapy, chemotherapy,
surgery, and supportive therapy. Eventhough of it, all of those principle would
hard to do maximally if detection of cancer is late. I think therapy principle only
delay lifetime without decrease proliferation of cancer cell. As a result, patient
have to spend high cost for doing this therapy, not only that, patient would got
side effects of therapy like nausea, anorexia, hairloss, diarrhea, etc. because of
that, I have interest to learn more about cancer signaling on this laboratory, so
when I come back to Indonesia I can share and educate this knowledge to other
people about the way to early detection of cancer by knowing cancer signaling
firstly, so I can decrease death rate of cancer in my country even more in the
world, and immediately I can continue to do a research about cancer signaling on
the next step.

3. Endocrine and Metabolism

Based on my study at university, I have learned about endocrine and metabolism
before. The endocrine system forms an important communication system that
serves to regulate, integrate and coordinate a variety of different physiological
processes. I have interest to learn more about endocrine and the process of
hormones to regulate into some areas, like : the digestion, utilization and storage
of nutrient, growth and development, ion and water balance, and reproductive
function. I think by learning about endocrine system we can decrease death rate
because of unbalance hormone. And when I come back to my country I can
educate people and doing next research for better future.