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Dear Respondents: ___Career ___Others (Please Specify)

Good day ! We are the students of Capitol 4. What is your current monthly residual income?
University conducting a study about “Perception on Network
Marketing in Capitol University” for our Research ___P5,000-15,000/mos. ___P26,000-35,000/mos.
Methodology subject. The respondents of this study will be
students and faculties in capitol University. ___P16,000-25,000/mos. ___P36,000-40,000/mos.
In line with this, we have chosen you to be one of
our respondents of this study and we hope that you will take ___P41,000 and above
time answering the questions honestly. Rest assured that all
data gathered will be treated with confidentiality and will be 5. How many hours per week do you work?
used for academic purposes only.
Thank you for your support and cooperation. We ___20-30 hours ___41-50 hours
shall appreciate receiving your answers.
___31-40 hours ___51-60 hours
Respectfully yours,
___60 hours and above
The Researchers
6. By any chance, are you interested to join network
Survey Questionaire marketing business?
Age:________ Gender:
___Agree ___Disagree
7. Are you open to an idea that your future will become
___Single ___Married secured if you are in network marketing business?
___Widowed/Widower ___Separated
___Agree ___Disagree
8. Do you believe that you can generate big income in
___Faculty ___Students Network Marketing business rather than being employed?

WORK PREFERENCES: ___Agree ___Disagree

___Employed ___Self-employed ___Part-Time 9. Network Marketing is a good substitute for employment.

___Unemployed ___Others (Please Specify) ___Agree ___Disagree

DIRECTION: Fill in the information or data required on the 10. Can Network Marketing can be done successfully part-
space provided. Choices are given, put a check mark (/) time?
before the number that best describe your answers.
___Agree ___Disagree
1. Do you know what is Network Marketing?
11. Isn't Network Marketing one of those pyramid schemes?
___Yes ___No
___Agree ___Disagree
2. If yes, how were you first introduced to network
marketing? 12. Network Marketing can help people to earn an extra
income and free from their current day job.
___Random email ___Direct email
___Agree ___Disagree
___Social media ___Responded to a print ad
13.Network marketing is one of the most cost-effective routes
___Friend, family, or acquaintance to market.

___Online advertisement- Banner ad ___Agree ___Disagree

___Others (Please Specify) 14. Network Marketing is a form of recruiting people just for
his/her own benefit.
3. At present, what is your way of living?
___Agree ___Disagree
___Business ___Job