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Date April 20, 2005

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CLEVELAND … Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation (NYSE:ETN) today

announced three updates to its 420 Series of mobile pumps. The 420 Series, known for
reliability and long life, has an order lead time of three weeks, and new options of an 80cc
displacement and also a new SAE C pump mounting design.

Standard pump configurations of the 420 Series are available with an order lead time of just
three weeks; other manufacturers have order lead times of 20 weeks or more. The Eaton
facility in Hutchinson, Kansas, works to keep customers’ programs and build schedules on
track; the facility has even provided prototype evaluation units in less than a week. Orders
for Eaton piston pumps are at record levels, and may go higher still.

The standard 420 Series pump uses a displacement of 62cc, balancing efficiency and
performance for applications that include loader backhoes, mining machinery, railroad
equipment, container handlers, truck cranes, crawler dozers, forestry equipment, concrete
and asphalt pavers and rough terrain fork lifts.

Special applications, such as some agricultural equipment, demand higher rates of flow at
lower operating pressures. The 80cc displacement option delivers higher flow at 210 bar
(3000 psi) in the same package size as the 62cc unit. This is ideal for motor drives that
demand high speed capabilities where additional flow offsets the need for higher pressure.

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For example, many hydraulic driven generators run at constant speed; with the higher flow
capacity of the 80cc option, the 420 pump can be adjusted to cover a broader range of flow.
By controlling pump flow, a machine system designer can match the engine, PTO ratio and
pump speed to the generator, allowing optimum engine performance at lower RPMs. This
reduces engine emissions, pump noise and component wear.

420 Series pumps were initially released with only an SAE 2-bolt B mounting configuration.
This provides a compact envelope for the pump, but due to the limitations on bearing size,
restricts the through-drive torque capacity for the SAE A and SAE B rear mounting pads.
Eaton has designed a new front mounting option using the SAE 2/4-bolt C interface. The
larger front mount allows for more input torque to drive tandem pump combinations at high
pressure without concern for shaft strength. The combination 2/4 pattern will bolt up to
either 2-bolt or 4-bolt drives, further expanding application possibilities for the 420 Series.

Equipped with an SAE C mount, the 420 Series can replace many other pumps, both older
models from Eaton and those of competitors. This gives manufacturers greater choice than
ever when specifying hydraulic components for applications of all kinds, from wheel loaders
to trenching machinery to utility trucks.

Every 420 Series pump uses an open circuit, axial piston design with a field proven load
sensing compensator strengthened for high pressure operation. The 420 pumps can
provide flow and pressure for improved machine performance.

Thanks to its work-tested rotating group, the 420 Series can handle pressures to 280 bar
(4000 psi) continuous and 320 bar (4600 psi) intermittent. It has low maintenance costs and
a bearing life of 3320 hours at rated mobile conditions. A saddle-type swashplate reduces
deflection and keeps bearing loads evenly distributed, while a pressure lubrication passage
in the swashplate helps reduce wear and support internal loads. A bimetal timing plate
improves pump filling characteristics, reducing fluid-borne noise and extending pump life.

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The 420 Series is available with SAE or ISO mounting flanges, with port options that
include SAE and ISO tubes and flanges. Combined with the pump’s compact size, this
flexibility provides a wide range of mounting options. Even better, the 420 Series includes
models with side ports or end ports, with drain ports that also allow a greater number of
installation possibilities.

Eaton Corporation is a diversified industrial manufacturer with 2004 sales of $9.8 billion.
Eaton is a global leader in fluid power systems and services for industrial, mobile and
aircraft equipment; electrical systems and components for power quality, distribution and
control; automotive engine air management systems, powertrain solutions and specialty
controls for performance, fuel economy and safety; and intelligent truck drivetrain systems
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