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Magical Locations

Name Book/Page
Alter of the Dreamwalker DMG2 237

Athenaeum of Boccob CC151

Bigby's Tomb CM143

Boccob's Reading Room CM145

Boneyard CM146

Bussengeist Haunt CS144

Cavern of Peerless Form SX140

Champion's Crown CS144

Cloudseat CM147

Cold Forge of Moradin CC152
Coliseum of Kord CC153

Court of Thieves CS146
Crypt of Wee Jas CM148

Crystal Node CP117
Dragonblood Pool CM149

Dragonheart Tomb DMG2 238

Ember of Dragonfire DMG2 238

Emergent Caldera CP118

Eternal Vortex CM150

Everflame DMG2 239 Footsteps of Corellon DMG2 240 Garden of Nature's Rage DMG2 241 Heart of Flame DMG2 242 Heart of Ice DMG2 242 Heart of Stone DMG2 243 Heart of Wind DMG2 243 Heward's Hall CS148 Iron Wyrm Vault CS150 Last Stand of the Ironsworn DMG2 244 Memorial Marker of the Elven Dead SX141 Metamagic Storm CM151 Necropolis of Dread DMG2 245 Olidammara's Shell CS151 Otyugh Hole CS152 Palace of Burning Ice CC154 Pillar of the Titans SX142 Pool of Frozen Souls DMG2 246 Psigate CP118 Rainbow Falls CM152 Sepulcher of Wee Jas CC156 Shattered Dreamwar Gate SX142 .

Shieldstone Cavern CM153 Shrine of the Weaponmaster DMG2 248 Soulheart Pool CM155 Spellward of Arcane Might DMG2 247 Temple of First Dawn CC157 Terrible Cyst DMG2 249 The Claw of Vulkoor SX140 The Frog God's Fane CS147 The Highest Spire CS148 Timeless Fountain SX143 Vale of Smoke and Fog CM156 Watchpost of Vigilance DMG2 250 Worldmeet Glade CM157 .

int 12+. see text arcane caster. evocation spell of 2nd level or higher arcane caster.Prereq int 8+ int or wis 12+. capable of casting 3 necromancy spells of 3rd level or higher must be suffering from effect of a curse or ill luck 3+ pp reserve have won a great victory. able to cast 3 different necromancy spells of 2nd lvl or higher minimum 1 pp able to spontaneously cast at least 1 spell of 2nd lvl or higher able to cast at least one 2nd lvl necromancy spell or higher 3rd level or higher 5th lvl manifester or higher. capable of casting 3 divination spells of 2nd level or higher intelligent non-evil creature must under go the the trials (see text) get to Throne of Thieves arcane caster. know 1 or more psychokinesis powers arcane caster. ability to cast spells or sp-likes arcane caster. able to prepare and cast 3rd level spells arcane caster. capable of casting 3 different evocation spells of 3rd lvl or higher .

at least one metamagic feat 5th lvl or higher. (gtr) psionic arcane caster. not immune to mind-affecting or unable to dream . and succeed on a DC 30 preform check as part of a public performance Navigate the vaults protections group of good-aligned allies elf or half-elf. 5th lvl or higher Druid of 5th lvl or higher 5th lvl caster 5th lvl caster 5th lvl caster 5th lvl caster 10 ranks in a preform skill. spellcaster? at least one luck feat 3rd level or higher non-good creature 7th lvl or higher +4 BAB 5th lvl or higher (lesser) int 8+.5th lvl or higher. capable of casting 3 transmutation spells of 2nd lvl or higher spell focus (necromancy). no way to lessen the damage good aligned elf. 5 ranks in kw:arcana and religion wis 8+. spend the night arcane caster.

capable of casting 3 different illusion spells of 4th lvl or higher int 5+ arcane caster. 5th lvl or higher able to cast 2nd lvl divine spells and Vulkoor and patron diety discover the Fane and reach secret chambers Climb the spire on a certain holiday must be adult age to slow aging. capable of casting 3 different conjuration spells of 3rd lvl or higher . profiencent in all martial weapons arcane caster. capable of casting 3 different abjuration spells of 2nd lvl or higher +5 BAB or higher. must be able to cast 5th lvl arcane spells to stop time arcane caster.arcane caster. capable of casting 3 different enchantment spells of 2nd lvl or higher arcane caster 5th lvl or higher non-evil Evil.

000gp powers +2 on some skills within the city. or 3rd lvl.000gp Constant Deathwatch(Su) 60ft range 1 yr 1.000gp (2. 1.500gp +2 inherent bonus to str. reducing each 18.000gp 5 bonus pp the refill each day 1 yr 4. Only 1 slot 1 yr 6.000gp 10+1/2HD+con mod) manifest [Fire] powers at +1 manifester lvl.334gp +time bonus luck feat. only used on psychometabolism until used 2.000gp .000gp spell-like ability 1/day (see text) 1 year see text Free spell added to spellbook 1 yr per room 100gp/level of added spell apply 1/day extend.000gp necro spell as a break enchantment spell.000gp 1/day 30ft breath weapon 6d8 reflex for half (DC 30 days 8.Boon Duration Ability Value 1 use of Dream as a spell-like 24hrs or until use 2. extra visual 1 yr 3. also penalty (see text) effect instanteous. dex.000gp 7 uses 1/day of Sudden Maximize/Empower until used 2.000gp 1/day can can divination spell as a swift action 1 yr 2.500gp 1 bonus arcane spellslot of 1st.000gp 1/day cast 6th lvl or lower as affected by Repeat Spell 1 yr 10. see text 1 yr 1. or enlarge. other (see text) feat permanent 6.000gp penalty 7 days 7 single use bonus pp. 2nd. friendlier.000gp weapon gain ability to overcome metalic DR 1 week 1.000gp at a time per creature) +1 caster level all necromancy spells 1 yr 2. empower. free to one 1 yr 12. or con 1yr.

000gp +1 caster lvl of [Cold] spells 1 yr 3. Iron Will. doesn't stack. resist 5 one energy. doesn't stack. open lock.000gp +4 save vs fear. 5 min.000gp 12k/13.000gp 1/day ranged smite 30 days 4.000gp +1 caster lvl of [Fire] spells 1 yr 3.000gp (lesser) one use of Correspond.000gp Skill Focus(Perform) as a bonus feat.000gp of allies 1/day +5 sacred bonus to a single fort save 5 days 7.000gp or skill focus(intimidate) min.000gp resist cold 5.000gp 1/day spend abjuration spell to gain 2x spell lvl in 1 yr 2. allies within 30ft gain temp hp = 2x # 1 month 10. permanent 3. (gtr) one use Planeshift 24hrs or until use 2. or bardic music feat. 1 yr 10. max 24hrs 1 yr 2.resist fire 5.2k). 1 yr 10. mid. or search).000gp bonus feat: Extend Rage.500gp 1/day cast transmutation spell with 3x duration.000gp humanoids killed by necro spell reanimate under your 1 month 7. permanent 3. Draconic form (costs 50k/55k) 1/week increase one size category. fear spells cast DC +1 1 yr 3. or Tactile Trapsmith 1/day as a std action. feat permanent. skill focus(disable device.000gp 1/day while wildshaped to gain +4 enhance str/con 1 yr 8.000gp 5 extra lucks rolls. Breath weapon (costs 1 yr 10.500gp bonus metamagic feat lasts 1 yr 5.000gp .000gp move silently. 10 temp hp 1 yr 12. max.000gp skill bonus bonus 1 yr bonus feat: nimble fingers. each one use random 1. 5. Stealthy.000gp control 1/day manifest false sensory input as psi-like ability 1 yr 8. hide.000gp DR/adamantine 1/day treat touch spell as if it had a range of 30ft 30 days 2. Meanacing Demeanor.

1/day can cast 3rd lvl or lower casting time of std action as 30 days 9.000gp a swift minor: healing/light spells cast within walls are minor: only in walls. same target. 3. nature.000gp attune to weapon to gain +2 damage until next morning 30 days 10. attack rolls. spot.000gp history). aging 5.500gp after summon monsters +2hp/HD and +2 all saving throws. and listen inside and 24hrs 1. or permanent 2. 9. slow aging 1 yr or til use ends.000gp (See Text) bonus 1 yr drink to age one day over next yr. and damage rolls.500gp 1/day summon 1d4+1 medium fiendish monstrous 1 month 30.000gp ability to cast time stop as spell-like.000gp +2 enhancement bonus to initiative. Major: stuff Major: 1 month 1/day smite good until death 2. 1 yr 18. treated as trained for those skills Skill Focus(Climb) or Agile Athlete as bonus feat.250gp maximized/extended.000gp 1/day can recast any enchantment spell (no slot) the turn 1 yr 4.000gp after casting it.000gp scorpions choice of bonus feats:Skill Focus (kw:religion. If used. Other feat permanent. duration of all illusion spells 150% and Save DC +1 1 yr 18.000gp checks.effective caster level +1 for abjuration spells 1 yr 1. if caster gain 1 time use time stop 1 yr. .