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Part 1: Eastern Bank Limited

About EBL

Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) is one of the modern, fully online and technologically superior
private commercial Banks in Bangladesh. Eastern Bank markets a wide range of depository, loan
& card products. These products include different types of Savings & Current Accounts,
Personal Loans, Auto Loan, Debit Card, Pre-paid Cards, Internet Banking, Treasury,
Syndication, Corporate Banking and SME Banking services through a network of branches &
centers countrywide. EBL received its biggest recognition when country's national flag carrier
Biman Bangladesh Airlines mandated pre-delivery purchase deal to Eastern Bank Ltd. for two
Boeing 777-300ERs. In the banking history of Bangladesh, EBL is the first local bank to handle
such a mega project. Eastern Bank has its presence in major cities/towns of the country including
Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Barisal, Rangpur and Rajshahi. The Bank is listed with the
Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited. It head office located
on Area Jibon Bima Bhabon, 10, Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000, in Bangladesh. It has
82 branch offices all around the country. Eastern Bank Limited has a wide range of ATM
networks all over the country. It has set up over 197 ATM booths and 57 SME centers in
Bangladesh. Eastern Bank Limited is the one of the bank in Bangladesh which is fully
automated. It established E-Banking (Electronic Banking) in 17 July, 2003 to facilitate rapid
automation and bring modern services into this field. Full automation was made in 2003. Firstly,
it introduced plastic money to Bangladeshi people. It is operating the largest ATM fleet which
reduces customer costs and fees by 80%. It is practicing low profitability route for this sector
which has surprised many critics. It has brought much automation in banking as a CSR activity.

Vision of EBL
 To become the most valuable brand in the financial services in Bangladesh creating long-
lasting value for our stakeholders and above all for the community we operate in by
transforming the way we do business and by delivering sustainable growth.

Mission of EBL

 EBL will deliver service excellence to all our customers, both internal and external.
 EBL will ensure to maximize shareholders' value.
 EBL will constantly challenge our systems, procedures and training to maintain a
cohesive and professional team in order to achieve service excellence.
 EBL will create an enabling environment and embrace a team based culture where people
will excel.

Values of EBL

 EBL passionately drive customer delight.

 EBL use customer satisfaction to accelerate growth.
 EBL believe in change to bring in timely solution.

 EBL share the business plan.

 EBL encourage two way communications.
 EBL recognize achievements, celebrate results.

 EBL care for each other.

 EBL share learning/ knowledge.
 EBL empower our people.

 EBL know our roadmap.

 EBL believe in 'continuous improvement'.
 EBL do not wait to be told.

 EBL say what we believe in.
 EBL respect every relationship.
 EBL do not abuse information power.

 EBL are tax-abiding citizen.

 EBL promote protection of the environment for our
 EBL conform to all laws, rules, norms, sentiments and
values of the land.

Corporate Profile: At a Glance

Name of the Company Eastern Bank Limited

Legal Status Public Limited Company

Date of Corporation 08 August, 1992

Registered Office Jiban Bima Bhaban,

10, Dilkusha Commercial Area,
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Chairman M. Ghaziul Haque

Managing Director Ali Reza Iftekhar

Company Secretary Safiar Rahman, FCS

Line of Business Banking

Authorized Capital BDT 12,000,000,000

Paid Up Capital BDT 6,111,797,850

Stock Exchange Listing 20 March, 1993 DSE

11 September, 2004 CSE
Company Auditors Rahman Rahman Huq

Tax Consultants ACNABIN

Legal Advisor Sadat, Sarwat & Associates and Sadia Rowshan

Credit Rating Credit Rating Information and Services Limited
Phone 880-2-9556360

Fax 880-2-9562364, 9554610




Name of the Banks Subsidiary companies EBL Securities Limited

EBL Investments Limited
EBL Asset Management Limited
EBL Finance (HK) Limited

Table 1: Corporate profile of EBL


Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director

Senior Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Senior Vice President

Vice President

Senior Assistant Vice President

Assistant Vice President

Trainee Officer First Assistant Vice President

Officer Senior Principle Officer

Senior Officer Principle Officer

Board of Directors

M. Ghaziul Haque

Mir Nasir A.M. Shaukat Ali Md. Showkat

Hossain Director Ali Chowdhury
Director Director

Salina Ali Anis Ahmed Mohammed

Director Director Abdur Rahim

Mufakkharul Ormaan Rafay Gazi Md. Shakhawat Hossain

Islam Khasru Nizam Director
Director Independent

Ali Reza Iftekhar

Managing Director
and CEO

Figure 2: Board of Directors of EBL

Management Committee

Ali Reza Iftekhar

Managing Director and CEO

Hassan O. Rashid
Additional Managing Director
Corporate Banking

Akhtar Kamal Talukder Safiar Rahman, FCS Ahmed Shaheen

Deputy Managing Director Deputy Managing Director & Deputy Managing Director &
- Operations, IT & Cards Ops. Company Secretary Head of Corporate Banking

S. M. Akhtaruzzaman Md. Khurshed Alam M. Nazeem A. Mehdi Zaman

Chowdhury Senior Executive Vice Choudhury Head of Treasury
SEVP & Head of President & Head of Senior Executive Vice
Internal Control & President & Head of
Compliance Consumer Banking

Monjurul Alam Masudul Hoque Omar Farooq Iftekhar Uddin

Head of Human Sardar Khandaker Chowdhury
Resources Head of Finance Head of IT Area Head -
Corporate, Chittagong

Faisal Rahman
Head of Structured
Finance, Corporate

Figure 3: Management Committee of EBL

Branches of EBL


Sylhet Barisal Rangpur Rajshahi Khulna Chittagong Dhaka

7 1 1 2 3 25 29

Figure 6: Division Wise Branch Distribution

Objectives of EBL

Maximization of profit along with the benefits of employees is the main objective of the bank.
In addition, the other objectives are:

 To be one of the leading banks of Bangladesh in terms of ROE and ROE

 To be the market leader in high quality banking products and services achieve
excellence in customer service through providing the most modern and advanced state-
art technological in the different spheres of banking

 To grow its credit extension service to the commercials as well industrial sector
 To increase its diversification of loan portfolio and geographical coverage

 To curd present operating expenses further so as to increase earnings before tax
 To reduce the burden of nonperforming assets

Part Two: EBL Home Loan Policy and Requirement

EBL Home Loan

Description EBL Home Loan Policy:
EBL introduces the most convenient & practical Home Loan that suits your all home
financing needs. Let it be for apartment purchase, home construction, extension or
renovation - EBL is here with the ultimate solution for you. With so many attractive
features in it - the home you wanted to buy, or to extend the existing one or renovate
the same is no longer a distant dream.

Features Features:

Home loan of the purpose

o Flat/Apartment Purchase
o House construction/ Extension/ Renovation/ Up-gradation/ Face
uplifting/ Finishing work
o Takeover o existing home loan from any bank/ Financial institution
Loan Amount Ranges from BDT 500,000 to BDT 12,000,000 or 70% of the
property value whichever is lower
Competitive interest rate
No Processing for take over home loans from other Banks/ Financial
Repayment tenure of up to 25 years
Automatic realization of Monthly Installments
Early full and partial settlement allowed
Shortest Loan Processing Time

Property Property Features:

Loan facility for both Lease hold and free hold properties

TPA (Tri Partite Agreement) allowed for up to 18 months from the date of the
loan disbursement

Benefit Advance/Partial Prepayment - Anytime and any amount payment facility available,
fee is 1% of the Advance/Partial Prepayment amount.
Additional Loan Top up facility available

Loan Loan amount BDT 500,000 – BDT 1 Core or 50 times of applicant’s Gross Monthly
Amount Income, whichever is lower. Loan up to 80% of the property value

Tenure Repayment tenure 3 years to 20 years

Interest Home Loan Campaign Interest Rate: 10.5% (Floating) (up to December 31, 2010)
Rate EBL Home Loan Interest Rate: 13% (Floating)

Eligibility Bangladeshi citizen within age range 22 Years – 57 years.

Length of Service/Business: Salaried Executives: Minimum 3 year of experience with

6 month permanent employment with present employer; Contractual Employees of
Supranational Organizations,

Eligible Any credit worthy individuals with a minimum of three (3) years’ experience like:
Salaried executives
Self Employed: Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Chartered Accountant and Certified Consu


Minimum: 25 years

Maximum: 65 Years

Minimum Gross Monthly Income:

Salaried Executives: BDT 30,000

Professionals/ Self Employed: BDT 40,000
Businessman: BDT 50,000

Joint applicant allowed (Spouse and immediate family member);

Combined Gross monthly income should be minimum BDT 40,000 per month.

Supporting Salaried Executives

Document i. Letter of Introduction (LOI) strictly as per EBL’s format.
ii. Offer letter or Release letter from previous employer to prove 3 years service
experience (if applicant’s employment period in present service is less than
iii. Salary Slip/Certificate showing all deductions-latest 3 months
iv. Bank Statement for the last 12 months
v. Declaration of other assets (if any)
vi. Evidence of other income (If any)
vii. Latest TIN Certificate/IT Return Acknowledgement Copy-only from main
income holder & owner

Self Employed/Businessman/Others
For self -- employed
Certificate of professional degree and certificate or membership from
professional body-for self employed professionals
Bank Statement for latest 12 months
Declaration of other assets (if any)
Evidence of other income (if any)


Statement of Business details
Latest IT Return Acknowledge Copy with IT-10B from copy
Latest Profit & Loss account and balance sheet of the business for
Trade License as proof of business age/Memorandum of Association
Company Statement for latest 18 months and self-Bank Statement for latest 12
Declaration of other assets (if any)
Evidence of other income (if any)
Latest schedule X. from 117 in case latest schedule X is not available to
substantiate share transfer
Certificate of Incorporation
Registered partnership deed from RJF for partnership concern

Title deed of rented premises/property
Valid rental deed with tenants
Latest 12 months banks statements in applicant’s name
Utility bill in the name of applicant for rented property

EBL may ask for Personal Guarantee form acceptable person if necessary.

Apartment Purchase -- on private land

Ownership deed of the property (photocopy)
Bia deed for 25 years
Development agreement (joint venture) with the land owner (if any)
Registered Power of attorney
Recent Survey Report (math parcha duly attested)
Mutation parcha with mutation proposal sheet

Duplicate carbon receipt with mutation order sheet
CS. SA. RS porcha (PS. BS. RS. Porcha applicable only for Chittagong)
Up to date “Non encumbrance certificate” for 12 years
Up to date Land tax Receipt (if any)
Up to date Holding tax receipt
Approved plan/Layout plan and approval latter by Rajuk/Authority
Deed of agreement /Allotment letter
Such other documents as required by the Banks appointed Lawyer

Apartment Purchase -- on government/leased land

Lease Deed/Ownership deed of land
Bia deed for 25 years
Development agreement (joint venture) with the land owner (if any)
Registered Power of attorney deed
POA acceptance letter from concerned Govt. Authority
Mutation letter from the relevant Govt. Office
Duplicate carbon receipt (DCR) with mutation order Sheet.
Up to date “Non encumbrance certificate” for 12 years
Up to date Land tax Receipt
Up to date Holding tax receipt
Permission from Lessor to Mortgagee
Approved plan/Layout plan and approval letter by Rajuk/Concerned Authority
Deed of agreement/Allotment letter

House Construction/Extension/Renovation -- on private land

Ownership/lease deed of land-original
Bia deed for 25 years
Recent Survey Report (math parcha duly attested)
Mutation parcha
CS, SA & RS Parcha

Up to date “Non encumbrance certificate” for 12 years
Up to date Land tax Receipt
Approved plan/Layout plan and approval letter by Rajuk/Authority
Proof of Property Insurance

Home Construction/Extension/Renovation -- on government/leased land

Ownership/lease deed of land-original
Bia deed for 25 years
Mutation letter from the relevant Govt. Office
Up to date Land tax Receipt
Permission from Lessor to mortgage
Approved plan/Layout plan and approval letter by Rajuak/Authority
Proof of Property Insurance

Details Processing fee – 1.25% of the loan amount for the fresh applicants and 0% for the
take-over loans