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The Ultimate Hot Sauce Taste Test


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A BLiND TASTe TeST WAS CoNDUCTeD at CSL with eleven habenero-based pepper sauces. e discerning palettes used the criteria of taste, smell, heat and overall likeability to base their evaluations of each sauce. After several hours of tasting, one staff member was near the brink of having their taste buds completely numb. e results prove that with the variety of flavours from fruity to smoke to pure heat, there is sure to be a hot sauce for everyone.



See Resource guide (p.56) for details

Photography and Styling by KAiLASH MAHArAJ and SHivANA MAHArAJ

1| BUSHA BROWNES Pukka hot pepper sauce (142ml); visible pepper seeds; faint fruitiness, tangy and bright orange; 2| MCIlHENNy CO. TABASCO Habenero sauce (57ml); sharp, very hot with a nice flavour and good heat; 3| CONGO/CAlyPSO Hot sauce (150ml); a pale amber pepper sauce. Simple with a mild sweetness; 4| BlAIR’S HEAT COllECTION Habenero mango exotic hot sauce (250ml); tasters loved the jam-like consistency, vibrant colour and balanced flavours; 5| DENZEl’S Gourmet Habenero hot sauce (150ml); thin, rust coloured sauce with visible seasonings; 6| HATARI Acid Rain (125ml); well blended, with a slight smoky flavour. Hot and good for a bloody mary; 7| lOUISIANA JOE’S Hot sauce habenero (177ml); Simple, and mild with a slightly acidic note; 8| HATARI Mother of all hot sauces (150ml); Reddish/ brown colour with notable black pepper. Extremely hot with a chipotle flavour; 9| RICK’S West Indian style hot sauce (350ml); Slight mustard flavour, flavourful. Characteristic Caribbean flavour with mild garlic, 10| MARIE SHARP’S Orange pulp Habenero pepper sauce (148ml); Chunky consistency, very fruity and good for everyday use; 11| HATARI Alberta Crude (125ml); Smoky flavour with good heat. Well suited for barbecue;




■TiP: nothing can be as excruciating as the sting from a potent pepper. everyone’s taste is different, and can tolerate different heat intensities. one of the best ways to beat the heat is to eat something with lactose; milk or yogurt will soothe the pain.

9. 7. 8. 5. 6.






According to the 2005 Tabasco Taste Survey of Canadians’ flavour preferences, 66% of respondents considered their taste profile as ‘bold’. Dr. Massimo Marcone, a food scientist at the University of Guelph concluded, “Canadians are much more willing to explore and seek out exciting culinary experience”. Further, residents living in the West, are the boldest in the country. Ranked number two among Canadians’ top five bold flavour choices is hot pepper sauce. The habanero pepper is the world’s hottest with a Scoville rating of 200 000+.

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PISCES (FEB 20 - MAR 20)


Table of Contents Page 2 Sydney wears a SWAROVSKI Diva Large necklace ruthenium-plated necklace with bezel-set, oval-cut Silver Shade, Black Diamond, Satin, Moonlight and clear crystals all around; lobster clasp closure, $525,; Contents Behind the Cover Page 5 JOE FRESH The Real Canadian Superstore, various locations ,; Need it Want it Page 14 O.N.E. Available at: Amaranth Whole Foods Market, 7 Arbour Lake Dr. NW 403-547-6333,; Community Natural Foods, 1304 - 10th Ave SW, 403-252-0011,; Planet Organic, 10233 Elbow Drive SW, 403-252-2404,; Sunnyside Market, ; Small Potatoes, ; The Vitamin Farm,; HINT Available at:; STEAZ Available at: Community Natural Foods, 403252-0011; The Daily Bagel (Calgary Farmers’ Market), (403) 990-3431,; BOTTLEGREEN Community Natural Foods, 1304 10th Ave SW, 403-252-0011,; Planet Organic, 10233 Elbow Drive SW, 403-252-2404,; WILLIAMS SONOMA Premium Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker, Available at: Chinook Center, 6455 Macleod Trail, 403-410-9191, Taste Test Page 15 BUSHA BROWNES Pukka, LOUISIANA JOE’S Hot sauce habenero available at:; McIlhenny Co. TABASCO Habenero sauce, available at: grocery retail chains,; CONGO/CALYPSO, HATARI Acid Rain, HATARI Mother of all hot sauces, HATARI Alberta Crude available at: Great Canadian Hot Sauce, 1235 - 26 Avenue S.E., 403- 7356022,; BLAIR’S HEAT COLLECTION, DENZEL’S Gourmet Habenero hot sauce, MARIE SHARP’S Orange pulp Habenero pepper sauce available at: RICKS WEST INDIAN HOT SAUCE, The Real Canadian Superstore, various locations,; A.S.A Mayfair Foods, 4019 D - 17th Ave S.E Anatomy of a... Page 17-19 BOLERO, 6920 Macleod Tr S, 403-259-3119; Eunoia a beautiful night Page 24 ARTISTS WITHIN, Suite 306 822 11th Avenue SW, 403-208-0034,; TANGERINE SUPPER CLUB, #100, 751 3 St. SW, 403-237-8237,; Roman Holiday Page 27 ALDO, Sunridge Mall, 2525 36th Street NE, 403-280-1735,; BLUEFLY,; Town Shoes, Calgary Eaton Centre, 751-3rd St. SW Unit-140, 403-263-1997,; Helen of Troy Page 28 CRABTREE & EVELYN, Southcentre Mall, 100 Anderson Road S. E. Unit 47, 403-278-8300,; FREDERIC FEKKAI, available at: Sephora, Chinook Center, 6455 Macleod Trail SW, 403-3553500; OLAY, available at major pharmacies and grocery stores,; TEYE BODY, Oasis, 880 16th Avenue SW, 403216-2747,; Holt Renfrew, 751-3rd Street SW,; UPPER CANADA, available at: London Drug’s, 1508 - 8th Street SW, 403-571-4958,, The Bay, 200-8th Avenue South West, 403-262-0345,; OJON, available at: Quorra, 614 17th Ave. SW, 403-245-3819,; Sephora, 6455 Macleod Trail SW, 403-355-3500,; EMPIRE KITCHEN AND BATH, 4107 Eleventh St. SE, 403-252-2458,; Casanova Page 29 OJON, available at: Quorra, 614 17th Ave. SW, 403-245-3819,; Sephora, 6455 Macleod Trail SW, 403-355-3500,; LANCÔME,, available at cosmetics counters; Kiehls,, available at: Holt Renfrew, 751-3rd Street SW,; BIOTHERM HOMME,, available at cosmetics counters; DR. BRANDT SKINCARE,, available at: Sephora, Chinook Center, 6455 Macleod Trail SW, 403-355-3500; MURAD,, available at: Chatters, Bld. D, 4709 130th Ave. SE, 403-257-7559,; Premier Salons At The Bay, 6455 Macleod Trail SW, 403-255-6121,; Inspired By Page 31 SWAROVSKI, 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW, 403-313-1165,; MAC, Market Mall, 3625 Shanganappi Trail NW, 403- 247-0468,; NARS,, available at The Bay and Holt Renfrew; SEPHORA, 6455 Macleod Trail SW, 403-355-3500,; VINCENT LONGO, available at Sephora; SHU UEMURA, available at:; Memories of the Pinup Page 34-38 BCBGMAXAZRIA, Calgary Eaton Centre, 751-3rd Street, South West, 403-539-0193,; JANTZEN, Swimco for Swimwear, Market Mall location, 12C, 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW, 403-202-1393,; Shapes N' Figures, Summit Park, Unit # 103, 5718-1A Street SW, 403-735-6090.
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