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Grade 6 Daily School PACIANO RIZAL ELEM.

Grade Level GRADE VI -
Teaching FEBRUARY 12 , 2018 Quarter 4THQUARTER
Date & Time /7:30 – 8:20
I. Objectives: The learner….
A. Content Standard: demonstrates understanding of pie graphs and experimental probability.
B. Performance is able to create and interpret representations of data (tables and pie graph) and apply
Standards: experimental probability in Mathematical problems and real-life situations.
C. Learning Construct a pie graph based on the data given.
Competencies M6SP– IVe -2.6
II. Content: Statistics and Probability
Constructing A Pie Graph Based On The Data Given.
III. Learning Resources:
References: M6SP– IVf -3.6
IV. Procedures:
Reviewing previous lesson: Review past lesson.
Establishing purpose of

What can you say about the picture? Is it important to be good in your studies? Why?

Presentation of examples Present the word problem:
Mia is a very conscientious pupil, she sees to it that she follows strictly her
Here is a sample of her schedule.

Subject Minutes

English 15
Math 15
Science 10
Filipino 5
Makabayan 15
Answer the following:
1. Who does her homework and study her lessons well?
2. How minutes a day does she study?
3. Do you think Mia is doing the right thing? Explain

Can you find how many percent she study her lessons in different subject areas?

Discussion of new concept & 1. Find the total minutes.
practicing new skills#1 2. Form a fraction by having the minutes per subject as the numerator and the total
minutes per hour as denominator.
3. To check if their answer is correct let them add the fractions. The sum should be equal
to 1 . The percentage should be equal to 100%.

99 8 P90 – P109. Developing Mastery Discuss the lesson well. . of Pupils Percent Carrots 30 Potatoes 15 Corn 25 Broccoli 5 Construct a graph based from the percentage made. Generalization: How do you construct a pie graph correctly and easily? Evaluating Learning: Fill up the table with correct data. Favorite Vegetables of Grade 6 Pupils Favorite Vegetables No. Practical Application: Group Activity: Get the percentage of the cost of lunch eaten by Grade 6 pupils in one private school in Metro Manila. Cost of Lunch Eaten by 40 Grade 6 Pupils in a Private School Cost Frequency Percent P130 .above 3 P110 – P129. Discussion of new concept & practicing new skills#2 Present another activity: The table below shows the data on Grade 6 pupils’ favorite vegetables.99 10 P50 – P69.99 14 P70 – P89. Construct a pie graph based from the data.99 5 TOTAL Construct a pie graph out of the data given.

C. of learners who continue to require remediation E. Difficulties G. Do varied teaching strategy work? Why did this work? F. No. B C 5 5 5 V. Did the remedial lessons work? No. A. Innovations . of learners who require additional activities for evaluation. Remarks: 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 VI.Additional Activities: Construct a pie graph based from the data under evaluation. of learners who earned 80% in the evaluation B. of learners who caught up with the lessons. No. D. No. Reflection: A.