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Jo's From: Lori Gay ‘To: "’ Sent: Friday, January 9, 2015, 4:22:07 PM EST ‘Subject: Re: Thank you | Getting the AG to do a tribute is simple. Jus takes working with me and Esther to get accomplished, As for getting the Governor's signature on a tribute (even the same tribute as the AG's) that takes time and is more ofa process. Background information has to officially be submitted and it goes through a specific division in the Governor's office for review and consideration, Just let me know how you want to prooeed and the specifies (who it’s for, when you would need it, who would present it). We are hore to make things happentt! :-) Lori Gay Executive Assistant Attomey General Bill Schueste (S17) 373-1113 From: arthur dale To: Lori Gay Sent: Friday, January 9, 2015 12:50 PM Subject: Re: Thank you ! Hi Lori, Thave # quick question for you, Does the Attorney General do the proclamations where he and the governor sign the proclamations for citizens? 1 know that State Reps and State Senators will do those and then get the Governors signature on it but I wanted to see if that is something that can be done to got a litle recognition to the Attorney general for an event coming up and the plan to get a proclamation signed by the governor. Hopefully that makes sense what Tam asking, art From: Lori Gay ; johnsellek ; Rusty His ; ‘Sharon Loliio ; shannon price ; "" ; Matt Hall ; glenn clark ; Sydney Allen ; Sonny Gast ; "" ; scott greenlee ; Carl Berry ; Katy Tylus ; Lor Wortz ; arthur dale ll Schuette hhursday, January 8, 2018 11:13 AM Subject: Re: Thank you! Wendy, I think Ioan speak for ALL us of..thank YOU for your leadership with ongenizing this entire production of events. You are very talented in this area. You did an amazing job pulling us all together. You were always timely in answering our questions (a all hours of the day and night) and staying on top of every detail. ‘Thank you for all your time and patience, Happy New Year to alll Lori Gay Exocutive Assistant Attomey General Bill Schuette (17 373-1113 From: Wendy Home To: johnseliek ; Rusty Hills ; Sharon Lolllo ; shannon price ; "* ; Matt Hall ; Sonny Gast ; "' ; Lori Gay ; scott greenlee ; Carl Berry ; Kaly Tylus ; Lori Wortz ; arthur dale Cc: Bill Schuette Sent: Thursday, January 8, 2015 10:56 AM Subject: Thank you | wanted fo share with you how proud I was of our team last week . We all pulled together to pull off first-class events that highlighted our outstanding Attorney General, All of you were a part of it and I am very grateful for your help. Big thanks to Katy Tylus for doing what she does and Lori Gay for stepping up in a big way to lead the post swearing in event, Scott and Dawn thank you for your help too I know Lori really appreciated your help. Carter you were awesome as usual and stepping in at last minute at dinner was terrific, Sonny you were great to volunteer to coordinate the last minute dinner New Years Eve, Carl Berry, Marco Lollio, and Glenn Clark who worked together on security and transportation-- many thenks!! Esther many thanks for taking charge of the dinner table / seating arrangement assignments, To the outside crew ( Shatinon, Matt and Art, Jordyn, John) who endured the cold to get our guests fo the luncheon without a hitch - thank you T know we all took time away from our own family to put this together for # great New Years Day, so thank you for your all IN attitude, To everyone many thanks . Most of all thanks to AG and his family for being so appreciative of our time and talent. ‘That is not the norm in politics and we are fortunate to work for him. It's fun to reflect in such a positive way the man we all work for and are proud to serve, Onward and upward! Happy trails till we do it again,