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New Clean Room Weights

and Weight Sets in Cases

Precisely Engineered to Meet the Highest Clean Room Requirements

Troemner, an ISO 9001 registered Troemner also holds NIST/NVLAP These weights are constructed of
company, now offers an entire series accreditation in several other Troemner's new UltraClass Weight
of clean room weights and weight disciplines including pipettes and Alloy 8 austenitic stainless steel,
sets in cases specifically designed density determinations. Additionally, specially developed for use in
to meet the exacting requirements we are currently seeking NIST/NVLAP precision weights and mass standards.
for clean room use. Committed to accreditation for magnetic suscepti- UltraClass Weight Alloy 8 possesses
providing the highest level of quality bility. Our level I weight calibration closely controlled density, extremely
and customer service, our laboratories laboratories exceed the Environ- low magnetic permeability, good
are fully accredited for weight cali- mental Cleanliness System according stability and resistance to corrosion
bration and certification services by to U.S. FED-STD 209-E, Class 1,000 and damage from handling.
the United States National Institute requirements.
UltraClass Weight Alloy 8 has a
of Standards and Technology (NIST)-
Precision Weights density of 8.0 at 25°C (controlled to
administered National Voluntary
±0.1%). Essentially non-magnetic in
Laboratory Accreditation Program Using the latest computer-based
the annealed condition, its austenitic
(NVLAP) and the United Kingdom metalworking equipment, we
structure will not transform to mag-
Accreditation Service (UKAS), formerly machine the finest stainless steel bar
netic properties under any combina-
known as NAMAS. stock, chosen for its uniform density,
tion of temperature and cold work
high resistance to wear and corrosion
down to -320°F.
and low magnetic properties.
UltraClass Weight Alloy 8 meets and
exceeds all stainless steel material Selection Guide
specifications for both ANSI/ASTM
E617 and OIML International Description Class E2* Class F1* Class F2*
Recommendation No. R111.
Weight Sets
Careful attention is paid to every 2 kg (2) – 1 mg 7616-E2 7616-F1 7616-F2
detail of production. Weight bottoms 2 kg – 1 mg 7614-E2 7614-F1 7614-F2
are slightly recessed to expose the 1 kg – 1 mg 7616-E2 7616-F1 7616-F2
smallest possible area to wear. 500 g – 1 mg 7640-E2 7640-F1 7640-F2
Weight heads and necks are precisely 200 g (2) – 1 mg 7623-E2 7623-F1 7623-F2
shaped to give a solid, sure grip to 200 g – 1 mg 7624-E2 7624-F1 7624-F2
100 g – 1 mg 7628-E2 7628-F1 7628-F2
forceps or weight lifters. All surfaces
are polished to a perfect, mirror-like Weights
finish. Weights are adjusted on the 5 kg 7710-E2P 7710-F1P 7710-F2P
basis of apparent mass versus material 2 kg (2) 7714-E2P 7714-F1P 7714-F2P
of 8.0 g/cm3 density, following U.S. 2 kg 7712-E2P 7712-F1P 7712-F2P
1 kg (2) 7716-E2P 7716-F1P 7716-F2P
and international recommendations.
1 kg 7713-E2P 7713-F1P 7713-F2P
500 g 7714-E2P 7714-F1P 7714-F2P
Precision Cases
200 g 7716-E2P 7716-F1P 7716-F2P
These specially designed cases con- 100 g 7717-E2P 7717-F1P 7717-F2P
form to clean room requirements
and are approved for use in all clean * To add the UKAS Certification to your selection, add “NA” to the end of the part number.
To add the NIST/NVLAP Certification to your selection, add “W” to the end of the part number.
room environments including Class 1.
Constructed of either clear acrylic
with extruded aluminum edges and UKAS Calibration Certificate NIST/NVLAP
plated steel hardware or entirely The format, content and the Calibration Certificate
of molded polypropylene, they are enhanced measurement processes Similar to the UKAS Certificate, this
totally inorganic and free of materials utilized meet UKAS requirements. certificate is developed using proce-
that may be potential sources of This certificate is universally accepted dures and processes prescribed by
particulate generation. The inserts throughout the world. Troemner is NIST/NVLAP and contains all of the
are either acrylic or polypropylene presently the only UKAS-accredited customer, calibration and correction
depending on the case selected. U.S. mass metrology laboratory. data detailed in the UKAS certificate.
Troemner’s UKAS accreditation meets It also meets all ISO, FDA, GMP, GLP,
Certification Services ISO/IEC requirements for competence ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 and Nuclear
Every Troemner weight and weight of calibration laboratories. The requirements.
set is supplied with a Statement of document contains: customer name,
Accuracy that contains both the date address, date of calibration, equip- Troemner Density Certification
of calibration and density of each ment and standards used in calibra- Troemner can also provide a series
weight. It verifies that the product tion, accuracy class, true mass value of measurements traceable to NIST
has been manufactured to meet (mass in vacuum), "as found" mass detailing the density of your one-
all specifications for its class and correction (for recalibration), "as left" piece weights. Submersing a balance
has been calibrated using standards mass corrections for each weight, and the weight(s) in a fluoro-inert
traceable to NIST. The statement of uncertainty of measurement process liquid, we compare your weight(s) to
accuracy is supplied only when the for each weight, environmental other artifacts of known density. This
weights are new. It is not available conditions during test, construction process can determine the density of
for purchase after the initial sale. and density of weights, calibration material with very low uncertainties.
More detailed certification services procedures used, statement of The process is highly recommended
are available for an additional fee traceability to NIST and a helpful list for Class E1 and E2 one-piece
including Troemner’s NIST/NVLAP, of terms and definitions. weights used as reference standards.
UKAS, and Density Certificates.

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