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Message from University sary to pay our 2017 taxes in

full as required. In July, the
Club President Club entered into a payment
Amy Kramer plan for that We'll make it easy for you .
bill. To aid the Club in knock- . . for starters, just come in
Dear University Club Members: ing out these payments, your and enjoy your Club!
Board members have pledged
I hope the summer months have generous contributions to the
been relaxing, and in between tax fund. We'll be creating var-
the rain drops you've stopped by ious opportunities for members
to enjoy the new outdoor seating and friends to also support this Now's the time to plan work
in our Club's delightful back- effort. or personal gatherings at the
yard. Club, come by for regular
Last year was a challenging lunches, dinners, and drinks, and
Throughout the season, the Club year for the Club, but your stop by our events. Invite po-
provides a restful retreat no Board and General Manager tential members to join you.
matter the weather. Vacation are committed to doing every-
season is quiet for the Club, and thing possible, with your sup- Can you take your support
we miss our members. port, to set us on a positive tra-
a step further?
jectory for the future.
Please join us in August for
The Board also spent hours Make a tax-deductible contribu-
a delicious meal or the per- tion to the University Club
fect cooling refreshment. crafting, discussing, and ap-
proving a 2018-19 budget. This Foundation to support costs nec-
plan seeks to direct as much essary to maintain our historic
Your Club's Board and staff clubhouse, or make a direct con-
revenue as possible to payment
have been hard at work this sum- tribution to help us clear up our
of our taxes in arrears, and im-
mer, addressing our financial delinquent taxes more quick-
portantly, prioritizes fully fund-
health and planning for the year ly. These contributions boost
ing the tax fund to pay our up-
ahead. our ability to better stay on
coming property and school
taxes in 2018. course and address expenses
We've approved a 2018-19 budg- that might derail our good finan-
et, reduced expenses, executed a cial progress.
This budget also incorporates
plan to address taxes in arrears,
and led with our own contribu- the excellent expense-reducing
measures implemented by Gen- Please call upon me or Club
tions to those payments. staff at anytime with your ques-
eral Manager Mimi Fahy. She
has examined our expenditures tions. Let me know how I can
As we discussed in detail with help you fully utilize your mem-
from top to bottom, resulting in
you at our Annual Membership bership, plan events, and
much needed cost savings for
meeting, while we strive to grow bring in new members to join
the Club.
our ranks, unfortunately mem- us.
bership did not increase rapidly
Your Board and Club staff
enough in 2017. We also experi- Reach me at 518-650-4656 or
strive to set the Club on the
enced several unanticipated ex-
best financial path possi-
penses and had to work through
ble. However, we need your
the turnover of several key per- Happy August, and see you
sonnel positions.
in the backyard,
Addressing these issues meant A membership club needs
we didn’t have the funds neces- the fierce patronage of its Amy Kramer
MIMI’S CORNER Congratulations to Chief Napa vs. Sonoma
Abriel on his Retirement!
Dear University Club Members:
Wine Tasting Luncheon
The University Club would Friday, August 24
It is hard to believe we only have
one month of summer left and like to congratulate our Past 12:00-1:30
soon we will be enjoying falling President and long-time
leaves and apple picking. member Albany Fire Depart- Have you ever wondered about
ment Chief Warren Abriel on the differences between the
But for now, read on in this news- his retirement. wines of California’s Napa and
letter to learn about our summer- Sonoma Valleys?
time buy-one-get-one-half-price
lunch special (Monday- We at The University Club Which region dominates Caber-
Wednesday), and our phenomenal wish Chief Abriel the best of net? How about Pinot Noir?
happy hour specials. And don’t luck as he enters into this
forget about our birthday drink new phase of life. Join us for a Napa vs. Sonoma
and dinner specials! Wine Tasting Luncheon on
August 24 at noon, where we
We’ve enjoyed outside seating in will taste and learn about wines
the backyard for the first time this from both regions.
summer, which will remain avail-
able into the fall — as long as There will be a family-style
Mother Nature permits! Speak- luncheon with popular dishes
ing of the backyard, our Fourth from both valleys.
of July gathering was great fun.
The cost is $20 for Club mem-
Your Club continues to grow and bers and $25 for nonmembers.
evolve, and we are going into the This event is sponsored by the
Fall season with some great UClub Foundation and open to
events (see save-the-date an- the public.
nouncements on the last page).
You can decide whether Sono-
We will also be announcing a ma or Napa is more your style.
Chief Abriel dedicated 46
new food and wine menu soon.
years to the city of Albany “Napa Valley feels like Wine
As always it is a great pleasure and has been the Fire Chief on the Ritz,
serving you, and I am always since 2014. while Sonoma Valley has a laid
available to discuss your ideas, -back country feel.”
feedback, or concerns.
Please contact Mimi Fahy for
Mimi reservations by August 22.
New Business Final Month of Summer
Are you or someone you know Lunch and Happy Hour
looking to book a fabulous and Specials
unique event?
Members can always book Spend your summer days and
events at the University Club, or evenings at the Club! Enjoy our
sponsor events for those they air conditioning and fabulous
know (all events require a mem- backyard!
ber sponsor).
Through Labor Day, come in any
You can reserve our elegant Liv- Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
ing Room, Dining Room or Ter- for buy-one-lunch entree-get-one
race Room, hold a small meeting -half-off.
in the Remington Room, or book
a gathering in the bowling alley We also have buy-one-get-one
or billiards room! And don’t happy hour specials on house
forget the newly-opened back- wines, beer, and well cocktails
yard! Monday-Thursday 4:30-6:30 Movie Night August 15th
We will help you select the Come celebrate America’s
menu, flowers, linens and mu- favorite pastime as we screen
“A League of their Own.”
Weddings, showers, birthday,
retirement, and holiday parties
— if you can think of it, we can This feel-good movie about
plan it! women “coming to the plate”
during World War II will be
Contact Mimi Fahy
a terrific continuation of our
p.m. fun movie night series taking
advantage of our giant Grille
Room TV!
Summer Dining Hours

Lunch Monday-Friday There will be a themed menu

and cocktails.
11:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m.
Dinner and cocktail specials
Dinner Monday–Thursday
will start at 4:30, and the
5:00—8:00 p.m. movie will start at 7:00 pm.

Happy Hour

Monday-Thursday 4:30 —6:30 p.m.

Save the dates!
Call for Committee In honor of our
Volunteers smart and dis-
As you know, the backbone of Treasurer
any volunteer or membership Chuck Seifert August 24/ Napa vs Sonoma
organization is its commit- — who hap- wine tasting luncheon12:00-1:30
tees. The University Club is no pens to fancy a (see article—Foundation event)
different. fine Irish
Whiskey — Thursday evenings September 6-
Please consider joining any of come in and enjoy this month’s October 11/ A Series of Talks on
these committees by emailing featured cocktail. Giving and Philanthropy by
Erszebet Fazekas, cosponsored
Mimi Fahy The King Jameson by Humanities New York
at mfahy@universityclubalbany 1 3/4 oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey
(Foundation event)
.com You are also invited to Juice of 1/2 lemon
contact the committee Chairs 3 dashes Angostura bitters
Club soda Wednesday, September 26/ Paint
for more information.
Like Palmer, an art-making event
Many hands make light work! In a tall glass with the Arts Center of the Capi-
filled with ice, tal Region and the Albany Insti-
Membership Committee: Chair, add whiskey, tute of History & Art
David Hochfelder, dhochfeld- lemon juice (Foundation event) and bitters.
Stir, top off Friday, October 19/ Virginia Eu-
Events Committee: Chair, Teresa with club so-
Casey, banks book event: A utomating
da, garnish
Inequality: How High Tech Tools
with a lemon
House Committee: Chair, Profile, Police, and Punish the
Jim Davies, jim.davies@nycap.rr. Poor. Cosponsored by the NYS
Writers Institute.
Having a Birthday? (Foundation event)
Celebrate at the UClub and let us
make you a giant birthday October 28/Pumpkin carving
with wine and whiskey
martini. (members and guests)
Stay for dinner and receive half
off your meal. Wednesday evenings November
Do you have one of these? 7-December 12/ A Series of
Talks on deTocqueville’s De-
In the next few months we will mocracy in America by
be converting the bowling locker Giacomo Calabria, cosponsored
room into a small workout area. by Humanities New York
(Foundation event)
If you have any workout equip-
ment that has become a clothes November 8/Duck Dinner
rack please think about donating (members and guests)
it to this cause. Any donations
will be tax-deductible. We will keep you posted as we
Please contact Mimi Fahy. schedule our next cheese tasting