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Units 1–7 of Textbook and Workbook

1. Read this short extract from Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula.
2. Answer the following questions.
Pupils may use their own words or quotations from the passage.
,6& <#5-/&/+,*%&9+5(*+0&,&%+*#+%&(5&3*+,-&=*+%&',)&-,>+.&"$,;+&#.&?#%-*#-@6&A'+%+&;,!%+)&-+**#9$+&',8(;&
of three weeks and lost 13,000 people, the casualties of war proper being assisted by famine and
b. The author liked the Golden Krone Hotel because it was thoroughly old-fashioned.
c. The genial and friendly attitude of the landlord and landlady changed after Harker received a letter
from Count Dracula and he began to ask them questions. The landlord now pretended he did not
understand Harker’s German, and he and his wife looked frightened and crossed themselves when
the Count’s name was mentioned.
d. The landlady became incomprehensible when Harker was due to leave, speaking hysterically and
losing a grip of her German, mixing it up with some other dialect.
e. The landlady became agitated because it was St George’s Day, and according to her, at midnight
all evil things in the world would have full sway. She did not want Harker to go to see the Count.
3. Rewrite the following in your own words. Do not use the phrases that are italicized; paraphrase
Pupils will use their own words. Here are some examples:
a. She was so agitated that she appeared to have forgotten much of what German she knew.
b. Being almost directly on the frontier—it has had a turbulent history.
c. I am greatly looking forward to seeing you.
d. It was all most strange (inexplicable) and disturbing.

1. Answer the following questions.
,6& C#%&+/+%&D2+*+&=:+)E&(.&#-&,.)&'+&*+4,#.%&#.&,.&D,9%(*9+)&%#$+.;+E&F&!.,9$+&-(&$#%-+.&-(&7$,!)+&
with Bertie.
b. The author felt he was too forward in asking Maheen questions and had humiliated her. He felt
ashamed only when he learnt she could not speak or hear.
c. a vast lake


the snow and the hills. Holmes (The Adventure of the Dying Detective) C POETRY QUESTIONS 5!" 6./! considering. feather. careful 4. gazing.-04 a. When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer c.+&H"$. noticing.3&#%&. and it kills and it kills and it kills. 3.3="'$-&-"7%++*. staring. The news is that it (the newcomer) has no beak.. autumn e.6& A'+&G+. Through the animal kingdom The news was spreading fast."+*E%&%(.'($/&(. The carefully crafted and planned gardens of ancient civilizations (Extreme Weather) e.*+&-'+&=%'0&.6& A'+&5(!*&. It (the newcomer) had no beak. eyeing. claws. tired and sick c.=8+"2%&"3%%>*. no feather. damned d. spotting.-+)&-'*!%'0&-'+&*. Mr David (The Silver Lining) c.99#-0&. Underline the silent letters in the following. and has a long-lasting +K+.$%&. perceiving. The newcomer by Brian Patten. scanning.")$-"2%33%'*. The Solitary Reaper b. observing. regarding.-#8+I6&J-&=$$%&-'+&8. no gills.&4+$. .#.."'$*1$"7%-8+"(&-")$-"2%33%'*. The Newcomer d. Claude People talking to Philip Sletherby (A Shot in the Dark) f. witnessing… 2. Mrs Ahad (The Silver Lining) b. b. intrusion: forcing in (uninvited) 61 . !" #$%"%&"'$()"*+".#4.&2+$. Children Understand Him 2.&9$(. it lives in the trees. and acted like he was ill to seem like he was unwell. feign b./4 a. a./"8-. fanciful d. scandalous e. the soil. it is more thrilling than the sound of a cuckoo.)*%.%. Bertie Saltpen-Jago (A Shot in the Dark) d.&-'+&"(+-6 b.)"'%&0+"'$*1$"(&-"3%%+-3="+=. d. Give meanings for the following..$$+/0&#-&#%&. glancing./"%&"'()1$*.-0"*.3&-(& travelers. eyeballing. .(2F2'#-+&"($. no claws.*6 D WORKING WITH WORDS 5!" 9(8-":. the water. Answer the following. salmon ?!" @00")$-"+ABC-+"D2A3E"D=E"D*+$E"%&"D%A+")%")$-"2%33%'*. viewing.-*..(4+&%(. surveying. yolk c. it is a humble lay. peeking. fur or gills. made up his face.3-! a. seeing.-"0*<-&-./"0-+1&*. no fur. glimpsing. spying./"%. scales. a.-&(. Holmes fasted for three days.*&9+. desirous b.)&-'+&%. a. boyish c. no scales. Reference to context Answer the questions about this line of poetry.

(&#)+. Rewrite the following sentences correctly. Change the following sentences in direct speech into indirect speech. start.+*%&2+*+&as brave as lions. a. send) 5. 96& A'+&.*4/&(L. She read the letter though he objected.&-'+&. .&2'+*+&%'+&2. Theirs is the largest house on the street.-&'+&'. c. e. I have not been there since the day I left school. b.&+:. I wish he had included his date of birth before he sent in the form (include. Rewrite the sentences as directed. arrive) b. we ran inside. The man helped the old lady who had missed the bus. a.*&. but the others are having vegetable curry. The man bought an ice-cream after he had eaten his lunch. d.4++*&-'. Before she departed she sold all her belongings.. (depart.&. The dog with a collar barked at the stranger.%&9!-&-'.+2&=$4&..) 2. c.9(!-&%'. in accord with—compatible b. Examples: a. You may start in this way: Tell me about the story of… OR 62 . b. Underline the main clauses in the following. They had taken their seats by the time the chief guest arrived. When we reached&-'+&'. During the holidays. (had been+vb+ing must be used. a. d. b. 3.)&%++.-0".-&-'+/&2(!$)&=. a feeling of deep pain—anguish d.6& M. Three times two is six.)&'+*6 F LISTENING AND SPEAKING Either name a story for the pupil(s) to tell you about. miss) d. (take. The pupils wanted to know what the teacher would say. When it began to rain. 4. a scientist who studies objects in space—astronomer c. I had been reading my book when the accident happened. the headmaster came to visit us. lecture: a talk or presentation on a subject d. hostile: unfriendly c. Fill in the blanks with the simple past or the past perfect forms of the verbs given in brackets. or ask the pupil(s) to choose one. suited to.+*&2'+-'+*&H#5I&'+&'.$&#.*>%6 96& B9#)&#..N.5(*4+)&P. sell) c.)&. We visited the house where I was born.#-+)&4.4. Saima is having roast chicken.%>+)&O. (reach. Pupils will use their own words.-3%'4 a. e. diminishing or growing less—abating E LEARNING ABOUT LANGUAGE 1. d. swarthy: dark in colour F!" #$()"(&-")$-"'%&0+"0-+1&*.$$&-'+&=$4&had begun so we missed the beginning. c.

20 min 2.&%>#$$% Q& A(&.*..*/ Task Time 1. Questions 1.)#..'. Continue with Exercise A./ 63 . 2..!*. Question 1 to be attempted. and 3 should be attempted. Lesson Plans For detailed suggestions.-+*%&5*(4&-'+&"*+8#(!%&%+8+.3&"*(=.!*. Exercise C. and 3 should be attempted.3&%>#$$% Q& A(&. Exercise A..44. 20 min LESSON 2 Workbook Time: 40 min Aims: Q& A(&*+.-#. 15 min 2.. G COMPOSITION Pupils will write their own essays.. Continue with Exercise B.-&%"++. Questions 2 and 3 should be attempted.&3*.' Q& A(&.44.#-% Q& A(&. however..-R#.%%+%%&.$$&.. 2.%%+%%&)#*+.%%+%%&2*#--+..)#*+. Questions 1..&3*. 15 min 3. refer to pages 60–63.%#(. 10 min LESSON 3 Workbook Time: 40 min Aims: Q& A(&.&!.#-% Q& A(&.$&.&!.%%+%%&)#*+./ Task Time 1./ Q& A(&.%%+%%&2*#--+.#+.9!$. What do you remember about the story of…? OR Which story in the textbook did you like the most? I want you to tell me about one of them.%%+%%&*+.(4"*+'+.$&..-#. make sure they answer the questions somewhere in their response.-+)&2*#-#. Exercise D. Give the pupils a few minutes to think about this and jot down a few points to jog their memory should they need to.%%+%%&8(.. LESSON 1 Workbook Time: 40 min Aims: Q& A(&*+8#%+&-'+&"*+8#(!%&%+8+.

.%%#8+&S.. 20 min 2. Exercise G should be attempted.3$#%'&8(. LESSON 4 Workbook Time: 40 min Aims: Q& A(&.>#.%%+%%&.. Q& A(&. The exercise can be started and then continued in the next 10 min lesson.-#8+&.(4"$+-+&-'+&2(*>&5*(4&-'+&"*+8#(!%&$+%%(. Questions 4 and 5 should be attempted. 20 min 3. 20 min 64 . Exercise F should be attempted. Continue with Exercise F.9!$.%%+%%&%"+. 10 min 2.Q& A(&. Continue with Exercise D. Exercise E should be attempted.*/ Task Time 1.3&%>#$$% Task Time 1.)&".

&"#-..2.+8+*&5!$$/&*+. unspoilt place.)&%-*(. d. Answer the following questions.+3.)&5+.)&$+)3+%6&W.-&#-&2. Free climbers use very little equipment preferring to only use the body to work out a route up or across the rock face.$)2+$$&..&M....-&'+&2(!$)&.$.+)&2#-'&).%>+)&-'+&)(.$#49&9+.!$-/0& then he could cope with anything.*&'+&+:"+*#+.$$&#%&%(&)#L..)&D1+:#9$+&..3&.)&*+4..#)+. There are more than 100 routes up El Capitan but only thirteen have been %!.. Free climbers use a safety rope that is attached 9+$(2&-'+4&-(&%.+%%5!$$/&5*++&.$$6&B. It also contains lots of information about climbing and about Yosemite National Park..%&9+.$#49+*&'...+&(5&'#%&=.3+*0&-'#*%-&. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson.*+5!$$/&(.-0&-'+/&%.’ 36& 7.$$/&)#L..#. We learn that El Capitan is huge and composed of granite. 56& A'+&V. which helped him become a better climber.!%+0&.$#49+)6&A'+&4(%-&)#L..!$-&(5&-'+%+&#%&.’ i. forests..3+*&9+.-(*%&-(&-. ladders.&%4((-'& surface from a distance.#.+2&-'.%&D-(&9.& Tommy Caldwell..&=.$$&(K6 j.&9+#. metal clips (called carabiners).)&./&=. The phrase ‘dealt with it head on’ is an adverbial phrase meaning ‘in a direct way’.8+&-'+4&#5&-'+/&5.$$+)&-'+&V..2.&)++"&.3E0&.(8+*6&C+&>.&5. Yosemite is a popular place for tourists because it is a UN World Heritage site containing walking trails.#. Aid climbers use special equipment such as ropes. Caldwell and Jorgeson had friends supporting 65 .)&#-&+.>+&(K&-'+&-("&(5&'#%&=..%6& !"#$%&4. A monolith is single massive rock or stone.!%+&-'+&. b.)&.(-'+*&*(!-+&#%& called Salathé Wall. c.&M.-#8+&+K+.+&.%&.("+)&2#-'&'!../"HA-+)*%. e..3+*&(*&)#L.3#$+E6&DA'+/&4!%-&9+& able to endure pain and physical hardship while keeping calm and focused.!%+&-'+/& were friends but get them to consider the context..(-&9+&.>&(.. awe inspiring rock formations./&-'. Suggestions and answers A COMPREHENSION 1. While reading: Tommy Caldwell did not want to go too far ahead of Kevin Jorgeson when he was %-!.++)&-(&9+&D=-&.)& spring sideways to catch and hold on to a small bit of rock.+)&.. '6& A(&9+&.&%!.$#49+*%6&J-&'. G$-"2%33%'*.5-+*&. H2'+*+&'+&.!%+&#-&#%&%(&%'++*0&2#-'&5+2&'($)%&. a.I&.3+&'. and belays to help them climb.$#49+*&/(!&.-&(.)&"..+&2'+. It is a beautiful.%/&-(&%. We learn that is poses a challenge 5(*&+8+..-&$((>%&$#>+&. waterfalls. However.'&#%&+%"+. valleys.9$+&-(&.3+*%& could not grip well.. It made him mentally and physically stronger. 5 Dreaming of the Dawn Wall This article is an example of biographical writing."*+"8%&-"0*B1A3)!"I*+1A++"*)":&+)! >6& A'+&%!K+*#.!$-&9+.!49+*&(5&*+.%(.'&XY&5(*&.!$-&-(&5*++&. Tommy Caldwell was 36 years old when he achieved his dream of climbing the Dawn Wall.&..#)&#-& 2(!$)&. in the USA.3&'+$)&'(%-.&-'+&4(%-&+:"+*#+.+& "#-.&.3+*-#"%&.$4&2'+.)&-(+%&.$#49&"*("+*$/&#5&(. it also made him realise that if he could cope with being held hostage.$#K&-'.&.+%%5!$&.&TUUUF5((-&%'++*&.

together they climbed the Dawn Wall. to give someone a good hand to applaud someone for a good performance '6& -(&9+&. He recognised his talent and took him climbing and camping. Answer the following with reference to context. Kevin Jorgeson is Tommy’s friend and climbing partner .)5!$&F&-(&9+&)#L... safety rope. 3. them. in the USA. belays. & ###6& &C#%&=. a.-&"$. to take something in hand . to have one’s hands full . It means that he could not complete that part of the route. to be an old hand .Z!*/&-(&'#%&=.3&'+$)&'(%-. Pupils should work in pairs or small groups so that they can help each other to complete this task. He climbed with his father: at 14 he climbed Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. left over to be used e. Tommy Caldwell needed to make ‘his hands stronger than ever before’ to overcome the loss (5&'#%&=.'+)0&. and encouraged him.. minimal equipment and changeable weather conditions so it was probably not practical for them -(&9+&#.3+*&. manage it c.-*($ i. Where California’s great redwood trees are found: forests Southernmost major city in California: San Diego Second deepest lake in the USA (by the eastern border of California): Lake Tahoe 66 . Match the clues to their answers and then label the map on the next page with words from the list of answers. Ask the pupils to use the idioms in list A in sentences of their own.3+6 iv. iii. Match the idioms in list A with the meanings in list B. i. i.(. to get out of hand .to be experienced at something j.%&#5&7. Use the idioms in list A in sentences of your own.!$-&-(&.to be very near b.&-2(&)#K+*+. For ten days Kevin was stuck on pitch 15.. to keep one’s hand in . scramble. with the help of his father. ii. B WORKING WITH WORDS have a lot of work g.&'.3+*6 take charge of it. ‘made his mark’ means he had been successful and was being recognised for that success. i. rock formations.3+*%&9$+)0&'#%&4!%. to get the upper hand of something/someone .3&-'+& become out of control d. a. worked on making his hands stronger than ever before.(4#. aid climbing. free climbing. b. to be at hand . to have time/money in hand . & ###6& W8+*. ladders.$)2+$$&2(!$)& need to go on without him.)&'#%&%"#*#-%&2+*+&$(26&J-&%++4+)&. Tommy Caldwell had won a climbing competition and become the national champion.$+%&. carabiners. ropes. He asked the doctors to remove the tip win an advantage over it/him 2.. pitch… 2. Discuss your answers with a classmate and ask each other questions about the geography of California.+%6 Challenge: scale. in Europe.)&9+#. Over the next few years Tommy trained hard and made his mark in the climbing keep in practice f. have it spare.

%A)")$-+-".956 acres with many mountains including ‘El Capitan’: Yosemite National Park [(2+%-0&'(--+%-0&)*#+%-&.+)& #44. Read. Show where the following words may be hyphenated. ex—aggerate. cat—astrophe.%#%-+.(. whether they liked it or not. exagger—ate.1+:#9$+ illegible impartial indirect inadequate illiterate #4"+*%(.-'&^. il-. catas—trophe. 67 . Here are some: some—times.-+4 a. b. Eng—lish. d. The tailor said he would mend the trousers. c. to stand in line. home of Hollywood: Los Angeles 400-mile mountain range: Sierra Nevada Hyphens 1. the friendship will end? D LISTENING AND SPEAKING The importance of pausing at the right time 1. The head boy told the others.#-+ Headlines !" "#$()"*+"+%"2A. Now read the following sentences aloud. e.-& #**+$#3#(!%& #. Read the following passage aloud.-!*+& #. pro—long.*+. im-.)+=. bi—cycle. d. Are the Senior Citizens for sale or are they running the sale? b. philo—sophical. 2.="(. Does the farmer have a tail? c. If the woman has committed suicide she would be dead and unable to deny it. Read the passage to the pupils. Area where most crops are grown: fertile farmland National Park in California covering 747.. impractical irregular irresponsible illegal immortal #4"(%%#9$+& #. The commas have been included in the sentences below. Asad said he would come to the party. nine—ty. arid area that is the least used part of California: Mojave Desert City. J&-:C-+ 2. ir-. tre—mendous.. har—dy. tur—key. The principal told the teachers what time the assembly would be held.&#.$& #44(9#$+& #49. Does this mean that.#+. now they are married (at the altar)..-'+7(7-&"$-(03*. Make negatives of the following adjectives by adding in-.$$+/ Western border of the state: 840 miles of coastline Bay-side Californian city famous for the Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco Dry. mis—use.&-'+&\PB]&V+. tremen-dous.. a.$. even though he had work to do that day. The stranger who entered the room stared at me for a few minutes. Make sure that words are split in whole syllables and not where a letter or a couple of letters are left dangling on the following line. gram— mar.%!L. acci—dent. as they were torn.. There are various possible ways of splitting the words if they occur at the end of a line.-& #. tur—nip.

dining-room c.-&-'+&#.$&#. Explain what Caldwell thought and felt at the time. The Major. Say how the event has had an impact on who he is today.. c.6& 9. Use the following structure.(2. three-quarters full e.. Explain what Caldwell thought and felt after the event. Do some research .9(!-&-'+&%"(*-%"+*%(.30&(*&!%+& (2+* (#. c.. a.&"(+-&."'#.-&#.-. Include information about how the sport or activity is played or conducted. b.*F1!.)I6 Prepare a presentation for your classmates about the sport and the person. The black-coated attendant opened the door for the new arrivals. =..&9+&$#8#.)&#. Also...&2.+0&.&5++-&'#3'0&. the equipment needed and anything else that is relevant.-#(.&"(%-+*0&$+.3& places. Insert hyphens where necessary.%#%+&-'.6& .+$%&.$$&(8+*&-'+&2(*$)&-(&5. Where the three of us now stood in a bunch we had the smooth steep rock behind us. b. known to his soldiers as ‘King Kong’.&2+$$F>.&9+. is house-proud d.)&=5-++.)"2&%8"K(30'-33L+"3*2-"(.&.&-!49$+)&9.. a.9(!-&%(4+(.-&-'.&. sun-dried 2.)&#%&2+$$&>.#. Which sports or hobbies do you and your classmates take part in regularly? Which ones have you had a go at? Find out about a sport or physical activity that you do not know much about.(F("+*.-6&S4"'.&/(!*&"*+%+.)&(!-&.0"2--3*. reading her poems to anyone who will listen.++)%&-(& be presented in an interesting way.. E COMPOSITION 5!" J*1>"("+*/. His mother-in-law has a devil-may-care attitude./"(&-"$=7$-.. was a large man with a ferocious moustache.-& . ?!" #$*1$"%2")$-"2%33%'*.-#(. Describe the event.8#. long-legged girl.-#8+& 96& .>& of big rocks thirty or forty feet high.5(*4. Project Discuss the explanation.. stick-in-the-mud h. farewell f. a.3&(8+*&-'+&*.(.$!)+&-'.1+-0&*+.3&(*&)+.F*+%#)+.*+5((-& )6& 3($)=%' e.-&%"(*-&H-'+/&. f.()-04 . life-sized portrait f.+&2'(&+:.>+&.*:1(.)&=.$$&(5&*(.0"'&*)-"(."(11%A. The stranger was a dark-haired.!%+&%'+&-*. g.)&(!-&9#(3*.-#(./+" at the time.)&-(&(!*&$+5-0&.(2. Use hyphenated words in place of the phrases.(*)#. to our right .>0&%$#3'-$/&$+. )6& P'+&#%&.&.5(*4.. post-war Also: long distance (but.8+$%&..)"8%8-. broad-shouldered g. a short-sleeved shirt b.6 How will you present your work in an interesting way? !"#$%&. Workbook: pages 53–58 A HYPHENS 1. long-distance runner: hyphenated when used as an adjective) 68 .(!$)&4. d.)"%2"$*+")$%A/$)+"(.

. Answer is present in third paragraph.30&'#3'F%"#*#-%0&'#3'F$#5+ b."'6 d.6& '#3'& ]& '#3'FZ!4"0&'#3'F1/#.-&2(!$)&-'+&"!"#$%&'. soft : soft-bellied.-+E"(.)&$. paper-boy.$$1(2+*&H.%2+*&#%&"*+%+. Answer is present in the last paragraph. cross crosslet (n) well-mannered (a) old-fashioned (a) sand-slope (n) idiotic-looking (a) sixty-four (a) coin-purse (n) hill-resort (n) safety-catch (n) treeline (n) bus-stand (n) slightly-built (a) 3./"HA-+)*%.-+)&H. g. yellow-brown (adj) c. soft-hearted.)ZI& 56& 2.&-'+&=*%-&. 3."'6 f. window shop (v) h. low-class.%2+*&#. water-trough (n) b. Read the continuation of the story. earth-shaking (adj /n) 2. . Answer is present in third paragraph.!%%&-'+&-+:-6&P'(!$)&+#-'+*&4.8+&)(.3*.&*-N=! All the answers are given in the passage.. Read the following ‘unlikely’ event. Form compounds from the following words.%-&".-$/_&M'. 2.3*. leg : leg-guard. hand-towel. Now can you rewrite the passage. low-bred. snake charmer (n) )6& %-*.*. paper-tray.6& B.+'-&")$-"2%33%'*.+".-&#.*.8+)&)#K+*+.&"*+%+.B COMPOUND WORDS 5!" #$*1$"'%&0+"(&-"(0M-1)*. +6& B.)ZI& +6& %(5-F9+$$#+)&H.+4 a. soft-boiled d. low : low-lying.-&#. leg-room f. forehand (adj) i.*. Encourage the students to read through and look for answers.&-'+&=*%-&". 69 .0"'$*1$"(&-".-"0%. Discuss the expressions so that pupils understand what they mean. Mark them too. hand-writing.+_& Why? D FACE TO FACE 1.&=*%-&". . leg-rest. soft-skinned.%A. hand-picked e. Here are some more. . low-down c.6& B. paper-clip C MAKING A SUPER-MAN 1. !" @.%2+*&#%&"*+%+.-&#. Here are some idiomatic expressions with the word face.&'. hand : hand-knitted. paper : paper-chase."' b.I g. soft-spoken.3*. low-brow.3+F%.. ?!" #$()"'%A30"=%A"$(.+.8+&9+'. Answer is present in the last paragraph.-4 V#%.

Exercise C.)&pulled a face at me.&... Exercise A. just then.. 5 min 3.%&2.3&(5&'/"'+.%#(. she couldn’t keep a straight face..F=.(.+&(5&#)#(4% Q& A(&)+8+$("&8(.$!+%&. Question 1 should be attempted. obviously he didn’t think much of me! But WHO goes around showing such disgust at a handsome face like mine? Nevertheless. LESSON 1 Textbook Time: 40 min Aims: Q& A(&*+.)#.$(..4+&%-*.-. Exercise B. because.4&(. he didn’t think much of my good looks.)&.)&..- Q& A(&)+8+$("&8(.$&.9!$. Sentences can be completed for 15 min homework.>&/(!&. losing face.3&#..*/ Q& A(&4..0&9#(3*. Questions 1 and 2 should be attempted..*+_E&B-&-'#%&'+&)*+2&'#4%+$5&!"&-(&'#%&5!$$&'+#3'-&HJ&. 10 min 70 . 15 min 3../&2'+.. Exercise B.$/&=8+&5((-& three) and whipped a small knife out of his sleeve. 20 min 2.*/ Q& A(&)+8+$("&.-#(. J&2.9!$. Q& A(&5!*-'+*&)+8+$("&!.-#(.)&-'+&(-'+*&). on the face of it. read through and begin Question 1. 5 min LESSON 2 Textbook Time: 40 min Aims: Q& a(*+&"*.3&-'+&*(.3&. I had face up to this! I walked straight up to him and said to face—‘Look '+*+0&/(!`&M'(&)(&/(!&-'#. I was. to say the least. of course.)+*%-.$>#. In the face of this danger I turned and ran! Lesson Plans For detailed suggestions. 10 min 4.% Task Time 1. Exercise B.'&.&-'#%&*!L. Question 2 should be discussed and set as homework.(4"*+'+. a girl I knew walked by and."'#. Exercise A.&%>#$$% Task Time 1. refer to pages 65–70.-#. Read the passage and discuss it. 2.#3'-&!"&-(&4+&. Question 4 should be attempted. Question 3 should be attempted. This can be completed as homework..&.(!.5(*4.%2+*%&9/&*+-*#+8#.

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