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IACET – Accredited Provider Renewal (03/01/2018 to 02/28/2023)

6 - The Re-Application
This document provides the official requirements and process for reaccreditation of IACET Accredited Providers

Initial accreditation demonstrated that the Accredited Provider has the capabilities and organizational
structure to provide quality continuing education. Reaccreditation focuses on capabilities and performance, as
well as on continuous quality improvement.

The reaccreditation requirements have been designed to assess the AP's changes since the last
accreditation and the AP's continued 1-BSR/IACET 1 -201X Standard compliance. Reaccreditation, therefore,
moves away from simply the APs demonstration of the required capabilities and instead focuses on the use of
those capabilities, accountability and continuous quality improvement.

The requirements and process for reaccreditation are designed so that APs can continue to evolve, improve,
and advance; thereby becoming increasingly effective at improving the continuing education for the
populations they serve.

Reaccreditation continues to address the IACET 2018 Standard and its requirements. The
BSR/IACET 1 -201X Standard is the same for both initial and reaccreditation. Only the application is different.
The documentation required for evidence and demonstration, however, have been revised for reaccreditation
and may be different from the initial application. There are categories/elements
that require clarification/additional information included in the reaccreditation, such as: staff and
organization changes over the past five (5) years; advancements/changes that have taken place
since the last application; and new programs and activities.

Reaccreditation is based on a modified self-study model. That is, reaccreditation provides an

opportunity for the AP to determine and describe the extent to which they meet the requirements of the
Standard and how they plan to advance in the areas addressed in their last accreditation.
Commissioners will also review the self -audit checklists and annual reports submitted during the
previous five (5) years. This set of requirements will enable the Commissioners to understand how
the AP operates and functions in addition to the review of specific examples and document
Current Organization (Category 1, 3)
A. Organizational/Business Changes (Category 1, 3)
1. Have there been any organizational or business changes since the last application?
Guidance: Have there been any changes in business ownership, strategic
deliverables or organizational reporting structure? Whether an
AP is adequately resourced is an important component to an
organization's compliance with IACET.
Please submit the a) A narrative of the organizational and/or any business changes
following: that have occurred since your last application, if applicable.
b) An organization chart designed specifically to demonstrate
which unit and positions within its structure is responsible for
compliance with the BSR/IACET 1 -201X Standard for
Continuing Education and Training.
c) A copy of strategic or business plan, budget, annual report,
planning checklist, minutes or agenda of planning group
meeting showing that the applicant has adequate resources to
maintain the human, financial, physical and technological
resources required to support quality programs.
B. Current Staff including Changes in Past Five (5) Years
1. What is your continuing education and training (CElT) current staff and what staff changes
have you experienced over the past five (5) years?
Guidance: IACET accreditation relies heavily on the staff dedicated to its

IACET – Accredited Provider Renewal (03/01/2018 to 02/28/2023)

compliance. Changes in staff can affect the success of IACET

compliance and application of the Standard.
Please submit the a. A narrative describing your current CElT
following: staff and what staff changes or
responsibility changes have occurred in the
past five (5) years.
b. A list of CElT current staff.
c.Resumes of any new staff, or staff that has changed responsibilities since
the last application.
C. Changes in Delivery Methods
1. Have your delivery methods changed since your last application?
Guidance: Over the past five (5) years, have there been any changes to the delivery
method utilized for training? For example, if in the past, your organization
only provided classroom training, and since then your organization has
begun utilizing distance learning and/or blended learning.
Please submit the a. Narrative describing how your delivery
following: method(s) have changed in the past five (5)
b. List of the types of delivery methods utilized
during the past five (5) years and when they
were first implemented.
c.Examples of the calculation of CEUs for each type of learning event
(such as classroom learning, distance learning and blended learning).
II. Self -evaluation Assessments
Guidance: Self -evaluations can help to assess your CElT program and ensure you have
the necessary policies, processes and record-keeping for a successful
Please submit the Your previous self -evaluation checklists or any other self-assessment of
following: IACET compliance completed in the last five (5) years.

III. Recommendations, Suggestions or Proactive Improvements from the Last Accreditation Approval
(advancements that have taken place since last evaluation)
Guidance: Applications, Renewal Applications and Site Visits often identify
recommendations and/or suggestions for change and improvement
that can positively impact the learning events offered by an AP. Please
discuss any recommendations or suggestions that were noted during
the last site visit and their impact on organizational effectiveness.
Please submit the Narrative documentation indicating when recommendations were
following: considered, implemented and evaluated and their impact on the
IV. Review of Standard Compliance (Categories 1-9)
Guidance: Continued compliance to the BSR/IACET 1 -201X Standard since the last
application helps ensure high quality CE/T programs, processes and
Please submit the 1. Please provide examples of course materials for three (3) learning
following: events. Be sure to include an example of each methodology used.
2. Course materials to include for each:
a) Outline.
b) Needs assessment.
c) Instructor credentials.
d) Instructional methods used in each learning program.
e) Evidence of instructional methods supporting learning outcomes.
f) Evidence of accommodation 0 f various learning styles.

IACET – Accredited Provider Renewal (03/01/2018 to 02/28/2023)

g) Method(s) of assessment and evaluation.

h) Summary of assessment and evaluation results.
i) Promotional materials for each learning event.
j) Evidence of how satisfactory completion by learners is confirmed.
k) Copy of certificate of completion containing required information.
l) Copy of Student record/certificate of completion for each course.
Include information on the organizational Learning Management
System (LMS), if applicable. If no LMS is utilized, show how
student records are tracked. Indicate how security and records
maintenance are achieved.
V. Continuous Improvement
Guidance: Reviewing and analyzing the results of learning event feedback and
evaluations is an integral part of the IACET process. This ensures continual
improvement of the CE/T program.
Please submit the A summary that shows feedback from learning events, the analysis of the
results, and the use of the results to improve current and/or future
following: programs.
VI. Planned New Programs/Activities for Next One or Two Years
Guidance: Effective planning is an integral component of the instructional design
process. A
proposed training calendar for the next twelve (12) to twenty-four (24)
months is a valuable tool.
Please submit the A listing or calendar of your proposed IACET courses or training plan for the
following: next twelve (12) or twenty-four (24) months. If a draft calendar is not
available, please describe with an alternative method(s) including narrative.