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L20 – Lobe Pump

Construction and Operation

Lobe pumps are similar to gear pumps in operation in
that fluid flows around the interior of the casing.

Unlike gear pumps, however, the lobes do not make


Lobe contact is prevented by external timing gears

located in the gearbox.
As the lobes begin to mesh on the discharge side, the
lobes force the sludge or slurry through the outlet
port under pressure.

The capacity of material being pumped can be

changed by varying speed of the pump.
•Pass medium sized solids
•No metal-to-metal contact
•Short term dry run (with lubrication to seals)
•Non-pulsating discharge

•Requires timing gears
•Requires two seals
•Reduced lift with thin liquids
These pumps offer a variety of lobe options
including single, bi-wing, tri-lobe (shown), and multi-

Rotary lobe pumps are non-contacting and have

large pumping chambers, allowing them to handle
solids such as cherries or olives without damage.
Multi Lobe
1. As the lobes come out of mesh, they create
expanding volume on the inlet side of the pump.

Liquid flows into the cavity and is trapped by the

lobes as they rotate.
2. Liquid travels around the interior of the casing in
the pockets between the lobes and the casing -- it
does not pass between the lobes.

3. Finally, the meshing of the lobes forces liquid

through the outlet port under pressure.
Particle size pumped can be much larger in lobe
pumps than in other PD types.

Since the lobes do not make contact, and clearances

are not as close as in other PD pumps, this design
handles low viscosity liquids with diminished

However, suction ability is low.

High-viscosity liquids require reduced speeds to

achieve satisfactory performance.

Common rotary lobe pump applications include

•Paper industry
•Soaps industry
•Paints, dyes industry
•Rubber, adhesives industry
•Pharmaceutical industry
•Food industry
•Air compressor cyl liner lub pump
•Aux Eng rocker arm lub pump
•Incinerator sludge pump
Alcohol Caramel
Apple purée Castor Oil
Apricots Cat food
Baby food Cheese curd
Batter Cheese whey
Beans Cherries
Beer Chicken paste
Beetroot Chili con carne
Biscuit Cream Chocolate
Blackcurrants Chutney
Brine Cockles
Broth Coconut oil
Butter fat Cod oil
Coffee liquor Eggs - whole
Cordials Egg yolk
Corn oil Essences
Corn syrup Evaporated milk
Cottage cheese Fish
Cotton seed oil Flavorings
Cranberry juice Fruit juice
Cream Fruit pulp
Cream cheese Fruit - whole
Custard Fruit yogurt
Dog food Gelatin
Dough Gherkins
Gooseberries Lotions
Gravy Malt
Hand cream Maple syrup
Honey Margarine
Horseradish Marmalade
Ice cream Marshmallow
Icings Marzipan
Iodine ointment Mascara
Jams Mayonnaise
Jelly Milk
Ketchup Mincemeat
Lard Molasses
Liquid sugar
Peanut butter
Mussels Perfumes
Mustard Pie fillings
Nail polish Pizza toppings
Nail varnish Plasma
Offal Potato salad
Olive oil Preserves
Onions Purées
Palm oil Quinine
Pastes Rice pudding
Salad dressing
Sorbitol syrup
Soup Yoghurt
Soya sauce Tapioca
Spirits Tea
Starches Tomato ketchup
Stews Tomato paste
Strawberries Tomato purée
Sugar Toothpaste
Syrup Vaseline
Water Vinegar