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Natural Environment
Dear Sir& Madam

As mentioned on the subject Jeevan Jyoti Jagaran Nepal has taken the slogan “if
environment will be fresh then we will be healthy, if the nature exist then only we’ll exist , save
the greenery and save the people from diseases” for the conservation of the world and nature.

As this nature and environment degradation goes on and our land turns into desert, we are
also being suffered by the dangerous Virus. Now a day, people are losing their deficiency power.
We all depend upon the medicine of the hospital but it’s not enough, now these days we have
been attacked by many new and harmful diseases. Those white and snowy mountains are
changed into black mountains. Our beautiful natural gifts like waterfalls, rivers, streams,
watersheds are been evaporated and disappeared. This nature has created us and as the
returned we, human beings are in the process of destroying them or nature. Nature is the
mother of us and we being the son of it trying to destroy it. We are welcoming our own
destruction through those activities.

Those so called educated and high post persons are destroying our nature in the name of
conserving them. If the destruction continued in the same ratio then one day all of have to carry
the oxygen cylinder with us for individual. We are the product of nature so all of us depend upon
the nature. This Earth will turn into Mars and our nature or this Earth will remain in the pages or
documentary of the history and geography. As our ancestors gave/left us those clean and green
nature, clean water likewise the question will arise that What can we left for our future
generation, only the cement buildings or the atom bombs? So all the Nepalese or nature lover
or the concerned people of this world, we request you to do something and step forward for the
conservation of the nature. First Human necessitate to Air. Water and Healthiness and that after,
only human need for foodstuff livelihood textile.

We are introducing new principle for the conservation of greenery and


New Principle of Environment and

1>There is a birth of a child in every 8 second in the world. So as the happiness parents
should plant two (2) plants in the name of the child and this will be the evidence and certificate
of the child. This law should be imposed.

2>There is a marriage of a couple in every 10min in the world. So as the happiness and
remembrance they should plants two each (2+2=4) plants and this will be the evidence and the
certificate of their marriage. This law should be imposed.

3>There is a death of a man in every 12 second in the world. So as the remembrance of the
death person relatives should plant two (2) plants and this will be the evidence and certificate of
the dead man. This law should be imposed.

These principles should be formulated as per the rule. In the context of Nepal, this
responsibility should be taken by Community forest consumer group, V.D.C office, D.D.C.
office, municipality office, metro-Politian office, district forest office, forest department,
Ministry of forest and environment. By putting this principle (2+4+2) in the new
constructed constitution of Nepal, Nepal should shows or encourage the others nations
and the world to impose this principle.

You’re faithfully
Department head of
Mrs. Lal Prasad Bhattarai
Jeevan Jyoti Jagaran Nepal
Kapan-1, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel:- +977-01-4821470
Mob: +9779849035601