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The Ultimate Tool for the Ultimate Engineer
A Life-Cycle Solution
UniSim® Design Suite, Honeywell’s process simulation solution, is the ultimate Tailored to Your Operation
tool that engineers need to develop, enhance and re-use models throughout a Active X (OLE Automation) compliance means users
project or plant-asset lifecycle. With an integrated steady-state and dynamics can easily program their own interface or integrate
their own unit operations, proprietary reaction kinetics
environment and a user-friendly interface, UniSim® Design helps engineers
and specialized property packages from programs
create and optimize plant designs and monitor asset performance, thus enabling
such as Microsoft* Excel* and Visual Studio.*
stable operations and plant safety.
In addition, our open architecture design provides the
flexibility to add the industry-specific capabilities
Why UniSim Design? With comprehensive, first principles thermodynamics Integrating steady-state and dynamic modelling •U
 niSim EO Blowdown Customize—Accurately size
your operation needs. Users can choose from a
• Robust, fast , accurate and unit operation models, as well as compliance capabilities, UniSim Design delivers more cost- and select the appropriate material for blowdown
and reliable software range of optional UniSim Design modules, as well
with CAPE-OPEN and Active X OLE Automation, effective performance, improving process engineering systems. Our equation-oriented blowdown utility
• Easy-to-use Windows* as seamlessly integrating best-in-class third-party
interface with clear graphics UniSim Design combines steady state and dynamic productivity and effectiveness. helps reduce CAPEX without compromising
solutions for maximum flexibility and to protect
for process flow sheets modelling to boost productivity and profitability on safety, by leveraging flowsheeting, blowdown
• Best-in-class aftermarket Enhance Equipment Performance existing investments.
scheduling, 2D heat-exchange in vessels, and
across the project life cycle.
services with experienced Equipment performance monitoring allows users
The UniSim Design Suite Options non-equilibrium calculation capabilities.
support staff
Improve Your Process Design to rapidly evaluate whether equipment is performing
 niSim ExchangerNet—An advanced tool for
• Flexible open architecture The UniSim Design Suite includes a wide range of
to let you tailor a solution Evaluate the impact of design decisions earlier in the according to its specifications and design.
modules to boost design accuracy in key areas for designing and optimizing heat exchanger networks,
for your operation project to reduce risks and optimize operations. Easy-
Engineers can use UniSim Design to quickly identify specific industries: enabling users to perform pinch analyses for better
• Cost-effective modelling to-use tools allow fast development and revision of
with a unique lifecycle equipment deficiencies for troubleshooting or •U
 niSim Spiral Wound Tube Bundle—Accurate balances between capital and operating costs
vision. process models, equipment rating, and design
to test the impact of design changes for revamps. dynamic modelling of complex spiral wound tube •U
 niSim ThermoWorkbench—Regress parameters
validation across a broad range of operating conditions.
bundle exchangers for LNG producers against laboratory data to create and analyze
First-Principles Simulation
Allowing users the freedom to run “what-if” scenarios •U
 niSim Flare—Design new flare and vent systems, thermodynamic packages for use in UniSim Design
UniSim Design enables users to accurately
and sensitivity analysis before committing expenditure, or rate and debottleneck existing flare systems or other applications
calculate physical properties, transport properties
UniSim Design helps reduce expensive on-site that no longer meet plant safety requirements •H
 eat Exchangers—Our UHX suite of products
and phase behavior. It’s validated with process
process modifications during commissioning and •U
 niSim PRS—Size the PSV/Rupture Disk and for thermal specialists to design, check, simulate
data to give realistic results when modelling
helps minimize capital costs. surrounding pipes based on calculated/specified and rate heat exchange equipment, based on
distillation, reaction, heat transfer, rotating equipment
relieving rate using different relief scenarios and 35 years of industry collaboration and research.
Lower Engineering Costs and logical operations in both steady-state and
Integrated with UniSim Design, users can quickly
generate datasheets and reports, with our Pressure
From conceptual and detailed design through to dynamic environments.
Relief Sizing tool. This tool is capable of Preliminary identify opportunities for capital savings in the
rating, operator training, debottlenecking, online overall process design. Honeywell also offers HTRI
Users benefit from the availability of extensive API Design and Existing PRD Validation.
optimization, and remote asset monitoring UniSim Xchanger Suite and HTRI XSimOp modules
thermodynamic property databases and the ability
Design helps create models that can be enhanced bundled together with the respective UHX modules,
to extend them (adding components or custom
and re-used throughout the plant lifecycle. This as an alternative to HTRI subscription.
thermodynamic properties) or tune them (to account
eliminates error-prone manual transfers, visualization
for binary interaction parameters, for example).
and analysis of production and process data that
UniSim Design users also benefit from links to
account for up to thirty per cent of engineering time.
specialist third-party thermodynamic databases,
Extensive Third-Party Support
such as OLI* Electrolytes, Schlumberger AMSIM, Open architecture gives users greater flexibility to select best-in-class software and gain maximum value from existing investments in
GERG 2008, Dortmund Data Bank (DDBST) and modelling technology. UniSim Design users benefit from smooth integration of a range of calculation and modelling tools, with support
AIChE Design Institute of Physical Properties (DIPPR). for market-leading third-party software as well as solutions from Honeywell’s wider portfolio:
Developed with a focus on robustness and ease of
 ultiflash (Infochem)—used for
M DIPPR (Design Instititute for  lackoil Option (Schlumberger)—
use, UniSim modules help users tailor a solution with properties, black-oil translation, and
as a PVT engine
DIPPR Physical Properties)—for properties
of pure compounds
for upstream fluid modelling
capabilities to meet their precise requirements.  OMOS (Siemens)—for
 changer Suite (HTRI)—for heat
X  redict SW (Honeywell)—
P engineering workflow
Honeywell also engages in Joint Development exchangers design and rating corrosion prediction software  ySEP (Kranji Solutions)—for
Programs with customers to address their specific  leopatra Link (Cost
C for refinery sour water separators and scrubbers design
Engineering)—for cost environments
needs and requirements. AXSYS (Bentley)—for
estimation purposes  LI Electrolytes Option (OLI
O engineering workflow
 IPESIM (Schlumberger)—
P Systems)—for electrolyte system
modelling  LGA (Schlumberger) —for
for pipeline simulation multi-phase dynamic pipeline
 mines Option (Schlumberger)—
A Pro-M (MSE)—for compressor design simulation
for amine treating process  LGAS Option (Schlumberger)—
O  ortmund Databank—leading
simulation wwfor steady-state pipeline
Dortmund databank of VLE data for the
 IPESYS Option (Schlumberger)—
P process industries
for pipeline simulation  AP and Resolve (Petroleum Experts)—
 for ovewrall O&G field simulation
Best-in-Class Aftermarket Services The UniSim Family
Honeywell’s support engineers have the product The UniSim Design suite is part of the UniSim
and domain expertise to ensure you get the most software family of online and off-line process
from your process simulation software. With an design, operator training, asset monitoring, and
average of more than eight years’ experience optimization applications.
supporting UniSim Design, and with solid backgrounds
Giving users the power to determine process
in process engineering, they’ll help you get
workflows, equipment needs and implementation
answers faster.
requirements, UniSim solutions help you capture
All UniSim Design Suite software comes with our and share process knowledge, improve plant
Benefits Guardianship Program, protecting your profitability and maximize returns on investments
investment in advanced software applications with in simulation technology.
a cost-effective path to the latest technology and
Speak to us about the UniSim range:
on-going support. Providing telephone and online
• Honeywell UniSim Competency Suite to plan,
support, updates and upgrades, it ensures your
deploy and manage a structured program for
software stays refreshed and keeps delivering value.
operator competency.
With our worldwide network we offer a range of • UniSim Optimization Suite to integrate Profit
other services wherever you are, including standard Suite, Honeywell’s comprehensive advanced
and custom training courses and full consulting control and optimization technology, with UniSim
services and studies. Design models for APC design and pre-tuning.
• UniSim Engineering Studies to help customers
optimize equipment design, controls, and
operation before making capital investments.

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