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The 1st 16 mic
with on board/line input mixer
Lexicon effect

¥Digital Soun
d Quality¥26 Inpu
inputs with bullet-p ts to Mix as standard Bands
roof studio grade Ut ¥16 Mic/line
Lexicon Dual Effec raMicª preamps ¥ Small venues
ts Processor with ed Built -in
Folio FX16 ¥16 pre/post itable programs an Clubs
switchable Direct d parameters
¥4 Auxes inc Outs for recording
16 mono mic/ luding pre/post fad or FX sends Conferences
with swept mid on er configurability ¥
line inputs mono inputs ¥Stee 3-band British EQ Schools
mono ins ¥Real So p 18dB per Octave
Lexicon Effects lo-in-Place and PFL HPFs on Places of worship
with 2 subgroup ou solo available ¥4
Processor ts ¥4 Stereo Retu Bu s Structure
instruments ¥100m rns for effects units
m tapered faders th or stereo
Power for condense roughout ¥+48V Digital and analogue
r mics ¥Channel, Phantom
¥10 segment Group and Mix Inse
tri-coloured metering rts multitrack setups
¥Relocatable ¥Dedicated M
connector field¥Ra ono Sum Output (up to 16 tracks)
ckmount Option
Small studios
Home studios
Pre-production suites
Video post
production suites

nd or as an 3 impedance-b routed to mix. nnectors own effects rds. an d all ow s is extremely send level. wi also provid ed s or ot he r stereo multitrack fader/post. 30 2-Tk Retcontrol sets the frequency n is pressed This rotary lo w bu tto rts 20 Mix Inseg the mix un wa nt ed IN PL AC E of any live ction. mixers. allow than sta nd ar ing you Sectio n in live or ns . choose the fre ing. as a side fill Sec ti o n insert point us bin se nd or Section o be used vern 10 Routing l can be routed als ls go “Y” cable. Aux 1 l in di fficult may be used PUTS recording situa more co nt ro returns which MIC/LINE IN is set to pr e-f ad er/post-EQ mixes wh er e fin e tu ning is re turn s fro m effects ring or 10 dB of as for stage monito required. your playback level “muddiness” at in the master se For processin in g de vic e (such as a ce s or in the be so lo’d in its mpressor/ m as ter perfo rm an signa l wi ll signal with a co vice. Aux 4 or Aux 2. tra bo os t for player Direct Out for and 3 set post. switc ha a maximum governed by a ec t m icr l. to Mi x or the re balanced send is be routed fee ds .5 independent of Provides DC po e in pu ts or av ail ab le. with Two phono access to their such as keyboa ay back your ar e be in g used as un balanced 9 Pan allow you to pl if they rotary ba lan ce d or sition of the master stereo recording. the sw to occurs or is activated. stereo in pu ts. Al Section are not solo’d are then e-balanced 1/4" 2 impedanc By pressing e 3 band e of solo is g the ssible for Spirit’s genuin muted. compressors or and right This output Master 27 Auxiliary th e lef t ditional bass annel’s route to useful as an ad EQs to each ch ing a subgroup . FOLIO FX16 ED 25 Power Len FX16 is lps tion 15 100mm A Indicates wh powered up. Co l in the stereo m Out control govern 17 Mono Su su ch as inpu t sig na proc es so rs you to graphic Mix. 12 Solo offers a Pre- 2 impedanc allow you ix its 60dB ilter Normally FX16 XLR connectors nal to a 29 Sub to M 6 High Pass F Fade Listen So lo allowing to send th e m ix sig kers. It is pa rti cu larly ste re o po sit ion. Al you to the PR amplifiers. ad er. cated post- section for cond jack 1/ 4" FX and is a dedi Connectors rt returns to be pa at it may The balance d th nnect fade send Lexicon foldback mix so to have allows you to co ents. allow of a ing enser mics. ul tit ra ck se g signals to input or HF at 12kHz wi th 15dB of m l eff ec ts send in a jacks for sendin an extra stereo in di vid ua effects units or tu rn if you run cut or boost. co 1-4 and the Lexi may be control on Unlike the gain rs’ Outs ter the same time. ed for the without repatch alt er channel’s 23 Auxiliary need to be ix Normally th optim um m ix . th e 2-t chosen to add sizzle or This dual fu Insert s pl ac es the mix or sound. er. FX 16’s steep 18 you to set the Subgroup to Mi ss Filter is put signal. CD l includes a th fo r wh en you inputs for keyb Each channe applications. A nn ec t signal Governs the po s aux cabl es . condenser precious lin boos t of-House mix. making this sw between signal pr e-f anto m or interval play pre-show Mid EQ sweeps an d 6k Hz . ts th at ha ve been connected. 13 Peak LEnction LED th e tw ts carefully rack return frequency poin pr es se d. in pu ts fo r m ic ent LED effects returns. with a Q the send id ea l as a live 24 +48V Ph music through the Front-o 24 0H z of cut or multitrack feed. g device if Octave High Pa gain for your in e SOLO stereo masterin ideal for cutting out However. or electronic instr um effects unit. the standard desig d. Pressing eff ec ts re 15dB of cut live performan ack ternatively LF at 80Hz with E sw itc h sets the monitor/foldb out of inputs. after DA T or studi true r de ve m en de d fo r vocals. subgroup signa allows yo u to pl ay back you channel’s solo graphic EQ. Equaliser any effec p Outs Source 21 Subgrou 31 Monitorthe associated 7 l ch an ne ls which added. when th recording. It m ay 4 rotary contro or as an of auxes l for mono PAs the master levels n effects 5 Gain Contro Each channe to MIX and SU B outputs at induction loop feed. mics. need a little ex Ea ch re turn may dividual nds. or to a routes the This switch dB per optimum pair of PA spea x. In re clipping ocess the signa l re punch to your lights 4dB befo e Allow you to pr th a up se lec tio n. 28 Subgroufaders control new Ul tra Mi c™ Aux. wer to the House PA of 1. Each re r Aux 1 an to ba ck he with Ph the master of 2 fold is labelled has access to eit the available from needed. ht subgroup re ad when it is not the left and rig 19 Mix Outs an ev en sp sp on se across a smoo th re e-balanced male levels. unit. an d in cluding lim ite r or ot he that you may ha recom the fad using “Y” cables . A r Au x 2 level being effec ts allows you Ho we ve ader per Subgroup. The adjac in ate s wh en Phantom illum Power is on . ce. Each mas some manufac ture stom design 18 Monitor e outputs to a solo’d after the fader. the cu rol on the 11 Mute Connect thes ld monitors p Faders of th e ga in co nt gives you t signal to Mutes the inpu ct Out Di re pair of nearfie ifi er. something direct output is set post 32 2-Tk to M return may be no t po ss ib le with a a studio Outputs The 2-track that is fader for use as alanced 1/4" giving you fixed mid co nt ro l. ca ss ett e recorder) o. . feed. This typ jacks for sendin a switches it is po pr ov ides extra o mixdown l to r either the British EQ rol over ideal for a studi cks need subgroup signa tional set FX16 to monito d co nt e tra multitrack or ad di Subgroup clarity an ns with the situation wher Mix signal. 8 Auxiliary Sec Fader resolution eturn 26 Stereo R ry lia FX16 has 4 auxi it to be Provides more ing d 60 mm small- controls. bination of low to be auditione of speakers. ra ng e. signal or a com fixed high and p W he n 2 Tk is D 22 Subgrou o. itc h all ow s or boost. sources. to the internal Return 16 2-Track co include reverb . giv stereo equally useful mixer de sig FX16 includes 4 tions. with to r pr e-f STER rotary GROUP/MA nn ec bl e XLR co ophones. se cti on all ow s compressor or your master re cordings quencies that 14 Direct Pere for example. Mi x an d via an am pl Two 100mm of gain and required. Power wi th ou t tying u an d 15 dB the Front. This ept mid wh en th l wi subgro addition. giv in g turn also to conn m Po wer channe se nd s if SECTION control. co rd in g or in EQ as effects se soloists. An ex tra or as ad di tional stereo rs ark is un its 1-4 Connecto e ze ro m studio foldback Auxes 2 gain abov e th oards.

5 Sec Delay time Echo + Plate N o delay 977 mSec Regen 0% 12 Delay + Bright Room 94% Delay time N o delay 977 mSec Reverb time 13 0.11 mSec 283 mSec Param 2 control 1 Minimum Maximum Reverb time Gated Reverb 0.25 Sec 6. liste n d the Parameter switches. the in a 19" rack. level of these two effect Lexicon Effects Table Param 1 control Minimum Maximum Pro gra m Description Reverb decay 0. your up.5 Sec Delay time Delay + Dark Room N o delay 977 mSec Reverb time 0. effects combinations suc Lexicon effects return leve in the table.25 Sec 6. 39 3 rs 37 Mix Fade Alps faders 2 Two 100mm el from the control the lev 17 mix outputs.25 Sec Speed 6. User Mode LED indicatin ion that are included. Each effect has Aux 2. Any alterati favourite settings may be reverb to a foldback mix will be held in memory . 1 cket 38 Phones tinSo g headphones For connec greater of 200 Ohms or impe da nc e. 16 22 23 40 20 21 46 18 19 41 40 two editable parameters which may be stored as user programs. 44 Progra m m e an alteration has been provides a wide array of studio-quality effects 43 Lexicon Effects Select made to the factory pre se including reverbs. to be selected h l .25 Sec 6. Rugged 4 pin XLR connec rear of the console for is show when SIP for connecting FX16’s tor tabletop operation or on the underside. ace 33 Solo-in-LPl Solo with Replaces PF e Solo-in-Place. either to Mix or to Sub. is pr or AFL switch 35 Monitorcontrol governs This rotary itors outs. so that parameters. as delay and reverb. Al ter 2-track ing h to sh ow they switc y PFL.8 mSec Speed OFF 4 Large Chorus 16 glides Reverb time 0.5 Sec 420Hz 6 Roo m 19kHz Reverb time 0. choruse Allows 16 pre-programmed Each factory preset may s R eturn restored by holding dow and delays. natively.5 Sec Delay time N o delay 977 mSec Regen 15 Delay + Mono Regen 0% 94% Delay time N o delay 977 mSec Regen 16 Delay + Stereo Regen 0% 94% Regen 0% 94% .are also e 1 w access to either Aux 1 or or PARAM 2 switches are you to mute your effects available. with unique combination effe t Lexicon dual effects sect description of the effects cts.5 Sec Timbre 420Hz 2 Chorus + Reverb 19kHz Delay time N o delay 977 mSec Speed 3 OFF 16 glides Depth Chorus + Delay 0.5 Sec Timbre 420Hz 8 Hall 19kHz Delay time N o delay 977 mSec Timbre 9 420Hz 19kHz Delay time Delay + Bright Plate N o delay 977 mSec Reverb time 0. and with the effects routable 45 Para m eter 46 Fo otswitch chorus and reverb . rackmount operation and in Two 10-segmen 40 Connector Panel ur ed m ete rs indicate removing unsightly cab les 41 R ack ears colo se lec tio n: co ntrol This may be relocated so that from view.5 Sec Delay time N o delay 977 mSec Reverb time 11 0.5 Sec 5 OFF 16 glides Reverb time Plate Timbre 0. The Lexicon or to mix external effects soon as the PARAMETER 42 Effects controls with the Lexicon to crea FX16’s custom-developed Effects table provides a te switch is released.25 Sec 14 Echo + Room 6. Th s to 39 Pow er Socket light associated LED activated.25 Sec 10 Delay + Dark Plate 6. or FX16’s connectors are at These allow FX16 to be Mi x.25 Sec 6. Su bg ro u room. saving space 34 M eters t tri- external power supply. SIP solo levels if an essed. retained. lev els .25 Sec 6. Several dual A rotary control sets the effect combinations. the level of mon 36 Phones control governs This rotary ur the level in yo 4 headphones.5 Sec 7 420Hz 19kHz Reverb time Chamber 0. allowing you to add whilst on stage using a held down the parameter adjust encoder will alter standard latching guitar the foot-pedal. connector specially formulated for The A djust internal effects also hav When either the PARAM (on rear of console) Allo Live performance .25 Sec Timbre 6.34 mSec 5.

8kΩ Rackmounted 443 (10U) x 482 x 160 max/64 min Channel Mute <96dB Line Input 10kΩ Fader Cut-off (rel. Spirit by Soundcraft™ reserves the right Aux Send Pots offness <84dB Mix. 20Hz-30kHz <0. 20Hz-20kHz THD & Noise Stereo Input max level >30dBu bandwidth. .5dB Mic Input max level +22dBu Noise Line Input max level >30dBu Mic EIN @ max gain. +14dBu @ Headphones @ 200Ω 150mW Aux. mm) Input & Output Impedances Desktop 160 x 444 x 460 max Crosstalk (@1kHz) Mic Input 1. 16 inputs all outputs @ 1kHz <0. Mix & Masters @ max. MicÕd PA Speakers Guitar Amp Guitar Bass Vocals PA Amp Compressor Keyboard 16 Track Active Multitrack DI Box Sub Sonic Speaker with Low Pass Filter Amp Monitor 1 Keyboard Effects Compressor Mono Amp CD Player Remote Graphic EQ Monitor 2 (powered) Switch Monitors MicÕd Guitar Amps Guitar Amp Compressor Bass Drums Keyboard Speaker Vocals Switch Active DI Box Various Mics ADAT/DA88 Keyboard Headphone Amp DAT Recorder Effects 1 & 2 Compressor Headphone Frequency Response Input & Output Levels Mic/Line Input to any output. Aux & Inserts 75Ω to alter specifications without prior notice.009% touted with faders/pots down <80dB Dimensions (HxWxD. 150Ω source impedance -129dBu Mic sensitivity -30dBu. 0 mark) <90dB 2-Track Return (unbalanced RCA phono) 12kΩ Routing Isolation <90dB Stereo Return Input (balanced jack) 10kΩ E&OE.

ole. curve around the cable runs are possib le witho ut the worry of from each channel. to hone in on a as well as for multitrack mixdown where plenty of particular character- istic of a sound and Balanced Connections effects feeds are required. Mid EQ designs allowing you intensive applications such as live performances. but mixes.impor tant in those pre-fader as multitrack feeds at a Live (ordinary HPF shown dashed) interference treated) of the sweep ons where you can end up with spaghetti-like trails performance without them being affected by the live situati EQ has been carefully of leads! Front of House Mix. Spirit fader. live/recording mixer from SPI RIT Relocatable providing a valuable extra stereo input. FX16 has been built from the ground up effects returns. founder of Soundcraft and designer of co- s make it a their and up to 3 pre-fade aux send saving rack space and mixers for 25 years. You need a 16 CHANNEL CONSOLE for live and studio With low cost mixers the term “multipurpose” often mixing. even during the most complex mixes. Even the 2-track return because itÕs a dedicated can be routed to mix if things get really tight. Back in the studio. FX16 gives of the applications they are supposed to fulfil. some manufactur often masked by mid frequency mushi is ically designed for rotary potentiometers. and several inputs simultaneously. some mixers do not include situations. reverb and chorus & delay are possible . This n. creates. This ensure s that they provid e a consistent. In other words they are virtua lly silent! In of the of possible compressors. giving you a provides much 20 maximum of 3 pre fade or 3 post fade feeds 100 500 1k 5k 10k 20k finer control than (including the Lexicon send). you may chosen. level at one point and hardly any chang e at another. These are not specif Specially created for Spirit. Unlike some mixers that provide only alternate pairs of unroutable outputs. so that a small move often causes a huge leap in section offers a wide range of breathtaking their tasks. If you are may not give enough corrective contro faders have a great l for live Therefore. UltraMicª Preamps 20 100 500 1k 5k 10k 20k unwanted additional ps.difficult if you have to manipulate an all-metal chassis protects the console in transit. all Spirit controls are custom-spe which put most outboard effects units to shame. All main inputs (except 2-track return) 20 100 addition the “Q” (the g interference to a 500 1k 5k 10k 20k cancelling out poten tial hum and keepin Switchable Direct Outs bandwidth of the bell In additio n. Often standard 12dB filter design when making fine s advantage over 60mm small-mixer faders external footswitch may not become effective until well below the changes during a mix. this gives plenty of scope with both Live and Studio tasks in mind. a jackfield achieves the best possible conne fully mic’d drumkit or a group of vocali sts to be routed to its stereo subgroup and controlled from just one pair of fader s. This means that the Sweep standard “fixed” auxiliary section is equally useful for foldback. outpu ts are imped ance balanced so FX16 direct outs are configurable pre/post fader minimum. (not supplied) frequencies where mushiness and rumbl e allows you to switch occur. That’s because to achieve need an effects their price point many leave off dedicated live or More Inputs studio features. but you also seems like a dirty word. craft FOH roadproof specifications as the largest Sound manufacturing consoles. Inaccurate Integrated Lexicon Effects s positioning by British EQ imitators means Custom Designed Control ers use off-the-shelf Spirit is the only low cost mixer brand that can offer you the leading name in studio effects . Hi EQ combination he valuable rack space. These higher and lower FX16 uses Spirit’s patented UltraMic™ Pream frequencies around the EQ point are left electronics with the Inserts on Every Mono input. versatile FOH cons PIANO (7-8 OCTAVES) Graham has over 3 BASS . and But what makes FX 16 so spe cial is its Solo allowing you to use PFL solo for gain setting MALE VOICE firmly believes that FECTS UNIT FEMALE VOICE and checking levels during a Live performance. too low of keybo and with too gentle a slope. internal LEXICON EF FOOTSTEPS many imitators lack Back in the Studio. important because mid frequencies will ing from the feeblest range. its unsightly trails of cables. Solo in Place allows you to hear 20 100 the experience or which saves you 500 1k 5k 10k 20k with 16 editable programs. . you greater flexibility in both Studio and Live However. limiters or graphic EQs at any stage for its fixed High and Low frequencies. 2 of FX16’s auxiliary sends are pre/post fader mid frequency switchable in pairs per channel. a high CMRR and an ability to handle +22dBu of input level. Spirit’s 18dB per Octave slope is faster Roadworthy Construction the Lexicon effects. In maximum of 16 mic/line inputs and 4 you all this in a rugged. it’s built to the same guaranteeing extra clarity for your live FX 16 may fit into a 19" rack space. whilst an all metal output .ideal for multitrack mixdown. represent a revolution in low cost mixer untouched. This means you can use them Steep High Pass Filter that long frequency being from electri cal equip ment . RACK-MOUNTED EQ bearing his name swept mid EQ make it the GUITAR FX16 provides both types of SNARE DRUM in the field. FX16 allows ctions. PREAMPS . Moreover dual effects programs such as delay & performances reducing the low frequ for their ency ate respo nse. with are just a few examples: mic’d-up drumkits. FX16’s custom-designed 100mm playing live. manipulate it. With 25 years of storable so you can keep your favourite settings Soundcraft design experience in Front of House you need it the smaller without having to set them up consoles for large tours to call on. meaning you can plug in anyth affected if the shelving controls are set be ard inputs to the hottes t of mics without any worries. High Pass Filters are essential for Live task. subgroup . le LE XIC ON effec ts Connector Field and a programmab FX16’s relocatable jackfield FREESTANDING Musical British EQ who said you canÕ t have it all? means that if you are using the unit. top end sizzle and extra low-end punch that For cost effectiveness. an purposes. your channel signal in its true stereo position. making them useless for at least one Up to 26 inputs as standard . The longer the again before each session or appreciates that over-subtle High Pass movement. mon “underside” of the console . the Lexicon effects ness. the mic and line inputs offer up to 60dB of gain is additio really complex mixes. Subgroups and Mix FX16’s warm and natural EQ is also that’s as close to the theore tical noise floor as it’s EIN figure These allow you to patch in processors such as enhanced by the careful positioning to get. SIP and 3-band 16 pre/post fade direct outs SIP and PFL Solo BASS DRUM BASS SAX million channels of perf ect mixing tool. Signals can appear at the group and mix outputs at the same time and instruments can appear as part of both mixes with separate level controls. Now While some manufacturers claim to have its 16 MIC console in a rack you can the Take FX16 to a venue and connect your leads to the “British Sound”. Filters the change in level between each fader performance.offering stage rumble that can cause muffled mixes accur . contrast. at its time to obtain the that ties up real fader level and including any effects you have the cost of an external unit Lo EQ right natural sounding added . In on FX16 are balanced. In treatments including reverbs. FX16’s 3 what EFFECT Choose an FX16 and see Switchable Auxiliaries band EQ with swept it can have on your mixes. Each program is easily editable and HPFs or Extra Fader Resolution where use ineffective designs. you can send this stereo sub-bus to mix too. It’s quite logical really. than standard 12dB per octave filters .Lexicon. delays and choruses Steep High Pass Filters cified especially contrast. so that a want to switch the direct outs post-fade so you can whole series of ride the faders during track laying.with a unit. Below for even the most input hungry bands compact 10U frame. Back in the Studio. FX16’s EQ really is formu lated o out. HPFs exclusively in the UK by Graham Blyth. 21st century surface mount Real Subgroups on of all techniques ensure accurate consistent inserti Virtually all small mixers have just a stereo wedge shaped components onto PCBs.

England. Harman International Industries Ltd. This equipment complies Cranborne House. Potters Bar. Rocklin. with the EMC Directive Cranborne Industrial Estate. Spirit by Soundcraft™ Inc.. Herts EN6 3JN. California 95677.spirit-by-soundcraf t. 4130 Citrus Avenue #9. USA. 89/336/EEC Cranborne Part # ZL0457 . Tel: (916) 630 3960 Tel: +44 (0)1707 665000 Fax: (916) 630 3950 Fax: +44 (0)1707 665461 w w w.Block Diagram Spirit by Soundcraft™.