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For over 60 years! more 'than 40 million peope have leamt over 750 subjects 1he teach. WID,... way. with impressive resutts.

be Vvhere you want to be



inlfOd'~dID I 1

L ngoag I fun I:llonl 3

~1£IJ'l [lnDiation 5

m pAl bamJgirdSJI at the la;lWay $,tation 1[D

81 tal for madl[ It was a lovely meal! 21

m: pi indkfb shopp'lng 31

Q4 i hffthav,nln at lAs airport 44

QS w,le~end Ii Nordljl!lllnd

~ke"rJ in ,Norttl Zea1aJld 56

m ad to~et ti I Jylland[ ,by train ,to Jutland &8

fU lontlnlngsm,de ;tla !Jusiness meeting 11

pi ihtUelJ1I al the lJotel 14

i ,somma rflUI 1'1 More at a cottage in Mots 1 D8

Dill bOld pi '.rretl on board the feay 123

hjemma 'ux Naill tot lDne igen

back at Hans and Lone S MUse 137

pi IJlrogkul.SDS On' a language course 1,.

lur,il.e~ j Ksbenbavft tourists in Copenhagen 162 pi rellau rani at a reSfaumnt 174

da I bu."os I' Engfanlf

when YM visited us in fRfllanrJ 190

Alison Ir QI Aliso" is ill Z05

IP~ inlbb[ i bblnhawn

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13 14 t5.



shopping i~ Copenhapn 211

'alVei DI pi IIBnsvnl QoodlJp, till next timel 231

iography p, nr Ej worrh was born ill Randl'rs, DellIJlark. She has r;._ •• England ~m e 1968 and has a degree in Russian a;;; Umv J"S/t)' r f London. lkrwl'en 1.975 and 2003 sbe DaI; hi at rhe Unlver ir of Easr Anglia aDd the e "W. . r the years teaching Danish to English stude mad h a arc: f the panicuJ;ilj" problems native .=a. er ace when learning .1Ir1ish. This knowledge fornu ~ of tl e approach adopted J1l Teach Yourself Da,,;sh.

. . Danish course is intended f?r absolure beginn rs and Thu, . no knowledge of an)' foreIgn language.


. . of rhe ho k ]S 'to enable fOU to (:ommuntt.: t in

The a un .. d · d h

•. !~ everyday snuanons an to pro t e you It· orne

Pract!caw" "'J . b D k d h D

ibac:k,ground information a Out ienmar .. an I e anes,

....-L. urse consists of 18 units with graded dialogues and

j ne cor '. h h di 1 d '_

• aiI'" A recording w~t _. T e . 13 ogues an· een':Jses

exerCJSIL.Jo,. . d . d to k wi L •

~~"b and you are trong~ ar vise (0 .' or w.rn ~t.

a ,!{,i,llIIIp . J

Ho to se th book

Each of the 19 units folJo\vs the same pattern,

An wnrroducrion ,in ngli. h starts ch uni md

}~OU wll I r wn U 1[.

Diaf ·gu -

There ur three or 'our diLllllgU[S t the beginning I" h IUJn~T. If y _IU have rhe re ur lin~ .. fr}' to listen to (hem f,r t :5(' h \\" uch )'OU II nder tl nd, th n r Il t them c re uU .

P S res rh r are un rhc re urding l r arked

u a ul r section rh t 011 h di I .gu ont n

rhe new words and xpressio ~ rh I yuuwill n d 1" undersrand it,

Try 0 fal 7 Thi





This consi . of comments on life in. Denmark rei dialogues .. as well as _languageoLnts and \'ocahu~Vant to

m phrases used in the dia.Iogues. ary

at to say Some import nr worlds and ~xplesslons, used in rhe dialogue

r~ pea re d here. ..-e

La nguage pattern s

1\lotes explaining grammatical structures and how to create yo. e n seneen e .


In these yo u practise the new words and th e new information.


Further dialogaes and texts, employingthe same vocabulary.

If you ant to progr~ss qwddy, work 3 little Every day .. Read the dialogues ev ral times and learn the voca bulary before you move On to due e ercises, Many Danish words resemble Englisb words and can be learned easil y. The grammar ~s not difficult. It is only the p rouunciaeien which ma f cause problems at first. The sounds are described on pages j -9 ~ and if you have the recordrun,g try to imitate rhe Dsnes recorded on ir.

TMW Yourself Danish tells the story of George Wilson, a bm:inessmanj wb 0 travels. to Deomaek to esta bhsh a market there for his products. He has 'been in vited to stay with his frieElds,~ Hans and Lone [Petersen" W~OI li vein Copenhagen. After a few days his Mfe'1 Alison, will fly to Copenhagen to join him. They wiU spend about a month in Denmerk,

Umt I In.ttoChlctiom and greetings, Simple statements and qucsrions~

Uml.2 Phrase used at meal rimes, Expressing 3 wish and

saying "dumk yon 1. Neptive statements. .

Umt]. Requesting others to do ~orne~mr.g and o~r~g

. • '.. . A. -kimlO' ,n uestions abo I1Jt articles m skups. Describing

alSSI.nance.,.f11j, -1';1'"'1

the we:a.meL

Unit 4 Asking for infQmlarion at the airport and at me rooway station~ l"e~g the timne~

Unit 5 Making suggestions. Agreting and di.s.agreemg.

Unit' A.s~g the \yay and. giving directions.

. _.1. tn,ers to buy your

Unit 7 Trying to persuade porennai custu . I,

PI~llcts, '.:_ En" quiring about cinema ad theatre

Urnt. 8, BOO;~jlln,§ a room. .

performances, Hiric:g a CaL

1Ii.. "'1-' b ildin~ and gardens.

Unit 9' Talking about JlJ01lSeS, nats, u, . tr_

: .. for parts at the bod~'

·Unit·]O Describing people, USing n3m~. .

and items of clot~_g~ TalkWg about families. .

, k 'II.. nehs and me seasons.

Umt 11 The da ys of the 'wee'~ tile mo . .

I I arnlng and work.

Unit 12 'Vocabulary de£cribmg language e , .

, . musaon,

'Unit t:3 Visiting, sights m Copenhagen. F_;cprC'SSmg ~

duty and courage. mg

• _ "J~ I"k about food, expre

Umit 14 Stating likes and wS] es

. deri . 1 t a rest:lurant~

preference and IOf ertng a meai iii

Umt IL, Talking about poling.

Symbo'ls and abbreviations

1't = plural info ~ in finrntivlt!!
sUlg. - singular trans. transitive
- :;:
,aJd~_ adjecti,ve , intransiti ve
,_ lIlD'tratDS. ==
prou. :;: pronounced comp, comparative
lit. =
- lite rally super]. superlative
pres, te:nse - presen t tense Tk.'.' .

;;:: ius indi ....... te .' I' II d d

.._, s m3.'[cnll I ncun e. on. tbe recording.

cc e m CC

C :I e ...



Unit 16 !lIme:sses and medical advice. U i[ 11 . hopping roll' presents m the centr-e of I..JOJlICtlilIM

Unit 18 Talking about the labour market, lIInfmplo}tmenr. Expressing gr3rirudf:_

The Danish a I phaber has 2'9 letters:
A a K k U u
B b L I V v
C c M 1m Vi w
D d N n X x
( e 0 0 y y
F f p p Z z
G g Q q If z
H b. R r 0 9
m . s A •
l S- a
J T t The [pronunciation of the Danish letters is expla~ned below. The comparisons vrith English sounds are only apprOXimate, and yOll will find it oE gT~.U benefit to work with the recording

OlOJ w'hich the words are recorded.


Danish has nine vowels: 3,. e, I 0, u, y., %. 0 and 1. Vowels in Danish may be short or long. The hort variant is ohen slighrlvmore open than the long lIowt:l. Apart from i and u, the vowels I3Jre rnue h more open when immediately preceded or fulowed by r than otherwise (compare bllt with bar).

Letter long a $11011; a b~ng l! short I!

How 10 pronounce II

slightly more open than a ~ bad slightly more open than a 10 like extended i in fit

like i ~n fit

ExIfRP&. bade (batbt) kat (aJf) bedc (as') fedt ride)





like ee in bee tide (suffer)

Ion ~hortened yt'lsion of (he same dirt (you,)

sh rt ~ :JJnO~l like lengthened u in put skole (school)

loo~ Gl!1 I' ke 0 i n_ OH,oIHf lokke (lu,..~)

shon (II Lfl. I""'" d

u I~k~ ou in ,you pu e kushiOll)

IOhl'lg ,~ sl-l.Orifmed version of rhe same Ia.uuJc (Coul..l\

~ ,art IIJ o:!O, • 'I.. d 161

iongl~bort y This. ~O~'lllclt d~e:5 no! CiCCO_( ,m _, Of e (offer)" [r IS prod~c~~ by ~yrng bytte (swap) eo p:umolIDce Damsh ~ {as.m

fide O[ di~) wlth [ol]D.d£d lips

long/short ~ shghdy more optlili than e in ~e5t lrese (read)

t:ht short rquJL\r.1leOf ound lS "em (friend)

~'Tilrte(1, e like i in bird

hene (hen) h.oM (chickens) hibe' (h ope) hind (hand)

Io-nc iO a~dJ snort -" king i shOd ,a

~1ight1y mort closed than (I ,m or 11k.'!:: 0 m got

the sound ow the sound au the sound eu

I ike oy in loy tike ow In how

I ike eu in rhe Spanish word ~lro, but a hit more dosed

l;ke cw :in pew

Like 0 in obey


~ lmelt iq to.

~,.e (own), vq (,Odd)

"Ie (eye), le& (onion hay (Sf41)

peba (peppn)

livlig (lively)

OS (and)

loy (law)

syv lseven)

evae (ability) 8\'ria (remaining)

1lg (lid)


bedc (ask), btbe (~)') daR (by) ~ Melli (boy)

.* (.sIre,t). glad (glad)

Danish bas 10 consonants, However, c, q, w, x. and l. are only used w. words of foreign origin.

AU Danish consonants are short. A double consonant does not indicare length, but usu iii Ily has the function of showing that mil!

preceding vowe I is short.

The pairs of consonants b-p, d-t, S-k Me only differeDt at the beginning 'o-t ill word. Fo!: example, k in Izkia ("all) sounds exactly like g in I~e {lay l. Similarly p and b sound the same Ul St0pp~ 'stop) and ebbe (low tide) as do t and din sa:ae (set) and bredde (wi,dth),. The leners p" t, k are also pronoWlced as b, d, I after s: '§pise (e~ t)~ stave (speln and tkinne (.shi,..e).

the Da nisn ii-~;ound or u-sound. The first vo I .

..I '10 d h h h we I pronollMed

l.I.escn e a ove, . ut t e second element never teac:hes the

~ ur 1.1- Instead of t a sound between e and i 11 PIonounccd pure UlSlead D'. IJl iii sound between 0 and u Se al du& and cornbinations of letters may produce: the sa~f! di~~thong. rent

SDund How 10 pronounce tl

the sound ai like i in {;ne

the sound ill the sound OI!lJ

rhe SOWld yu the sound ,~U me' scund ml

like u in Hugh

)wke ell in Spanish eu-ro like eUJ in Spanish e'Uro., b~t a hit more rounded like 0 in o,bey'

the sound au

D Con,sonants

Latter How to pronounce it

b ~wk~ b lD bed

d like d in dog

In front of Wlstressed e (with .a few exceptions) and at 'the end of a word similar to

tb In the


f g


~ 'k

b,;s I if)J hjem (borne) i a 'ye51~ jord (earth) komlIle (,I!:ome)

1 m D rp


only used in words 0 f (or~ign

origin, pronounced as lev q~ quicbtep

pronounced as v watt

al~hc beginning of a word as Ii- xvlofoD

after a vowe i as ks Axel

pronounced as So zebra., btnziD

7. Sonte~im:s a ~l'i1:tcn letter is not pronounced. In the: coIDbrnaiUlllS of ld, nd, rd} ds and tit, d I silent! guld (gokI), rnand «,nan J; o~ (word) plads (place) and godt {good). There 3i!i:e a few exceptions, sue h as httd {scbolar 1 kamed).

'The ,glotta~ stop

The' Won~[ stop is w~del'y usedin Danish. In some dialect' mc:re is [1.,0 glottal SW'p, bl:1Jt it is a ft:atur~ of standard Danish. It can Oc[ur ~R b nth 'Vuwels and consonants. ~h: is cliffe-rent from the glottal SJ<?P in English. ~is rcpbces r in some dialects, as in wllter and outter. In Danish the glotta~ stop is an rnterruption Df

a voiced sound. The prenunelation begins lOonnal\y~ [hen a g]orta! stop is made th rough the dosing of tbe 'Vocal cords or ill most cases, ntdy a narrowing of the gap between thr-st~ resulting m .aJ pg:ief pause. W!lnem '(he air from the lungs is allowed past th~ "'{heal cords again a. small expl csive snund is heard! like a brief

echo of the ioljerruptoo sO'Um!Ld:

Without the glottal stop: With the gLottal stop:

&lao. (one) mand [man'] (P1tan.)

mar. (motber} mord [mo'r1 (murder~

'hun (.she} hand {hun'~ (dog)

The ~[cs g<]'\lCnung: the use of the g~ottal st:op ~~ very complex, and since i'l! is not essential foil:' communicauon lit IS n~)( ~ess:a.ry at 00 earl y stage to. concentrate on this feature of Daru~h. I~ LS best learnr thro1iDJgb imitating elther the Danes on the teCQrdlJlg

O:r Danish friends.


The stress usua Uy fa Us on the first syllable of a woro. Among r:

exceptions to this rule are many loan-words, th~ w\c beginning wjt~ be-, er-, 'ge- and for-, and several Danish pace:


Additional information about tnt: pronunciadon will be given in

ehc units 3,$ it becomes relevant.

.. 1 HeUoll Kimenl

At the main. rai.llway staJfiOI!L in Cot'W"nhagen Han" f

- - f b' r- • ~ IS w.l\nng or

the ~.raLn fO arrrve .rorn E..~. l~rg, George has traven~d to

D,el1mark by_ .~.'!if)a'[ from Harwich to Esb1ertl a d - L ~

. n...·r Citv trai 1:1 11 lSi In h~

[l'LO,DlC'U[ ~n '[~e ~1r;Uer lty tram (E.nsL~ndcren}. This is the bou

tram Ihsl[ brings rhe passengers to Copenhagen. Hans sets a 'n-t'lghb(rIln' on. the platform.

HlaDS lCIirsten Hans

Dav Kirsten!

He] Hansl & det • dag, jet'BS Velllll1er ffa England Kommer? JIJ.1 George kommer Ii nag. AJ son komfOef pi fredag. Ht., flyver merover.

Mi f1I IIInOr kornrnar ogd med togetfra. Jyiland. Hun skal bo hos os i en luge.

lIlIa'v nello (in1ormal Qllieeting) nyver is flying. will fry
b~J hello l{ijnfo;rmal greeting} lrIem'tller 01l6r here
er is min mor mymoH:lef
det it ogd amo
I dag tooa', med toget by 'rain
lenl's your (phJJ"a~) (Ul b.., the train)
'Jenner (#ends mid with, here by
hit from Jylland Jutland
kommer are coming. is coming aka' is going to
fp yes bo sray, live
p' fredag on Frida:, bo&OI with us
hllln she I en uge fora week D 2 What is your mother called?

Km,rs:n,en wants to do some shopping before the shops dose and asks if Hans can give bel' mother a lift, Hans is pleased to help,

but does not know her mother.

HS1ilfS IHrvad hedder dill mor'?

Kirsten HUl1li1ecder Marie &lf8t1SM, og hun ~ommet' fra Hemlng-

What IS your morher r;aJled?1 What is your mother's name? (your infotmal)


Hv,ad heddet' din mot?

11 ...


a ......


III 4 Hans addmsses a'l11 elderly lady U~sky1d j er [lefry Ma.Ii~ Sae"lsen fra Heming l' ,Ja. Je-g hOOder Marie SalenSet)l.

Deres datter Kirsten er mi rl nabo_ De :skall km'e med os hjem,

Mange takJ!

George Jeg header Gea:uye WliIscni (l~ leg kommer Ira El1glsjI'\d,

M &tie Jeg .~ynes" VI :s.kaJ slgB 'du I til hLnanden. ,,Jagl er dus mad aUB I Heming.

a 3 Hello George! Kusren h:'::n es and the train arrives shortly afterwards.

Mains Hej' Geolgfl,l Vefkomman W [)anmarld

G eorge He~ Hanel TaM

Hans Det er en li:IIiIg rejse moo bAd og tog fra England tWbenhavn,

G eorg,e Ja, men det er en interessant. mjse_

Ha"s Min nabcs mot skat Mm moo os til Holte.

V:eJkommen til O.nmsll'lic W61comti' 10 Denmarld 'lakl Thtmk you~

ISlMLg ian§}

lJI'eJse joutney

med bAd Bg t'09 by boa' and ltain bAd boal

tH to

KDbenhavn C~enhag6n men ,bur

en I"meressam: re.J&e an inf8 r9S ring' joumf3Y ml n nabo-5 mar my ~eig"oour"s mather nalbo nefghb"our

ure go, dri"'6~ fide. travel medos wi~us

MoUe lSi suburb of Copen hagen

Halils Marie' HaM


Undskyhtll ••• , ,ExctJs~ me, _.. ?' De y,ou (tomnal)

lru Mrs

Jel ,t

Deres (illttell' ¥OUF (formall) daughter hlem tl'OMs

Mang,tII .t!:! Thanks' Many ttm.nb'

Jeg .yn~ .~. , thifflf; _

vi Bkal S'~g8 "duO til hlnand.m IW8 shou.ld say '00' r~ you) to flach mher

'1118 say

hr~nilnd.... each Daher

Jegr af dUll mMi .an. , say "00' (~ntormal yoo\ to evBtybody

Blle evstybody (~ura. (If aJ ~ aUJ I ;n

Trtile or false,?'

Now dee de which of tht: (oU-Dwing statements arc true m and which false ( )~

a Al ison is arriving, toda J.

b Kirsten's mother is hom. Heming. c George did not enioy his i oumey.

Saying flhe,iI 0'

Do" hej and aliso davs me' in:fomnal glieetiflllgs, whi ie gClddag [os the fOli'ffllal and pdllte equivalent. The next l'IIote, cIW1le (you) , defnBs infol'il1'1lal and formal usage m.ore c1osely.

DduJDe (yau)

There are two. ronns O'f address in Danish- TheN Is an infoml:aJ form:

{sing;ulari1r du

(p1ura_ij I

and a fonal and pol rte foml:

(sin.gular) De

(p1uraij De

. . . uII ~ when addressing chlld~,

Thirty '"ears, ago people used Id . on y. . of addl'eSS Is

family ~nd friends. Today, however, the In,=~ use du 0( De, mom wlde~y used. ~f you a~ [n doUbt aboIJt 1he same mode 01 wait for the Dame to address )Iou and then adopt


13 1-



(an ab bre\#~aticn of the firs! syflable of ....., (the first syllabre of ~) (an a'bbre\iljation of fraken) fThis cannot be' pronounced only as a written title.)

TheV are spelf with a small letter except at the beg~ng

DIU'ndskyld (Excuse me,

UndcS kVld means I ite.rally excuse (me). It, is used as an apology to frrtrodlUce q we:stiO-!1s:

UndskyJ'd! Undskyld, ". ?

Mft rs, Miss and Ms


hr. fru Me:.

Mrs Miss



What to say


ask ~ODu~one's name give your name

say where 'You are from ask. a polite q uestion greet a Iriend

greet rorma[1y

express an 0 pinion I' say what you fed, aJlbout sOlTIerhing




.. •

1 am sorry! ExcU5e me, ... ?

.H v ad hedder din mor~ J eg h edder Hans Petersen. J'eg kommer Ira Eagland, U'nds-kyf~ 9 De fru ~rnsc .. He] George! Goddag; :fru Sorensen" J eg s'yne5." VIi skal sige i du'

hinan delll. jeg !§ryncs, d,et er en intcll"I!SS.3.Dt r.ejse.

lang'U8,ge pa:Hel"ins 1 iN (boat)1 iia~' (train,)

In !lanish, ~"""'51'n3mmg' words) are div!d"d into two groups or geod.l"!;: the common gender leI and the neuter gender (n], Abmn 75 per cent of nouns are <"ll1l1lwn gender, but th~..., are m~ s a t~facttofY, rules br which rhe g'~llde:t!' of a noun Cam be d"rerm"'.d. When you learn a ".W noun )'<Ill should alsD learn

, ender, The En~lish iJ (il\dcf~nue article] In front of a D Dish

Ib g d - . f f ..I __

common ~n er nuun IS, en, (J in ront 0 a neuter genua noun

is; elE. ell bad

a boat

a r;,"aitl

et tog Mos[ of the nouns in the dia~ogut'5i are common gender nOUn$: en bad

en nabo

en daner

en vert eft liIlor en uge en rejse

- . Iy nne neater zender noun in the dialogue. s :

There IS on 'lUlU - IO!Ij . til

er 109

2 'I, yo'u, helsheflt' and 'we, you, they' in

- Oed persona] pronouns. 'You met many of these These are CaJ , . - • . I 1'.

the dia logu:es. and here JS the camp ere 1St.

we l!"I

you UDe (plural)

'hey de

1. 'I


-eg in jeg is ~ro~o1!lLnoed like L .

~ del die -t is sLLent.. Danish i-sound as. in dit .

D~de is pronounced wnh thE a

,~~ . it tense of Ito be~l: st

3 IA· m aMID." and .s tpresen .' h

. I, III..... h d'"-~ent forms In [ C

i. b to be has t ref rrren . nJ

Wh:de in Eng~!sh the vel'. he js) in Danish the re IS 0 Y one

pn:~-ern tense U arn:t< you !!>Ire,. I

Iorm [er]:


I etlOt er de er

Jcg er

du to rfOe er han er

hun er

den er

clef elF

"6 4 The present tense

The present te nsf' of D ani 5 h verbs end .

seve al e?,amp1fts of thjs in the dialos in -r, kcmmer J dag and bun hedder Marie S gues, SUcIl verb stars the. same whatever aces bef ~.

~Llore 11:

j eg flyver til ]U, bema \'0

duJDe flyver ri I E!r!L,C1a nd

i1:ln flY'~eI til Danrnark

hUR flyve1!" til Manchester

den 8rv-er ~iID Jylland

der fJyve.r til & bus

vi H ~",rle]!" til Odense

lID e n )FVU ti I, G;atwtck de fly rtf til Skodand

The pres ent tense is used to describe: a what usualjy happens, Han flyver, .. hi wba.1I is happening now.

Han ilYlff'lu.

He flies to Arbus every

He is flying above ........ Uf·..r.ER.I....:! fit the moment.

6 The infinilivl8

The inf~1] itive ,ends in unstressed ~e which is added h

. f b wi h ... ... to t e: Item

(the: tti.3u:l pari 0 . a, ver wu out any endings). H the stem of the

ve.l!'b ba.'5i on i1 o:ne s,yli able 3ifid ends in a s.trl!ssed \lOW I

dd d b ( r) L It no -.c ss

a ae -, e ,g. ,of!) stall) -dlV,t:' 'Ii though there are SO~ exce nons

The pres£:Dt rense .ending -r is added (0 the infinitive_ P . kOBLmc: + r - komm,,-y

be oil- IF = bOor

The iIIfinl~ivlt: 'ro beJ is at "zre,.

T statement'S, and questions

17 ).


Look ar the selR(€ nees below and notice the cha:n,g(: in word order Wh~D a state"m.e.nt becomes a question and vice versa.


Han komrner ba Em.gland.

Hun hedder Mane,

fu~s bel' i Holte.


Kommer han &a England.? Is h~ from EnglDnd?

Hedder hun Marie? Js sh'~ (;lJUed Mi:lrie"?

Bar Hans I Ho\[,e? Does Hdn5 live ,i,. Holre?

The answer maiy 'be yes ia, .or no Dq. V me answer is yes to a negariv~ question (e.g. Doesn't he Live ill London~) the Dallisb rEply is tor

You can 3150 form a question by using an m.terrogari'Ve word SU(Jl a'S wb,at, 'when; b mu, wb·},.

hvad t wh,~tl: H:"ad hedder din mor'?

He is from England. S&e is C4Iled Marie. Ham lruts [1'1 Ho.ltt".

8 Possessi,on: my neighbour's mother

ill Da'Drubl,h =s is added without an apo5rropne: min nsbos [110(.

Hn'W!l;'IIt:'f' noons: endin,g in -:50, e.g. Hans, add -es Of aD aposrropher Haases bat or- Hans.' bat l Ha~ ~s bdtl-


1 Ans'\ver the foUowing questioDs til Daniih~

3. Hvad hedder Hans ~ nabo?

b Hvad hedder Ha'l1Js;~ ven fra England?

c ~ "lll"ad hedcle,r K'uritenS m,o:r?

d Hvad hcdder du?



C:h mge these .'.:itaternents inro q- .


a AJ" n komrner pa fredag. •

ane oren sen bor ~_ He-ming

c George k~rer rued roger &3 &hjerg til

d Det er en lllteressant reise, ~-

Re-writf the foUowrng senfences replaci names and nOllJns with pronouns. Here ~ the

sta rr yOU' off~ JS an

George kommer fra England. Han konunet fra a K~mmer jeres venner i dag?

b Alison flYlPer herover,

cRejs n er lang.

d Toget keree til Kobcnh..:Jvn.

e Hans DC Kirsten hor j Holte.

4 Complete the fo]Jow~[lg dialogue, by fillina · answers:


BOor du i Londnn?


C rm pi ere the foUowmg I ia I ogue:


Jeg hed del Aml~ Jem~en. Nej, i~g boy ~ Es'bjerg.

Nej, min darter DOl' i England.

6 How do you sa}' the followi rug j n Da n ish? Hello John! Welcome to Denmarkl

Hd [0 Madj I Tha Ilk ) ou 't

I think it is. an il1Lt~r~stif]g j~umc'Y'

What is your mother caUcd?

She I~ tall~d Edith Olesen,

She i s going [0 S~31y W 11th us fo r a week. Excuse me, are you V~~gC} ' .. i,clsen?

No, my name JS Pier Hansen.

I arn sorryl







, TravetUng 1.0 England

H:;tns~ wHe, lo-ne" is ta1k1og ro Kirsf~ftlS husband, Ni.~\Si_

L'one, Kirsten slg@:r~ du skat re.jse 'tl' Erl9~nd ; naaste lIIe,

Niels .la, j~, skal flyve UI Manchester p4 mandag.

Lone' J g.g synes, det er en interessant ~ med bAld fra Esbj8rg Ii! HafW~ch,

Nle\s, IlJet syrles jeg ogd. men det er en lang reise • ..leg karl fty!,Ie tf,ij IKmben11rla\ln ttl Mamilester, .leg kornme-r '-'ibaga ~ IKabenln a.V1I'1i p.! tlrsd ag.

nJse 'tm:ve1 11~' next

pil) l1ftanda, on Monday

ka" tUbage back

pit tirsdag on Tuesday

Due or false?

NOrw decide which ,of the followmg statements are true (T) aad

which are false ffil·

'Niels. is traveUmg 00 England on Monda}'-

bl Niels "'" in na;v,~l by 'boat from Esbie'rg to Mar-wich.

c Nil;'h; wiU rrsvel to MaJndu~sre'r and bad, to Copeahagcn on

the same day.

Kabenhavn Copenhagen

, . • 'LI' b h VD Mange

Dei[ er ]U'l-c-r.essant at \'~re runst ~ .['..~. en ill ' • •

engLrel1 dere rei ser tit K~ beDllJlla~1iL. D~ reiser med bId ,fro. Hdrw:th til Esbjerg 109 rned tog Ira Esbierg nl Danmarks ~~"ed5ta ,C' er

, , V'~b h D nrnarks ,n,nhn~ke C~I1[mm.

de Hvve r derove r. :f'!,..H, .em avn It": r . an I(lI, if" - ..

of _ _ ~ • b. Cl DAr er ma'n "e rnaseer og

Dronningen bor pa Am:ii'llen org a OET '!.. '''0

parker, Alle gar i Tiv,oli.

al vmll'8 10 be en tuli1ls' a tourls' mange many

engllBndere EngliShmen, tRglish people

en BngJIEeftder an Englishman

en hovedatad a capIta'

eilBf or

dell'over OIV9f trre18


poll~tsk. ,.. ... r .. 11.>£1

20 at centrum a centm
J. dronnlngen the qUgeIl
en dronnlng a queen
, Amal Aborg Sro1 at Amslifmbotg

at alai 8 ca.srJa, B PIllaoe
dar er tilers tire
musaer tnUSSI.Jms
el lfDuse um a museum
parker parks
en rk spark
,afle evsrybody
0 IgAr I Throll Jlisit the Tivoli Gam..
IIIIiiiiiI; g6 ga. wa~k TiiV1l1 i Ga ~d ns, c.Qpen ba C!in True or fa 'se?

W hid.. [l r these a re trill": (T) and which! ~ re false (IF)? a Fe \V Ene1 msh tourists VR it COpe-nl-. ageEl.

b The qtu:en lives all: Ama~knhi:lT:g, Palace.

n~~' a ~\\V ~.1 the It urisrs visit the TIvoli C. rdcns,

"'I ...







1 _.







3 DI C.

.. 1 He. e, George!

en ans ~rks the car outside [brir house. Lone to welcome him and Geurge.

[Lone DBV George I: Velkomli"ll"i8r1 til DMmB.J'k1J

GeorgI!! Hf!j Looel Tak skal du haveJ

Lone Er du b'38t?

George Ja. I~dt- Del er en 'ang rejse_

[Lone E'r du sulten?

George J~ jag er meget sulten,

Lo]nll! Maden ell' na!Sten foiElrCJg. Vi kan ~se 0t11 et kvart-.

Hans [au tnenger tilen gin og toorc, Geo~e, Oat ger vi ah

George Ja tak. dst \!Iii jeg geme hal/e.

Hans Vrersgo" len stan1< gin og 'orJic!

George Tusind raid

Tak simi du ha,., II 'bat Ildt 8ullten meget sulten I1lIlden IlIEsten fEerdl1 splse, 11m et [barter 'l'm!Jilger 111 delgmr vi an~ ke

Igcn det vn leg gema, ha,ve'

vii 'geme V'E~"gO~ sl89llt Tus'lnd takl

Thank you '(VB'1f much)1 tiTled

a ';ttfe


VBry hungty the food nearly readt


;n a ,quarter 01 an hour Flsed

all thJe9 oJ tit, da (ILrt~ that we do all three)

present le1IIcSe of I"nt' h1o)

, w®1d ilk.s (fO have) that lUt thilt I wo~'ld likel to have) would 'ike

,Here yo.u a}'f.j~


TfJank you very muchl

2 A quarter ,of an hour' later

Lon.. V~r;5go1 Nlu skal vi $plse. V1 skaJ hav,e, klar

~lalSkesteg rned r,,,dkll og ~Iekage. SUPpel

Geo~ge Oet Iyder godt Jeg hclder m&ge~ af dansk mad.

LOlle HIM dl!!! en fla.ske 're<!vin, Ham?

tI'Sl'rlS Her er to ftaskew redVirl.

Ghl:tor,g9 Det blivEU 'In.ygge'igl.

VlErsgOl IilU bave liar !luppe ftB!ske5teg rned IUdk6I ,feblekage

det Iydel' gadt I,yde ~~ holder rrteget Bf . .. holde aI

dBnsklmadl [Hlu du .,.,~ l' en laske

Ilfttvin heT ,to flaskel' nxtvln, det .lIwer 1111"lgell91

bllve hyggellgt

{here} an irMtation to CC)IfW ., ... now



fMS1 pal'k Mfh md cabbage

a d8S5811 simitH to btlIe, made wm. stewedl apples

th8.t ·so.unds good

(:to) smmd

, am NllSty low of be (Qf.1d of; :like' Dan;sh (ODd

,Do }lOt' have .", ? ~ }oW got ... ., a boI:t1e



,two boW'es of ,red wine ffw.iUM~,'

(we shall have a Iwety time) :tJeoome

'cosy', homely, nic6

3 An hour later

IlAne Du kalll glOdt splse nose" mere, ikke Geo~?

G~!W'I'!Qe. .,j'o tak. det kan jeg godt. Det smager sA goOt-

Hans Jag kan ogsA goat spise Ilidt mere .ble'l:mga'. Man kan godt dliiklke IrGdrvin tUI ~ble'kage. Skll!

George Ja, diet kan man, Skill

ltidt well (not to be trall1l~ated here) nogsl mere some'more

Ikb Geofge? Can't youl George? .

,Jo tak' res pJ8ssB (mter' a negative ~) del: smager d Igodl JI tastes so good

smage (to) 'asre

man kJ n godl drilldc.e Glne car.. drink

IlIPan ooe

d-lI~ke (10) dnnk

m .b - ekese wfth .bleke.

Skil! a. HfS I

24 Ii





4 Shonly afterwards

Lon Velbekomfll1el Nu 1ramgor v~ tll en kop kaffe.

Geo"P lal< for mad. Det smagta dejligt.

Hans Talc for mad. skat .

Vel bekommel

At' the e,nd 0:1 rna meal the says vel bekomml. There Ia equivalent phrase in EnQlah. It may it (the food) do ~ flOOd a cup of coHee

it Itasted lovely



en kO'p IicaHe del smillie delligl ,deJllgI abt

TNe or fa'lse?

a Geoege is hungry.

II:. George would. like a gill and eonic,

c Georg¢ has. never tasted Danish food before. d. They dr~nk a bottle of wl1iJlie' w~~e.

e IHarms, ears several he:~p:~Dgs of the de sserr,

I Sha'king hand.s

When y,QU amw at a Canish hOlme and are' greeted, you shake wiilh your host as; you say hello to €tach c.1'1,er, When lea\!ling. shake Iilaffuis, agalfl_ GoodbYB Is; tansl. while the' Iinformal I:IIri.iIUI."~ is Ihe~ or he.l .. Ilej..

DV';:ersgo (Here you ,are/)

Vii! g 01 is a corrivacted 'form of viers.luod which Iher.aliy means so good. VoIJ use. It, whe:!"llhID'llding somebody something"n 1J1e here you areJ: V;ef9go. en S_11c gin aU tonic!

Vcersgo is, also used as, an Invitation to come 'b:ll tab~e: Vmrsgo! ska~ vi spJse (cony,esPOl'llcUrLQ to DlnJi'll~r ls seNe~.

DTak 'for madl (It was a Jove,ly meaf)

Wh.en the nostess says vel bekotnmeat ~he end of 1h61 meal, everybody<s her fef 1tJel food, using the phrase tak fQIr lfIIIad,. It Is part of table lm"ianneIfS,

What to say

HoW [0;

• C'xprt:5!il Wh3'~ you w01Ll~d like Jeg vii geme JoUowcd hy the .nf~nlti",.e 01 the rnam vetb,

e .g. Jeg ... ,1 gernt rei'lf! ti KDbtohavn.

J ~ tak, det vii ie& &ernr have~ Yes plt!d5t. I wC}uld !.l~t tha,. (Urera\ly. yes p\east, that 1 would Ijk~ to have.~

]cg ¥il game kommepi frtdag:

J WOtIld tike to come on Frida-j. l'akt

Talc !ikal du have! Manic tak.!

Tu ind takt

Ja tak\

JOI tak.!

'no tham'ks!' Nel talc! ehrases used at meal times V ZJ1.go!

• stiy r ' .. - Tak, lOT mint!


~many thankst' ,

It::hank you v~[)' mucht .. say ~fc.s plcaset'

Language patterns 11 The (boat), the pre; n)

, - •• '. I . word but: OlD ending. If the noun

1m Danish the ]5 noe a separate d ... 11 . d. if h .5 neuter

is OORlIDQn. gender, -en is adde to t .e wor , ,

geIlLdeli, -et is added.

11118 comli11.on gender: en 'bid,


Tbe lIle'meT' gender:

. a :t1t1in

et 1'O,g the train

loge~ ,

- . -', 'd' ~ before the noun there 15 :l

Tbe IS not an endlDg l~ nmrme. I ate y U . C)

- - , . - ney t See 'mt J.

quaJDying word, e.g. me on,g lout.

d boat the boat

I t


~ Q.


Nouns tha d .

eru m unstressed - nl

eo y add-

en retse

rejse a j01lTlrey

ell uge the iOllrtle)1

UgCD a week

the week

A double consonant in Danish d . .

serves to show thsr the prec di .oes D~t mdica ends :in a double conso,e- mrlgfvohwells short.

_. - nane, tie v I

consonane IS short and srre sed til .. owe 01. etotM

the ending is added: e consonant IS

en kop koppen et slot slouer

a alP

the cup

a palace the palace

2 ~Me, you, himlherfit' and IfUS1 you, W'n.I: ..... '

In [he firs, unit YOD - ., • , !L

lor th _ .. _ were, g,IYen tfU~ personal plOnOUDa

. _ rn , a~ IS used when the p rsonal pronoun - rfo

that the verb d,escfi bes (1 travel, :you ear, he dri n b e~T in ;:';~ds, when _ they_ are ~be 5ubie'Ct. In this _ Dote t you' f_. _ tb.a~ ~ used] when the pronoun is the object (1U4l'l~

nrm, we v,~ tt them ..... 1" ..... ) H· ...1- .

. , ~III!1o. • ere IS Uile oOlOOlpJetle hst:


me mIl

yorl di,WDem him ham

het hendc

it deruldn

us os

you jerlDetu them dem

v i holder af Dem

. tg hrdder- at ham vi holder af hmde han h lder af den hUJf1J holder af clet de holder a( 05

jeg hoM"r af i~[

v] holdl':l£' af Oem tLl,l~ halide:!!' af dcm

I am fond of yOIl (inform I, plural)

!~e afe fOiid of you ~ Iermal, plural)

sh,e is fond of them

3 EJ,pressing a wish

look at the e~tences ~d.ow Lan.d~o~j~e that after \'it gerne nd vi~ ikke the mam, v,e"b IS in the infLnl,uv~.

Saying what you would like:

J~, wru_ ger'fI~ ha,lfe lidt ~bh:kage.

1 w.ot~ id !';'ke ta h'ti lJot a lj'1le a:bl~kage'.

Saying w:hat ron wculd ~ik,c Ito diD:

jeg 'ri~ geme rejse pi fredag, r wolJlti like .to travel on fTida)'.

Saying wbat you do not want 110 do:

leg viil itl{ke flyve pi ma.ooag,,, 1 €IoN "to wan:! to {fy On MoP'!~Y,

4 The present: tense of ~1Io have,'

Have (have) is pronounced btl. The present tense of th~ verb has omy one syna ole ._ bar:

l htItro ies hH

,G~ have dJll1lD~ hal'

ludsh'di:t has Ira au.&LUJJde:nlde~: har

:we Hf;ll.r,e you have they havE'

vi bar We har deh31'

5 [How to form ne:gativs' slaiem'ents

Look at the ". IO~· n es below and see h . you change a po iri statemeet imo a negative OIDC'.

Hun har en ven i E!D1g1rlJn,d, S',e has iJ friend ;,~ EJlg.ltJljd.

Moo har ikke ~D ven Silt do es "ot ba VB ~ (riend

, . i England. iN England.

In state.m.ents ~ormu'l~teJd in this W3"':' Imam d3l1ses) the word

.. ~I"~I_ . ' L: • s ~

IlKlK.C whieh means not IS placed aiter the ve-rb .

]'1) 'Sf:TJitemces with sk or: vii fol!ow,ed Iby an Infinit~vl , Me is 'p~at:ed between ' kall or viIJ and [he infililitive:

J e-g ska ~ ikke flyve ri l 1 am Rot flying to L otUIOH

london. pll, lIiIIl~mlda:g, on ~~otJd.ay.

2B 6 umera'ls: 6-10
:R' 0 nul 6
~ 1 en sth
7 ..
i z [0 syv
j 8 one
Q. Uf
4 fin: 9 JU
5 fern 10 ri o N


1 Com p lere rhe righ r - han d col urn n Th l.

he Ip you: . ere are [our

en had

baden (the L~ -t)

en rejse uua

... rei sen f the u' lU,. ....... iwIIl

en ven ". (the

"ennCn .-TI'.a ... ~

et tog

mget 'the trai,.)

eri nabo

en turist 3J (the

J b (th~ tourist)

er S 0'[ I h

en drO]iJ!Rl[n,g C tt e palau)

en uge d (,th.e queen)

en lop e (the week)

. . . f (the £up)

2 lnse rti ikkc m the fe]]o . '.. .

Gt:"orge ko . wm qg se1llJ~e]'}ces. Here IS an eXCUlllIll

. rnmer I dag, Geurg:e kommer j dag,

ill De.~ er en ~3J[lIR reise,

b Ahs{)R f'lIv:ve~ lil U' .... b. h _

H .I . . &O!:.!' en avn.

c Um. heddcr Mar ie S

d D . . . e:renseIIII.

e sptser a:biek:lg~.

e Ha n kan sp ise mere, f Hun ska] ho hos os. S Vi skill kfne nu.

RCWr][if rhe f~U()wij,n.g _sl;nlenc:es repla~mg !he names and the nOWlS with hf'ftl he», It snd themt as 'lin this ~x30mp\e:

HiJJJI .. S.k3~ bo hos Hans og Lone, Han skal bo hos dem _

a D ~ sp i ser zbiekag~ll. .

b Jeg s.k:.d ken::: tDed Ha'~ og K\lI'st"len. e De holder megct' af N icls,

d Vi siger Idu' iii Kiesrens mO!r.

S Answer the. fo~iowi1ng questions in Danish.

It Er George tl'a'=l?

b H''''~d rramger han til?

,~ H vad ska \ de b ave at 'S.p.:ise?

d Holder George' af mad] e Do:ikler de vim ril maden ~

6 Arrallg~ the following sentences so thal they form a dialogue:

3 He] '[lise-! Tak skal du havel

~ [)a r.' M.,c:ue! VeJ!komm~iI'iL til K ~bernha¥m t e ji3~ Li.dt.Det er en lang rejse,

d. Er du rtra?t?

e Ja takT Del vi] jeg geme have. f Du trsenger di en loop kaUe.

Cormprehensio,n III A Danish m,.al

DE!1! 'er dej]~gt at !!iPl!lf' 110& em dansk famili~. J eg holder rneget at dansk mad. Mine danske venner bar i Kobeohavn. De hedder Lene og Mikael Larsen. l.ene sig~r: "Va!rsgo! Nu skal vi spise', ner Maden er fserdig, Mikael kommer med en f]a,$ke r.gdvin. Jeg iynes" maden smager godr . Lene sigc]i: 'D1l1 kan godt spise nnget ~e'ret ikke David?\ og ieg slg,er~ ~'Jio rak, del kan icg godt'. jeg vi] gerne have mere vin, Vj drikker to flasker \"[0. Tilt dessert ~pi~.e,1r v~. d:m.k.o!adreis. Lene siger; IVdbekom'me!\ oC; Mjka~l og ~eg s·~gt:r: "Iak ~or mad! ~

at to (belote' .~ infinitive at spse\

en 'fm'niIje a family I

n&- when

kOO"ll\Ml" IlIIi8d oongs

an dessat a d8ssed etMJko:ladeM, ,chocabts K:9 0IQ'II'1j


I l






art rrue (T) D.3 id - oJoys eating a meal in I &;p ..... b HI Da nish friends IjliC In Jutland. c Da vi d does not [j ke the wine, d They ha ve ice cream foe desst.n.

3.2 I-


I C"

1 Good amingl

on is makjng coffee in the kjtchen ..

G~ge Godll1orgenJ

Lone Godm~eFl' Har du SO\Pe't goctt?

George J a tak~ jag har sovet sam en .sten.

Lone (addrESSing Hans who ;s stili", the_ ..

IIge g~ hen til bageren efte,- mclft'1lV"'!~I:!Iii

Hans J a, det skal jeg flok, men jag sica' Uge If01!'St

George Jeg kan gil hen tp! baQeren_ Jag \led gael, ligger.

Lolle Tak Ik.a! du have! S4 dEHkef' jeg bard 11n.I~


Hat dU1 Sovei gOdt?

en sten

Bove Som en stan


h-n e_

en baler In ,bagellien

efter m~JI!I!!lI!IbriJd


Get skal I:eg Inok

el bnJsebad 'lars1 Jeg "lied 11 vo II' en b ... ,Uc lUg.., 'sA d~elboPld at bord I melfemUden

Good momingl

Did you sleep we/I1 ,(Lit have you slept a stone

sleep like a log just

Th is w,ord indjcates mania away !from the speaker. no eq uP/alent in modem ,8 baker

10 'hs baker's. (hE!JI'e~, for ,breakfa'sr foIls milk

I'll do that ,{Lit I shall cettaWt (do) thaO.

a Shower


I know (~o know __ at vrde) wherE!


1Je, bB' sfruated Ype"

lay 'he tah/a a table'

in ths tnl;Jf!mlime

33 "li. i

,an iQlan liter "VQr mage! bl1wE!r det,'ll

a 3 At the flo n,st':l

, '" I Kaf'll Jeg hj i:Btpa IDem? . ,

EkspedilCricen GDdmmgell1. . Ib :k t blomster. Hvoo

Gewrge J1a tak. ~eg vii geme have en . u·s .

koster roSGflle? .. L.O",l8f 60 tltres)

. ed 1 0 1i".Ilide ImSi8"~ I~ '_'L

Ek&Peditrlcen En stor buk,et me . I'", .

'G"lige Ek$-Pecfdricen


Dat er lid! fOr din'. s.yn_es jeg.. 3 4skelilJer kostet lEn line bukel f[1I'f100 :1 tllilpaJl18r og p

15 tf'8mten) kroner. .

Det er billiQ1. Den vj~ Jegl geme naV'e.


1 . Good morning' Lon I ma ki . f . ng co fee U] the kitch

George G en.

Lone G odd morgen! .. 0 morgen! Har du

~ewge Ja tak, jeg hat SQwf sovet 00dt?

one (addressing H'ans who ~m en st .... ~ rae gA hen til ba ' ~ stiJlln the Ja. del ska) jeg~~:n efta r

'forst J men leg skal nll6

George ~eg kan gA hen til bag. e- Jag

rrgger" ·UJ I. Ved

Tak skaJ du havel SA da3kker leg boot I

2 At fhe baker"s

H'IIad skul1e diet 'III.:ere?

Jeg v I ggme ha\lQ 3 rundstykke~ e.g 3 st'Jkke4" "III enerb~Gd.

Ellers ande~?

J~. e~ liter letm(l!!l'< og riege' ~skeflooe. H'Jad koster en hiJJv 'liter plskeH"de?

Den koste 112 (to''IJ) kroner.

Jeg '5kal hi3r\U3, ,en ~an nero Hvor meget bLi'l.let' de~ OM bli'liler 301 (tredive) kroner.

P.Spfl d~lIiCUji1 GlOllige

psp dtU'lcan Ge~III',ge


£kspedlbiOOn Ge4lJ.,ge EkS;pe4Mc.en


a sbop;s~mu ,Can i ~e~p you?

(ll l w1rLat s1mould it be'?) a roJI (three fol'S)

fnr:iee DaniSh pasffies

Bi Danish pasfi'y anji1hPJ!Jg i;!lse

a mrs of slS',mi-sklmnrled milk $(U1U3' w:h~(Jpin9 cr.eam (fliJde .. Gleam)

t'Pow much is <.. ?


half a liue olw.hipping cream a crown I{Danish coin. roug1n1y the ~,uhlaJenl of '1 I] pelilO9}

a ~uart81 ot ,j:iJ Iit:_r,e

.How much ~s. I'am rM'1 1(l..!it ~ow mlU-Ch doe~s ~hBl


en ek!5;peditJl~e Hv&d sku'Ue de! "'2 re l'

Goo mo rgen I Har du savel gOdt?

Good momlng! Did you slBep 0.-11-

{Ut ha\re you slept a stone

!leep like a log IUSI

Th ~ word tndicates away hiom the speaker. no equivaJenr in modem a baker

fa· ..... - l._I...- j

(J re ,J,RHter s

(here) fat .bmakla'st rolls milk

I'll do that, (Lit I shaJl ..-rI.,.illlll Cdo,) Uitat). a show""8r


I know (to, know !!!!! al vide) whe~e


~;eJ be situated theta'

'ay the table a tJjlJte

in the meantime

8t f~nd5ty1tlit8' 1(3 ru d 5~r) 3 styltke'r wleneFibntd el s.ty~e wienerbf\OO

- e'Uem and.-I

ellil Uter ~elma!.'k IDoge' pi s!keflooB

en sten seve SellTli en lIen

Uge hen

Ihvad 'kester i i ~ ? kostB

en _ alv liter' piskelooe en kn:UM

en bagel' II Ilagere efter mQrgen brad

. m:eelk

det skal jeg DQk

et brusebad lam Jeg ved IhYor an butlk Ilgge ,loA dmkke bo~d et bard I melle.Udl!f1

en kvam lliter HV!I!iJI!, IflllU!get b~ IveT den

3 At the' Illorist"s

Godmorgenl Kan jeg hjaelpe DI!tfti"I?

Ja tlk. ,~!Q ~iI geriT\9 IM\H~ Elm bu'ket blmmter. Mvad

kestelr rose me?

lEn sto:r buket Inned 101 wsde fQSer koster 50 ttres)

Ikro'Fli!!'f •

Det er ~idt for dyrt, .synes jeg.

Enllillel buket moo 3 ~llUpaner ~ 3 pAskelil~liiIr koster

115 (femten) kroner.

IDa': er bi Il1gt. Den vii jegl g:em.e have,

IEkispedJftr1I CIrri Gelil!!ilrQ't}1

. efJ:Tge Ek$p&dllfl'h~en

Ekspedi1bicen (wli\OS the 'flowers aJ)d hencJs Va3rsgo!

George thanding her the metreJ1 Vaarsgo, VII De vmre sA venrlg at sJga rnIsIr kommar hen ~I Kl0V8Nej?


h~pe fUll buke1 bllomstet

Imsente 5tor 10 rede JOSef Dei: eli' IId1 'filf dyrt. "·1 .5'JM,s. ,leg lille tuUpaHr _,kelUjer DeterbllUgt tiell' ar rlge 1P-e.1!9 penge (pfuraO VII De vtBre .M venUg ."0'

sI!ge hVOI'dan KkwerveJI


,a bouquet

flowers (en bIornIt = • ,.,.. the roses (en 10M = a InM\ big --,

ten Ted RJSes

That Is a bit too ~. •• "' J think


rulips (en ruUpan -= a IU6p) daHaOils (en pAskeJlfje :: a That is cheap.

flem is the exact amount money

Crmfd yoo please . ".

(Lit will you be SO kJnd .~.)? teD


CJov,er Road tlY.Ptcal stree'I ...... a res~tial area}

IkB er buret ¥lldl.

BalriS' han . - bare ...

(at) fare' v~hl

- . 1111 'kVaner

I 'V'(lres ,.. III .

1J8~: mA ~ IllIlI1dskylctlt'.

det bllaeser del III arer op Ilabet all form~dd8!81111

g6 en tur Weft.erm1ddlag hv1s

solen !skillltlllel' lOP. til Dyl8haven


a 4 Hans and Lone are wailing tor George

ILona Hans GeorgI'

Lone Hans George Hans George Lone

'Where has GMfll8 gol to?

used 1" .. ctamatory rema~ (here ~ 004lV8'IJS !'iifIlt ~) , hope' he hasn'r rost 'HS way.

i :hOlleA do hope ...

(te) lose on9~s way'

in Olir lestate (el vU'-kv.aQ, == an trs.tata)

, ami sony; ItUt.. yOOI must excoseI

torg1v,e that) ..

nat. t,rok me a tong rune.

~Q. ,iii kmg trme . .. . What ,~s the weather mre ~od'aJy?

if is Iii'ita ing


,1 is windy

it will ,tu;ghtelll up

in the' IOOUJi5e of .

'h6.1 moming (tile time between nIne ddodc: and noo:~)

gil]l (or a wa'k

this aftemoon


l#1e sun

shir16S , ,t IrJf) h:ll the De@l' Pam (8J1 area 0

~.a;rkJaod and woodl~)


DHDW much is this? . . , . !he phrase:

'. . • . " I of an article you IIJse . . .

U ;tcm want to Inqu]~ a~~iJt the Plilce, I .• a for sav'eral Items that

litvad kos-ter den/del? When you want to _~ y.. . iI.4

. . , . • - - eg. at Ibhver deL.!'

~CIu have !lEi eelied ,au ask. HvDr m. - .. ... ner

". . . . . . .. Del kostef 20 I[tpe) kl'o

YOUI rmng~ receive the aJilswer: Dew • ,. .' .. that f1e definite forn'fl RasQn. It costs 2lJ crowns a brxHle. Notice . '.

ltfl • 20 .... IfI!"iiWlilS ·the bottle.

\q liUilJ(eb) Is used In Danish. _ . .e. ,.' ''''''II 'It' .

Hvor bliw!r Georg8 clog an [Bere lIlan ikk'E; or faret lIild i \1'0 res, vJUakvarter. (amwng) Det rnA II IJl'\dskyrde. De1. 'rIar jegl leange V4iBl'5g~1 morgenbmd, ~Ik. fli::3de og en bUket krnlm1ll:l11' liuslmd 181(. G9Q'rge!

Hlvor:dan er vejret ~ (lag? Det illyn'le.r" m!i!ln det er i kllce koldt Bh:eser den

NeJ, det b' l'kke.

(let' klarer op' ~ I~bet af furmtddagft.ll. Vii ken g~, len fur eflterrniddag.

H~t5 sol"en skinner i efterm dC!lag I' L'lyfeh8ven og gA en ~ur ,der.

BRlse Them J.s 00 single equivalent In DanIsh for 'requests mong fmiends the Word Itge is polite ss 10 what would otherwise be a ~ Uge g ned til b:8geran?

\rjl Dao II Fe sA vanlla at ••• Is th B mom formal way at request.

lb~ boa the fables the (J.owers tJu:! fri.ends 'he lJI"ose the sM!1eS the rr~lttS

at 0 say

HOlv to:

• offer to do sonn~rhjl'lg

.. oHe r assisra nee [11 3 shop

J'eg kan gi hen til .... Hvad skulle det -a. Kao jeg hj21pc Ilaq)

Jeg vii g«ae b ve .••

vad kaster en iilei' lettnzlk?

H VOr meg.:. bliver ded • express surprise that some bod y

has DOt yet arC]l""ed Hvor bliver George aD

• apo-logizeDer ma I uuchkylde.

• ask what m~ weadt~c's like H ordan er ,eirel i..,

• s y tbat it i , ra lrung Der regaer,

• sa >" rha l i lis \\rindy Der blzse •

• ' say that the sun is shin'-ng So]en slcin.oer.

• ' ask for SOme thing in ,hop • as,~ the price

ILang1uage patterns

1 The pllural forms ol~ [no'Uns

]!l Daru.h dn -re on. rhr~" \ ")" uf forming the plural of nouns:

I,) 50111." DllklIllS add -e. Iii) 01". add -er (if the word ends in -e odd o::>nI}' -~l and lill) ~o"'~ bav. no plural .. "ding. The rule IhClillon.d ",(Jnlt IIp''I:'' 26) <<lDeeming the doubling of a final

~~hns"n:"'t I'olh}W~1l- 3 '),ort and .tT.,sed 'i'"wel also applies " en In~ ploE.aJ ~ndLng is JJdde~.

The bou quet i.s d f?l.~p. The tclble is e).peu5Ipe.

b de borde hJomstu

boass fab'les 11o'ller~ f,-ie"th

Vlii!lUlIicr r'~l Sil1'1Ii 't.en

~ Fose .:.1 .,U;OI1'~ a JrGIPl'

.fOSt"5 nOIres "a ins



5' a.



Det r d rr,

Bl . mstern er b; llige.

final COlISonanr following 3 short. and stressed dou bled before -e: ruri srerae er 'b"~ttc 'the 'tourists are

The ,3djtctivc ~ide' Ismail,. does . not 3d~ -r in the neuter et lille bordo ~Ie' is ?nly used _l n the. s~guJar, !n the plural repiaceci bl· ma~ sma borde. The adjective sma does not -e, although it is aplural form.

3 Word order

\'I:7hi1e in an Erng1ish sentence the subject (thcper.son or 'doing' something] normally cernes hefore the 'verb, e.g. siJtJllla.y the table, their' order is. tfn:quently reversed in a 0 clause, nus is called i [lVE rsion, It happens in the foUowing

a In a m~m cla us e WI hem it does not sra n with the su bjecn

Sri da:kker ~es bo rd i Then 1 shall tar the. table in

meltemtiden, metlnt:ime. (L~m:~ then shall) .. I

A mam claase is a Sentence- ~ co ntain ~ng a su bi ect a nd a wnk.h is a complete s.tatement, while a subordinate clause is incomplete statement that only makes Sense when it js joined [he main clause, r"" ,Ciome t.omorrow is 3J main clause. When came tomortotv is a SliJ~"j()f&nat clause,

b In a main da1J1Se when it 'ol'lows a subnrdieiate cla use:

Hvi s solen ddMf:T i If th,e .sun sh ine 5 this

ef'ttermiddag!ll kaa vi k"re (J(.tem(J On we ,can drive up

op til D)'rebaveQ, . Dyr,ebaven. (LlC .... can we

drive ... )

e In questions (see UDit 1 J page 17):

B~I Hans i, Holte?

Does Hans. live in Holter

4 'My, y'our~ hisfhe'lili1:s'll and ~ft

• I ~url \fOur, their'

Singular forms

a my: miD, mit~. mine. In Danish :rn. . , .

~.. . h·· d 'Y agrees ",···"tL th h

It IS attar e- IjO: . nO. u e noun t at

min uabo mit slot mnine vepr.Lcr

my Heigbb OUt my CQ.sde

rlJy frif:fit5k.




b yor", (pl.]: jer' (no agreement): j(!res dronning

YOljr queen

c their; deres 'no agreemenr}

deres ho vedstad

,their capittJ/ The forma I YOUf is Deres in both the -

agreement}: - C sJngu~ar and the

Deres is

)'nu rice-cream The possessi \ pronoun hans is 'ron' . . , na me Haas, In H3QS there is 3 1[. 0 unced. differently IIOIa::

is no glottal stop in hans. ' g oreal S,('Op rn the n~ while

5 ~n Has ~e vin (a' bottle of wine)

~o'nce that UII Danish riJn fc _. .

Sunila:dy: ~ 011.0' S 1mmedlately

en Liter m~Jlk eo kop ka:f~e

a litre of a C[.rp of coffee

a 6 Num,erals: 11,40 11 elleve

iz toL~.' 1,6

13 ,. 17


1. 4 fjoftien 18-

15 J: 19

_ J:~m'ten 20

-ek- 1ft seks,· .

. eo ms p:nl)]jLounce-d lik 1 e .

seksten srtt~n atten rurren tyVe



lo~ms of the

dagene ('tIJe' dtif)'S}

en buker et bord

c en dro:m:ung d et tog

II! et S~Ot

f en Iliaoo b en fami1ie: b en bad



. - 1 Cormpit"l€ t~e:, f,o'l~owing dialogue by f~Hing in what: the IClI.I'5tOmeli' salys tn D3I'msh':.

Bk5F ~tricga~ Hv,~d skl1~~~ de'li: ~3!re? . .

(The Ci,lS to mof;; r l: 1 ,would Irke .a bQr~de of red Wfne.

'Eksperuuicgn: joeg, har en god Haske 'r9dv~n her, Den koster

90 ,haLviems) krOllC:l: •• .-

rfh£ That 15 jl lut too expenswe, ! rhmi!

~k~I'U:di~cen: Her er, en god (~g bi'ltig vin, Den koster 50

~htdvt[\eds) kroner na5kem!~. ,.

erne custO'mer): Yes" thar ~' cbe~p~ I ~voH!d hke ',bat.


3 Change the foLLowing adjecitiv~ and [101!JlInS f(OlD the singular

eo the pl,mal as in this example:

en biYig flaske ttl d'}.\e.tJp. bottle}, bi~bge nasker (cheap ,boules.}

c. et hme~grt slot £- en stztik v~.m.

, en l3JDg rejse

3 en dyr buket

b en ,~ansk filn:nilie

c iI;:iilIJ ~iUe park

d en '[['Z'I1 eksped'l~rice

"' Move the words in. bold to the be-ginning of the senteO'ce and place the verb befn c the subject. (See LanlPlage pauems; page' 3,8, OD inversion.l Heile is 3itl1J example:

Der klaeer op ~ 10 el af funniiddag.en. 1 tohel M forotiddasen k larer der op .

a jeg da::kk'er bord i meHemtiden. b Vi spiser chokoladeis til d~--sseIt~ e George korasaer i dag,

it J'c:g skat flyve til London pi mandag. e Vi ska! spise d:d.

r Jeg k0rer til Holte om. leI. kvmer~

.5 I

.BS:1i! I1i the possessive pronoun i 1:11. the correct form I'll the

fo~ lowmg sereences;

:~, (~}') ~ mor bor l Heming.

(hu'] ~ mor bor i Kobenhavn,

~ tOl:-tr,) ~ venaer flYVf£' til Danmark.

I~ (I Z]~rr~ ~ dronn ing bor ~pa Arnalienboiig s lor.

~ H,e~~ ~ buke~ er dy,r.

un drikke r (hots) _- vin,

l 41


I i



;0 w

g Hun bar hos (her) d

~ Hvad hedder (yuur pl., ~er i en up..

J Bor h oar sin g ~ nabo)

, ~. ., ~ venner .

I H:Jn rejser over ril (his) __ J london?

ti lm, . venner i

. agme you are goin shonoi IYll.....:i

rrerns pictured helos .. ~ ~h opprng and you

ahlnallt:~ at would you say




1 An ",er .I .. f",\lowinll, quc;tions m Danish. using whole ~ RI,tences.

HJ.r Geort;C sO"id godt?

~ GAr 'Hans 'cit. b,~seten?

It IEr rose rne o'IJII tgc?

d Sk knner solen ~


- In the n1,CUft' no

I'll. 'lCjrot er 1I,,<\t, ~,,~ jeg til bago:-ten om morgen"n, ind.n vi

spj..,t lIlo<ge~ad. ]£g '1m ber fi~e rundst:)'k~er og 10 stykk., ... i."ethr~d. &ageren soelger og~'" mreJk, "II leg Iwber en I>re, \c!dllJ'lk. Jens laver kaffe, Oil nk jeg kO!lllJl1er Hl~., er katien fll'rdi .Det er dyn at kJobE ll!\o[J~enb[l.d bver dag, men jeg syru:s,

drl ~mage:r sli godt. leg keb er ogsa rundst)'ld<er 011 wienerbmd. Dar det [\1:gne~ Sa karer jeg hen ri 1 ba:geibuti~ke!li].

_ge bw'e hwef (lag (-en. -el sA (godQ

sell make each day

SO (good)

gj walk

0'ItI rni!U'g~ in hi ~nQ ind,e~ be'l'r:iUf8

rnG19~nrt'Uld b,rieakfast madl~ food

Bbe Ibuy

True oll'talse?

Wh~ch of r:bes:~ 3Jre true {T) and wh.ic~ are false (F) ~

3, on\y go to '[he baker's w'h-en the sUB is shining. b I buy two D ani sb pastries.

e The baker alsO' sells milk.

d I make coffee when I return home.

c w

- ..





. I


t puyling tickets at the railway station

is fnc!af. rhc day of Alis~,"'s arrival. The plane arrives t .n'. B~r"r. &0 ong ~~ the ",.pen ~o meet heT., Gem lie cal!. "t ~ (II~in rail",,,-y.,,,,,non to hOlY train tl"l!.ets to ,l,.,h" s. H. and Ali ,'" are tr:1.".llIng 10 Jlltiand on Monday. Lone bas taken the

d:3)' off work.


Binet;~lge'r Glorge BlltatsE8lg,S1r

GeGlTge em_~tge'

Mil'll kOlll9 og leg stal.t reise ,il .ArnUS p! rnan.darg mijdt pA dagelll. Hvoml'J afgar der tog lra

KDben"avlii? C

Dar a-fg~r ntercttyt.og fra Kcbenha'rffi hltJer lime:

12,00" 13 .. 00 os,... {lIOW nul nul, tJf'etten nut m.d. og sA videlJi8}. Man 'skai haw ~ladSDmat U1 t.ogel.

,J 6g vii game to bmette1i' ti~ toge\ k~okken


Enke~bi~Lettel" eUer returblllettel1


RYQ~re eller ikke-rygere1


net blhlef 442.00 tire' hUllIdrede toogfyrre) kroner.

kQ11e ( iTi~1 .. 0 IINim

m1dil piI cIa.n in the lniddJe a/the day, midday

h\lomilrt when?~" a questlo'nl

atp depad

bDletseelger {..en, .:e)1 tickef offlc.e cJetk

hvelf tiMe e'iiCh hour

UJI1lle (-in I ..Ir) hOw"

00\1:. (091 d'vLliere) ere.

skat mUi'.t (hara used to h'lli'ilpty necess\t7!;'l

IIll'1dBblllet seat I"eSsrwaliol1 "

blUet (",tell. 4eJ) rJcket

ldo'l(ken 12JOO ar 1.2 O~GIock €If 12 neen

enkelttliltet single ticket

'returbLlLeI, rerum ticket

rygere smoketS

I~gere J100-srnokSIS

2 Waiting at the airport

one and George arrive at the aicpon at 1 c p of coffee while they are waiting for the o reclaim [heir baggage.

Lone Det er nu nemt at ftyve fra Englanc:f Iwnge Vater ttweturen?

George Den tagsr ca 2 timer. Men Ahson ..

Lon don og derflra moo Heathrow. Hun I'iSjste hjemrnefra kIokkert morqes.

I! N u korn mer passagereme fra london. mang:a moo flyet.

GeGlige Ja I men Jeg tror ikke I Alison har vCBf8t kommet.

Deternemt nu YI'J!e I.nge "vcr Ismge vater ftyve'b.nen? denlagef rca.. (:cl rita) A119Qn skal mad togat

ned dm1ra undu-grundsbanen

ad rejate, ~_h~

kla.kken balv 'leks II~, PBS8agey t~1 -etl har~ fty(. -) leg b'oT ~be ~ .. er kOl"lllrnet

It is 888Y. here: I must say tak.e a long time HDW long does the IJtIrt fl' fakes.

circa. applOJdma1ely After akaI the verb of HUIIWI .. Is often omitted in DaQah. Hefe n!IH is implied.


from dleT6

the Tube


uaveNed (past tense) mtrhorne

at half past me thismomiRfJ ~f ~ve~, (ae.~)platte 'don·t~_ .. ~V.i9 COffie/~

a 3, Stil waiting at the airport

Lone rb!l'1gs HaJru at: wo:rk and ~ILS t'ha ' " , . '

from H~flitb.row a co~ple: oJ 11(:'1111..11'51 a t Ahsll)n Ite]ephoned gill to say that she.

'klllllne, sagde Al~ fl'nde U.dl,BI;

, " ,.,' 6'0 the information desk

.. 4'·, G· orge noes IJ' --..te fl'U

... e. .;:I!I , , _, I, "11"11 hVOfn4r det nlC~~ ,

. [ 'ds'Ln~ldl' kJ3f'1 De s.1ge ml::;'1

Gec[Urg,e Un roJ _ . "don? .' 45

ankom:mer 1ta. Lon. ,-, ~ ..... .I1j;jJWays 11\1' 1 S.

. 'k ..... m'mer 19t. 6rit~5~.

Jill dar an u .-' .

I~femten f1emogiyrrel- ,- , t SAS fty,

MLn kon8 kommeT moo a , '-.-I. "\

I <liD ll'!<trHen tlll;:U1V8,.

D9t ankommer 17.03. ,sJ ~~ .

George FunktiO'ii'U!er

lunkll0.Iil£lrr [[-en, -er) der '~nkommell' at IlIitlsh ALrwByS Iy ~".'

Tme or' fa1sa? _

a. George buys, return tickets to Arhus~ III don-

II!.. Ji.' - I" 1 W3"" from Lon

!.J n.:~is[m and George ~~ve a ODg I'b se her pia ne roo

e A!isDJil arr ives late in Copl7ilha gcn CC"a use

late hum 'H.e3,lfhr,uw."

d Alison arrives at ha~f past 5 ~



48 Telling the' time

Hvadl er klOkken? Wha'ls the lime?

Krokken er 1 (et) , I, Is , 0 'clock.

K'okken er 7, It is 7 0 ~clock.

~t IS a q~arler Pl!SI 8. The wenj pas t Is oYef' fn Dan'ah. 1:5, at Dartel\" or just bart The whole phrase Is Idok_

over 8 lor Idokken ell" kvart over 8. K10kken can be •

,den ar Ikvartl: Over 8,.

" ~·s a quarter to 9 ~to ~n Dan ish is I} is den er bart let kW ...

2 It ,"s half past 10. 111 Oan'sh you refate the hal-past ~

~ foHowlng hour. H.aif past 10' ~s hal\' '1 ~ (Uf, hcaH 11), The whol.

Is den ell" fiiUll'lv 1 ~ '.

tt is 5 (minutes) past 10 [.s den at' ,5 minutter ov., 10 (you leave ouf 1h e word minUHerj.

It is 2S past 10. The time' between 21 minutes past and 29 past the hour Is usualfry' 's.xpressed bV giving the number of lei befo~ the Ihalf' houri, In thfs case you say 1hat It is five to half past fa (Lit to han: 11): den 811" 5 mlnutter I hafv 11.

fl is 22' minutes to '1. The' time bet\veen 29 minutes to rhe hour n minutes to the hour is usually expressed in a sfnnUaf way. by giving number of minutes past the 'half hollJF ~ den er ,8 minutter CN8f haIv

it is 20 to f 1 Is simply den .' 20 minUlter i 11. A'r 12 olc/ack r s kloklken 12 (till ere ~ a rna word In OOrTMpOn ding to at).

AJrivaJ and depanufe ~imes at airports and rallw8;Y stations are g by 1he 24-hour cicek. starting at midnig ht. E.g., the time 15.03 exp~ssoo as lemten nul hand 2'. '17 as >9no.gtyve sytten,

ill fie i ti.",e: ringe koste DO

rlnP", stem: ~

kost bo.

past teltse: ringed kostede. boede



title spiste U'3:ngte

sprse u~nge

SplS rreeng

What to say

How to:

• as k whe n there are rr ains die parting for a certain dest i n arion

• say that a seat reservation

is required .

• inquire about the arrival ri me of an aeropla De

jr1fiuili:fle: hi aft JtH.: drikke lI'3:I"e (be')

,fJtlst tense: hjalp drak.

var (was)

MaD s k.aI bal"e pI dsW,dler liJ roger,

Undskyld" kan De slge mig. bvomh der D' -·slle fly anlicomm er ,ma .lo;lIlId1oQ ~


jn{itl il if -e : hedde kornme

c There are also a number of irregula- Yerhs. [:11 d i~g in [he pa ~ r reuse a nd in rnosr cases a change The ending is either -de or -te:

infinitive: sige gm,rc

have (bave)

2 Questions

When you want [0 ask a que.sti£?o you either place. the before the subject [inversion}, which _you rt~d about ~ [page 17l or YOIl start the sen~c;n~ ~jth an tnterrogabve 10 me dialogues and texts the following have been used;

bvad w,h.:;l,~

hvordan IJfJW

hl!'omir' ~,u,hen

whO' .K! hvem:

Hvem komrner i dalt;,:

Hvcm talte au mt:d?

Wbo is £oming today? .hom did :;IQU tt2tk rot

whose is b~sl:

'Hl1':~5 danel" rf'jste til ·lo'Dtio.n? 'Whose daughtu'f travglled LoruJonr

which IS b'Villtem, brilkct,. hvi1le:

Hvilken b~irli se]lede du med? H" ilket b ord ksbte I ~

Hvilk'e b lornsrer kDble bl an ~

Which boat J'jd you sail onl Which table did vou buy'

. _ ~~ i

Which (Jowers did he buy.

CoUoquiall'y, how'~er, people use ltv,ad ~'Or en, bvad. for et, by for Dog,en:

Hva~ fooc- en b uker v.~ \Vh,icb bouqf.ilet would

du ha ,"Ie? )c'Olt lrke r

Hvad for er lug kmnmer W.b~ch I.raJ,rJ is he coming.

han med] utl!r

Hvad for nogen hilletteJr k0bt~ Whar kind of "·ic.kelS did you

dll? bfl)r

4 51 \

Ex· relses L lural

e ,.... I - ..•• ,. and mourns fl'On1 me p

, . he (OUOWTDlg :ildlea~'Ves

1 Ch:mge. [. .. l s in tbe ,eJ{~mp]es~

to the SHlgl!DJ ar, a1

rOifn 'eI' dyl .

(the rose is ,e'xpet~fVe)

bo [de! er

e turisterne er lI'enlige I aessenernc er gode s]cD1;t'ene e r dyre

r'o5i~rfie 'el[" dy re .

{tbE! roses are .expe"~JlJe)

bordene er lange

a buketrerne er bill ige b '[IU~ene er ndlde

C pas'S agererne er tr:o."ettre g

d 'naskemc er ~m.a . h .

_ OUIlS Hl t e

_ , - ~ .. the possessive pron·

1 F ill In the gaps by' 'I1IDlsertQg

aouect form.

a. ~VIOJ' er t~iy') -.- b~]~~tr? I hokoladeis.

h Hart kan ikke spise (nJSj c


e H v,~u bor tber ~ -- morr


;I Lotte ko mm er

d Jeg ringer

b Vi sp~SC[ klnkken

e K10kken er

7 f Klolkken er



mennesker, jeg model i roger. Vi snakker problerner og '''Ores famiHe. Jeg bar tnedt menneskez

over SI·lland Fy," nDrdpI op gennem de Sfare by.r by (~n! -&lJ osqrUand £let IF I~ '51QlUg dyrt

kan Iide menneske (-tl ... ,) mode (-tel -I) snardce (-eda_ -at)

om IProblem (-e~-er)

-_ .'"

1filIe or f8lse" ·s at , o'clock. .. t rhe airport. . .

The pl,~ne arnve pent the 3:ftte!rlloon a. ' h they next &0 to

:a _j GeOIJl!"il:: s· - ] , ether w en

II.. Lone an{]J. .' ..~.. wi~ traver tog

1l1li_ d Allison .

George~' ,

It· L

Denm2iJJr Jfi-.

over. 8crQss Zealand Funen

nonhwan:fs, nonIt up


th6/arge totm. town


it Is not vel)' ~ like

person~ human being meet

talk. chat



lnJe lOr fa~se? a lnter City trains depart from Copeooagen every two h In Jutland the trains 'tr~r"fd norrb through large tOWDI. e It is expensive to travel br train j[] Denmark.

a At the ai'r.p or1;


Georte Lone GenTle Lone AliGon

riVO'I b1rue;r IPa~g:erem.B a17' Fiy,at iaJ"ldede kioldcen 051 nu er dil!rl o.

'De stir nolo: o!jl verne p! bagagen. Jagl bb1', de ~ornmer nu.

Ja, de~ kornm8f AlisoI'lL Hej 'ogl vefkornmen, skaff Hel, A.l1.~n! D@t ~ar Viel'iet el!l besv33I'1Ug rejse. JaJ, det hal'" V~ret eo lang dag. Har I ventet tuft,ha~ne n hale efltermiddag:en,

NIlj,_, har \laMe! i bill !I ral Elll. Jeg er ked ai, din mjse v:ehtt sIl ile5ViI!IIlg, N 0IlSt" gang \Ii skal til Dam"rJark, VI samlllen,.


land srand probably

wan luggage has belilm

dfWfCUlt. tiresome

our hers

,all attBI7l001'1


i am sorry ," next ome ~~me wgether


1 During Ibreakfast tile nellt morning triJA h<vad '9~1'1.'1 lave i dag1

(JIddlf1ss1111J Alison at!d G~ll aMn ef Vi \11 an

fpl hQSI10g18 III ,~o~ vennef. De hedder I..aJS og Malane. oet ~r sanldhan"l:;aflM i aften. all de holder 81"1 test i dares

sol1lrFhe'rtnUS i G~lleleiB-

Ja, rf1e1'1 den hlegyrtdef f.1'l!"!lt I<iol<ksn 6. H\lao har Ilys'llll al i Ui'IiiIellemtiden?

Jegl '1111 mege~' geme se louisiana.

1l~1 e1" ell god ide. Lad os krJffl op til LOliLSial'18. Vi l<ar"I

wise,lrokast pl en. re~taUfant 1am! fig sids\ IP

eften1!lll!ddag;en kate op tL~ 'GiUeleje.

JegsynflS Ikke, 'IIi skat besl1lga LClUisiana i dag. Lad os

I~Qe damp I mOrgen ogl«>m til Helsingor I s1edet Jeg \0.

fB bill~er til ftJ:N5tilling8f1 pll Kronborg S!ot I an:e~ldd:~ On eMelsk teatergwppS' opferef lor tiden Hamlst. 9

AliSO 1'1 thins,

Well •... do

this evenlJ1'g. ~onfgh"





some ,of our friends

~. Jofjf1'S~1i"8 (23 J1une)1

, .Id. keeg (tM~l1re: have) s~mmer ,ooNa,ge


3b ,IiShfI1JJ' ;rOWil an rh'e no,;oi,k ,

'89111 ' "., j II ,I coast


Wha,r do you 'Ie .

fe~ like, ,e' like doing?

, woufr1like 11{

see elY mlJch to see

th a name or a

~[)de m art museu m at


ler us


58 :I:



a. .!.




40 '"

fwkost t-en, 1r) pi en staurant (pJ. -er) sldst eftennlddagen besoge (4., -t) tage (Iog~, tagel) derop I morgen i stedet fA ("~ 168'1) foreatilUng (-en, -er)

klon borg 5101' 811geJslk teatergroppe (~j "'I) opfare (~te. "1')1

'0' Uden


at a IBstaUtant at the end oIlhe visit

take. (here: 90) up there

tomorrow instead



the Castle of Elsinore English

theall'S COOlpBny pedDfm

at the moment

a 2 Ahout six o'clock in Ihe evening

MlsOFi Lone


George Hans boOlle Hans


Bor lars og M~lene j Gilleleje' hele Am1 runctt? Na,11 de har ;SOOlmertuus he"Oppe. De bar • en fnde midt i Ke,bell1havn. V\1 hat rrd<e besogt dem tllllft'lIJ

fiJl ..

Jeg 1ror 9~ jegved h"'or hUse! figger~ Det er Yilt nIDe hus demenne.

Nej, 11 use t, er ikke rodt. Oat er gutt~ og det Hgger Udt utM .. for GiUele~&.

Jeg hlbif. vi fiilfuje~' det. Kl!Jnne vi ikke sperge am vej? IKan dill huske aa ress.enl Ilone?

Nej, jeg tJO.ede. Lars ~a'llde g~vet drg adressen. Ja. de{ gjom!!, han] men i~ har gJemt den. Jeg kefer lIIcen for bye-TIL Der finder vi nolo!; st ,guilt nus.

~vor er her ~mll1ft! NlT ieg ~nker pII Danmal'k, 't~IIC'W; Jeg ;aJtid p4 fawen b1~: bJ~ hirnJmel~ b~lt ha\r.

Lad !'IS "'ne ~e:r ti I dal gamle, 9 ~Ie tlus derovre ved

IIHe skoW'. lilj.ns det ikk-e i&r II ~"" "'i"II lli, • ."n - . ""'... g,lIiiIIr_.

~ ~.~ y~ uw~enes ~

mdske. h'llor deres ligger. •

Ja. det ~lfd!af fQmUftigt.

lars. Aa~son

'nd af~ yea! rolJ


up hB'/B

,iIl1 . f . .......,.neflh8getl

"a 'ddle of Lt''''''f'''

in Ole flU


,~mbabJy . there

(n/Bf ther6. up

yeJJ~w .

- • ..:I~ IGilIeJe}e




,ask the way

ask remember addless give

,ornet . . kiD~'

"',~ . ., t!:#"··,~ rf IS U~I'II~.

How beau ~'1U1

Itl in k' of always colou'


sky, heaven

sea .

fflel lold. ,yellow oolJs.e


.over U1em

by ... ..-. ..... j the smaJi wcJ.r..AJ

w(podl fcres'

awns1 psri1'aps

. I· ... te re8sonable

s8f1S {J _ ~

. . ·t .. 'k ln the evening

D 3Arollnd ten 0 cloc ... I

A1isDlIIl Sliver det slat fkkB rnlli~he~bIiVe rnerkt.

'll'IlI& Jo, nu begynder det sn !I ta!oder bAle!.

!.mrs Jeg gAr ned til stranden nu ~g Skal vi laga noqet

Ma!b~~e' Vi kommer om 1 I} minutte.


ISara jeres, sangsltemmer. Hvad skal v~ 'syng€l1?













o c.n


bJI~e (lbllev. blevet~ mg~k

KrOniborg 810,t

I(roTIlloIH SklII!M caslle at Eisilll'lre)Is si\uated tn Helsn9IJr Wh8ll'8 the S()IIfId De1We8TI Oellmllllt and s.w-eden Is at its narrowest. It was

1IuI~ in ths 8rst !tall at (he lilteel1l1'1 centuryoy tbe Danish king. El'ik I)fPDlIlerlln~. Wh8f1, Iw InlrOlilioed tM Sound Diles - a kill to be paid Ill! sitlPs passing B5111_. Tlhe king buiit a number of casfles on both sLdes of the Sound, to make sum that. these dues were pald. Km'l'ib-Ifli Slo~ 'has prov~ded the seWng for many productions of

,Stlakespeare'~ Hamlet.

o syn e 9.'11 tro, t:enke (think)

:enlh!<'~' . exp~ your personal opinion about somebcdy or ~e lrtQl)'rnu [11b'oduD8 l'Le s'mtement witt'n ~eg synes:

Jeg symes, blomst'eme er licit for dVm.


I i I

C) CI1

tarst (first

'i kan . or not until)

prse frok

Ff 5taurallr IHfSt osr pa en lv.

esten be r d og h. e C(UJ

kJokken ~ ~ er ferst

Tht!~ 6 o~cJOck.

Wh - .

at a say

HOl\' to;

H vad .bar du

Jeg J . synes, det er

eg s.mes iJcke l'i Louisiaqa i d J eg h'or godr .ag.

huset Ii ' J. _, ,.,

Lad .... Mer. os ksre ov. til

gand~.t gulehU:l.


gUa:ge ...

1 T ... patterns

.. he _wo,rd 'the' ~ . . ~

a In Umt 1. . and ad)e •. ,

word' .. ~lIilge 15' . . C liVes

1: . in Da III sh b I }I<{)U ·we.rn:',e t ild

o.a conun ' ut an end',. U·'. that the·

1 LII U • 011 gender mg., In th e si I 15 not a

rut 3 (. Doun and DgUi~3r" -- +

noUIil ' . page J 7) •. ";". -et Or _. ., ~ or -8 r.s

ad;e w. tbe plbra] is ·1 fxpJamed thatl eo a neuter nOIlD.

blOt ~ve bemreen rbea:a~ a~ elllding, ':ee unmediately betot*!

. ep"ra[e word MIele and til . Huwever, If there

Not th ... ~ .3.iJ[JJ'" 0 ~ • e moun t·L 0

e 3111: ft. -rtJCJU! as in ' ne IS not an

ends in a er the defu; ~ In English. en

de e, ire .a ttlcle I

n rode b~. tin,e}. the , dO. ,

OJD:st ' .. a jecn ve n

det gule hus d:_e ·red flower .. .

smguhu-J 'common B· L.uw. ......

In the 'I . , the yellow ho

P ural tbe artid~ j .' SJIlguIar) . tUft (neuter gende!;

~ IrAd.: b~ . _ 51 due ~ame h.

d . I .Ort15teJ" .lv:r ibDth

gu if' bulSe fh·· g.enden: d

e red flo . . e.

I"h~ yeflow Wet's hOuses

2 IPflumi of nG'LI,ns

II<fore the plural ending mrn;[ [ICUOS .a[ end i_n -el, -en and -CJ:

<Irap !hE e. for ."all!lpl,e! 50nmteli' beco:ru:-> ;0..nre in tb. pliJln.~ wei bimlJU!l becames bintle I a prwcdmg double cmlliali!.~t IS

simplif~ed) .

NoUIls delloriLlIl professions and lJatianaliri~5 mainly end in -er.

~e do not drop;be e ill me plural. For eJl>Ullple bage!" I&dkerl

becumtS ha~~"I'e and engl~er becomes mgl_derc. In these uO.m~, howen,;, ;be pima! elldHlg di sappear£ wben the definite artid~ 'he is used, !>ape Ibakersl bec:mne. bagerne jlhf

btlRe:rsl. Simlt· I'rly engl~Ddere becomes epgkn,dave .

The ",ord ",ennek . ends in -r 1m the pluraL Berore the de6dite emiing t -ne l the -I' rends to. disapp ear:

er IDI{:nnesk;c me~esket roe n.n.fsker menne-s:ke e

S"metime5 a vowei lakes plac~ when Ihe plural roding is added. Tbis lutppe[ls in da~£Ir (daugbter), dmre (""'lighter.; , and

kM~tad {",r)~ bo\Verutder ~~,pittlldo

3 ",:he position of words like 'ikke' (not) and ,alii d!1 (always), 'in a main elause

In Unit 1: (pag.1:71 you learned how to Wl"ID negative ,"(aIOll1el1rl'

m D amsh by p;~acin.g ikkc after tbe ~erb:

H'I.!Ul koTJ.'tDl1E r ~ &ag. She is com ing toda.y~

Hl!lliIl kommer i.kke ] dag. She is tlot rom;'-Jg toda),.

w".<k me;uliIJg .. ot • ...wer. "lw<f)S ,,(tim. ~ddo .... only, 100" and tmlbtJbly are placed ah~r the verb ii' a main cl use:

Vi spiser a hid mndsrykl<.r We ,,!rUdY' edt ,oils in th-

orn mm:'gcoen. "itlomiJ-Jg.


1 i,





o U1


U [he v rb consjsts of an auxiliary (or 'helping') verb aQd a parti~ip'r (t" perfect t~~se) these words (adverbs) .u., __ irnm edrarely a frer rhe a I!J xill ;l.ry ","'e-r b:

](;g ha r ~~ke kith! bi~ letrerne. I ha~le not hought thr ticlt"- ..

A~ mentioned 1[1 Urut ~ h).ag~ ,2i' th.~ position of ad\Ferbs II» sentences ,vi [J-. ska I Of" vd 'and Iso rna o~ ~~). followed by at jnflll1BWle, i he-tween these verb and die ]nfJnJitlve:

Han vU bare e huset, He mdy wants to see the hou..

4 Prepositions in expressions of time

P.r~POS~hOr.L5 are words ~u{'~ as: in, ol~.lvr,. at, f'lre. Note how they aE~ used illl iDamjsh in dH~ foUowing phrases to expeess time:

i dag today

1m rgen i ruesre uge


I rncrges

i t! herrniddag BI ahen,

~ mt: Uemt iden

i lnb-~' aF Forma dd agen pa nrlalild,,~

i en liD e

Dm'~ varter

nudr pa dag .n

~jd S l pa e he.ll'm iddagC"1l fOl[ [i~'en

lonrorrow next week tbis tmJTl1ing ,this tjftenmol'z fhrs f?lJ~~H'ng

ill .th,.e me:an.tJll1f!

ir! the COI\f"se .af the nwrning on Monday (future)

lor II week

i~ Q qt~'art" of Qfl ~](JU, 'fl tl'e middle of the d~ y

41 rlu· e~d of the afleTnoorr ..:U Ihe hI'oment

11 de,.' ( Ifnu ~rigc yen h dl!t la~e l0J:

C de III srn lJikkc dronninK

d de dyre blol1Jl~re'r


. r prr nigbt?

d 'npl·· room cos

L oes a 'S'Wllb ...

a How rnu n d i he pri e? I 1

b Its brl~aJkfast indu~c ~n t dr1v~ from the nnrc ro t

e How long does II rake to .

beach ~ enh.: [ ~ nro drew dt:t (1 sin

) ln [be fo nnw'~rI ~ senee nces chn ngc

(his example: _

' • . I: ~dcn store k:rt)

De cr inv terer [II en fur test, , . ur mi.

.. h).ggeh ' rest

3 Om eft. ermiddagcn spms~r de P k' .

I d er ~tlc I~t:.

b "Em S lL1Jhe n engi n er ~pLS.

C Han drikkcr en dyr vrn,

d De kl0rer over ril et ~~. t: hus. h ~uh hus. e Lars og .f\l~dh.:"U'lie' hn r ~ 'f'iI: ga m m C i

f L3 n t..ndL!1"" et srorr hM.

I th E'11l;h~h S 111 ·1I1e;. S ID 4 ln ['he folluwing d~ .. ~olitue. ([.IIlS aft' . t: ~

in u Dani, t.

N,'':}d har du I I~[ fa IU lave I dag?

a. r l;UIl!d'd '~kl.· to !1~5M ~ "'Uj~IUl'I1~ Iroknsr pi} en restaur n~ D.:iI:' e r II..: n l!;uJ Mdl'. V ~ ka n sprs

----------------------"""'=~=:;Ir::::::;~=_----------~=~:~:~~k:ke fyst tH at gleo

at koldt. Jeg hal I det ,er meg

N,eI, ,,,,en . I label

"~r. dag. fl'l at 'Qi en t{Jr. odd g? Hvis det k~arer oo l..vt6l'l

I!!,II geT" - .nJ'fI! a. - eftem1~

Je4] tn:efll nte til i e1te ~.~ Oy1"eha1Ven I '

Ska) \!U 11<ke 'lJe k3111 \Ii k0re oP] ,

. kJ11liLidd agerrt•

Iilf "Uif' der. , .ng'}

.... .... ,1 nil ell ~ -~_:__--------:-::-=~Ilr _ 'it is raul.

y~ 1St - • I!h. re foUowmg.

1104 js ,t? ~Il ~1;;e::.i~~~-...------~-

Gl2I'f dell,r _


.z o


f~r og besege et museum i ehenniddag. b I d01I 't. think. we shortld eat at a "estn"ra.rt. .Ii

expenswe. . .. _ .

n~r Jigger en bahg resra uraru inde rnjdt j .t\..iI'DeJDIII ~{.]dcn. der er god.

If the food is good and r:beapl I would like to eat

S Change me prenouns Irorn the singular to the p11lr.l.l in following sentences (e.g. I to we, me to us, my to 0."., he the,·)I.

a Jeg rejsre til Eng~i3Jnd med min datter:. h Han rmg,er t\i] mig hver dag,

e J e.g skal nok kilJrre dig I@P Til GlJ~dej e, em Him vil gerne ka be dit h, ~s.

e MUle' blomster var ikke dYH:. f KU.5 fl.}, er forsinket.

g K::m du b!e baml I1d i JufithavneID?

6 Insert the words in brackets into toe following sentences. a inuk pro,bably) De kommeJ i morgen.

b jhar~ only) jeg skal dzkke bo~d.

c (itke, Han bar trendt biJer.

II !a!hiidJ "'ways) Jeg ringer til mi.n mol' rnidr p.1 dagen, e (soan: 500n) Det 'b~gynder at blive merkr,

f likk_¢.] Solen kiIDler;

g (iklce) Det m:ilI hel e daJgen.

II (iike IIeg hI] fa billctler til. fOrC5ti!li..,~en.

7 Answer the following q lJel;tiollS, 1!isi:qg whole senrences,

,. Synes Hano, det eren gnd id. at kore op tiJ Louisiana! h K~rer de 01) til He]!slnggr j :stedet~

C bllger Lars ()g Mal~n.s &olOlnerb1l.s i GiIMej.] d H verda n {linde-I" de· }}uset?


IIll A walk in 1ha woods


Ka • n TrIne l(ilr611111

L \\rood when she

? -' D' [0 tne

- I ,or fa~se . do about gOIltb

nve chaII,ges he~ ~

a Karen L it is ralfl'lO.g· . h d if the

le;'~I'[1liS that ·.i hllrly cdkt h .... 11 later Ul r e ay

, [: part ~c.,...., ~Jk' DI'Io.' re a v ....

b iii: ~s no" Id Hke a wa I 'In .1

Tnne wo.u _

C weather unprove .

l I I


-c c... 3

~'~ ,

co'~ ,.

~.& CD'.

:J . ."



c' I .',1 .-..

,.... ~ ---

~ ... o Q (Q





AilSO" Oeo'flB EiIl, dame'

vlm.duesp.ladS I(..en!' ref) Del valr Iilel,d'gt~

g, sigl '~U (-edel -et) tur I(-en, -e)

II har set leT siBttS 5'lg (saDeI sat) foTkeI'l

pladS. (..elmil -er) fA.m. vide

- -

one, someone


den eRe De\ mt • mege~ 'U'nd9kJlde~ u ndS:kylde· t-te, -t) beg gel

tage feJI Inllfuje (-ade!1 -ell (om) en

e~glJng kende (-tel -t1

window seat'

How (O/tl!JtJatel (lit that was bJcky)

rook forw:ard '0

frip. joumer

y.oU' halve sa ~ down

,sit down


ptace, seat

be to.ld (Lit gat to know)

aile (of th81f1~

, ,aRI V6')" SC·11'jf.

ex !pu,s e


,btl mfs~ken. be WTW1g

,remfnd lo,I}

0.1109 knOW

1]2 A meeting Alison Ge<u",ge

Kender ~ hinanden?

Ja, lIMen vi hat' iklke set hlnanden t 25 AI. KI.lf1 du nuske. at

jeg. engang foftaIte. at leg t'Jar vmret pA hejsko1e i Danmark1 Oat var i det 4f. j8Q tog frio If\den ;eo b8QY1ldte

at I~ pit unlve(Srtetai.

Q m

forueUe (fortart e, fortart)

haJskore (-h, -r) len tage (81' 6r) fI1 (folk) high

Ind.n :r:!.a YDa'f::

hese' (-te t) """4' 17

unlverslfet·(-et. :';') read. study

~ __ ~ __ ~~~~~oo~

Jette add --

resses her h -

hg har ~,._.d . usband

. ~ Ynoet pllad

leg ikk.e ~~_ . serna iI"V'I'

~ m IdJ 'Set I 25.a.~ ,-~ leg har fund

min Ima!i1ld. 131..-..+ w-. (Addre .... ~ - at en wn '""'"'m

G _ • ..-.,.et'_ -In!!' ~ • ~

Oddag~ leg hedd r.;, . ge) Ja. ldet er

@r ueorge 0

• 9 min kone h

e~tiB'rAli son.

AI IS 0'1iI1 J~Jl!

Gepg~ patS I' IGeorge

Godi:lall. 1",1 IlllldskJI1da• at 'iii l~ jeras vinduesplads Dei IiCf 'kite naget· BIni andel 9SLddende. ~ kender \\Iren. III reiOllf 5QJiI regel ",ell mg8l:. nlu" III skal 'II


~l/01' ~ ~andet bOT 17

Vi bO'F ij Arhus. .

III sICa! <>!lsI!! til ~ VI skal hold9 at forreminllSmooe


som Del, er Iml1n man,d.

P'!8nd (-elill~ mEencll Itl-a" §r::IT ikke nO'get b~hl ~nd'eng siddende endel1g

whoJ wh;c;h, (hifU fhjs: is my husband. man, husband

n' d~8S not matt61. ~ha rs all righfJ

do stay

An adverb whIch here glves same

emphasis as E!1ll91~sh do.

us.uall}.t; 8S a ;vIe

After .5P! and 14"1 a vem 01

roovem.:m' is otten omitted In 1O~lli5h: VI 8'81 ogy (retsel UI

A!rh:u$. f'OliR:tn!nISnl"de (-tl -I) bUSiness mestilr9

150m fBIEd 'VI, ska1 ogr9.1 111 Arhlls ..

III 4: r01:d triends,


v~ 8ka! 'fakti:sk ud 09 be i \101'&1; 50mmemIJS pI. Mols i en rol:mw, Nl1r ~ ar f~rdige med fone1ningsrnDde1. kUIl!i9 I 'si ~kkg tmnke' lei at komme ud og besog9 es 1 Vi har g'fIa,sser at 'plad-s, 'I kunli\e bo has QS i at par dage.

Del er 'IIJrkeUg Sf1lidt af ief, men det er all for gatt.

Nej, t.v,iBr'liimod. Jag Vii meget ~ 1a31l8 dig at keocie,

cg iB9 1iIil agsi geme SrLa.kke med GeOrge om gamlB


Jeg vH lejs en 0,;1 i Amus~ s! "Ii kan ~re til MoJs- Hvcr

ligger jeres sommerhus?

Dat er ~et at finds. NAT I kommer til Molsktoef1, sksl i d~e

tH v,af'lstm mod Ebeltart. NAr I har k0rt en ltilorneter• skal ~I oreja tn 'veflstfe igef1l- Det er en blind vel. og vores hus

er Idet slds1e I'rlus. pA h0jre hind,

Alison Jattel



inlsct month

ha lie finished feel like

lots of I'DO'm

a few. a COUple Of mally kind 'Ut

8 ' . SWeet)

tit you are fat too .

(11'1 the COntra. . IdndI

get to know ry

hlrsl rent


S'O easy inn

,rum left


ri:lW8fds kllametlflr again acul41e~ac

blind -


72 iI I s



en ... "ioIll

..,.. ~.'"-en. ~r)

~ fa hlerdf.g mad hun ne tmnlce Ifg masser 8' plads, &fpar ~ VtlrkeUg ad Men del ell' R l'Ior gaJU tv,iluitlMo.d lEn, at kende IleJe (, 11) b II (-en~, -e,r)


Q en

Ohl!ll,re/Yenstre (rightlleffl

hEll r.' Irig'l1lIt ~ rigtrrt-tnlflld p~ h0jre hind ,drtje tn t't£ljre til hC)jre tor






an' your right

rum right" tum 10 thEi right

'W the I1gfit of

vem'nSi- 18ft, ~eftdhBlnd pAl V&T1Istre hAnd dreie \1' ven6ire1

ti~ 1;J8i1S,re for

en yct'ur left

tum feft. hIm to the left

to tha isH of

Wh,atto S8¥


., ask the way

UndskY1d, kan Delda §ige mi~ h.vor Tivoli tilJSer? tExCJI.Se me, calf )IOU tell me wbne th,e Tivoli Gardens tJre?)

N'w- De kommer til banegir.den, ska1 De dreje

tit b.ojre. Tivoli Iilger pi vcm,sue side a( gadcd ..

Yd De 'J.~ !ila \fenlis at sige Illig. bvordaD jeg kOlllJDCl' hen til Klgycrvei?

Det kad jcg jkke hj.dpe Dem med, jeg kendet ik,ke


Hvor li~ jerd hust

Det Jigger lidt udcn for .

GilIeieje, meU- Gi1kkie OR H~ Nir I bar

k'" c.a. Z )d.kdnCICf"' IcaJl I se bpSet Ira YejcD .. I sbI drejc til vautrC Dtod hayet

01 .orcs blll eI' dct sidlte

pi IuJjrc bJAd·

Ii give 3J nega rive reply

• ask the' way

• gi,v,e du,ectloJl5






Q m

La 9 age patterns , Reflexive verbs ReFlexive verbs consist of are ~Ued rdl exive verbs b ve~b and a refleXiv

on, .'S thrown back on, rhe :~i,~se the action o/J:

subject, (at) szue jeer, What is d e

table], (at) Szrtll~ . ~eans (m) plaCI! (for exa ~ne. is

. .. SIC means (to) sit doum f!lP e, the

l!'e reflexive pronoun !Ii . .. (Lit. place ~ ...

singular (afrer baoJhunJd81S 115ed only in th .

~after del. In the fir d enldet) Ind the: ,.1..- de

d . s.t an seeo d l.OU Dt" .. -

~e IiIS~ in (he' "obiecr' on persons the

slg: I ecr form. Here is rh e .. personal

present tense

Vi sretter OS

I sserrer jerlDe S:2tt

de s ~ iter sig er

du sa=;Uer ... : .... IlnI,

h ~. ilL UJW u e Iii a!ttCr Del -

aLJ!J'IJunlden/cl' t _ _ - iID

e . s~yteI' stg

2 1ih

.. ' 'e [parte ""'" teo -. .

A.s. , . 1.!i''' ' nse

you saw ill U -

both D IL . rut 4 ('P!::iJ!Il''''' 4°

. ' .L:llgush and ... ' -b~S'7-501 the .,. .

to the p.e£ellt nanmb when, ou .. ', perfect [_e.nse I.!

[esW.t,: ",hib th~om.en[. ~ p~Ject relate. an acnon in the

pla~ in the past: tense str tense' rs concerned 'tit

Th past. esses 'the fact th ,,'L., yvl

e 'I:'Ioi"'!rt. . at tue actIon

'I... ,l"" U:C"1 tense' -

blt rn:ai'IJI. vt:: b' ,COfiMits 0'£ .' ,

fOf'm L . r. l'll a to ' . an auxilia i '

!S someri . rrn which . . ry or helpm t. b

t<llk.d II m~~ Idenf· I . is called the . . g ver , <I",,,,,, ':' ,,~ !4Jke4 'b'-. Wlta the pa e past. participle.

. [)al\JSb tL _ s UI!: nt)L ] asr tense I n ,I;' n ... Jjsh

a IhL. . "" past p .. a ways, as' .. '""'6 • as

II.U! pa'St te .. - mlClp\e e d'· , . In u.ran.k and

~' nse ~ndis in _ -I []I S, UiI -t.

rin d. e.d!e~ the; .. '

, ge iI,: past pam " 11. -

ha cipre ends lin -et ..

. [ nn~~t '

If the 'p

. ast U:l:los.e eDd.. . ,

- !j; tn ~~"' .• J.~ ~~ lJ[lt -

tahe past pan· .

lcJlple ends -, .

.w -t:

, c . he .'1[' _,jar verbs ba. e II dif£erent vowel i._n the past tense

e b [I e kI I""B-' • _ I . .. •. h

f!OIlll rhe inlil>tt,ve, the s:unc vowe. app·ars m t e past




gsrc por:g£ s;,ctte

S3igdc gjorde spu,rgrte satte

h.w- sagt har g~lo:rt hal 'SPIlf gt bar sat

'\'I1tu::rc [here is 110 vowel chal'lge the vowel srays the same in the ,ast panidple too:


har han


In the vocabulary sl;artlng 01'1 pa!;e 26] the past tense and the past partic~ple o.~ rhe verhs. ate ~n.djc3ted in brackets~

The aux;ru,ry verb is not always har in the perfe.ct tense. Verbs of l1t('lvemelt !!IOO verbs rhat iIdplr 'change' use er in the perfect


han er reist til Danmark biun ~[ kommet

de er bte.'Yct store tbalJe be:cQwe) det ee b~gJTIdt at regne

3 The imperative

The imperative is tbe IorIO .. I the \Ie.!:> you use when you invire

Or tell someone to dD something. It is identical with th •. stem 01 the verb and you use the same form whether adressmll one

person lOT sever'at people;

'KOID~ Rejst

l\i,'II s;'ddcnde!


o en

76 .3


o en

4 Relative c'auses Rd;;lll e clau are "'lLJIL, d'

d . ' ~ I Dor mat J

a. dJuonaj. formation abou: e auses ~hat deli

mentioned In the main clause 'thf ,. something Or LDc:

, antecedent) ,,",'-"In.-

Jeg har ful[]_oet en ven I h .

. ,. .:1.'1_ ave £. d

~om !cglJU{e har set h ' ',Olin. Q tn'end

~ 25 ar. tJ,!;Jltt!·t. seen {or 25

Vi syog~r en sang" der w.. ,_,_

handler Om s.a.nkdImsani£o (edsir"/, a ~ong whicb '

. . .' ea;.S tl).th, St' !"

In English a ralarive clause beeins w] • Job" $

relates to a personlpfopJe~ an:g w]{h. wbo. or- whom cases t,l1ot Ci3l,]Jj bt used T_ D .ohthcn"W]se Wlf,h which In

and, d .. iILIJ antS:no ~,..J'. '.

be !i:OJD or er can refer 'ItO any" d IIJCI;:Ij (]JJJstlnnion is

used both as the S u bi ecr ,~, ~ rM:e~~ ent, The word ~!Il dIe first . J, ~, ,iii nn rne obrf'Clt of h . SOm der " It rx.a1ftbp f. above It,]S the object I' bt e relative cla

, 15 r .f gramm iiI'lu:a] sub', " T.h- . m r e second

by sem JD ,this clause: leC"[. e word der could be rcx~ilIbili

Vi synger en san '

handler om ~a.nt~~m ,t:.. WI!:? sing a s,ong whi h .

, ' ansa rten, (deal . ,h· C ts am""

Delr can oW'Y' be ed ,'5 ,Ullt ) St. John's Eve.

WI... - USe as ehe subjeC't. '

,Iller. rhe wo' d L .

ID"'F . ,r tlliD air esta h l' h '

~. :nnmatlcal object . f h' ,IS, es the re la ( , I h' .

llrl ~o[1h En. ~'h' ' 0 t ~ rtlauve claus _ ' : , lon~ lp IS

gJlDS and Damsh. e~ It!S soraetunes left

J I!g un ]j de at tale ..JI

men k men I I 'cf. 'k

. ,IlfS er, i ~g bBde . .I ,IKe taf, =s to p,eah,/e 1 m ..

Linger. ' I; On tb,e tnJ' f" .

Who J".

en ~t. can be Q,rn.itted . .

Rei . I.lIJ English .

ar~lV@ el ~IIJ " l I[ can be 0 ," , d" ' ,

e)[ampl,~ b ,~~, cal] Ire]ate ~o tll ' .1.. DlWtte" m Darush.

d "e ~s very an" " ie wDole of th ' '

er ?nnot he used. if!' wblch WOTries me e ma.Ln da1use. For

rda.n\'e clauses rut 12 OO:Jltt~,~, e. ~ thiS case rom or

. 'I1l·,ns more ~ .

r 'O.rnta non a bout

R . ke yin. i V'ej ref var god[.

t V~ dw~ en u:3.S 1 Ha sagde al[ hi('lm~,[ rn

III rt",li'IId" 'l.uset. If. d

. pe i1i1P-O ' ~ II var ror t yre.

S flyer ankoro. ' ~

h " L_ .~ the lot'o1\'ing se['Ltenccs trom the per ~"C1'

Change we \re1r~ /~~se _

2, t-ell!ii:: to ~ he pasT e •

Dd er begyudl: at rcg~.e.

b Vi bsr in.nlcrct deo:l til el\ fest.

c D~e har bact i en ~ejli~ed~

d De ~r reist til Eng)and~

e leg [iruaf f~el' p~~gef1e" .

f J eg bar io/f1tamt ba~ om s~otltet.

Hend,es dan€'f er b~~vet 5[0[. ~ leg bar v.-;erc.t' i K~ben.havll:"lJ.

3- eombiil. the rwo sentences by mai<.iog du~ sentence in brackets p'art of the. first :s~rnt~nce as a. relative clause. Here

are tWO examples:

ViJ har set fo:restillinge n, tFo['estiUing.ell h.311 iller orn Da n ma r k i dag.): Vi bar set (orestilliogen, del/ handler 001

Danmark i d ag.,

jeg .bar set ~orestillingen,. [En C!l1:gilsk '~e·a(ergruppe opferer

f{lllie.stillin&en P , KroiDIborg S~ot.); J eg har set fDre-srillinleot ~mn CB eI1igehk teaterpppe olPmre:f pa Kronhorg lot,

a Lars og Ma1ene har ct som.merhus. (Deres sommerhus liege r i G~(;I eje, ~I

b Vi gdr ned til ball;t. (Lars bar (zndt biJet.)

c De hal:' dr.ukket den dyre Haske yin. (George gav dern den

dyreflaske vin.]

rd, Hans spiser ~id~ mere af a::,bLeka,gen. (Lone har lavet

re.blekage'J1, }

e 'VlliejfJer over til Kebenhavn- (KAbenhs\'n er Danmarks

h ovt:dstad. )

,4 Translatl;'! think intu syne!ii,. g()r or tznku in the following sentences, [See lUn it 5 J page 61).

3J ) eg ~, vi skal rcj se med eoget til J ylland.

b Jeg _ , mange mennesker vil reise til Jylland i morgen.

e Vi ~ pa. at ksbe et hus j Alhus.

d J(;;g --., Arhus er en deilig by.

e Hvornar kommer Mafle? Jeg -. bun komm r med

toger der ankommer 15.03.

f jeg _ ikke, vi skal besege Louisian.a i dag.

g leg -I det klarer op i lebee af formiddagen.

h Jeg _, vi skal kart! ud til en skov og g1 en rur I efrer-



1 I


78 3

t e'

!!til ..



01 en

~ Translate th~ ollowing inro . ami h:

What is the tj me? It is naJJf past six. The performance begins at eighr o'clock. I rnusr be i.1I1 Galldeie at twenty-five past sev r! H leave H eg korer) at a q~ arter to seven. en .

My daughter has to be ar the airport at twenty-f1v

tomorrow; e to SftI ... •

a 6 Now you are going to give directions First

. d L 1iI! 'to . V .• anSWer, :!1IiI, men D S.101ll meet them at d~fferent 1

indicated OM [he pla n, p aeee,

[~OSK )






a Loo king lor ilhe ho,~eli . ..

, . . d Alison are at the ,I'mlw,a y s~atlon til Ar~1IlS.. They Geo[r a~ d. W'IIom in one of the hotels In the centre of Arh us.

bSliJIe' [ioolp;,_e ,;;Ii,J!....... .. -

Ved du, h,vo,r 'hoteilBt ligget?


'" gill< Js#.let er j'kke ret ~alflg;t het1rn"

u.eol' 'Ii" ~'f U . .

(ll1SlI- ~lK 'to whefe George thifik~ f~~. hotel is, but he js wrong aFrd :they neve 10 ask ill for dfrectiOI1S,)

GeO"I18 Und skytd.k:.iI'Fl du sige m~g. hvOf' hote~ Kattegat ligger'l

Fomipasserencl'e Ja, I skal ned ~11 balleg6rden 'for endoo a1 denne Igads. Dar 'Ska~ I '94 tijl hejoo. NAt ~ kommer til tlf'ooie gada pr. venstJfe hAnd. skal I g,~ rundit om hj~rnet~ s~ liggar hotellet lige Vedl slden at hje:rneejelildommen.

third SIt8e,' ro, 00 mer

right next 10

tNdje gade It -nJ -r) mncH om Ih]ome (-til -II) Uge ved sl,den at hI BlI'li!H!.e.}en dom (~n~ -me)

True or fa '1se ?'

a ~~ik~sseI-'by says ~:o George and Alison that they ha e ro 'b The ho~~.t,~ .the ,I~I.I,~ay station and then [urn left.

IS s~Q:srh:;d at the' corner uf two streets,


80 III In the evening in the hotel


fJu Mar aJdrig fortaJt mig rat mBgat i Danmark. da du var 19.

Det er ford j det skete. for jag m8Cfte Var d u pii hejsko'e hale tiden?

Nej. kun de sJdste 4 mAneder. Ira ...... -..;.. juni. Jeg arbejdede f0rst i onkel Vlggo. fI, mAl1eder. Jeg kunne ikke tale danak korn ,over tl~ Danmarl(~ men jag 11k fat IIPIJ. de B m4neder.

George Alison, Geotge

aldrfg (aldrl'gl1 kke ">1" ret (melet)

om de!' All" (du 'U~bragle)

Ulbrfnge (tllbmglef 'Ulbragl) da 'on::U ske ( .. te, -t)

llrun 'rtlafls II!utnl,ng (-en, ,-er}1

luni lBJ'b!Jd'e (-&1:18;1 -ell

onh-I (!i@n, on,kier) fGni'etnlng (-aill. ~r) I~ ("lei ,·'1) tit il!n

never (neverlnol) ... Yet)' 1JlUiIII~ about

the year (you spen~. A is defined by a relative \iIIIIj ... often Pmceded by a demons1rative pronolM1 In (U. thar year) Instead of~. the definite fonn (the year). spend (of time. not money) when









busiJ1'es,s. shop


managed to leam. FA plus the paS1 PaJ'ticiple of a verb means 'ger '{donie) or 'manage roo (do). language






1 aday om-

The alarm clock "8

and George. Aliscoe£ off.Qt Stvnr oJcl

dresses. Ceo hon hUTT'es to th ba°ck tfffd

, rge . QS fallen as/. e throo,,; iolIM·.:tl

Vrekkeuret . eep 4gai,.. •

A~' rInger kJokk

ki lSdon 5.kynder sig ude; b' og v~lck.::r

z er Jg p . Ge.. P adev~reJset "Wlllaa.:

Ali orge er faJdet j sln'n' . 1m

son SL..:w.-..,.,I.. .. zgeJL

"' y~ lUI dlg~ Gao I

over 7. rge. KIokken er allarade •

Jag skal FIlok v ... fierd'

om 1 D. min utter. Ig~ nAl'

Maim clock ring

wakB up hurry bafIJroom

flBl washed dress (onesetf'J faJ/asleep alftNJdy

I shall (certainM. I will

r;JOur hadbellflr rather

tOompIetB!y shave (0095811) 'oak ...

l_kkeT IkOrrune till 'S In spl~de

Deli" kDl'rl'mer IUIle tn ~~ gl r~,og,el '~I s,IHje.

blodkogt derefter mg t~ge~ ~) rlste t-edesl -et) 'hial'lsk/bll'od (-et. ~) et s1fkke' 1'\1&1e.t ftranskbrSd rfii:Ulnelade ( .. n~ -:r) ap - ets:lnmarnteIlade, ilP'~81 (~n.-eI') n !lidst,


(herrl9 in the future sense) wm

go I!D' was,e, be wasted

Nothing, wifl be wasted. ~oft;-tJoited

atter that·



foal of white bread a pfec.e of toas' jam

mrli'tmamde. orange


D 3, At'lhe receptionl

'Gwr&e an d .Mison ba ve invited anum ber ~f buyers &om huge supermarkets and also leading confeaioners to ,a receptl0n at a Iuxiliry hotel. The mVlcanon memtums. a surprise gi ft to all p~cipants, who will be' considered pdoirity customers If they decide to ibuy the' exquisite chocolates that George and Alison are tr)':i!ng to ~nt[odlU(e i nro the Da 11 ish ma rker, George addresses the large crowd of people who ba ve turned up.

Qe.crga J 6gr vLlr g@niie byd'e [er velkommen. Jeg !nAber, at I aNa sam n1'1 ~ n har f~et at g~as vrn og nar smagt p! otnol<oladen. aU det er om den, jeg nu vii slgs et par Old.

10M er 10 lkik.e Iiltogen he t alm[ndelig chokoJade. Den er lalrJet efter en helt I'lIY opskrffl af de frneste ingn:tdiBf1ser uden neqen kunstige tliSEBtn ingsstoffer. Del bEttyder sehlfl~lgBng~ at den 191' d~rere end de fleste andre ~ags chokolade. men, voreS erfarmg sr, a.t folk er b&gyndt .at

i nh]feSSElfe sigr mere for kvalit,at end for billfge ptiser. Oar er II1U storm efterspcrgse! efter luk.susvarer &lid

nogensll"ld'Et 'tor.

Vores :ESker Ell' la-vet 81 geobr:ugspapir, dvs. at vo~ prod1.J!1d: p~ ingen mAde skader naturGfl, og del eI SO maget ..,tgtlgt nu, nver de fleste mennesker Gf ~evet dI


, prtOritetskunder VJl .

kan ·'byde sa1ig ;:u't{Ma II ..

ov OO;esker om ...... ~_ ..... VOrabIe Pliaar

[ • • M:U JtftJ8n Og ~ ~

a en Idle gave: en IiJJe skA. sf r dag

porcecen fy1dt mad chokoJade_ del ....

byde vel kommell (bod, budt) aile sammen gJa (~ .. ) vln (-ani -e) smage p6 (-te, -I) c:hoko'ade (-lit -r) ord f.-) Jo

bid welcome alJofyou glass


taste. sample, try chocolate


This impljes that the 18I ..... iII"I,.. ....... - a re weI I aware of the truth of what ~s being said.

D'triinsty, common. usual new


II is no ordinary r8Cipe. finest







more expensive 'han



kind. son eltP6dflnce Peop/s

09 int6rfil8'sd i' )

Qlla/fry ~ Ul

fow P,k:ss



d6'l1and (to

IUJrW'LI' r)

",1 9aocts



lu, PFOf1u~1

ever bOX

recycled ape'

that is fo say prm:lucl'

fn no way wat. manni'r in a way harm

na rur:e~ cou"t side


,9nlljMl1mel1 tally a wa re

prlori:ty customer customsr'

of CQ,urss


disp'ay unit




a m'anth (each month)



pfJfC81ain '-'Ii


n Dgefls~nde a!:,ske t-n~ "1")1

elilbliUg,spap1 (..ell 9, d'JS. (del 'III' 51ga)

p~o duld ~T) p,A ~l1gen MAde

. mtade (","I -I)

p6 en mAde

skalla (-ede • ..ell rnatur l~n) vilgtlg

mi~Jebevldst rprlonts\Slklunde ( .. Iill -If) kunde I( -n, .. r)

naturlUg"ls ,grads, (-ell -1-9) ml"'yde (tJUHKh tnbudt)

- rllg

favorabel om m6nede~ t .. ,. i "1') s'kl1 tn. -8) are - EO 11'1 (-el)

fyld ( .. ta'i-t)

1iru,8' 01" fal,se1

a George is not verj hungry.

b George and A!ison are seUing, a [ow-price prodm:r. (C The surprise present is :I big box of chocolates.

DHow to translate Llknow'

.Jag 'led, hvcf" fcl1'Qtningen Hgger.

Du minder mig em en, ~eg Elfigang Ikendte.

The \rem (atl, ~Ide, ved (pres. tense). vidste. vld.' 15 used when what lis hrlo~ or not kmown is 'Bxpf8'5sed bV a clause!

Ji!g wed. at 1rlun koRlft'lef p4 I kf}OW fhat she Is coming on

fredag. Friday.

Hun ~ed 'II~ke, om de han tale She dosS not IuJOW if lhey csn

eng,els1(. s.psak English.

YOll I'fJmlnd me 01 someone I once *neW.

Wh,st to s'ay

'How to.

,. welcom.~ gu-Cit.s.


i \

so used if the grammatical object is det. It log you !mow a'ready. you say.

Det wed j&g.

The verb (al) kende. kendte. kandt IS used when the object is a pe !"Sion, a subject or a place:

Jeg kendtt ham ikke. I don't know him.

Kender du nogsn gode hotelier Do you know of any 900tI

L Kolding? hotels in KoIding?

"I at \rille:

Jag iii k at vidal at' , .., a1 kande:

Jeg !fit I maget gerne 199", dig Mlkende.

I was told that ...

I would 'very much like fa _ to know you.

'I make 'what you 'say seem obvious

I. imply that the listener. is well awa re of 'the truth of

what you a re sa rUng

D HoW' to tJ\ansls,te 'when'

~ r:ej!!ii~n SOm ~ege~ mw togeY1 We ususJly go by train ...".,.

n~1' vi s~ 'til Kcbenhavn. we go to Copenhagen .

... die! lr, du tilbragte i . e e the year you spent in

DanmaJi'k, da du var 19. Denmark tvIIen you wenJ Jll

KVGht!r afglif der tog fra Wh8fl ,are' thef8 ttains depetf/rII

~b:Elllhi!.vn til AJt,us,? from Copenhagen to khus?

The Word "ir COffiil5pQnds ~o whenever.: I~ can be lJised with a wtb 1hB ~fes.en'. er 1hB' past tense:

~&r de b~~e OS, gik vi i!H:id When ,hay wslred us we I ibLl:tgralen

. .. . always went to me pictures.

N'f is a'5rO !LIsed when 'lJQU ·talk about future events:

Nl.f hun kornrne~ Dl iillilfldl. . .

kan ieggi\le hende ' ago WheR S.he comes on Mood8y I

. PE!1igel!!lo. can g'J\fe hel the money.

Ba I~ used wh~ VOILi talk no ._

. . . ii3) . ut a sll!'lg~a 'e'll8J1lj\ in tho IpaS(:

IDa 118111'1, EU\~Clrn tLi. Keben.'havll, Whe _. .

'liar h~ Jneijet tran. n ~B BmInJd In Copen~

hage~ he INias very tired.

Kvom&r 1ll1tJOd cas a qU85'ijmil:

HvOm:ir lIIIlBd'te >tiLl J'ette?

Language patterns

189' •



'm net. . t:h'u'ng"

. - arv to do some, "

- lie b t n ~s F1Icc:e~S ~~. . .

The 'verb mA imp tes t sa . .' ~ .. L:I'" \,fOU have to

, I ~ln s.o rry ~ . 11.. :I

Der rna I undskylde excuse ma1:.)

- R. !U~eans must P';Jof. , . I

Note that rna l1IU'i!e m." ,., k 11 past parnctp eo

~~ .. II: nse SUIi.C! _

C lnl, sLm.wl1,ej prea. tense skal, pasr e

skuik:l. . ' 1,. olII rraneem enlts:

, '11<.-' . about pjrln5. or ,;)I ~

Ycu use. skat when you are ta ·1 ng .rb s tor

'.. . . to stillY rt'• UI P

Hun skd bu hns O$. ; en uge. Sbe 15 g'~J rig

a 'Uleek,

.. 'g '10 sto» at nur

L . 'We are gou,1 _

Vi skaJJ lid og .IIJO I ores . ,. e(or a month.

om1lUerhus t en 'm~ncd. cot ag J" ~ cf

. - cesssrv becuus

• , '11.... t Inn lS, nf'1i,;. c-""'b I

Sk I, IS also used [0 ~ffipiy til a ~ an ac

an order, a I,aw or a reg,'I!aIlation:

1 The posilia n of adverbs (e.g. Ildee

a1drill) in a su bordi nate clau.e ..

As explained in Unlt" 3 (page 38) a majn clause •

which IS a complete statement, while a subordinate

makes sense when it is joined to the main clause. main clause that seem incollIplete; for example, haD

(bl' SQ)'s that ... ), vi ved ikke, om ... (we don't bro.v synes ~kke, af .. ~ (I dOH't thi"k. dIal ... ,.

[f (hilt ~ubordinatf clause is replaced by it Or so, the __ ...,.,.."., becomes complete in itself: IJC saY5 SOt we do,,~t know it, I

Ln Ilnit 5 (pages 61-4) YOll leal1'iled about !the position, in clause! of adverbs indic:atirog !time [alsid atwaysJ DB often, :5i~h:lej1it seldom, soan soon)" and of adverbs that [ikke, aldrig '1'eue,.~ or ill some other way qll3!lify the mC'i1llW [he. whoi~ clause (' p,erhap.s, kun, bare- only). placed ;,1 fre r lhf' verb cr between the auxijiary verb and the ve][b ton a main d

]n a. !iubo:rdUlate clause such adverbs are placed before verb(sl immedmatdy after the subj(_-"Ct:

Hvis hun ~ , har set fibnen'i If slu! bas 110t seen the film

l an vi gil i biografen. we c(Jn gO) to the cinemll.

M'ain da,u~:

j It;g kUnhe Me t3 Ie dansk ret godt.

Sllhordut~t:e d:au5.e: fordi ieg ikke kunIle tale daruk fet ~ atbejd«\e leg "._

J co",ld not speak Danish ~ery ruetl.

BecaUSe 1 muld not S/JetJk Dm'lisb very ull:lll WOI'ked ..•


roger, - aI lS used In SUggestiOD~ and IRJI: .. _


Jeg synes, ~ri ska.l sige 'du' I tbildt, IUe'

ril hinaoden. other",

leg skal Iige have et brus.ebad First l'lI iIld.aIi


d Inf, vilel pres. tense va past tense rille, past The verb viI i.mph~s that ~omeone WantB tl:lUII somf'thing:

Ham vi pre de r .. vil gerne gare der. Han vi I Me pre det,

Unit ]3 contain more im'ormation about modal va_

Exercises 1 Add ikke ~o the maLI] clauses of the following sen a Dcr betyde~ .at c:hoko1aden er dyrere end ..........


b .leg kunoo talc dsnsk, da ieg korn til Danrnark •. e J~g kan fide all: rale med m,~JWl:"sk~ ieg made! I tQi~ d ~fi re iser med roger, n~h- vi skal ti] ~MI1ha vn. e Kaf£eo va r fz:rd ig, da jt:g kom tm.1 bage. f Jeg "l'JI.'. ~i skal bes .. g" Lolllisiana i <lag.

2 Add th~ adverb In bradoeb to rb. subordinate clause o"he folloWing !ien1:enc,~.

:II tKa\dbrig~ Han. k~llder TivoLi~ Iordi han har vaet e ~nhaYn_

~ \,n:,:,_1 jeg h5bcr, dot k1.,.". 01'.

\111 ~p;;~) Han S!'ger M'd k. '

d tahid~ F(lrd~ del "10' e: p~ rnandag6

e t~kc ~ Hvis. ::,;ole~~:'~ k0fe,r vi aldrig op til Gmelej~.

hiQgl3f~l'l. s kmt~r I eftll.!.I1!qiddag! kan vi gf I

\ \

Comprehension Il George chats to PaUl Jensen Afrer Ulf' serious pan ot the business mee~ infonnaHy to Ius guests, amol]g others eo Poul lenJltJIii;.::

Paul George

Er du dansker el1er englillru1er? BAde ag. Min farer engleend« og mfn moter_. har aMId boet i England, men cia jeg Vat 19. "DIDI" At i DanmiHk og jeg har tft \l'mret p4 ferie ~ Hver mang,£jI sprag kan dn . .I?

Je9 lilerte fra1'Is,k i .skalan J 4 :I.r. men jag kan ikke rnayet af dst, vi ~.a3rte. SA det kan jag nok Ikke II1II111 JIiQI ken kLm 2: eng8'lsk og

IPOIJ[]1 Gea1lige,

ana'ker (~n , Dane

bade , og bo'h ... and

fiu (r8derenn'aJe~1 fa!dre) fa the.,

II'iOII' (~nImonml medJe) mother lit oftM ferie (-n~ -r) holiday

barovre OWPr here hYor mallge how many 'KYor mange sprag limn du?' I-bv ~ ~ d:l.YDUknG_~'

f1ansk F-reJJCh Iftle (1!~ -r) school _tIe mad (ta.tlel, talt) (nefude, count

bilingual insist

. -'r tillse1' . . . . ~li'Sh and Danish. . ei ... \"t old.

'II"I'1l0 0' .' bilingua.l m En5ll . l "IN ken sh.e was 51'

Alison I~ .' D . msh chao.

a . cil;MIl went to a. a b .th E~ ... lish,

ill ,ru~ ... ,., 8rltf' . 0 _ &"'"""


:l" o

I ......




,. I

pJs,Ol1I BlrOr.GB

a 2 ~n ·the foyer 0': the smalll hotel

lit tepUonisten G.eorge

Goddag, kan j~g hjeeipe Oem med noget?

Ja, haT D8ltt ~ed~g1: en1<eltvremlse i ~UQUSt., Ira

del!\ 6" {sJette) tn den 11. (elvte)?

J a, det kan vi godt klar,e.

HiVad koster at leFlI!I;e-'tvalfe~se? Oat killster 175 krulTler pro nat. Er det rned mOTgr'enmad?

Ja, def'l blNer bragt op p4 vEBl'Blset. nAir De

mnsk'ef dati mal' em klo'p(ke4"l 1 og 9.

[Jet Iyder udmrefket J eg vi1 game bestme tit


R.ceptionisleJl1 George lIReoeptionist~:li'!'i Geo,~ge FtecepUonisten


pro (pM) nat piN ~t a night receptjonist _ (...,~ ....... ) i"I;gtrt

~cal1t brings I(bragte, bngt) bring

sbdh ansk8 ( .... «) ..visP1

eleventh nwllam ~

manage IlIdnarMt spIBndid

~cmld (""En, ~r) Jedlg $Ue(I.) ehta (11.) ki1a1'8 (-edei 1t,)


o CD

key satisfactory want, need' s'ay so possibly

a «.ange

be a maUer af~ be abouil alfJilOUF.n '0'

depel1d (,on)


cenain, 'fix8U .!i1010irJ11


filii S!.II ra II'lCB

1fiD-ulseri.tes (13 - \ ~I' fol'" unsB'll, ere",


3 Inquiring about car hire G1;org~ and AliSOIlJ ani ve b.a(:k a t the staying and approach the receptsonisr,

Goddag hr. OQ fro Wilsonr Vaarago hw l"Ieglen til vmrelse 3071 Jag hAber.' tiffredss1i1rende.

ManQie tak. Ja, va:!f8'set @f iJdma1fet. Hvis. d'er at noget. De hat brug for. mI ende4ig :sjge til.

lDel er filktisk naget, De eve.ntuett hla3I'pe os mae, Vi vii game leje en bli et. dage'.

Ja. det karl jeg goat arrangere for Dan. mMge dage d rejer d-&t sig om? 4 dagre_ Hvad koster dat egentlfg at Ieje en. IDet ri1CEnger af bilans, sterrefse. Del kaabt be$\emt berab pro dag plus torsJ kringen, og skaJ seh.r lbetah~ benzimm"




Rec.ep onisten

•.. 4 IBooking cinema, 'tic~ets George amid Aliwn ba1!<'C: b.otIJghl a 'qe'lo\l!j.ila~

the P,3lii So wirh mf(lrmi3ltliorl ;(I DUlJLtt ~ IIltert<lii~:~,~ a.['1! ~llCikjhg at

Cieol'\Qe Rec.e,1loJllistell

ni!gle (Kn" -rJI tUfreds.stlllende, liIa'\re lb.rugl for

, Ige m 1(lagde~ sagt)1

even~JjJelt al'rtllliSl~r8 ~~e -at)

drej,e aig Qm (-ede:,--e\)

Bftl&IQge (at) (aft1anl. ~iengt) '6't-enel&e (-n, ..,') be49blt~ ~)

. Plus rorstkrtu,g, t"1tl'1ll, ~rl'

ht'V belate. (-t4!. -\)

bI!Inzi~1l ("'1III1~

Gel1lrtSI All-"


97 1-


o CD

be or false' .... . .at the same hotel when he goes

a George does not want [0 sta) -

to Denmark in A ugus~ ., .. .

.. -, l .J ... d m the p:r.~ce. , - cluded III

lib. B"'''''",; i~JIast ts line, Ul!L~ , . L h L ..... ;:;Ou'P"Ol nee is In '

l'lI ,'.11._"']; G tnat t e 11 .. ;;0 .... ,~

c The F"eceptio.nlst tells . eorge . d for hif1ng a. car,

, • L L_ ... to 'pav P~[ ay

[he !fixed pnoe ~e' lliI30 ,.' s. 'o~k is sold out. d The per!onnanl:e at 7 [] el


o CD


Unstressed adver1Js add meaning Colloquial Danish uses a number of' unstressed adverbs which to the literal meaningl Df the sentence an implied other me .... ng. indL:l sien of nok, da~ dGgI, jo Of nu {etc.} ~n a factual stat ... conveys a 'subjective reaction to 'til e previous Una .n a d~aloguar word da iMel1ed in an o1ltlerwise neutml piece of information slg al tilat you d1ssgree wifn what has ~USl been said.

II nit '16 OOTitains, More Liilforrnmlon i!Joout such adNerbs.

You have sesn the adverb noJ< used in '1Iarrous contexts:

Lone Hvcr b ive-f pliS!iage!Wn€i' a~?

G@otge De s1ir nok og venter p. bagagen.

GeorgI; IS aw,a,m that Lone is impatient and wants to calm her: 7J'Iey ~ probabJy w.aitin,g fDr thftif baggage,

AJis.Qft, Skyrid dig] Goorge!

Ge01fge J ~ skal'AOk ViEm fa!rdig. nAr morgenmaden kommer.

George1e~s, that it was wron.g of hi rlIfI te go back to sleep and a~og{zes: I shall dEfnni~ly 'ff promise w) :ne'mltdy when b.rerMfast amves.

SA can ffieafl ~elm Or in thEft " " ' , ., ' .

main c1aySB, thfs has il'llvarn~· ~t it lOS placedl at ithe beginning of a

Si d~\(k\er leg bard i meUenroden,

Th~1 ,JJllay the mJJle In ,the meaMtrll'ie.

51 can a.lS1J mean so, ftJ&Tetora QJ' &:II ltua ", ,

d'8use: ' r IliTftirOduo~I'i'iQI a subordinate

Jag ~H ~ele en bi' 1 Arhu.s. :sA \1"1 '<an kme til Mols.

, " t te 'need' . .

H 'II to tranS a 'f be jlJ need €lf.

o '. means {leBd" !Nan ~, .

i.oo'1!:lsB ,~n,e ti ' d' a g' in arrd rome r

The IP' ~.... ,YOU nee

""i'lor til ,ef! glrr1 og GoIi:i.FIrgel

CIW tftEh ':ti!I~ , ' ' , ........ , '. Ik

tonic, Ge,o~e~, , t . a, ell tur, J need w go' fOf a wa .

J E!91 trmngrer II a 9 , ,t but t'rle fW.o phraseS are not

, also means need. !Nan I

tllav!1 luug 10r

's't/.1l1onyI'f101.ii5~ ,. d,' "'511,Atdng do let me

'~"' _, ' L h . brug if you nee ' D ;. ,

Hllis der e~ f!o~e\ .de . 81, ' knOW lUI. say so} .

. I. I"'ii"" ""ndellill slga tiL

'fol1', m~ lW'o'" ,. i:\! . '.., hI!. h as

, , . .' .. , need to put sometil ~l'!Ig ngl>l S~G

YOWl use tr,.~oe' tn wnan you . , Iha'l.i\r:lo ~.-...4n sittinf'W reading for

. , ~k because, you ,'Il11:i1 II!.!CI!;;i :::ill. '

when y,o'U ne-ed ,ad, W. " k ....... ..", ., '\'he o'id one rs worn and

ed a new coat ~L!se . f'

hours. or you me, . ' . til wl1eri1l sO'rnethlng IS out ,0

" '" nd ren:;lir. You also use trangBl, .. ., t h

Ibeyo F- , " . ".... rt ht- for ~nstance when your wa G

erder and needs to be PUt ,~,

need's to be repaired becaUse. 'it ~s broken.

" , d ...... ' the need is ,created by cl ~

Hava brug f,or IS IJISEL Wlllil3!r'11 ,- .. " ,- I

yw need a n.ew coat because you have, been ,Inrvlte.d to awedd ng,

or you T1@!8d 9J ear because. you eannot ,get tol work by IPIl.i bile


The phrase 'JIiIH'e rwdt tn alSo m99M lleed~ Th~s is 1ol1owed bY, an 'm1nftive ~ed by _~ or simp'V del ~,t rneaas litelfal'Y'1 am oorced to":

Jeg er liUl'ldt: in at .-elSie herover J Reed ito come back in August" isen i august

DIDenmark, a Dane, Danish

Notice that on'y 'ooun~r~es are' spell with a capital leHer in Danish. InQabltan'ls o,f countries and languages. and ~heir acij,ec1iives, !begin with ill :limeU ~etteli. Emgla:nd, en eIilBI.nder~ erngelsk-

What to say'

How bl':.

.. inquire;at a hotel whether it has ~ny vacancies at a, C'£: rtein time

.. mquire whethe:r' breakfast is included in the price

Har De er ledigt enkeltv~rel5e fra den 6. til den t 1. augrusl?

Er det med nlorg~runad?






• book a room

3 I,SO l11ebody, something' etc ....... indefinite ,adlect,ves and pronouns

The DMI~dl tof'm.S serve both as the adjective and the pronoun.

N 089 is cosumcn gender siagula r and means so,nebudyl fi'J~)'bod}!, ,somelat~}!:

~i!Jg,e[l rna h aJV~ set ham. S01'H ebody If:1'u ... st bave seen "nI1J.

~ do ~ogen? Did yor .. see aP'I)'boJy? er ikke nogen cfrerspergscl There isn't an)' de-m'(JtJd (oJ"

eftter d~rm.~ vare, this artjde.

Nogen is; also Us.~dm [he plural meaning dny:

H,a,:r D.e IU'lO'Pfi rr ~ D h -"

n k' ':~ user: 0 you ,,,ve .::!n.)1 roseSf

er 01]], ikk~ nogen danskere, No D.")iPre.s h~nsed ''P'.

• 3-sk the price of hiring a car

J eg vii gemc beItillM~ v-nelse Ira dee 11 .. aUPlt.

Hvad kone[ det at bil?

Jeg viI gerne besti1le biUcner til 'Italica begvndere' klokkca

• rese rve cinema rickets

Langluage patterns

1 Comp'arison 01 ad,jectives

Most :adjccti,·es, add -ere in the comparative; -est super tali ve:

fin {fi"e'~ sad (.llweet 1

finere ~ finer) sedere (slueel~t'J

fIDest (finest) :! sadest (swertat)


nernmest (eariatt

A.d\octives ern ding in-ig emy add -sr in [he !iupedative:

billigere ,d1eapef') velilLliger,~ (kinde.,-)

billjgst (,hetJpest) vtmJlIigSt (kindest)

seor lblgl ta.n~ ~ ICUlg) Ij,

sterst (biggest) hl!Il,gsr (longest)

pmmel ~ olll) god tx(u:u~) \iUi; t~fflQn 1 me-get tlMlf .. "h 1 m:;mgt: tIna JJlI}



otiS neuter sjnguJar


Han ga v mig noget,

Han sagde ikk e n·og e 1' •. jeg ba.!" ikke noget papir,

and means

He gave me SO'l1etlu'PJg. He did,."t s~y arJyth;"g. 1 an)' paper.

Noget is used quantitatively to indicate a certain amouDt (~ a little) b fore both common gender and neu~r nouns:

. II du have noget rna:lk? Do Y("4 want somf! miJit

Nogle I plura I and ir means ;;SO m e . It IS pronounced like a~ So it is only when you wrire the words rhse you disringuislt benll'een ~ne rwe plural forms lIiI()~e (50me~ and noxen (any):

De r ]igger Dogll! smuk ke s lotte There are some betmrifid

i Nordsja::"lIand_ castles in North Ze.almrd.

De havde ikke Dogen They dianllt hQrJe any rolls "{I.

nmdstikker [libage" der var they wert!' sold out.


4 'The mtssing indefinite article

N' 'I... b. indefinue article In this Danish

. otrce t 1Il3t Inere .IS.nO .... ...


Hun er dansker.

h'~s also len nut when yo Ii1IJ in dicare SOIDf:Olle'S occupariom

Han er bager He is a ba,


1 fin in the gaps in . he semences by putting the adjectives in the com:P'3iIr~tJVi;~ as in th folhJ\\,flD.g example:

Hun e I" vt::TIil~g. Hun er venliger.:: end si n. mand,

a kosern~ ~[dYli."!l;., De er end th.ll.p.anernlt:.

h KnleffL IH'!:' Dc:n '!2r 'end hoecller,

c ]eg er suhel'll. Je!1i. ec- altid ------. om mnrg'encn end midI pa d~f.:el'L.

d jen'S er :)i:a:rk_ Han er ---- end :Pt:ter.





Look ~ be adverrisements beJow

Today IS Tuesday the 1 (rItL .f N. and answer the

. J uno ovembe

a Is it possible ro eet rw . k r,

R - ~.... 0 net ets for th

o~l/a ReiJerd-atte-r on Th1Jlfsda h e performl'DClt.=i,:;t YJ t e 12th of N ~








J h ~ t I _. '·"1 I '1-

n. ...... t'\.f'i'·11

~ I!

GrQr'Ida] Ctn1et ~84 38 ~~ ~ B4 nr..fre. ;4-18_.,3-'1

Rtqa Il~

11 ott-20. dec

~.1I'1I' ·rre Id 19I111r·.,U IS liT "0/11 kl 1 9 F6 bildlr OOS 11/11 k1 19 F,I btllafI-. 1m 1.211 ~ k •. 19 F6 billellar fre 13111 ~ 19 UdsoIgl ICf '14/'1 kI. 15 UdsoIgt ~0111 115111 kl 1 S UdsoIgt

11/11 kl. 19 UdsoIgt 7 dales forsaJg_

, ._ Glad.axe

tu= " 1fI~ (C ,o..lIfiIIL - ..., tz..ll..lIr. D·. 111M.. - h. Ii Il~" iIIL 11.011


a,A te1,epho'ne conversation LandSbYSCSfl81n.

G-OOdag. Kunll1~ Del op'y$e mig orn, "'lJadi der gar pi teatmt i


-Ja, i ugl!iJns fernie halvd~lb d.v.s, !1I1Mdag. tln;dag og onsciag.

spill,er vi Ho.~bergs ~ Era5m1lJ1S, Montanu51', 109 torsdagl fredag og ~&rdaQ her 'II~ en ba1!et: lja] k,o \II ski s ~Svanes0en' .

Jeg '!l~1 geme have be blnetier Hlltirsdag aften.

3 vOKsmbilielteJ'?

2 voksenhiUetter og en bmmebillBt_ H\!3d elf lIiIaV1I''l

!L.ene, Brun. Hvoonar begyndgc forestillingsin1

D~1I1 . oegyndef ~Jokken h:alv 8 og 'IlIarer to 091 effl h alv tlme, 8~IIQltem@ skaJ aftiantes llilden I!dQkken -,.

1iak :skal De ~ave. F'uv.e:1.




105 1.


o CD

"til ill"

::r CI



the Vfllage Stage village

stags, scene inform (abotn) theatToe

autumn half-t8rm holiday autumn




a ,comedy by ludYig Holbe?g (1684---1754 )




Swan Laf(e



adult/fuJl ficket

aduft. ,gmWfi up (adjectwe) narf t1cln~t


collect, fetch be collected

'Slur stil1e ked at valTe ~ 'WIejen heist

Jegl DOT l!'I.elsl Lkke!, le.gvll! S.1l a.kk8' o:m deL DiBgte' r(,-ede, -etl a"u11fr1e.des pnlllB (~e~ -et) pefHft (-en, -6-r) f'It (..ti, -t)

sam om fOTSketlig pi gNnd 8f !!ullt.ll':fl<ke (-te·! "0 f.ortkemghiKI (-elii! -er) persom'lghed (-en, .-er)1 tErtii" ',,,des

t.mae (-te', -tI' ku'ltur ( .. en" -er) _ vo1tse I(~ei -eft ·t'o1V,e:mn'nl (-em I -et) fOrldoR'i1 (-men. -Ole)

is-om, Jeg 'Igler mig SOnll d'anskar.


ilil a aad roaad, Cross Quief'

De sad abOut b8 wrong preferably

I think Jl(j fa fh9r not ralk

about ft.






as it


beCaUse of. M account 01


differenDej .c/lsSimUarity


fv~ly deve'oped

8M twm {passtve) oasr, give bjrth '0 c.uIWf8





, tee~ a DBnEt


'True 011' I Ise1'

• ~ wo~ri.s Ahson that G"orge seems 3. diffcr~ n r person wh~n b e 15: In De mIIrJ ark .

ge.o:rge says til !it: ~l is nol true ih:n he b~ha,V'es. differendy In

elJJln~!r1c from the \vay he behaf~e~ in £ng;hlnd.


Landsbyacenen lBndsby (-en,. .ef') scene (-n. -r) op1yse ( .. te! -t) (om) teater tteaU8tl leave) efterArsferle (-0" .. r)

e'fteflr (~-) ha\vdel (-en, -e) onsdag (.-en! -8) spille (-ede, -ell

Erasmus Momanus

101 1-


o CD

torsdag ("fnl~, -e) lerdag (-en ~ -8) ane\ ( .. ten, -ter) Sva.nesaenl SV81le (IIin, -r) Sial t-en, aE!f') yoksenb\lle\ (-ten. -ter,) voksen bemebmet/blu'nebl.lel 'bam (-Ef\. bam) afhente (~~ -e\) afhelltH 'l1lassJ\'e)

o CD


.-+1:J •


2. 0

.lit '.3' '

to::a. '

CD Q' .'



~ (I) (1)

~ c: en

rJlolS . ' . . .

II, few day. !aJtCr George ana Alison leave Arhlls and drive 0111

to Nlol,;.

lItol• er er omr8de pi o;ursl:md - h~lvllell p! JylIJ.nds o>rk st

tIl.dle.n os Ran<!ers. Dell Mde beteglltlse er Mols BI~rge. der si¥cr e[ godt indtrYk liIlla1l.dskaber. Deter €'[ kuptr'::f [err.1;11 i dell syd\ige del a D~ursla<;d meUCUl Kalo VIr, og Ebdu fr \·i~. ,,"vot [;£1 5ko\' \'eksl~r med abne h.edel>akkcr• De mange I'vII fra lonidell, I.cks. gravhlilje, vidller "m, at mennes\o~r bar b -t her i drll1,illikl- D L"fI hi!ljesrc bakke: er Agti Sa V nc nei (13 7 m .J.




fOr instance burial mound be '

. a srgn o/. be 6vk19

mmennfum nee of. show

tall. high


area. region peninsula east coast tuff. complete name mO,UriI'ta;n iwpression landscape

hilly, undufalfng terra;,n

southern pan

ifller. bay dense ,al!'9mafe open moon'and moor


11D S a

o ii'

a 1 Welcome!

, .eorge and. Alison arrive at Peter and lett I

e s conage at 2 1,.l-t. _

Peter GOOdag og velkomrnen! 0 -q.

GeofSe Tak skat I ha\i'eI. ~ har gliBdet

nerud" OS meget til. vt ......

J~~ velkomfinenl Vi e,r ogd sA glade for. at det

srg gore. ~ har Iige \l'aH'Gt j' vandet Vii I' kunne Iada frc:kos1? . I Vanaet Indan

GOddag~ Ne] tak. det er vistfor kOIdt. M6sJc

dagen. e sen8t8 pA

G&OIrge J limn ~R.

Jette eg og'~ goot vente'.lh. hvor er her dejllg1!

Ja, v:J ny~ei_ ?t bo he rude. N4~ men hvis I ikke viii vandtt. sA s1<~ Vi :SPJse frokost nu Pe1er. kan dill llge vise Geot °9 AJl~n deres viBrelse, Og Ilvor badev..aset ~ mellemt.d-an stiUer jagl maden p,a boo:Iet.



WEre glad lor~ 81 ., •. del, lader &,Ig (gslI'e) det ku nne lade 8ig'gelrS lade (IOd~ lacletll.d1j gA II V811lde1 vand (-et) HAere ihl n,yde ("edt nydt)

viae (-Iell -tj lti lie (4<181 .. tJ

be' pleased that ., . it can be (done)

it possible

tetj allow

gal fOI a s wim watar





I'ut~ place

a 2 DUring lUnch


for (51 ill') slden slden dB

male (..ed,S'. 11i) Ill1d'Jsnd'lg udVendlg deo,gamg

bygge (-e-d~ .tl Ibygge (rulge1) IllI (1de,-eI) leJe ud (-ede• -e~) a! Gg 1111 ty&1I bagder ~nuge (-tel -1;)1 Istand~Ke [( .. satteI' -;s-al) 1(I-standl"5a!ne) kDidte (-e1t -e'r) stu,s (-in~ "'rl s~W\e'VaJffll!liel (,--I. "11') de.t: ~IHr med pladsen del bjl!iler medl (kneb. tnebe1) h~emme

(IiVB' yeal5) ago since men pain!'

fnsjdg. internally ou~jde. ,e)d,emaUy th,en, at that ,rIms build

,add (on) (something)


now and then

Ge.rman afreJIW8n1S

use; spend lmoney) «(I~ on) tepafr, ,-estOFe, fBcondilion (put into a proper condltLon)


living room


'here is not realty enough room :rt;~Jti' is' iii scare-I.!}' ()f

ar hams

IDIS George and Anson talk ,about 'their house

Jjleu.e I:h:Dr ~ II en by' e!1ler ude pillaJ'Idet?

AJI]SDl!l Vi boede ~ e-t fa3kkeh\.dS Inde i byen il1d1i1 for 2 lr s1den~ da vi ilw"bte en gamm@1 gird. Kun bygningeme. Ikke jomell1i_ Men Iden ligger iklke mt lal'tgt fr-a byen.

Ge.-uge For 2' At sid8f'1 havde jeg Ilogle probleme-r pA skolen, hvor jeg u.ndeNiste. '~ derfor Destemte jeg at holde cp. Vi SCIlgte huset. I bylllf"1 oQ k»bte en oo98t fcrsomt gArd. Jeg 's1rull~ ]0 IB-\I\e rmget i8lndat. og v~ beslltlthK~e at starta en chokolad,ef'a'brik., Vi 'fremstilier choko~aden i den bygning. der fmr i tr!jen var svinegU. IlJer er en stDf haver hvor Arisen dyrker ell masse Qmnsag8f, baBl'" og f'rugt, Vi er endnu ikk:e fmrdi 9'9 med at i standSBJHe stuehuset. Def' er mange VEe seT. Ogl vi horr mrenejet, om v,I 'Skulte bruga lI10gle at dern ti1 udlejnilllg til turister, e-V8fl1U81l mad rnorgenmad.


c CD



In rhe CCUltly terrscs house vnril



earth (here:b:....-A teach _lUI




neglect ~I

decide .~~.

s'rJIJ falfnhaU'S8 COfJSfder' IBttJng

Imd~i!U' (~ret.~} h1ndbOOII' t.f8t .. ) :SO[I~r (~rel. ~)

teUiS (4, -erl ,~Ie' (..t .. r) td(~-eti)1 pmretne' (~t. , ~ret-ni"/ul kBro:M,el

~-e1l11 k8,1iIlQ1ler)

,mt'I (-en. -er}1 Igukuod toenl g1JL18fi'K1der) 5pinl.l(~) saUlt (..en.-er) ( I, ,.r) dliVtnls t-et., -e) 'tomat (-en, 41) sgurk (,-en" -Iff1

carmt sptnach lertuce. salad lawn greenhvuse tOflla'o cucuJ'


5trawbellY r.:!SP~llY bJ~Waanl a.ppi8 tme BPPre use

peat 0'00


II ,Olbohlslorier (Stories about the 'Mo/bos 1

1~\Iols used 'lO be all lso ated part of Denmark. Two hundred ygars ag~ 'U1e only confl!Bdion with Amus was by bOOt, and wheT'! t1T\e peasants ~aS~OJlaUy rurn9(l up in Arhus, splil)a.Wng their s1range dialect. u,e-y became an oble,.r;t of nd;oole- The townspeople il'1~enle(! stones about their supposed stu pid Itty. Th~ stories aoolUt the 'MID~bos·

~mol~h'istori8r) VlIeil'e' ~~ter Irecorded.

DHow to tra'ns:lrate 'grow'

11'11 Damlslh you !llstlngulsh between tJtrte two meanings of grow. Grow nmeans either c,ulfivate or bBCoMe ~lgger. Growlcut~f"af8 Is dyrke in Danish. Yit1l1e grow/become, brgge.rls. ',",okse in Danish.

Ailson dyJiker en masse fnugt Alison grows a lur of fruit.

GI"~nsag:all"ng vok-ser tnurtigll i The vegetables grow fast in

del goae vejr. the fine weahr.

The perfect telrflse af vokse is err vokset.

a How to ltanrslate Ivery!1 before ani adjective

Ha_n er rn-eit sIJJ1ten '

"-'Ill; _.' , • He fS vary hungry.

You C:a!. !lm IUS. ,., .

fUlows...... El meget In a negative 'staterrnent. Inst@ad Ikke Is

1,,1 by ~Ii'l g or ret:

HMI ell' Ildle sMII- .

HElIn ~ .. _ g sulten, He is nor W'8I)' hungry-

fir Ilkke lfet sLdten.




1- f




, " it and vegetables)

- " nsager (FlU

o Fru9t oU gro -

o How to translate 'i#JI

lNhen ff inJtoduces a conditiona' clausal this if is hviI in Oaniah:

H'Ils solen skinliler i If the sun shines this

eftermiddag ~ kan vi gil afternoon we can go for

en tut a walk.

J( is also used to introduce an indirect question. In 1his tw- of sentence if could be I'I9p~aced by whe1her. When that is the easeJ YCItI use om 111 Danish:

.Jegl vad i'l<ke, am de Imn tale tingelsk.

I don't mow jf rhey can speaIr Eng/~'sh.


eA iOur (- er 1

Hvis is aloo an illterrogative pmnounp meaning whoS&~

Hvis datter rejste'tlil London? Wh099 daughfar travelled to London?

(~ Un It 4 page 50.)

D North, south .. eastJ west


lil)rdfn t== Ita OOrd) nan:ipA (= mod ~ no rei for


SWdtra to:! Ita syd) SYdpi (= mod ayd) $Jd tor


·Itfra (- Ira est) .~A ('!!: mOd Mt) 111\ tot


vent... (~ Ira vat) vntp' (. mod vest) vest.'ar


from the north no/th w.anls

(to the) north of


from the south southwards

(to the) soulh of


1m".; the aast eastwards

('0 the) east of


fJIoorn the west Wes~

(fo :ttJe) W&sr 01

o CD

en Qulerod (-radder}

~n lord tHer (-,

-:1 hi n db r! -)

118 ! 3



hat' 0 say

• ask if someone hv("s in the B(tJi~ do inde i byen diu 1Ide

town or in the country palaodet ~

j; sa y that a bathroom was Vi :6k et badev:nelse

added to the hou se byggct tiL

• ay that )C'~ pend the money Vi brager pengene iii at

Omit restonng the house istaodsztte haser,

• say that l'O~ go for a swim Vi ~ir ! vandet hyer dag, fm

every da)' before VI Sp1 ser morsenmad.


Lang,uagepatternlS , Adverbs

Advt:T~S are words that qualify ur modify verbs (she sings belHiI'~]fuUy), adiectives ~ it is immensely kind of you) or other a.dve1l'bs (she drives an~'O'yingt), slowly). In the three examples the a.d,"erbs are formed from adlj ectives by the addition of -I}I. In DanIs.h, 100, 31'L adjective can be turned into an adverb by means of an ending. Here vt ts ad,ded.,

Hun er smuk,

Hun ~ynger smukt.

Sh.e t-S beau hfu I. (ad~ecrive) SIJ'f sing.) b.eal~ hfully. (adverb)

.-- P'Q.s.t U'me~ glemtte

:gleInflle best!emre




parncip le. The :1 uxiJl[ary verb is to b~. In Danish the

forms can be constructed iw a similar way, Here the a~a.s:!:; verb is nor v,;;cre but hlive, U nit 15 conta ins mort infotmabob about the passive voice.


I' ~ Fill in the gaps in the following sencences by insening tbr

'" adverb in the correct form,

a (i nd/inde l De 'bot _ i byen,

b (l1edlnedeJ leg gAr _ til stranden

c (henihenne) Je-g kan ga __ til bageren,

,d (derover/derovre] Lad. os kare over til den garrue ghd _. e ibjemlhjemm.e) If' der nogen _?

f I udJud e) Vi skal _ og bo i. VOIles sommerbus.

'I (udillde ~ De gik en b:~g tur _ i skoven,

2. 'Place to e. 'Sub ordinate d suse before the main clause as in me (QUowurg f'xample:

Hml kommcr ikke, hvis det regner: Hvis del regner, kommu han i k'ltc "

a Han £B1.e1i s.~, sum dansker, nlE han taler dansk. b Hun k"bre tulipaneme fordi raserne var sa dyre,

c Vi rej Sf r Sum 1"ofg~~ med roger, [lJr v~ skat til Ksbenhavn. d D~ 'liar meget U':1!2 ne, d a roget ankom til .!rhus.

e Vi kere ud. til stranden i ettenniddag,., hvis del hotdtr op med ~t regne,

3 Now yQliI ~[C .igom~ s.hopping I!O buy [he foUowiog items· ~Thc quanury 15 mdu;akd in bra~kets.) Wb31' would you sa1 to the: shQP assistaru:?




(3 kilo)








o i'

4 fill I he gaps In the foil OW- ng Bentences It)' COr c form of the verb grow. Remember YOb -'___.~'. either dyr e or vokse,

a r, ekkenhaven der mange slags gr0nSaa«

b VI rosen

c Der ~ ikke nogen b lomster her, fordi Jorden. ikkt

5zrf:ig god. II

d Born ne er rneget.

5 Change. the following sentences by adding a modal urh.Jf [he instructinrt requires Lab.lityl Use kan, if it is 'ntcctlitflllt rna, if "prohibirion' use rna Me. for 'plan' use Ibl, b 'order' use !ijkaJ~ for 'jnrenrion' use viI and for iwisb' _. gerne. The first one has been done for you to stan you off.

Han rei SeT til London pa &edag.

mtenno n: Han vil rei se til 0 dOD pi fredag, a order:

b wish:

c 3hility:

De kobtt er hus ~ Arhus.

d proh i birr:ion-:

e wish:

f abihr;':

g kin temion.

Vi bcsHger dem i deres sommerhus i GiUeleje. ~ plan:

I necessity ~

1 in{(!ntion~

k prob.bltlon:

6 F i\1lon the gaps in the following sentences by inserting nOlen, nogel or ogle.

a Du kan god{ SP~!ie . , ,', ) b Vi hac lkk.c f -- me r~, ikke George.

C J .. o- c-.i. ..--.::- :Ugnt"teer u ba\'en.

"'"h .. :II. ---- l:;e.,rc 10 rdh . b h _ [

d D . kk . a:::r. I Ut Lkkell benne pi JDrne. er vat , Ae. _ b.aJt:v~ re \se d

e Vi skal holde f()r:ret'tlin ~ng.t~_

f Der var ikke h·lr:m ....... ~nt0ddc:r I Jylland-

~ ••• '- 1 1!ii!J1'I :tg:s.

... , Translate the Engli5b

.. 1 se lueTicc:-s; 1'0 0 . h' th"

foUuwlng dia ogue, ants In ..

"lJilliJel Or fa"_?

3 The ~Mo~bos;' decide ito hide their' church ben at the bert )fi1 of th~ sea.

Ii, Itf·wm Dm be diff~Cbit for th~rm. to ind the bell after the nd o ·lth~ War.

122 III ~alking about the pas1





HVOrtCl s~ I ik~e noget tl! hin.&ndtn

heLs.koleophoidet? ...

Jleg rejste [o hjem til England og begyndte II ... un iversrtetet

Ja, hele holdet spredtes for &tIe \linda. Manoa tIfIl udl'andet bagefter.

S~ vjdt jeg hus'kol, shulle du til AmEWIka I at _ I CaJ ifomie 11 , hvor du hallde noget familie.

Det hH!r J&Q stadrg\l'a:!k. Jeg har en onke1 og tante.t Francisco, De m' efterhbden V83Ire temmelfg Men wren derover ble\l' II'lU ikke til Mogel.

Hvortor Sa I 'Ikke noget U~ hlnandtnl?'

se noget liII (s6~ HI), '(htlisklolelophokJ] (-e1~ .. ) I'u)'d (~~) spmdtes kw aLie vlnde IjlNde (~t8~ -I) viml (-en,~) (wreJse) til udla ndet (ibo) I udl'andel sA vldt 1851 huekef' stadlgvsak taMs ("fll arl .ttem'm:len temrnallg bUv. HI nog8t (b1e'¥, btevet,

Why did you nor see a.nyHJi (f each other? Why did you

not mfl~t?


sray (at' a folk high scbaoIJ cJa5s, team, group

was scattered '0 riJ8 four LtCndr 5p1ie1JdJ scatter


Vif'a~ ,abmad Ie hila) ebmad

8:9 ('£If as I remember still


gradually; br now (ather

come' of( mareriafize

TnJe or false'?

ill. I\,iany of the stud~~t5. Wl;:nt a broad ~t the cod of the course. b J~ne went I() Am~nc:a.

In th'ls unit you will· earn , how ltD dasaibe people

• hcfw to name p8J1s or the body

II how to naJll'l8 items of clothing

• how' til talk about Uw"amily



Danrnark bestir af en halve, jyl1:md, der er landfaat Tyskland, ng ca. 500 aer, hvoraf 100 er beboed~ I'l.a .. _~ hovedsrad, ~benha vn, ligge r pa den storste 3, S{:zu;.-:r;. 0res.l.ULd, der danner gra.!n~e mellem Danmark og S Lander flor.~rSt0rste b}f er Arhus der hggtr:' pa JyUands ~

Danrnar !' er et lil1~ land med s_ mm~ont:r Indbyggere, hvol'af ca. en ijerdedel bor 1 eller omkring Kabenhavn~ Hvor man UJ..d befil1dCf ~Lg i Danmark,. er .~er aldrig Ja~gt [11 havet, Manp: fa?rger seller rnellern j.orskelhse hayne pa gern.e og i J~ George og Alison rejsre ril jylland med (ogel, men de ha.r besl utter at se jle til bage til Sj.:eUand med ihErgen fra Ebelto& til 5ja:'Hancis Odde.

bes" sf (besmd, beat6e1) hmdtas.t TYBk!Iand Cl (-en,. -er) hvo~af beboe1 danne '(-edem "fU) lr8!nae (-n. ~f) S,'IIerlge nan.uteI'M million '-Itn, ... r) 'ndbygger (-en. -e.) 11erdedel tlln~ 4) hvlDll' (rnan) end (er) Mftnde .. O (-'andl, ~tUhdet)

'.rge ("'1 -r) haw (11l. -e)

consist of r;ormeCled ~by 1am.1) Germ a fly


of which, oj whom inhabfteo

form, crmstilute botde( frontier SWeden second Iarg8St miUiM inhabitant q~lter

whefiS1I6r (you 8(6) be. 600 OJil9S8" feny

harbour. 1'011

A!llSQI'II J'ette

truse (tnsl tros~t)

',lI!' "Brim

bl i.!Ise (~n. ~r) ~ederdel [(..en I, ~) 1[l!!;ke Elin..gling

lregnt ,o'kie (~n~ ,;ir) I A :Ii (-t.'1 4) tal (-et) lonly' 59·) Ilwnte (-edel -et) buki9sr (p'.) urdlgan (~n. ,-ell') fllP'11 I{tl~ 'fje~) undvaifle (~deL~ ~t) '58g1ens

(88.1 oold. freeze

WS'R11 i)fOUS!9 skiil no~e""'81J1 rarnooar borrow cfofhes fetch fi(HJS6rs cardjgan ge~baCK

do wilhouf. spare easily


1l1:2 On thefel'iry

Pergen er stuvcmde fuld, 'og, fordi del, regner, I1'r der in~-C'd. der ha:r -If~t til at v~re ude pa deekket. Det e r ~v'~rt ~t fi~ e en itddep1adsj men det Iykkcs dem at ~mdl' en led~g srol i cafeteriet.

&8orge JQrJl synes, dlUJ ska! taga den. Jeg ha, Ikke nog@t Imod at

gA r!IJ ndt pi hu~lilIn, .leg finder mAske en slddeplad5 at and)et 51.00. Sltel ~eg I:uiJbe 91'11 ,,1 til dlg?

A1i;sQn N!ej tak, j,eg vi1 heUere have 'eo kop kaffo.

'8tuvende fuld Iotuvle (-ede. -el) In,gttn driB. (-ket'!' ) 9V., ~8Id.,lada (-4n1 -er) lykk4l8 tt"I(Ik&des. sr Iykkede.s) ih~ [L'ykke.. del1Ql Ilt fina

p.aCk,M. crammed srow_ pack, cram nobody




SUCCfJfld, bIB succe:ss'ul thfJY succeed In flnd/ng


&tol (-en. -8) eafeteiiia (c.afeterle~ ~J ieg t1a:r Ikke nGget hnod

I'rundt 81 andet rated

&led (-·m\ -er) 01 (-lien! .. IeII')

,,) (-let)

Chait cafstelia

I drm~t mind WBlkabout somewhere elslI place

(a bonia of} be6r beer. ale

III 3 A YOlling woman addresses Alison

Over for Alison sidd~r der en ling kvinde rned er lille bam. F.ftu et srykke tid hcnvender hun. s,ig, t]~ Ahson.

K\liJllcfeft I<un ne au fge helde Mtks.eI at par mfnutter. mens Jag gtr IUd pa tollettet1

AJlso:IJ Ja, (l8:t vII je1J gerne ..

I!{vl(mdeft ~l-er er hans bamsa, Jag komm9r tilbage rned del sarnme.

Over for lung ninde (.q, ~.,

el atykka tid hqveMie .~g tn (~te~ .1) h~cIIe (hold'l. hoh:,,] m.II'fS t.tlM (.tel. ·.ttu)

bam ... ( ... n, .r) meddetaamme

,QppoSU6 young WOina'tJi same 'fme address.




t8ddrbear str.aJgtlt away

D 4 No sign of the young waman

K~Jn f'~r fa::rgens :ankom!oit ko rnm('J[' G.." . d i L •

. h;:Of'_ge l.f!i i carerertet,

BflOf'ge N~. ou sr.. blEI'IJet bameplQ.e.

Anaoll Jeg ved I~e nglig, h'lolad jag. b1. . .

s!.den bad M j..~ I er ev&t. Far 0"'"8" en tIme

In,o!!!l 'S I'QOf mig om Ed: nelda h

glk. pI tollonet Men hun er I kke I( .. ham. mens un

Georg. J amen II'IY sk.aJ \1'1 lo I land Vi I;firrunet Ulbage.

1 .• I m.i. .!"Ide h&l1de

Altaonl Det er '.!Ist lettera 1J.agt 6hd gjort I'fIe.d II '

om bard. . Eli I!I de mennesker

..&. • rb· s/1orll).1 sh01HhB.'rG Bu'tl8·



~ am not quire sum.


i!ShOIe. . . sBJd than rJone·

1'1lS11S RYJf8 eaSIly

on board

. son

tI~l,ndan :ser h lin ud?' hAr (-eli-, brun ,a ., (.~, oJe) 81!11.Igt (-ell ~r) gal!lsim, Imnl Under mlddelhal,de (-in)

\Jlmd have, Ipi!! Char. Ihavde" batt}

are lakka ( ni "Ii') kJaie l(-n~, .,) IilwUerl,(..em. -er} (alit. (~n, -r)

Wheat doss shs Ioo~ like? hair






unas" below

average (or: msdium) hllJghr rtJin



Ja elf Ett







h ndtaske ("\n, -11') hind (.-en. lill!elnlderj ,det engte eHertade (-foo! -Iadl") baby (--en1 -8') bame\fog n (-en. -e) heldlgvfs b'le (-em, -er) skin., (ide) (-ede, --80

hanabag haoo

'he only th'ng leave (behind) baby

pram fonunately nappy


True Of' 'failse'

a Abollf ill. qua rter of Denmadr 's five million inha btrants live in and around Copenrnag,en.

h AhsOD borrows; a pair of trousers aed a cardigan,

c George and Alis on manage to mnd rwo em.pty chairs in the cafeteria.

d TIn~ young Woman has long, dark hair.

e The yOlll.D:g woman is weariag a MILle drre5S and a green 'jacket.

DFamiUen (the family)

mOlher mOT~ lI1IodeJ>enllitl0 fC"J!l madre
fdf~ far"' fade:rmlfaren l.Mte
r;hiM bam barnet hem
d.1l4P'et dalJ:lt~[" &~~rf:n dime
rofII sen S~I1I'ill!.m :5£mne.r
suter- ~~~'m:l:r ~itn sastre
bmtJJ.M'" bror" brC!\&rerubro~t:rJ 'brwdu
pare:tW for::f1dr,~ mBdm~ne fzmme 'bgmrnc:

datrene sonnerne i9Soenf br0l!lire'ne fgr:if'ldRoe

• Old forms. moder, fader. bl\oder

b~su:frtlr- beds te lm-

aildre ~ldW1~

tWreII mOS~I1:rc:n

fa ste ren iOokelen

mo~[l"('n fa.:,[]'e'l'lt on_k'~rnt

('tlmttl~ bstre onk1~r

kU5iD~ ~Ii!n

nt:v"rn ni~e!ll

kusiner fa,"t! neViL'Ie£ meat

ku knernr if' lIley;ern nieceme

(mot"~·.5 m(Jthu) mormor (ja,I]f!"s mOlh£T) fil'rmOt

grandfi1fb P" bed5tef.u'

~m(J/'}£-T'5 ftJiher) morb ..

~(;(ilhf!r 's filtht1'~ farfar

gr.:l"J chrld bsmebarn

OOp'mn(:l ;r! PU"Uter
gender: gewler
whire CD h~;dI kk'ke et hvidt bus
)-dlok~ en. gu1 Mo.mst et gull hns.
,M en nmk;o~e et 11001 bus
blut en. h~i blonrt:St et hlat kekken
gJol?.e'.t'J en ~ cardigam ct 'wont b.oEt
b,.a il!Jl1I f:illJ bnm ta!],kl2' itt brunt tog
~ (;0, ~ himmel Iff 'liI"~t bus
M£I,k en '5:on kjol~ e~ IiCJn tQg plumi

bride ki.rker pic bl()I'ns[er md~ kjoler bLi blom. s rer p"mut~ buk r brunc tasker grA rasker lone [akker

PaIe 01\' lighf (blue/gr8en/brown. etc,) is tyae-I as ~n Ipebll.lyHQren. L)sebrun. l,YStllllDd means. plnk.

Carle LbiueJglfeeru'browll. etc.) Is mal1c;e-, as In merkeblA, m. .. gr.". mgrk8brun.



Tej (clothes)

Th~t3 DanISh word i_s ~n th~ sin~lJlar. The definite tom, .. eII&.L ~let. When you talk a~ut el?l"es aJI(I,say, for ~~11 dtftyt the pronoun used In Damsh .s the Singular form elM. ~ ...

. t ext»: ct rI em

10 tit" r~n" 0 ."1"

¥LUl . . . I 10 'lJoulrme~

ta .offer '0 ne t" J'

Lyk_kes (SUQCeed, be successfu"

lykkes IS a paSS~\fe f'Orm. 'There is no active form of this VIIb..,.. person WhCll is StlCCe.ssiul is not the subJect of ti1e Danish VI!Ib. -n. subjed is del: Cfet Irkkes (for) rn igidigltulJ1Q.

Det tykikooes os at find" tOI stciEh We succeeded in I'incfIw '*> chairs.

'The perfect tense we have succeeded is det er Iykk .... 01.

What to say

H,ow 10:

• say mal: you don't mind • .• 11I1g

Ii say mal ',,;"ou prefe,r something ather what has been offered

• ask what soIDebody looks lil<:'e II ~y that ~me:hody looks, ~b:appy)

.. ask what so:mebody is wearing .. say t'bat flllJ aoe cold

leg. har ikke noget imod

a 1II.1f

J~ vi] helkre haYe m kop


Jeg vfl heJlere flyve. HvorWm ser bun udt Han ser 'sladJ ud.

Hvad bar hun pi? Jeg &yser~

Language Patterns 1 TranSlating lone'

Th~ word" whUch r:ru=a· dy

. D· .II.. ha .. J::' .... r>,~~'L.O-h.f!'. rs used much more frc:qum

II! aJlI~.II1 rnan One In .;..,.~ iii.., wh . d h

you OJ' tht:ry~ If:.n:: 'Ill teods to be replace Y

m:a.:q sigl:[, at ... they .sa-y Ih41 •••

An ~ct.\f~. COfl5truni~n wrtA DIan as the Sub .. ,.. _

Oamsb where a paSSlYe cuns.tnJcti on ts pre( l&;'t15. ofren ~hed 111 ierte1..l IIlI :Eng:hs ;

man ved, at ban €:'r .,. b~ ~ kqo.t.t..lI to be ...

4 IC-(I,mpoulild nDuns . und ncnmfJ; in the dialogu~a YOKl, hSiVt' come across sever a~ (:ornp~ ,"-'frin:en as Ollt' word tn and k...~ ad unlike ~1Ii1i EnE1LS~, !the} arekoiadefabrik (chocolate Damsb: ~eklokke (church be,ul 'co cb~ne5 the gender and the f~dory 1. The last component dete n:o

p'~ural endiag 0 the word:







5 The perfect, tense with ar

In Unir 6 p~ges 74--5 ~'OU learned that the allxiliary

always har In the perfecr t~nse. The verb er is used witbJalw._ movement and verbs thaI[ Wl~ly 'change'. Below is a liItaf ftI that orm the pc rfecr tense WJth er, ""

He has tTarlt,lIed til lot in

afgi. (tUplln) ankomme amve'j ~llde (begjrl)

blive (become, stay) dreje ~,tum ~ [intraas.] b lde i 5e1VD (faU aslup) &i (go)

hold~ op (stop) kcmme (come k~re (go. dr~lle) lande t!and} lylles (.mcuedl rejse !go, 'ralolt'l) tag( !(go)

vokse (grow)

et afgaet (hQIIf' ~ -w

er a nkommer (b~ arrived)

er 'begyodt (ha&Je be".,.)

er hlcYe[ (haCJe bewmr~ ~ n' drejer (h,tJvt' tumN)

er fa1det i S0m (h.we { • .." er gael ( gone)

a: heldr op (have Slopp,tdt er kommer ~haW!' rome)

e'f hm (have gone. ~) er Iandet [ha.t~ kmJeJ)

er Jykkedes (luw~ ~ er reisr (bavt gOnt. ttavtlletl] er tagrt [ha,ue gMt)

er yokse[ (bat/£ groun:r)

If a verb of movem-ent impLies prolonged action the auxiliary ia h.u . ~om,aIc:

Han has rei~1: me-get i de slf'nll:Je :A[.

Han e r [~'5.1 ·til S,,-'e-rige.

recent years.

He h,u gDne to Sweden.


1 Change the verbs in the foil owing sentences f.rom the past tense to the pc:rfeo tense,

a Hun dcmt.c rliJgJoen.

b be kene 'til A.rhus.

c Vi bettih.e bil\enem~. d George icied~ en hit

e De btsluttedc .at rejse rne.d 'tn

f Floyd landedc i Heathrow get.

g Dct 1,kked.a dem at ft. 2· biIJ.~tter t'. • ' _

b Han fonattc nug om ture n, 11 forest.IOOgen.

Ali500n dJIkede mange gr"'USge["_ Vi M:gyDdte at l~n:: tysk.


slflHrt gin

.sJe.nd8f J~g


fair cheek mOl)rh ,tidy pBnOll

tidy up t marnea'

1I"Ii'll0l!iiR'V gB

1""'~'1:1 .,

wedding (at) WfJitS1ln






H O!P'.r is li se related to Mette?

Ho,w is MaJeme related to A!:e! How is, M.en:-= relased to EJ~e?

How is Biree rd ared toO J'0rgell? How is Chdstiarn related to Mikael? How is Malene relased to j.Arge:n?



. 'd blue f'yes~

,iLO. I SII!i;? f ..... l..;lm an .

True. of lld_ 1Il:I'. 11 bas tong, a!'1!.Jj_ Wi

, --n..~ 'oung '!,,\'Ioma ,_

~ .L I~' } _' . d'N.r If'lterson.

b 'She .is an. unn, I IF .

-, -, he look Uke1'

.. Wh,1If. does .. "

.. - d? Iynd IlIle •••.

Poul Hwordail ser han U III lyle.. So ... bam \1M han,e~ IIdt. HIIll har

IEg,on HaJ'lI @!If b1ev~ meg . t ogl be'VtEger stg 0

Men ham splS6r fOIl"~:.?: ne,

ell tyk mave o.g dob L.lnZIU Ia.a! '

"wi I1virIi' (lammel er 1I1an7' " te nam i

r""lml'lJ 59 , h'll'is jag skal han .

IIoo'hjI r;, ., __ ilL, ~lie ham ~Ldt rloiBrrnete, ' ,

Poul ,-,u I,,,... " t r

h.rtthall'Jl!e.flI, """ ,if moo brUler.. IHan hat en S 0

En.on O.K. Han er grAh:l\mt og 9

I;I! , 'm..l""bbe1'lhage.

lI1i!Sse og :som S3:!:11" Uu .





, Answer the following quesrioas, using, whole StntCJ1CfS. a Hvoe hgger Kebenha yn?

b Hvad laner AhsofJ at Jette.?

C Hvad ha r Abson lysr til at drikke? d Hvordan ser Milrael'i mar ud?

C HvorlOl kan de ikke finde Mikaeis m.or~

f Hvurfor kofliu:nf'1" Mikae Is rnor ikke tiJbage?


a What: does she lOok like?

lyk, sam lbam fyll' (-enl -ell be\l,;eg~ ,811 (-lKle~ ~I} {-'nto -rll dabbelthage (-I'I -r) hag,e '(-fi I "r) _ slQiv-a (lit!is'knJv!, hMkJlaveQ

nsenne ...

tat; thick

as a child IeIf(Jw move stomach double ellin chrn

descrihB _

R'UJ{tI! c-loseJy. more pret;jsely. in dera,1 tUt Marsr)

Use Jane

H\t(I«jan sar hul'll IJd? Hu'l"l er en flot plge ~ lange, 15lanke anna og ban. Hun haT langt, iyst hAr, bIA 0JI'1e, rude ~llCIar GO en red mUM.

Erhun SiId?

Ja, de1 synes jag- Og hun er et ortjensmenneske. Hun har fht ryddet op i Seren:s lejligtJed.

Det trBlgte den til, HvornAr de ~fg1 Snart_ Jeg trnr. de \iiI holds hr)Illtip t~1 Plllfloa_

u.. Jana

U .. Jens


~ i I



gnlihAret g.A med brm.r gj med (Ifk. gAetJ

brmer (pJ.) nEse (-n~ .. r) SOm sagt


wear g/assss wear (e.g, clothes) glasses


as menb'oned (before)

TII'Ue or fa rse?

a The man nil.s ah.l-"a.y.s be~n ovenve1ght.

b The man has a b]g nose and wears glasses.

1 'fhe fe,rru ~

.• ~:I arrIves

Ha n 5 and Lone ha ve dri - om th~ quay "I'he]] th e f:~D up t? Sj~Uands Odde

see Geo rge an d Alis ~ rrr 3JrnV~5., Shortly L and are lhW._

,011 leo! 'Ymg me fer:f"1Y ~Iler Jts ~ rn...:.~

Ii !!liS De . +s» puslting a - ..... oL:

G ~ t mA legl nok sJi"Io!!Il De pram.. ~

&orgs J h ;t.... ,t Val sand I"

_ _ a. er kornmer de stolte fo I Ell '9 et"1 ov8rTaskalaill

~r ~n rnogel ma3'rkel' his ~Idre. NA, sPDg tj

~g1ig. hvad vi skal 9fl~ D ton~. 0g II, lied aide, •

bamevDgl'lefl. hedder '. en 1IIIe f)Ir, cler 11gge~ lillie

gammel. Allwn IOlredeM~~' og er omkring 5=

IhLlrl grk: p~ toi leht H s mOl' a1 passe ham

lilmge moo del sa~ un 5!lgde. at hun ville ~

op. rna. Olen hun er endml ikQ 1IVoI'I1I ....

Siakkels b . . dIMiIIt

'. am! Hver er han d " :s .' ..

med hlem og passe h, . ~ - oo! VI kunne tege h

Laa. os. nu fenl1 !age !I:;~lIIdIi' ~~s m~r bli_ fundtM. n sagen ttl polHliet pli poUtlstationen og meIdt


LJ rldskyld. legl blhret Hge l1Iedt tn at rage den. p~Ut1!5tati(lnen .

JiB, 'Ii hBf' Mikae~ her. KJunne du komme hemen mned deft samme1

Nej tt an, er b1€vet. godt passet.

Om fern mil'1utter. Oat er tint FaNet sA (.Addressing George. Alison. Lone and Hans) Oet var Mi~a81s. rnor, Hun kommer Ir\erllen nu. (-en,..e) poIice.mafj eRemavl1 (-e~~) su.J11alne

blge telefo'l\em (togl blget}1 answer !he teJephollfl taimon I(~I ..eli) telephone

farYel 54 lienp see. )IOU SOCN'J U.Jt gOOdJYe so long}

IDa .ieg valf pi vej tl1bage tn ca~e1fri8t1 tofte jag mig ~liIds~llg I1gt~g dl!1lgt t~I~. Jeg va! svimmel og Ihavde kJ!Iallfif'!lS og var f)0dt til at saltte mig oed. Del vat' en redig sto1 i et hj0f'J}e, og jeg satts mig del. Jeg UOf. jeg mtt ViiBrre besvinurt, for da jeg v~. I~. fmrgen ~ed kajet1, og dar v81 ikke " passagerer tllbage pA 9J<ibet . .Ieg skyndte mig Ind I

cafeteri'et~ rnefI Mikae1 var fOB'JlJ'ld8l

DUI ma, Marget l..inds~d8~ atjeg ikke blev sJdd8nde~

iflldnl du kom "tilbagB'. Jag 1rurr18 jc fkke torstJ. IwOf du blev at. Men ieg hal' passet godt pi MkaIJI, Hvordan har du det nu? ~ mi vist heIfIIe • og fA

dig uflIder.seQt ,af en l!eg8.

III 3 IMikael's modler exp'ains everything


pAvel vei(-en" ... ' "1119 slg dlrLlgt 'dlpu (~'M~ -t) d6rUIII .vlnvneI

1aI (-rl)

IM."..,( "'O

vAgne ( ....... -eI) ( )

quay ship. boat



t remain stttI

lIncielStand ng)

H(J W do Y0L! ~

Wi r86l?

e had be"'-

...... _ . u~rdo~-

rnlVut getting YOu -JP~

,examine SKamined. doctos

D4 H,Dn,S hear .

The " ' _ . rs about the tri

ex:ammatioln b . ' p

wrong with M _- es[~1 lishes that there; . . .

cornbinan '. . f ikae]' s morher Sh . IS nothing seriOQlJ

and H~ o~ 0 sflUlcimess and fa' e was _ suffering from r 10 kns gives her' and M'I;; I ~gue. She lives in Co Dba a

rna e room f h I ae a litt ho pe gal

they drive up ~u B~·e pram. in the bOD~~f ~nIlthow m3D3p1i

H re. e car. Alterwanb

, a.n.s Har IIIh .

Ghrge Ja. '. allt ~n god tur?' _' mtleb"Ungsnu:Jd" .

nteresse fur . et Qlk Oller a1 10 . . _

H_ !iv,n veras ~hoJlolader:ventn'ng. Dar var 8IDr

George Vi mange, dage Var ~ • i ~ • 0. 9 \fj fik €In masse on:n.:

I noldt Iin~ . . .' _ m NiJflUS? •

Arhu ", _ . dagen efle' i·

_ :s Intllil den 29.< .. '.' . r \I' ,ankOIl1l ~g bJ - ........ -..t-

All dalje h,u vi bo _ . ..jY n r, Oat liar i ' ev UUOOI ..... I

son Ja.. p~ h.l '. . at: I. somfl1emu~ ... Mfredags. De sidste n

G fel") @'iI"'" ""' Pitli oJs' eorge, k.. er till J~lIa d - . I,

sa.,mmen. .; e1ler rette~·" k m0dte "IIi en dame. sam

1011' 2S i!I _ e endte 0

05 uti i clare . r:s dell. Hun . ' . e var pa hejskole

..... . .. S SOll1merhu s. 0 Dg n8ndas mand invitemda

allOl!'Ventnin _ e "ar utrolin-. .a.i.,.'

Inlel'aUe 9 t-, "'1') be " !)I!I!Su.'.

- (-lil, -r) (tort '_ JaRd aJj A~ . _

dag (~n I mJeresl (. ~~~wlfon

ORIN . , -e) day in)

kn..~ (~~ -r), ol':i'!L..~

U'uw-:: hoe........_. J'1I"I!1!fi

eden) I n,m sra ~ .

. 29. (Junl) (~Ut. ramal ' .

Ilredaga I;;;,' .2Qrn (oJ J;_;tayu,g)

'dam. ( ......... ) . FlkJay ) [p;oo, nilvih .. .-vkt.

IllIIer retIIII.. /acIy -,.~,-)

,Of mthe

Ub'cItlg ~~ gaoalhl ~

.' . 5 Later in the day

.. 0 t or dlBTl 2. iuli i dag· Tiden flylIllT af sted, Vi ml he41-

Ulna i~go Hogle planer for reslen af jeres beS0g, .

AIlS an Je(I nar ba~emt at gil. pA sprogkl.l...os I BIl uge. hvlS I andre Ikite har 110gBt imod det. Jeg har nu v;;ere! her i Danm.rk i 10 dage. Oil det falder mig endnu ikke nmurligl at SI'lakl<ll dansk- TroT du, deT findes en sprogslmle inde i lUlbe(lhavn. Iwor ieg kunna fll et par ~imers undarvisniog

hvar dag i en Uge'?

ILone [leI gm dill' '-111M W1V1. [)" kunne beQYl!de III na!Sta rnandag.

Men irKISrrl dill skat ;n fejli9 din fedseAselag pA fredag.

Alison I-lvp'l tmr lortal.t dig. Irtleg nar f0!lselsdag pll fredag?

L-mJle GOO'llB sagdn eoganD, at det 'I'M din f0dselsda!l nojagtig 6 Il1Meder efter hansl 09 jeg ved jo~ at det 8( hans

fedsslsdagl den s, tebmar.

.ult Ilmggel planer bagElS tlagdiej ~agt) p,u (-en •

rest (~n~ -er) beag ~, .. tfl .. )

. sp ,og;l!wfSV5, (-et. -kursetl IDet t8~dtf 1019 ikke neturlil§t. fBlde (laid!, fatdat) 'nndu 51Progskole (-PI -r') undenl1snlng (,-en) ude'l1 ItvIvt

lnden da fel,r8 (-ede~ -aU tiJ.dsalsdlg (,-enJl 1) engang

noJagdg tden)1 6~ (sJette) tebnJiI!!!!r


make plans put piace~ lay pJan

19S(, remaindsr


language couts8

It dOSS not come natvnily to "".


be foUnd (here: is)

iany.uaRB scf;oOI ~uftlon, 18SSfJl15

without cJ,oubt, uncJoobIIHIY

before then






FsbrrJ81Y J



ilSit/sit down'. "lie/re down' d. h r Iddet [Sit):

Ove~ for Alison lIiddlir dBr en OpPQsile Alison a YOung __

ung lniil1do mad 81 11110 bam. with a small eNid '* .....

S H· Is.BettB slg. liar sal siD (sIl rtow~l_ SIBIte meanll~".,.

alld He IS rnaan s place oneself.

Dar var &llleclfQI 81011 hjo net, 1'h8TB was ill Mlrcant chair ... ""

Og jegatt . mlU der. comer. ,and J sat dawn rhtra

UOU9. I • hal!' rloget Q/e);

Den Ii If a tyr, der 110'1161 og 'SO'IJer' I bamev.og.n~!'1 hedder Mikael.

'The little ml/ow who Is lying asleep ~n his pram Is caJIed Mlkaaf.

la!ggo sJ 9. IJagda sill. Ita r ~ast slgl (lIe down). LlDgg8. Uke ..... means place. put. The diHereoce IS 11'1';3.t S-He means place uprigM, While I.,go means place hOrizontally. Lmgge 8J9 means fJ/8rct (JlJ9S6lt horizcmlaJJyllia do wn:

Han lagd. 9~g pi He IBY do~n on ,the lawn.


How to translate lIwake up.

The verb wake up r 3 both tral!1s~~ive and intranslUve In Englfsh. Tha \l'l!!rb can hay,s an obl8Ct, as In ha woke me' up (1ransiUve), Its meanfng Is. dlfterent in the clausa. J WlD.ks BJI) at 7 f{J!c!ock~ where t"ern isn~ .. object ~i n1rans[1hu~)"

In Danl,sh 'ttl ere arelwo d ltfe~ent "'arbs, The verb Y'Elkke i-s transitWe:

Val~kaLUret ringer k.!okken r 091 The a/ann clo~k goes off at

TIl' kit r Allsof!l og GftCFgo, 7 0 'clock /iHJd waJc;ffS up

,Alison and GBOf9t3!,

EI V Is a clOCk that wakes Y1iJ1LI11IIp.

The Inhan 111'1118 "'em is \rlgn.:

Oa Jeg vIUIMi:I.; IA ~En11 ""ad kaJBn.

When " wof(e up the ferry WBsWbn~de~8qUay.

IU edagene (the days afrha Week)

Elr:m:~:~~d:g~. ----~~--------~f~~-~d~~-g------------~

t i rsd: C l-'1rd~~

unMia,g .hiO~daK



august september okwber november


j~nlilaf fl!bruar mart3 .apr~1 mal

~u.Di be . n with a

- . d h months do Dot l'

ff_ h ~~ek an t e .

The QilJYS or ,I e " ~ , . .

capital letter m Darms.h., ~'1 find a List of the ordinal

, . . on below you. ~W] .

I'~ th.e ar.ram1Jlar seen 'w.. ,- 81 ve a date.

UI, !::Ii.. h need Wn~:Iil you b fJu~.

ltllmlbers t ~t you . .. . the 29t 0

. . . - He came on

Han kam den 1'9. juru, - ., belate the date.

.. ha p. reposJuon , .

ln. Danish y'O'~ dom t ra ve a . to indicate' that It IS

,. - dd e tters to afigllre full srop af'tet

Wh,l. 1[1 Eroghsh you ~. 1ml' in Danish yO!) put.3d.. 2. juli.

an ordiaal mm!]b~:~ as Ide _ i~ often .1bbrevlared.

tn_e hgart. The a:n lei e,~. [JJt

DArstidem8 (the seasons) rlr (-d",-J

i r

s~dst~ ;\r~ i flor nseste .it'

11tr tal 1975 . J 1M"),. 1980 is 2 October. 1399 nioghalm.ns·

(a.ctdres.sing Ge()rge) Jag ~idste i. ke. at du Ihar

.~ t~kOI i!!I. [let. V:ali le.g 09s1 engang. E

hg~." .....I. , ......... - •

s1Ud8nMre~s:arneF1 begyni,tlte leg_ at S3'S6 meenem. ~ eg

i<"rta fast ~ studie1i.. Jeg ~L.J 1"1 00 I~ke kOOC~ illig om 'b0gef~e. sA ,aflbrod le;J s~Ydi,at 09 t~ pi haiSk~a • at naJiV' Det. \Jar ng8~ ~\I'ad leg tJcef1gte til. Det fik m~ ogsA

til at ~ndsel at Iqege:mingen i~ke l,IIar det rigtige for mig. Ja. del 'ria" ,en dejlig oplev8ls8. Vores hold 'liar ikke sarI~ steut, og vi kom aUesarnmen godt ud af det meet hinanden- J eg kan hushe.. at det \lar det skonneste forlr.

SI<:Olien sPlflaf!lgl ud, og der var hvide b104'llster aI1evegne. Skol8n h~ [I<ke' ret langrt fra havat, 09 da det btev pin se, cy1dBlde \1"1 ned t;1 'st~aJ1"Lden !crdag aftet"'l. Vi blav dar tiM

rna_lien og si so1en danse plnsernOlgen-

s1iudenlerekss'lflen I(-en. -er) schoo' leaving exam (p~UI:!il~ also: reks8m- nerl corresponding te, A levels Imedlcln medicine

ura' 'last ( .. l'e., -1:) ye' oogged oown stu diIJml (iSlillJdI8~ ~r) s:rudy

Imn~ slg (om), (-a:ie., .-et) co.rrcentra/e (on}

nogl (-en, begeT) book

aRlryde I(,e,fbrod I afbRld.t) break off

IIge' h,vad jus!. what

Indse (Imd sAt l~n.dS8l) understand. reafiE6 ~Egegarnl ng 1(-eOI) medica'} profess;cn del rlgtlge ttJli r1ghr thing

,o.ple.vel$8 ("nl, -fI) fj'lCperi8l1CB

I!U(lsammen a" 01 iJS (or. you, 1bsnI)

VII kom 'godt u:d el' ,del mad

hi nanden. We go' on ws". komme ud at ... med gel OIl willt (pBDPI8) skM bBautiful

's,prlnge. udl (8PR1ng~, IPIUngel) bUrstloomtJ IntO Ie8I .,"v'_"" evsrywhBre

e,Jde (-ede~") cycIB

dan.e t ...... darlCe p1n..moroen Wh¥muncMY momJng

"DuB or fa1se?

3J s.rudied medicine at uni "ersit)'. folk hi'"

b rCeorge did not get on with everybody at the ...


· . on attendS a language school

11 Ails . killen er dOE ma.nge f,?IskeUige hold. Der e[ rt fa I'fo!j5 b:I for de elever, der ikke Kan dansk. De Ia:rer begyndo:t!to raro_atlkk,m, ug de lserer lit sra"_C ord"ne. t rimerne ul!la1e: ~f, j r&le dansk• N~lg.1e sf ~(,1111 er sa ba!lge for at sige 51<;11 d fof~erJ[, "I [[lllflden pr I b~as for demo ~ar ~e skal svare Illoget .u.rg~"i""':il. Alison skal selv'felgehg ikke p.~ et

;j et !i.p"" iI"~n·'

p. ndtrhold. Hun ",ed. IWOIdan ordene skal Ildl!les. og

~~aPl<ken "older bende ikke nO~1Il problemc[. Fa hendes hold liar rlevcme et godt kendskab t.1 ;:bnsk. I nme~e skal de di.k~r.r~ dlll1ske !loveller._ De skal la:se, novelleme b,emme og

skiftes ril at ,give et af en £ollit~Ujng,

1 J.

,dasslgroUP for beginners pupil~ student·

who don",f know Danish

t1.ere: know (is tanguaga) pro.tluncls trOil



he re; lesson, class

they gel t01JgtJe-Ued (1Jt. their

mouths get .~ammad)

answer a question






short story

begynder'ho1d (, -)1 ele" (-en -t!fl der Ikke kan dallsIE kUnme (kalil, k\lnne·. kUmneQ u$le (,·n. -1')

grammsll k (...tmn~ ,-ker) stave (<<1811 -et) llme(-n,,~

mundeP glr I bag'" far dem

a :::J

m mo, fil

:::JI en. :.,





o O· ....






sliDe pI. et spDf\gslDAI spa_Ssm'1 (-e11 -) umBle (·.te~ -I) veda (-te.1 -t) kemdsk8b (-at) dlskulere (-ada, -atl novel'l. (-n." -II') s1(iftes ~I (s'klrtedn Ii I, 'he" 8 . tHades till msum6 (-et. -er) ,h:JI'It8a.llng (-en, '-till')

take /I in tumS summary


II] 2 1ihe first day ~ aRe ~ Den f"rsre dag leger de en leg. ~p pc ~ew: ~ 4creI unlfredse med deres tilY.crdse. Ucil~ _ en idcd beskeefrigelse- For ",lies ...,dktJlllJft£P sbI sOlie s~ til sti n~l1g! sorn en "f de andre har. De


hinandcn om deE~S respektivc :trbejde. og I~gell ~IUlQli

har !'under frem til, hvem de ska] b)'tte Stilling 1Iled.


lege(~~10 reg (-en" 1<) f.ege,n gdr ud.,.

utilfreds tflv.2efefse ("A, -r) lrtIrfredshed (-en) skyldes (skyfdtes. har s«yJdtes,)

IIi!JE8r De:sks!ftlpise (-nm ""11') for aJl1es, vedkommende

for rnft vedko,mmende ,dee I stilling (~I1I. -el) dUe' spergsmdl C-ede. -et)

fec:spektive. a rbejde (,,;t~ "II')

fil' ... , .. , 111'............. '""""'Ill ~ lIoI'n~ "'~. -';;;-1

'fi'lmde kelll1l Ii I (mndt" Ifum:letJ

b~ (

pia, game

th9 idea 01 the :Qams Is discontent9Cl, diss.atislied exjstence~ fife


be due, to;, be caused by 6Spedalfy

OCClJpatlon, KtJ'* ~ as far as everybody is ~ as far as I am COIlCemBd

ideal. P6rf9CI


ask questions


we,,", employment end

walkout eXChange, swap

, , ·'te9, ,a, story . a ' kolen hver

a 4 A1i.son WfL . har 4 timer p ,i Izser

- .. -1 h Ie nden. HIlD. Jeri er bun stile og tell AI;son hlU' Ira" r _c frermiddage" S kr'" en b'stone. L:r~ 3 fOnl1iddagii ogL om ·de daa sk, at, b~m._ S waet lfzlge im.eUelll.

~l~ E_. enerml ' Ili!! "..J I dnmger

aove IlLer.!i:..JJJI - 'f ' ""k llige ml,!lJ!l.if::

"' , ..J ... m] ors e I

bar givet u. mrnen-

muiigbeder en . d filet spa ret penge n.D~ s~enfor med en

"H' ,rL. ... vde omst er ~. ad', der ell man

a am :~JliEiL. d d ren st .

b 'Da hun olbme· e " -, ,

] , er a!!l den. . 0 .... en

pisee . . lille dre n g ov .,.... histone-

c 'Pludselig t..b dl:n ding og skriver eke u.,fik pr ~

, den farsre s~,· J! den Sf%C ru,reaiJIg. ,-..u

Alison ~ lger . rby. Larmen OS irygteligc Eo ""be or bllA mand, der boe ~ eh, R, Sll£lk'o ..... ikke tile d~~d !ii han kan~..I"'r Br han

' tan _u il $.I e, ()mi~

pi aerverne, og l:Egge pc n ge to ~r; h"or de e er

'IL .... , Lutter" derfor at , f .lit sa: lge ~ lander, 1_.... varer

nes ~ " lell'e a, n tier U\.l . m'l&reP'lP

ude P" lander og .. JIlcn og Y . I.i.gc • for cJUka

- - . £' oak sam n. Hans oIoncJ

sparer peine . h:wftcn er re b pet eo m

sr'uU.e og hV41)1 for man y

• ..11 -kke lznge~

irnidlertid I

hans ba 'Il'E~

AliGQn Jules Dieter Mvia Alison Mana

Jules, at'bejdw du ifldenU-0!'S leJJet udendl?Jrs?

Jeg er d~8SV'~rf1a Il~dt tJll at sid'de !flden dsre heJe dagen. Maria, har dit jOb noget at g~I1iii' mad radio og TV?

N&l O\l'erhovD!:fet i k_ke.

Mana, rejser du l!IiIeget?

Ja, helll tidi!fi. DIOj aren f'tv!ltellg 1i1vall"e/slI. Jag ~I OQSA game sfJ0rge dig Onn noget, Alison. Ekspeaer'8r du I en butik?

Ja1 d&t OJW JEiQ-

Jog Imr 9~9, jag vii bytle Inl> hied !Iig. Jag er II'l8I af at rej:se hUle tid~n,

Do jag ~ Irart af at 9":'1Iederr. I en bagerbutfk. i etl. kedallg Iolle pmVInsby. Hoi •. dil arbakle bsstAi- I at reI .... hm og

tllbage mellem [)""~ "II oem.. I Middelhavet mod fIM1Bfej~e. Ia. s6 ")'n6$ J"Il. cI9t er en 6fls!<estllllng.








essay f6B.cher

bsgl - choo~~~

among. befW6sn POSSibility

at long Ias( I)

salle (up) VMtuaRy


-H'~ ",manBIA

Qpen :n









here: hu"'Y

tJa'fflc .

,get{sJ on his nerves nerve

to/era"'" ..J

. 111,':1', enuuf6, stand



live bv mao 'k .,..

. In . e a IJVlng bv

move "


I HoW to 'translate lilive"~

If /frei means .reside, be iDeated, stay "he correspo'll1d~ng Oan'sh word is biG. U it means be alive the Oa;nish verb .5 leve .

Hun s1ota~ bo hO!9 ns 1 en yge. She ,s going to stay with us for a week.

Bor II I ein b,y el1'er ude pA Dc' you live in 8 town Of in 1he

1a.l1Idst? DOLJnt1)'?

lHendes forootdre 'ever 8nd:m..!l. H8r parents are stm alive.

The expressijon Ile"Ve af has two meanings -live by and (iV8 on:

Han lev'!" at at 'sa3lga He by SfJlling vegetables.


Han lieveli' ~'kwtoflei tOgl tlMd. He i~ves on potatoes and bT9ad.

Countri,es" inhabitants and languages

Danmark England Norge S,verir,;e lys,kland

dansker t-en, -e) englznde r (-e n, -e] nordmand (-en, -mznd) svcnsker t-en, -el

tysker t -en .. -e)

dansk engelsk norsk svensk rysk

.. ren clean, pure


I I'll IdlenJd peaceful


far "

motorveJ (-en ~ 1) or. because

for linden at motonvay

:- ~ ~~~~allt~eendOf

True or false?

a Alison bas preble . -

b In th~ role- la ' ms With the Pr'On -.

C AlisoD writ~s !J~!s~~m~ Alison wO~k~~~mn of Danish. make a better life for ~stl(; lSftoty about af ! t~ve'J firm.

rumse ~-an w IL -

• . IJO rrres ro



---------------------------------~~~=======-------------------------------~~~::L-~D~ t

. III ne~gbbo"r, .~',7.~ )( I I

b r l ill Y . . ,ncr-let!, .. _ m

., dattC'i' 0 ,r Irl'e5 ,,-1 ,,", I, er 'h is S If'" .

h~s -. d roye to lUI 'd

Min I\~":' sbl re]s~ '!mrncL tbel'~ses linked ~Y 1m ,

Armerik l~ hende 1:11 s . lam'l: c!;1.II. " al times III

ti~£jg~ d b 'itVil(J fie c le se, t: r h

ag" . is define ' los bdped 'my 1I~_ re' wbo in t £

"cdent jrhO [~ . - the tUm " d\ tt: (')

aJllfe h 11>311" 'gilln In . - h regal e.

If ILl! 'I koo"" t \ will help a.. SOUl.n Danis .. ' og s m

lIS lIlast II"J VII clause i alwllIY"!b'ecr of the clause. ...

the P d rehlt1['IJ'f . b - eC'l or the '!i' ,

Sf(O[]i .~ is the' su } L. mtid.en _

berber 1110 • g,""11 ! 1'1 e '

W . bam I,,~ S

~I h~ !tlpe _ rfeet tense

v , t and pe f (h ree

- ,the pas - ' - , ' to one 0

M' . re' " aboll,' , d as belongIng

2 0" _ [[ie5eniILe

' b ba ve been p

The 'fer 5 I " .n rhe past _ t ca es

...~. ,.JI, il"'iol -te ~ h.' h in mos

grolWl r~· dd e~tber -eae ... • but VI ic '1

V bsmal a dd an ending, . h

,a er h I do not a f owel. tense t err er

b Verbs t II by a o:;hange 0 v ding in the p351 I' the pa 5! sbow tense ~Ibsrhat have <I II. eft:! different v~we III

t Irregular'i nd ill 1[10&t elsel " the infilllnY~. groupS

-de or .~. he past partidple r~~erbs beionglllg ro

reuse an r -', d a number 0

Below are liste '

band c.

Grou, b

ran ng IraJ'en

Holland BeJgief.l Spal]Jeo GnEkeulaJ.nd

fra~kmand I-en, -mznd) l taJiener ,,-en, -e'

hOlJ2Dde.c (-en, -eJ belgier ~ -en, -e)

sPanier (-en1 -e J

gr~ker ( -en, --e)

hat' a say

How to:

Ii .say r~al t11ley take it in rurns to ...

• SlY thet }fOU are busy

1I say rna t he a I1S wers the QueSQun

Ii Sa y rhar tbey ask each oth er question

De skiftcs til at ...

leg hac lraviL

Han S1",uec pi tn&1~111

De stiJJer spfIrgsm.iJ DI


[Language Ipatterns

1 M,o:re about relative c.auses

Unit 6, page 76, expbins rho: lise of der and scm in relati da,uses. It mentions that if the relative clause relates 10 "whole of the main clause der or amm canner b.: used.

'He received many orders, wl.ich made him happy.' In thiI seruence {he relatiye clallse doe. nor define the word 'orders but relates to the emire main clause .. Ie was the fact that ~ rec"i\'ed ~any orders that mOld. him happy, The word which. &I rh s case IS hvad in Dalll·sb. If '"hieb is the subiecr of the r('latl':' cl3US<'!, hvad IS fOll<lwed by der; if it is the object, only bad II u.ed. In the ahoy" .ernellce whirl, is the s-Ubject: 'Hall fik mange urdr't'r-J hvad del' gjo.rde h::Jrm" glad."

Ynu can also transl"te whir" by h"iI er but Ihis sounds vt:rf formal and i~ 0111.)' ",,~d in the written I,,'nguagc. III fact, many speail;er5 avo.~ th.s relaroy. consl~a:ion" preferring instead twO main clause. linked by 011· (Ha.1I fd, mango "rdrer, og dec gjorde ha m glad.,; . and thllt tnQde b~m happy. ~

The relatlv~ pronou.n whose is by,s.

blev skrev

(er) blevet (har) sk.revet

[har] drukket (har) bjuJpet (bat) sunset

thar) fun~de( fer) forsYU

(bar) budt (har) lydt

Char) n,dl

(""r) hcddec ,er)k~ (har) IOVCf

blille' (be-com r: t stay) skrive {U'ti,te ~

drikke t drink) '~*E~pe (help)

synge (s'it1g'}

&ode ~ I~nd). )

HI J' p- .flea.,.

Jorsvinde (,,-usa r

drak bialp sang

fandt forsva.odt

hyde (b~d)

~yd!! (.sou,*d~ nyde (e7ljoy)

hedde ~&e called) komme (come') sa~e ts1eep)

hed korn .soV

Group c fort;eUe ffellJ


giorde (bar)

lagde {har}

sagde' (har)

spurgre (har) Ia8f

solgee 'har) 'P

sane (bar, sJ;:

talre (har) sar

"vidsre 'har) taJt

v,a~,gte [har] ·vids

'vidste .. . ds (har) val t

T,L .". I are ex':e - -, .

ne reason .for this '. pnon al J n ha\'in th

verb, Th~. IS [hat the ' g e letter . - •

becam , .. present tense ,,,ed', . 'Y'h arc not orjginai £ s-, cE. '*

e rue prese r ~ rs r e old p lOrms of·L

evenhlall'.. 00 ,_II ~mre. a Dew" !1St tense and wh -

, came Yi,u-fe ..-3 Sf tense w en dIM

'. - as: created wJbch.

3The-' ,

_ .' present pan': ~ ,

1ms IS the Io f' I c.pls,

t[3. 1'1.... , ,.nmJ 0 the [L,

"trung" workin ) -.' VeliD that" en cis' . ,

~dded to the stem~' In Danish 001' end~ -I,!S in English (~ g is -ende L!ch~

ltlfrnjliue • Ww II

~{Jrc (do~ ~1tt1ke) J~gge (put)

:uge 'saJ~'

sparge (ask)

s~1ge (slIl}) .s.rttc (putl

t~ Me (cO,lInt) Vide (kn(l,W) V~ l,ge (choose}

~ei s Present ptl1ticiplt -,

korn reisende

gil kcmrnende

While the p . g;iendc

rejse kOmDIe


10 D . resent panic' 1 .

.JJ.n!sh is much lp e IS used f

lconnnu,00. us plI'"esE'"'(- .. more limlitcd. Irt~Ue~Jdf in .Engli.s.b trs use

wa. . ' ••• ens!:· IS nor . I ~

til . watchmg telwiS' ' as II) They <Ire _ . . used to form the

. e. he saw . on, Or. liIl1I con e?lo.y,,,g their h ·l'~-·

o .. _. 5tructlO I) ' .... .I'I

helll the meanin . .n S such as Entering

expressed bv 'h g o.f !toJe £Dill' II' h

. ~ t e pr il'!i]m:s co .

eSent tense. ntllfiUDUS .

De nyder deres fe .,' present tense is

tSee' rie. T'h

Unrr 1 page 16 ) ey are enio '"

Someritne'" . . yrng their boiiddy.

~ It IS rendered b '

Jeg sad 0 . 'f' y means of rwo \I'

J"" G ~~a jernsyn. I. trbs joined b

~ og ~5Ie, WAS Wtd',c--hin ' ., y og:

I was U"".~·-, g le,'elJ's~ "

-AlinK. ~ .iD'H,

~kke et ~Ilcste ord f[ Iffie barn

?-tol a s~ngle word a small ,h,-,d

5imibdy. ~en used as an adjective. the present pan:kiple never adds at'L endJJ.IJ£~

er forsvind~de ~a.b a varushing hope

h is used. afrer the verb htive:

Do 5t8}I! (LiL do rentain sitting!) WI! sta)'ed in Arb,",:; until the 29,h of June. (Lit. we remained staying .. ~)

The ,word fericrej5cnde is a compound consisting of &ric t"o_llda)'} and the present pactidple of the verb at ~ bollday-maker. but although it functions as a nol1l1. its form ~ !hat ofan adjective in Danilih. The defirure (om>i cannot be

1",:,"c4 b, the addirion of end;.g.. but b, articles, as in de

h:nereJ,!iimdc (the ho!;da,)'-tnflkers).

~ti'W end_e:'i]g siddell1de~, Vi blev lDoend'e i Arb~ nui6\ den 29',. junL

4 MDre about ttle comparison of adjectJVtNI ~,,!Jnit II, page 100, you saw that in soroe adj~ rile ~ undergoes a change, sucb as stot, st~rte gmsI; IIIIl&> ~ ta::ngst. This change also takes place In:

yngte (younger) f:JeCCc ((ewer)

Dng (young) HI (few}

157 ~


15Bercises I,

i1 D

en u nge lie vind . .

hen de, om hUD ~., :iHdder over fa Ali

b D en Iille d an pa e de n Iillt ,j r SO~ .... 1itiiiI.

oreng, mol' !LIIlreog. .....

sevn, er Giet pa toiJett

c Drengens m k et, ~.

Or.ommeT ikk 'J b t

d al tro, at hUll ikke' . e lJ . age, f;i'

Goorgf kommer ;~ If!! re 'isserer i sir ball] r AlUQ iii passer. . I ca erer let og ser ha

e Dt;!'1} llllll:l'f _L met,

.e rnor efeerlod k --

__ de 5'll.r '. un en baO}·

J nes ~I[" rneger mserkel igt og en barQe~

2 Rc~d rhe lcdlowm fie' . . •

recording, and then - g. xr, er listen to it jf

1"'" . answer quesrion. a ro I b [OU have rLe

~c~n og G~[1]je J~hJ haw f e ow.

n~~~~I~le barn 0 d . fJ!11 ~0iI~!, ru dn~rJgf 0 .

pige Ia:s.r ine,f . g et yngste um er dr g tre P'8er. Da

d~l1g h.ddtr p~c'i pi univftsiret.t j K..,ben"llgf. Den zw.. VII <Ere ~~ c> U • Han er s yne n ar 0 :l.. avo. Den 2Jdtti

. _r~r . .HaM d g g .. r ! g\.r· .

er ri og eHe.e M. D an re '''51£. hedde. Lise o,1M3SICt. Haa

Moll hedder Vi en ~ dreng er k Ie II, og de

bliver sroe Iggo~ og In an 'vll vsere . r' h . ~ Ir gammel,

- po metJent~ nilt ~"

~ H \"01:' rna nge bern har. "

. HV(br mange del:' h J~rgell og GJtte juh I ~

c Hvad hedder re ar de·} ..

d H _I er dell Yll . t .

vau laver den I .g!l e .plge?

.. Hvor gaDlmd elfO£ dstu plg~?

f Hvad vii Vi 0 _ Poul?

J C . . gg V3!re, oar h t, -

umpler. rhe f~JoII~.. . an oliver ~ror"

the .... wmtr S • •

COlllpafa[~""e. ~ t:nt'>enc-cs by dd'

a Jordba, a Iflg the adiecrives in

ho (rene er hil~'

Hun er ke H [~,e. De- €r

C D h Il'l. h.II n for end h' d'lL

de air en hll.: ha D end si;.· tn . ox.rrrnf'.

Henrl'k e 'lie. en er nnr;

. r gamm 1 H d

e Use er m . C - an er ene ,,",ores

f eget I!!I.I\~ H ._ end f{ . .

De res S I!\Is:e"'u d . ~ 'hi n e r d a ns Pet>t:L

t-. IJ' r eli" iI . -- en ,,'

ngr, Der cr ':l~n en nd .

.........______ end YOEeS;

L.. """lIl!l'L!'e rrugttrreer. D~ har trugttr;;rtr en

D>c [Jail' U·· ~

J . 'fo(~ldre har- .

IJIIlnt" . ,"rrd fl mennl::'skeT i bingratelt ; Der

11.. DcI[' ..... ~r n'II''''O' • ,c' ,j, d - d

tr~. rn~lll1,eskf: r i b\ogra'!i.'~fII ~ 'O]1$'LI Jligs ell I son k1l!.s,

N~':;;;;;-lIlkk. ret Dlegcr l!'.Ij rued til Jyllttnti. Hun skull.

i. ha"e t.aget nogeit nu:d.

~ W<11 .he corrett fORn Df vide, kend. or kunne m the Eollowing sc~n:~[u:es.

a Ge()rsr ~ ikke, Iwornar Alison karollner hjern. b Han _ ikke A\i.ons 1T;:nnor fril 'prog.,ko len.

;:; Lone . .---- mange ·~prog.

d I)e Iik at -, ar fiyer "ill. ankommt Idokken 6.

~ leg __ ikke" at de var flyttet ud pa l.andet.

£' J~rt£ vii gen\e lrete Alison narmere at ~.

g George hal __,...- Hans eg Lone i mange ir.

S NoW' answer the fo[iuwmg qucitions as fully as you can. a H 'lad 'Ia~re r eb!:V"ernf' pa begyndt:: thatde-f?

b Hva,rl \a'ver devernc pa A lisons hold. i timcrne?

'dt De .. £Drste dag leger dE ell leg. H"ad gar legen lid pal Hvad hand~er Alison5 lnsrorie om?


D ,AUson pho.'nes George

Fndag e&erHllddiiIJg rin~r [,et,e-fanen. George lager den.

"~eorge Hano'

AJisom Hel! IDet 'et' mig. Jeg ling« bare for at slOe, at vi :skIA I

TIrvoU , a1ten. Det er noget. der I~e er bhwGt ,arrangeret. Du m~ geme kommEl' meet hvls du hal' Iyst. Vi sk81 spl58

de1'linde ..

GS'011J8 Det. Ilyder d~ligt. man jag trof nu ikJ(e. jeg \I'll mad· Jag

kender jo Ikke nogen'tra djt hold. I kan hyggl jer meget bed re I hvis I Ikke behcver at .... awe hIJflJgD CftitJI tor en


AI son Har du nagellmod, at jBg 1aII8' rned? aer aynea du.1IIII

ska' IkommB hlem'1

Geillf116 Noj <Ia. dU skal dB med. OU l1l<8I .1aI ....... _...


151 1.

have IV HI Iyst r .. n, ~r) h¥gge .Ig beh.-v,e f-edel -_I)

hBfUg oYer itoii' fre, med

recently sllgges' B!'p~esenr I1'larlcet, sej,



call (lRe.J iofroduC'6 rnr:rta,~'on

feel like

~ncrinalion, Wish, tIGska lia ve a good time, enJaY""'1I*iHi "Bed (;;:: '11' .... 'I8dt ttl) po lire

towSIDs. to

foreign" slraJlg9. Here Ihe adjectIve has Ithe sense of a .._, ((hfj stranger. den fremmecI.)

of COUrse nol

01 OOUfS8, celtBmly, II'tCl9w,I

nllJ dBl de

d ddres.s of a

" '169' h ru~nte:.tll a . L:'

"!fIr'\Ie er Ila· " e so Eel[" l if: d' buymg lUi

. riggs I\~,~t~~UID . I.. be :inle resre lit

3 GeQrge ,( '- rs who m'liglli

h'lr-nd ot nee

I~'r '. , ,t. G . Tge before.

cb.()Coru.~£ - . htil!f,d 01 . en

L. •. ae has [1!I • .:ve r

IU }ldanafli

True or fa lse?

a Allson is nnglJ'1g to sar '[hat she wiU be goiog to the TIW'OIi Gardens wirh SODle friends from the Janguage school.

b IGeorge decides to join them.

I George phones Marianne

SaDlltle efte rmi ddag ri ngt: r GeorgI: l]i Maria nn eo .

.... arianne George

Marianne Svendsen.

Hallel Mft' navn er George WIlson. Jeg besegte dfne fO~tiBldm pA Mois f'or nyrig, og de tOlreslog, at jeg Mule ringe td dig, nay Jeg kom !lrbagEl til Kebel! Jeg" en chokol8ldefab 11k i England og 9f' for tiden I DamIuk for at fincle kliInder, del 'lid forhandl'e varas chokoiade. I) i rt far sag de. at du har en ven, dar .jar ., 'chokoladeforre1nlng. Jeg rirnger' for at spwge, om 189 kunne 'fa lt1a~ nam og adr.esse.

Mol" ringede for 81 par dagB s d8!!'1 og sagde. il1 dO rdl ",llIe IringB mig op. Jeg trol, del er bEtdst. hwis fell Praieel'\terer jer foil' hinand6l1. Fredmik kommer og spi6er nos mig i aften. Hvis au og din ileUM ,kim skaJ lave n@GBt i Bften. kUrU-Joe I sl ikke 1mnke .JBf at komme 00 ~se SBnilmen l!'II1iBd os?

Drat Qn IIJ de'9lWaMe Ikke. Alfeon har ligs ringet tor at 8196. at hUn :!Ikal i TIvoli i af1!9J1 sammen mad no;ls Ver'lIlBr.

Jamenl hvls du Ildi;e skal noget~ sa 'S:!.'nss jeg, du skulls ~Qmm6 Ihermd 05) IPF'BY6 at smlga nogle .:esker ChokolAde.

Det v,1 j&gi mege! gerl'l1e. M8ri!Q@' 1ak 'or Jnvltatlofiell"jI,




_ • t'I br~akf. ast tne folio ing onday

DurLl11:i:l!l . ~- _.

til.! er der iid<8 sa lang tid 1ilb99B· Vi har nresten !bet ...

. ..... end loll !Ian Klare, og n& vlltornmer hlert' .... OI'!YIfSr• _ . lei j'~....L:.n • .Ii meget w>ill. o",*,r vii VI hl),·O en UQIlS .~e. I~' .. "" .. '"

MiS« MI'In. J.,g v~ gl)dt,at I skBi pA ,3J'beid8 I ~ne uge• mil" Alison 00 leg till!" be6lu1:1:at. at VI ,nl VoBl"& luoster

i Kai:lonhaun i 1'I1l~le ,d!lQe. Vi kender laKtlsk ikke KPbeTlhaVl1 lret gadI. MarianOe Peter og Jeltes datter, 1181"

1o~lIt at vise os de rnest bel'Dmle sII1I9!ItIIgheder I dag. Del e ~III dig sOOt at hende. Oet or agslt pA hoie lid. I

~rer K0,be~haY11 at kenai. v~ vi II meget geme rnede jereS

\f.~nnef 'fra k'tius, lI"i~r de koromer tl1 Kel:Jenhavn"

Jegl ringed's dam 0iP' I gl.lI'. De kflmmer hefl)I!J8r pi torsdag· 091 ~ hlbaf vi, 'I \/AI filiUtd ud cg sp~se. 'Vi v_I nem~~ game

lnv1tem je:r ud og spise Ii' en restaurant sammen med

Jette ,og Patel" OQI Mariann.9.

blJramrt weff..trrown. fernCU$ ,sevieMilhed {-Em I' -er} Sf.ght

det er pit hoJe lid 1.t '5 high time

2 The history of Copenhage'n

K3vl~. enbavn har n lang histf>rie. 1 11,60 gal' den danske konge

aiaemar den Sto d lill ." ~

bi ,k" ".1.. ore, en _" Y>1ungrhavn ved Qlresund til

isxop A bsalon d 11:. d

Ch .. .: ... .,. er ·yr;llc e en borg netop der hvor

.\.:~:i~:d:;rg5~ot liggeTi d311' I lobe! ~f de fulgende ~I" _I.. d voksede bycn ] sterrclse og bel['fdmng pl arund af

IY:Clme en ved 121 d.K L e'

havn' ]I. . . r. .. resun . " .. .,enn""n beryd<t ·kobro..,ndeocs

lilIld~ rn I)I~", OanlDuk. hovedsl3d i 1441. og i 1479 blev

_ ' 0fste unllve ['sitet ,grom:Uagt her,

Danrnark h . . . - -

a knr at veeret et kOl1ll1er,g" I mere end 1000 ar. og mange

lrno\f:~erod ell.,'r. b!gger slotte ng andre fine bygnin!lrr i I odelS

SUI. • Christian IV, der re&ercd< nil 1588 til 1648. ,,81

~:et .!D.reresser., i by~I"nIliEgoiJ:,g: Ro •. "nborg Slot. a..~o 011 de~;l[Qj1J blev byggc'[ 1 h~~ regel"lngst1d.

1(0~cnhavn var mngivel af void. indril 1 S7OtrtU'· Da diM- bl ... ~v'el ned, bl",. Vc"""rbro, N"rrrbro og """,rbru bytf8C' """n

Or do n &"mle by. g,,,,n..,r. SideR da cor bye" vok"',ned n ndr

lart, og i dag bor dcr "vee en m illion mrnntol<er • "I kriJlII



- _-- en

CD ....


D 3 Sightsee;ng in C

George and AI" openhagalil

h 'SOD take th· .

J ty have arranged it e tJallin to 0st . . .

down to LaP'''geJinie 0 meet M;arBanne. F e"-port stat;o" where

the way Marianne ~x~I~~um~nade. ak~nc ;h~ there t.het' walk them. ' IRS to ~hc:m wlJat 5lh ,~ r bour sude. On

e • IlJltends to show

JeQ h:tlber. III nar en masse ,en~. for '" skal ud en lafl9 Wadseretyr. Jeg Syrte5, at man bar kende en by.

inden man begynd€T 'pa mus.eliJms~· Og den bedste Il11'f1ade at. Ia:lr'e' en b)l at kende plt ar at gA nradt \

9 ijI,da.m'9'. Ip.~ vejen karL ieg ~ udpege~ hvilke bygnlng8l' ieg synes sf et bes:og v.rd. vores 'wr beg)ru:ler pi Lange1inh3!. hvor vi :skal se Den LJlle HavfnJe. Oerfra gAr vi lilf'ld til AmaHenborg 510",1 hvor den k~ige fami~ bar. 84 s . at vi vldere til Nyhavn. et IivUgt kvarter mad carer og fortoV"scaf8e1!". og Kongens NytON. hvor Det KOlI\gel1ge Teale.. ligger. SbDget. sem ~ uden Niv1 har nert om Ii gAt fra Kong-ens NytoN tn RAdhuspladsen. Her ngger dar en masse fine fcrreblinger. Vi v.1 Q«8 smA .ta.fstikkere ira Stmget ned tIl Christiansborg Stot. hvor folketil1g,e't hal" ti I hUse, og ind 'til Runde~6m.

NAr '" i kommer [rid til RAdhusp~adsen kan vi se1vf0lgeUgl fortsa;rte ned In N a.tionak'rluseet I men jag Iilalf pi fo~n8mmelsen. ~ har fiat nok, nlr \l'i n.Ar derttl.

1811lLelril (-en' spads.erelt1111" (-en~ -e) (-ede:. -ell bDr (pres. tense of burde) udpege I( -ede -at) v.rd havfrue (·-n. -I) Il<0ng.llg ¥Idlre U,,1191 wader (-et. ~r) bar (-en, .. r) "DRovecaM f-en. -er) rartov (-at., -Ii) Stregel

hen ( .. te. -I) gl (glk. a6eQ Rlldhuep"d.en r6dhu8 (-et. .. ) pili_ (...,., ...,)

af8tllC"" ( ........ ,

fGI~'" h.~"I""" ,on..-( ...... .-Q

haV. pi ,_",.....,,- •• n 10,., • ....,.. ... , .... ,-r)





point OU' wonh (a \lisit) mermaid wyal

un. lurlher 'ively

quartfJr, dlstrlcf. part of toWn


plJvsmen' caM pavement

ttte main shOpping street ~ ...

centre of Copenhagen


h9re: run

1M CItY Hall ~ to...nICJfY ".,

...... : squIII'9


ItMt o.niIh peruarnent

btl hoU$iId


haW • ftISIIng. ,.~ .. "uttCh






4 The e d of the tour

hen rh~y gee to Christiansborg Slot they dl!Cide to \VJiJIc B0,:sen, the old Srock Exchange bUil,ding, and _III Knr~pelsb,o to Ch,.,stumsbarJII on the uland of ~ Ch,.~st~(1n5hQVH was .ung~ally II separate tol¥n, ~ L:

CItrJSf~~n IV as :I re51,dennal ,'lI1d, trading cenh'~ for ~ and shipbuilders, 1t!\>log made thIS detour, Mananne ilL ........ her or'ginal p~an and sboWsrhem round the old bastions. Filla! there they walk to, Vat Frelsets Ktrk~. a late seventeen~~ baroque church wlfl! a 75m !ugh spuaI t?",er: All outside IlJlUaJ • taircase leads up to the rop where a I1gure of Christ Ita.adt hoJding a banner:.

lIiIarianne Jeg sl!n~ vi skal afslUHe voros lut ITIed 81 Udsyn lid OV,8r KDbenhavn oppe fra top pen af kirketJmet

Er der ogsi en trappe, inde i tarnet?

Nel, man gAr lap ad den Udvendige 1rappe. NeJ, dar fh ~ mfg ikke med op, Oat ter jag flcke.

Du "an sante dig itld i kirkBn ag U8I'1te, mens vi gAr

6&o,rge, Marianne Alison 0&01'198

af's.uHe (-ede, -eI) uosrn ('-st!, -) top (,pen'J -pel tJ8ppe (-I!iI~ ~) tar (pIli8S. tense of lurde)

finish .. conclude v.{ew


BtaifeaBs, stairs, steps dam

TnIe or false?

a Christian IV was very intew.;roo in town planfting,

b Copenhagen was 5110'0un<iled by ramparts until rhis century. c Ah50n suffers from a ieaJr o.f heights.

The Danish wOrd lrubmand

Thrs means lII'OCe, as walll as m8rt:l'lant, G!iOO8rs' shops haw QrIIdually di5appaared !!II StlP8rmal'kets M1t9 Ia"en over the trade,

The Danis WOrd belydn/llg

In tho laid about Capenhaga" ~11II9 was IJSed in ttlil S8f1Se of itnporlance: bven IIOU'" I 8twraIae ag ~Ing, It also means meaning or sense:

f u:re word

. - meaning 0

;the· sense __

. . lJother' be used ,n U'l a '. rd canJlot that the wo· ~,' r.: to mean

. t .sense \0 " too . .' rtaJ1ce of no UflPO


!'(Is l!JetY dru nO .~...II

et " dB" batY es flI'lt;U

i en art Utke bl'UlJ.

n)rdet KS!dn1ng

cJ6fI b6;dnll1!

IJ.u:ieJn be _ osl Iii on ad ..I-n udvend ge

· rep - . ..d .... to

. paRish ~ . e said: MUI g6~e ~':ePOSitiOn ad (by) In

Manaon.. ·.'1. wed by f P

cra10gue I ad is f,o 0< 7' •

In ~he· i"'iii!I'Ji1isM @p In . _ the stwrs~

. po, III .. ~ . , . "0 dawnt 'is

IIIIJI . tJW sWin;. 10" . 0 up the sa!, .

M 1)1' g '. the strum

... ., IfflPpell go down .

~, CP lid .. . en the srreet

~llIed ad uallP, ws/k ?O!~, 'g_ h the door

. d nade:n .uaJk In U I~ uu

illileda ;::,- 11'1'

g, . J ad d£2ren_

glint! e dooi1 .~ ,

(enter by tn - . . ....... __ ..... towaros).

- o!!Ii~, ~dlre\.o'-II;:!J,;I _

- - - 0150 means g~, \ - _ hs a' me.

The word pili . She always laug

Hun le~ raltld ad mig.

H- w to Iran siate 'to play' , . . BID playing in the

- 0 . - The ctllldren

IBemene., lager i haven, gamen,

- - . (. n I tdren~ ,games).

TIl~ 'veri) :at talD m. eans tD( ~~~ ~~ Ii s used: - ....... , spll'a ''''U1JIe,~ I!:!lIIiJ

,Fkhll8mise tha velU " Ii

'" playcatds

spilio Imn play the piano

spille Iklaver play football

Ipl] e fodbold

What, to say


How [0, 5)'lICS _

h' k you ought Jeg., ~ .)

• say that 1'(,l>n on before _." by, 1ft ~(p Of' ad

to (know a town d (walk Jes b1r'

• say that you do not are ~ fuw&.,.......

up ~~ staJ~rcase) an ideal les hal'

Ii say rhat: you MVC'h that .,. AI .""

a fcetmgfa


168 !' ~




Language patterns

1 More about modal verbs

Unit _7 pages 89-:9~, !:ont~in5 four of the modal e"pl~,IJ].s some of rbt'U' ~ncrlOns. There art she 1bod1!: .. -..J Dams": ~u~e, skulle, ~!. bu.rde. turde, DI.itte. ney... lIJ m the Infinit_,~e'l wl:uch IS Identical to the past telllc. Yall t: the past partICiple b)' adding -l to th past tense: kuanet, .... n.: viller, burdet, hllrdct, maner. The present tense fonns ~ skal, '. her, hIIr, rna. They cocrespolld to the EugJish ~ tense forms: ""'!, s~QII, IYIII, ougbt to, dare, mlr$~. Ap." from Jare, tbe English verbs do 1I0t, of course, exist in Uf tlU; forms. of' the Damish verbs,

a lean means C,",fl or may; It conveys abH~ty or POssibility:

Ham kaD kere os ned He can drive u.s doWIJ to

tu] f~rg~n. the ferry.

Hall kan kunUIl(1 Oar sam helst, He may come at 4"., tim,_

b maJ means both must and n]'aY'~ In the sense of mny it tend. to be fanowlea by geene Or godt:

.lm3 gerne komme j m.orgen. Yo,., may come tomo_rrow.

Du mal godt ga i b.iograien VOl' ma}' go to the "nema

i a fren, tonigbt.

In Ql![e5tia:ms gerne 0.£ godt is often ~eft our:

Mit jeg komm.e i 0 d? .May I come i.n?

Tnt: n ece ssity implied w ben rna is used often arises in ciOCllfilstar:l.I:es such as when an. accident has happened or someone has faUl!o i U.

Du DIi komme rned der ~_1l1e'. Yo" hQtJe to rotne immediately.

You use ma ikke wh~n YOll are tel Il!iJJ,g someone not to do something (a P.roh!birtion):

. . . do what )'cUlr y. t. ough' ~o

;~r""t5 tell ~(I~t. Inc is likdy He uu.gbt to .0

not to]

, h id to do it. .

J am' not d it. ,Lit. Do wt I dare you to 0

. it you dare.)



Du ma ikkes:itE IlOget til

din sBste r. .

You' .nJu st Itol tell Y(JltT sister.

c skal can impl, a different_kind of Ileccs.ily. Here the necessity ~a y b. due to an order "'ued by , ....... """.. office routine timetables:

kg .ka1 vzre 1''' a rbejde 1 b"". I" b. "t '<10Th <it 7 D 'dock.

klokken 7,

~ ·p\e .

_. - ., sent par1'CI , i ie lS

2 Mom about the pre .. tile resent partlc p . vi

' ~. ., ,'. -7. ' 011 saw t~ar ' P ions such as •.

I'll Umn 11., pages 156. ' Y Ik blive III const[l:lct .' _ le can also

. . • iI.. Ii:.. ... the ·'Io',er'!l} . t part]C!P

used m Danll.s]]L arret ,. ~ • Tile p[esen

. . d ~.I_:Ijen 29. lUID•

llide\' bcende ILl). Ill. !oJ . . k. mmc~ .

I h b ·1C.~..Iie bave, 0 _ b ... hrnd

fo~~~w t ever is !J.IIW.!I :.; ,u:I. bet sitllng"-"

, ··dd de. f (au .

I eiIt fandt hende SI! en . Il tree. th _ stay,"g.

JI' b t ha ve c. ....

bag 1ft. t~. _ 'boende- We C,st.lHO • into the room.

Vi kan ikke havedcm. on. Tbey-,_,....g ,"0" e)

Dc kom 10heude ·md l s,tu,. ~ ch as, set, fi!e~~ .heta,,(, the .;"8

f 'pnun ,Sll artl~IP e ,

In Enelish verbs 0 perce b in the: present p them wa/l,~g

b 2 .d 'b a ver d 1 saw d In

ame often foUowe. ~n'ock;ng the OOT, attidple is not use

f@Im'Lt 1 b~ard hun. - h the present _p. . used:

• . . In Danis .. - 6nU1Ve is

'rOWJ1.d ff.Je corner. - stead rhe In

. but 1<0"' ......

such OOi!'LSt!r1i.lctll:l'fIIIS,






eg sa dem gil rundr om hjomet.

3 Nouns ending in -urn

Wbel] an ending is added to sm::b nOIlI'U, they limp "1l1lI:

er museum et srudiwn

rnuseer stu diet

museec studier

4 Adjectives In lIni.r 11, pl.lge 14~, you lean:'ed that ~diea!~5 ending III .. do nor change. The ad,ern'e (ujriUred. (d,sloatls(ied dOcs not add -r in. the indefinite foJRl neuter singular- [er tiIlr-cds lQenJlabl

but it does end in -e in th" defini~ form and in the plllIlli: .,,; utilfredse D aboee,

.some of tb adjectives thar end in -d do nor add -t in rbe ind~finite kmn neuter siqg ular: er gI'Id bam, et frntlDed By_ In me plural they end in -e: glade born, &eounede 1Iy.

fnformatioQ about adjectivi's that do nut comply with the DOIm bs been giv'n grad gally as the words were used in the dia. and ~>Ct.. In Unjr 14 all this information will be &ro.usbt togethel.


I hlil!rt either h\'is or DID in the foltowing senrences, ff)'011 .. eed help, you can look at Unit 9, page II 4 and Unit 12, pagt" 154.

" Jell ved ildc., __ min. mra:ldre k:tn kornme pi SDiJlldag.

b de kanu,,<r, kan du mrra:JJe dern om din Nr ciI


c J-8 ipurgn=. hoode, ~ lum viII" lane en cardigan.

d ~an ikkk e ~n hJ~1 poe rn~g! vi I i.:g sparge fzner, nan an lane .rrlJg pengene.

e barn paS5<:t du]

f - du hac 11'0 r, kan vi d i b, ...... af~ . L_

En f . "-flI" ~D J all! ren ..

g a <run" venn"., - - fo ... ld.c er pi r.t;. holder en

{est pa lerd3g. J


d f

f-I"ell1 bor p;l All1alirnborg lOti Hvor jigger tr0gt't~

.ar de aile Ire op ad den UdYendJse kjrkcrarnf't?

Comprehension Marianne's Ch"'dhood Marianne and George 3rC' standing at the top 0116. dJ rower from where Iher h~ve II magnificent "iewol~

Er du glad 'or at bo , KCbenllavn? Ja, del rnA jeg Ind'llRlme, Oa leg ~ ....... t.bede leg. at leg "me komme til at ......... aD

lI'liM venner der, '11M del gl!lr Jag ~ ....

Del anesle II!Ig f!flgang ifnej .... aa\lller ....... fill Ilgger la"'!lere tifbage I tldan, DB Jill! \I8r ..,., -. ~ Ude DA landel, gg naturen Sp/1l11da dallglng .... rolle i min tiIVItif'e!sa. Vi bOlide hoe: mine IledSfefOiil!ldle, dBr ha\rde en gild. I n"_' .. 'IJArden I.§ III!( en skoy. 011 min bedslemor og IID_. E<) fur nll(l i skoven. PA dlsse ILnI s~ .. GIll blOlnSlooJe. dE( vaks9de pi grBftel!anh!n, ItIJ GIll Skolf8ns If iller og bUske, Jeg lane ogsA IIIIIgIIf GIll

egneos dY.~iv og om tug~e"e. dar bY9O«fe IIdI I tagrendeme 0" tracronerne.

Indrorn_ ("«Ia. ,-at, admit aalfne (~, It) miss

enlllllnlll,,",,'8m 'lOW and then. occa~ 1IIp111 •• n rajle (-Gde,~) PlaYa /JIiIn

roJle (-ft~ -rJ part. role

I nlaftteden at Relit; close to nlBfh_ (111) Prc»tlmi~ vicinIty

Pi 8""""1ran18n althe Skfe 01 the 1t>a0$a1tl 9_·""111 (-en. -) (UI. !lOge 01 dl1dl)

blrll:k ( 1 1) buSh

"8n ( .. n ) Pair Of lhe <ll>unlty, "Ma. disttict

~"nv (-et) fauna

fuff' ("'fIw -e) bi'C'J

1"6(1. (-n, -r] I1'Qt

"gRInd. (-n. -r) RtJttBr

btl (-at. .. ) '001'

tnakJ'one (-.n. 1') CIDWnI10p of '1"69

~ he has dhJd'J -II 'dod-

die (han el' .

tills ~JW6

ar that 'I .

men. r.

marnell. time.

degree ""una I ~uner.a'. ,U



snOw gafe. d:rift

to mbsrone grave coffin

low·er . h

even thoug



flu seVBral


"1 Getting ready . . .

I~ da .. 3nd GeoJrg~ :lI~d Mlson are gett~ng ready to go to

u L5J ~Ulrs ;- Tbey have ~lrn'Vlted Hans and Lone 3S well 3S Peter Ine r.fS.~(lUlra~i weir d(llughtcr;, Maria.nne, out for. .a meal. The

rlld § " rti::' a . I '11-

:Jble L5l booked fr£Jl '1 o'c ncx.

oat Inar \l'ifjret en dejllLQ metned, men leg, gliEde1' mig nu megei til at Komme I!1jem ngen. Jagl karl egent1ig ikke lids a1 yBltI'i9. vask hjemmefta sl IEenge om sornmeren. Jeg

sarvner min haye.

CleQJ!ge DaTii traenger si~k8rt ogd tJH at luges, Jeg r91aMjer mig til at komme- tilbag 8 til .arbejde:t pi fabri kken og

istandsaeMalsen at stuehuset. men je-g mA nu indremme~ at jeg 'er halt trist ved tanken om. at veres ophold her er

ved at Va3J'e fomi.

Vore.s danske ''JIenner em- meget gaJsffri. Jeg hlber. de

kommer og be~ger es ~ England. Vi kunne give dam en god fe]l'"B. nAT VI tdlver wllidlge me.d swetmset.

G.eofge- Dei: na.bel'i~ leg sandeHg ogA. Ni. men nu er jeg ft2fdig.

~Rson Nej, det er du da ikke. IOu nar glemt at skifte slcjorte og

taga sri IPS pA.


VS!k ~dli1lne ~ide slkke'r1 Igge. (..ale, -et) Islan.d5i1!.Helse (-fl. -rJ trtd tl!llpk'e (~nl -rl

"ed ,II,.. 'k . -

, IHl.n:en om, ral . "' ..

vatreved.1 ~kJorte (--111 .. r) 'laDe (1)9. mget) pA 8 Ips ('-et~ -)

away like

very' likely.. no dofJbt weed

[e.pai~ festorsJjan



a' lJJe thought thaI ...

be on the point of. be abOUt to


put OIJ (clothes)


a 2 Choosing flrom the menu

They meet in. the bar at half past six and h.a"f' a drink before going to ear at seven o'dock~ for a few minutes they JtUdy the

meJlillU . , silence,

Hvad mad en haly hummer til at begynde med?

~ 176 I.


George George MariaJllll18 Galrge Marllanne Jebe Hans

Pe er GlOf1"ge Alison

what about

lobstsr - ..

shellfish oyster vegetarian neither. _, nor .meat


""ushrootn soup mushroom soup


14 During Ole meall

rlJe)' drink wbiU '!lill'e wit~ the first ,oJj'5~ atld red wine with

tbe lIfIJilJ (ollrse. Tbe WIllie loo5el:l5 tbelF toHgues and tbe ,OJW,I!TsatiOH is lively. George is sitting next to Jerte, and to start with the)' rol" about life in Denmark today a.nd about the dmsges ill the last 2S years. The" thejJ ttI'k ahout themselves .

De drikker I-ovidvin til fonencn 011 mdvin til hovedretten. Vinen uungc\)andene, eg der SiHikkes livligl:. G.:orge har Jette til bords, ug de ,aler IillIrst OlD. liv,et i Danmark i dag, om de !orandrinllet der har fundet sted i lebet af de sidste 25 iL

Derefter snskker de om sig selv,

G.eel'g~ Err nman den samrne. sorn RlW1 var for 25 ir siden?

JelHe Pi1ejl. det er man bes1emt ikke.

Ge~rp Man kender s,-eI"""lg.allgl sig se~v noget badre end

,~h~ngang cg tns.'1" fiet den seMUHdj man rnangtede· Men ~ndeT"9t lnt:ie ef man yel den sarnme. Jeg er Ilg& sA forvirrat mad hensyn 11'1 [min nation ale identi'hrt. sam jeg ettId hal' varm. Men det betragter jeg fkke sam nogal problem. Tvmrtimod IkafL ~eg gedt ride den rolle, sorn min

klsprogetned liar skabt. Jeg indtaoer lidIaf en .-stl11fnJl

il be:gge lande.

Jd:e Del er nok del'for dU ildte her forDIldral dig !II megeI. JIG

or i Iweti 'laid ~kke den ..ammB. sam jeg VIII fa" 25 " s~dell~ Del" ef' sket mege\ siden da. og.nan bltver ~


Haas afbryder deres .anuale. Han 08 haas ~e, Marianne~ vii gc'me sk:l1e med George 08 Jette-

podiOll. hs/ping chiG~en

sliced cucumber In ,II

coosisti n9 ot "'linage'". sligaf and

,flIj little sa~



home ... roade

liieShJy pleked

dndl8gen aw.elBt I(-terr.!, .. te rl hlremmel avel 11\'1 skpl u'kket

Tf "


hVid";n (en -e) forret (-ren, -ter) hove are t (-!en, - ter J

jDse (-fe', -t) ~ese tUIl"l geb~ nde tie

der s~akkes Ifljf'ig~ ha Ve W bords Ii\!' f~e'J foran drin 9 (-en, - Br)

f~nde sled (iandtJ fundel)

selV!iUid (-enj mangle (-ada, -et~1 ~n ders.~ ~n d e 1/,81 forville~ J!I'fled hensyn t I hel'lsyn (-af, -, na'lona~ iderHite1' (a€mJ be1ragte ~-ede. -at) tosp ro g8 the d ~ - en) skabe f~te. -t) Illdiage' (lndto'll, jndtagel)

SCErstillJ n9 ( ... el1. -er) fOl'andre' Sig (-ada. ~et)

j hven faid klog bOrddame (- 11, - rJ skA Ie med (~f3idEl, - er)

Whit" MrilJe fifS1COurse

main COul1i6 IOOSen~ releaset 8Ot\te lOOSen Ih9Imlguq

Ihs COnV6lSatJon is lively lake in to allJfMr. BIt".., to life


happen, take place (S9ff-)confiden08. laCk

desp dowtJ

I suppose confUSed as'regBrds consid8ratiorr national Identity COnsider bJlingual;sm CffJar.s

take Up, 8SSUtn9. fiN, occupy exCeptioRal position

change (intratilS.)

here: deli"if6~ absolutely Wise

parlf1er ar' a/rine! toast

Tn.8 Of" t,Blae?

a G,,"rge IS looking forward to reruuting to EfI8land. b George forget!! to PUt un a tic.

c Th~y all have chicken as their main course,

d Georg. order sras "berries wilh < fOe de.sert.

Skill r (CheatS!)

Sk6II means Che&IBf •..... <1 the Verb 81 k'I_ means 10 J»'fJP058 II Ionsf. 'Thll \lerb at bllh p. I-te. -I) has Ille same meaning. There Is 8 Danish custom of PI'QPO!!lng 1oo81s at th .. dlnn ... tablII. drinking to 1hose present

178 i





DITag' questions with v.el and iklre

Oe kommerr ~kkeJ Vel? They men 't coming_ &r8 they?

De komm8l' cPa, Ikke? ~ey are comH:rg, iHfJn~ they?

Du vii dBJ ikke lAne ham You won't' Ifmd him the ~

peng:el'lle, vel '7 will you?

Du grner fiende PEU'I;Q8'F'leJI ikke? 'rou wi# give hfU the I1lOlM):.

won" yOU?

A negatfve qlJesliol'1 ieS follOWed by vel, while fklte foUows a POSh QUes1:iort

180 1. i




How to translate the English verb 'to ......

If ha-vso means pQS.Se,ss you use have in Oanlsh~

0.. liar on somm.!hus p4 101016. 1IIsy """" a coltiiQe In IIfoIa.

Han har et vanskeligt simi. He hag a riJItIcuJt ~l

HOW,Il!:'ifer, wh@ll'j the VIjJ'b means ge,' you Use til in Oanfsh:

Kan jag ~, ,et gl~s vjn? Can- I ha1qj a glass oj ..nne1

Har r Net rlog.Bl:! kartoHer? Have.YOu tmd.any .ootatoe.t?

What to say

Haw to:

II e);pr~~ which you peefer OlllIf leg vil heist, ha'r'e eft hal\! uf rwo or rnore POSSI!es ,h 1mLnt«.

• express di51LikCl: leg bryder mig iJdce om 19S1m.

1IIi order (mu.<;,ruoom soup) Jeg vii l£.r.Ile besoUe 1 poge

for two h:hampjgqODSlIIPPC l,

Language pattern's 1 tiNo1 nobody, nothing I

The word ingea is. the pl W'.ai fmm :.15. Wi:U as (he common gender singular form of the adjtUive ,zo., The neU[ielloinguiar form is intft:

Jeg har insen timer Ot1ll J h41Je. "0 classes on

nnsdagen. 'W.edfl.eStl«)l5.

Han havde ingen S,",SI:i:!:r. l-Ie hod no sr~t£,..

Han havde i.mrel slips pa. He Wd~ !lJe4'Fing nr» lie.

182 1,





er politisk sporgsm£11 et ud.rn..riket svar

et glad mennesk e

Q fioJitirul question an ex€€llent ti'UfUtr " happy person

d MO::;.f 11 dj ectives tha '[ eo d in -s do not change: sta.kke-ls barn tbe poor dJjld

forhcldene var aoderlede~ conditiohs Wl!f'e diffetmt

dengang then.

ett rilJr5 men neskc tJ· Stltis.(ied/cOHtented PaolO.,


de rilfredse k under ,the sati5{ied CJ4st01nm

e Wh~n -e is added to aid ieC1i Yes ending in -er, ·1- becoDleS-4-~

d er foOnsnked~ tog tbe delayed train

de frisk lukkede illlnd~[' the freshl'}, picked raspbnria

r The adjecfvf va-rd (worth" worthwllile) remains unchanpd:

Slortene er et heseg v3![d.

The eastles are worth a £Jisa.

3 The de,fi n i1te form of tlhe adjective

This f or m is also used after the possessive pronouns,. demorulltrative pronouns and a noun in the possessive:

min gamJe onkel rn)' old uncle

dette SVZ1j'(: sp0rgsrn:i1 .this' d'ifficult question

b~.rne:nes ~anle ~el'ie the ,rthiJdl'en"s long holiday

4 The adjective lownll

Notice Ihat the ;Jdjeaivc egen, eger, egae ~own} is 3D. exception ~u t he rule expl a ined in note 3 ~

min ege d aeter my ow,.. dtJug.hter

mit eget hus my ow", bouse

TfIIlmr egne bager m)l OWtl boo.ks


D 1 Read the foU"wing rexr, Or Ii."," to it if you have: the recording, 3 nd I hot: III a nswe r [hie t:jjuestion!':i.

M~nc er gift mcd Ole, og d har tre b""cn, MaJeJllei Jonna og Anders_ Meru: ~j'ne~]I det. er SV~rt at lav!!;: mad ril hele tam. lien. 01.:' kan godt sprse kyllJLllgj [hell brydl!lI:' 5l~g ellers

. ikkc lide fisk. Pigerne er ikk

'jJd A'Il1de rs kan ... f l'ollsagtr end kod. Hun

Lkke oril k . de holder mer(: iii g (it en kyll1ng som

. 1- [)'Len ' I . Hun steger d k

~geUJle , ~ d l1~S(Jt:1l 3dlng. dre 0'11 sage r. Men et an

k,8111. scll!' •. ' e med kartol.fle:r. cg a~ .'re ~r~ r de U.r kyLhngl laver

tuHI ~~f~;E;Ij~ ikke gore ~:~ ha:~ 13 ~rt: 2 forskellige retter, ~u~ kun en ret, men e!,le!l'S k.cdret eller gulerodssuppe med nUl al1SUppe og e-n. d k L Ole lave maden. Han

f.elts. tOrn . .. I w~ekt!n· ,cD S . a .

. r F.g en .fiske£ft., bare ska I \' I omen.

;;Enf v.. .izZ3e~ som nsre .~

kober alud 2 p . 0]"

'born har Mene ·og . ~,

a H"Ofrnl:~~ al slags

b ~@nd.'· ~rlelrs s ig om k"d.?

c Dry 'E-I . )0

E Malene '_'egera r -

oil 1('. M.· ette ah1d 1 'rettcr m il.d?

it laver . ...... d. ';II

H' . .- 1 Il"er mad om sen ag.elll. "

f ,vem 3! . 3-6 Eo this exercise.

look ""'U the objects on 'pages 18 r

0\\1' I. . <lI.

e~ sm~kke ~-r) II ur ( •• )
en gaffe ~ (gc!'file 11) an klniv (. el

at .tlle ('r) .ft p.ll f .,J
et IjernS~n H
en p.araply t-e:r) In bl! (o,r)

1 J.


184 I.


Say that you prefer the item wbich iaJlhu..ed ............ item that is offered. 'See Unit 10, Wh.t to ...;;.~"" Here is an example: -" ..... Uo.J

- V:iJ du have en ~bJe?

- ej tak, je-g v jJ hellere have en pzu.

-ViJ du have er u.rt a

- va dlJ have en radi.o?' b

- ViI dIU lane min cyke~? I(

Now Jo-ok at rh is qu est ion and say whicn you prefer: -Vii du ha\'e tt zbJe eller en pzre?

d jeg vii helse have

i. -Vii du ~a11!,e

186 i i






-Vil du have

3 Change the verbs from th '

the following sent e e present tense to the n&

. ....,' .nces. ' ... y .. st tense in

a, Hun, I sjddHr og fJ-yser

3 Der lykkes hende at find '

C Vi bryrder lOS- . kk ' _ e en !edt,g stoJ.

d De beder ' ,!L E" om demo

e Vi gI ed !!'n, ,!g, - ?m at hente villette

f ' , 3: er os t11 tu me.

Hun hoJder Inc get 1[':ID• - ,I:..

g Man - b -' sin nave,

h Han ;fbve.- ~!gl1JngeJ![ ned.

_ - .ryuec sameal

I BDmene I b en.

II 'Id" . 01 er ruadt nede:i '

n V ad betyder s - p srranden

k De Sk3;]'"eJ" et ~t[lln~~? ' .

rna::rke l sad~n a f bl..l

,4 uen,

bSC'rt the di

a )cctl ves in t.b '

phrases. ' 'eFi!: correct form In the foJlowinJ

de~~_ J

det sto e Ued]g)

SP0lIP'S"'" ., J teua!n f ba kker)

~ ..... a ene e.r ]

er -""'----~ h~ 51 (I ~ e'.} ~ gu ~

den m °dr~lldr:e (stakkt:l!i)

~ er a ~ -iEklu:rj

b der hotel I fJ'3l111sk I

hans barn (tosproget)

hendes buk~er (bliJ

c~udigan [egen]









Co'mpreh,e sian G@orge 'mcabs Ii speech The DSJD

d es arc very fon.d of making speeches and during the

~5St:" George 'sU lkes h is glass.

~t11's.kenw er meget for (It ho/de tate. og u,.der dessen;!n

S.r~, G......... p , i~

"V, ge Sift gUMS.

GlBorn. e- J

'P;!I . ~. k:ieffi vennef, s! er vores besog \ted at v9!!N'8 for'bI. og

leg rnA ~ndromme. at jeQ er halt tJist "eel tanken om .t s'kuUe. fQriade IOal'1lmark. Det har vEf'Ed en rn&gee \'elltyIdwt mr, og det sk-,tldes fcfs! og fren"IIT18St deo um4deloe rg.Eestfr1hed, ~m 'IIi hill' modt bAde ner I I(obentlavn og J

187 1.


JYII~nd. Jeg 1IAbat, aI\Ii fAr leJliohGd IIIIIt har 10 maS5e{ af plads nu, 00 I k8Jl1ran.r;

oar sam helm CO d ~ I har lnt. Jag

komrner og "older fene boa os "D3SIe 'r I .. ,

(Georye 09 AliSOn leiter deres 9Ias.)

Og sA lril AliSOn OIl lag Qeme tIllslI pot Jer ............

188 I.





vmre glad to, be fond at like flo'da tale (holdt., hokH) mlJke a sp6f1Ch

tale (-nl -r) speech

'ar dea,

sl. (&IO~ slut) Slnk8. beat, hit Iforlade f1.otlodll 1or1acrt) leavs

vel~Vkket SI1CCeSSful

umAderig tf6m8ncJous. immense ,.alfffhed (-en) hospitality

rnsde (~hl, .. t) here: 8nCcJun.1'8r leJ'lghed (·-enl 4rJ Opponunity

98- genS.flt (gjDrde, aJort) repa)'r r8Cfpn;cafe ,geng.fd (--en) fBtum

n~, SOlDl heist when8V8r

Ide ·sfl 9'.5 (-&de, -at) raise onB S {}lass

TAle Or false?

a Gf'orge says toart: the S.u(ces~ .uf their 'r.iip is due to the

;mm.""e hospir:olity thO}, ~a ve .ru::01lln~red. . .;..I'R'

h George and AIi..on are not ID II P051bon to "'pa.y this hOSP'~l'

George and Jette start talking again

HvOI' lieOge bar I kendt Hans og lane? Vi 12I!rte dsrn at Kende for' 1 0 ~,. sfden_ Vi hoIdt feria I Rom de! ~r. Og .1e1 gjoroe <Ie DQSlI. Vi !loade pi del .....m: hc~eI. og VI bI&v QOda venl"lBII' aJreredo den forste d~ var der. SICien da her vi ~ dem ~ Kebenhavn 1IeI8

gange, og de hat besegt os r EngfaP'!ld 2 gange.

Jag har aldnig va-ret i Er.gl8fld,

Jag hAber. I kOl'lll'tter til' Ila-ate sommer.

Ja, took for h1bvdarsen. Oet vd OJ m"!IBt gern .. , mIn jag ved ikke p~ nW&lr'ende lidspunlO~ 11'M'0f'1'II4r vi ksn hDlde fene nEste ar. SA d'e1 er Jkke heft !llkk>ert, at d&t ken lade Big gOre. men vi kOfr\rner heft besternt mr el'er S6l'Iel'e.





, tc


o c.n

" n""ersation turns to politics

,.' The co I., ' -

.. 1 .. . "wing. Wans has beet!. to the bllk(:1'S to ';111)' fresh

]t is ,dli: de~ ID has bid the tabl,e for b(t'akfast, AlIson and

Us and ], .

to " NII[" rbe kiiCben.

George efh,.. -

(~,odmo.l'Qer'11 og tak ~r i girl ,I ' '

Godmcrgenl J Ei. det \l'ar 'Vel nok 11lyggellgt"

~ar du del i~ke ret godt GeDTge?

Jag lila" I dt hovedpine. Jeg fikv~st for meget at dritd(e I

attes. Men joo hat lijg;e 'ta.get et par piller. sa den gAr nok

Si"lan1 Oyer.

DLI trBB'nger til en kop katfe.

Ja, ta.1ti;1 Nil, ska1 vi snakke. om neste sommer?

\Ii !Kommer roeget game. PI veien hen til hageren gik jeg ogl t~nkte p~ vo~es 'wr over til ~er for 2' lr siden,

Jeg Ikan h\ll ske. der "liar \l8)lg I mens ~i var derovr8. Hver ,gang Vti h.llkkede op 'for fjemsynet,r var cler enten en parupeUitisk. udsendelsl3i, en, dis-,<ussion rmetlem poIitikere flra fo1!skeUige paI1er el1e!r TV-raW/is lmed meningsmAlinger.

Men det VM faktisk mage': intefeS.SaJ'it.

J~I d e;t syn' leg ogslJ-

I "",iHel da iklke' i sang naHan after 'llalget~ da vi sad og sA


Nej~ del VBr aft 'farr spa!f'1dende.

Mans Lane Hans rGeOrge

[Hans (ieGJmrB Mans

HllflUllr Lene A!is-cn

I gAr velnok IiIDVedplH ( .. n) I aftes, plll:a (041, -I") rgA 6ver ('g'lk.l gA8I) rgame va; g ( .. ~-) uNo! op for ,(-8de. 4) fJ.m·Yln (~ -) eaten •..• 1Ief' partlpalWII!UiilHlllde1118 (-n. -r) dlsMluion (-en. -er) palltlkal' (-en, ... , pllrII (.- •• r) TV-a'Vt. (-en)

men1ng.rnAIIng ( ....... r) ..-n"""

yesle«lay reaJly headache las' (ljght piN

pass, W8llfOH with pleSSU!IJ el6Ction; clJoice rum on television

ei1h6r , .. 01 panyptJIificaJ bf08dC1l&t disCU$!iiOn poNticI8n

patty .lJIB/OtJfJIIIopinion poll IIXCitfnIJ












e Danish po itical system

J SVa!f1: ved

Oanmari<, HvoJdan mange artier?

Det virkef tak1i:sk QaJiS ke QGd't Og fotdj dar er II partie. , fulketingat, skm der ikke de store ~ nat cIar korn mer en ny regering.

Oeste parlIer opnh rnandater ; fotketinget Iftw tI

a1g, og de betyder, at det er na)Sfen umufigt for at ... parti at fl1 anal. sA det kiln danne regeriog aJen •. 1letb hat 1iI[ scm f,ege~ ~ koaJjtion stagBlfog. De ydertigg llndt par1ler an aldrig fA s1Ht1e af de moderate parlier, II WIllI regenng Ugger enten en Wle smuf.a til hojte eUer en •

ule til '118flsire for centru m.


have !lv.n ved ystem t-et, I) undgj (lJndglk, undg.681)

bOI f-et) regerl n g (-en. -e r)

lOp ... ' ( .. de, -eI) m ndat (-el, r)1

umullg enk

'I II'lIII (-I el) kOlltltlonl11!p flng (-en. -er]

VderilglHnde .tatt. ( n) mod. rat en un. -mol

. nd it di"icu/t system avoid

chaos gal/&mmanl gel. ablain

sealltin a lJartlament) Impossible



coalllion go 'lemmen' ,19.nremo', radlcal support, blI,;;kin.9 mOO61ala

8i;fl/e bil

3 Still Iking po . ic


rona po itisf(e , . si forse U:tt

at '" 1i\af' . h..o!io. ternt .

'. utere d ' c_. A, alt er dat uvS ....... IW ......... ft_

dlsk ",,--river du. o:HII 9 mente eg det Ikk

NLJ O\lltU!;.I A ..J<et amne, , .06P M .. at vi undg~.r u. t is del lJlrkehg "1;11 . sagd9~ dot tor ~O\ - Hv _. ....& den mAde~ Jag sagdB. 'ai"I ikke haw sagt del ~

problem, ville 1'" ~

'" rnme' (~M, -t1 s e suit II (-ell -e 1

:utfe I( -ede, -ell om (bile'll, Ib'levet)

bli,\i'B 801g. emne (4., ~)

vlr1te~lg ull'lderllg boldnl ng I[ --enll -eT) .

. - .... , , 1'1 'Ie ,overdrevl ove rdre¥et11

iI\f~ - . g8

mel!!l. nogal alvoli'lIg1

mane (-te ... t)

a'¥orl~g tOll' IIJO~ ~o'J (.-et)


vote (for) r6sUlt drsap ,.,t

8,gBon 'SubJecr. topK: really strange attitude

e lIggB~ Ie bad

be SB1lOUS mean: ,,,,nk. serious

in j9St


H\iad 1 mte I p~? 0e1 • un-de leg I kke sperge om den.garQ. Og leg Iwnne I~ke rlg11g fln-de ud at om lvar t~fredse m" resu~~'et eller slnJ1teCi •

Ja, det porgSll'Itu ho i Ikka ",i vii svarB pl. Jag vii k ...

Ig ,at Alison og leg ternm r pAl 2 fo~sk911l parlier, NAt

vi d. uterer poUtl ,kan I aldriQ olive VI undglr

d tn.

Det ma I megu1 unds~Yk:l . Jag er yjfkellg ked al. at jeg purgte jer em del

Det skal du ~kke iJfSr8. I finder de! nok temmellg unde"'lgt~


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