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Manufacturing technology II - 12 mark questions

Unit 1

1. Describe any 2 operations done on vertical boring machine

2. List any 2 drilling machine operations, and explain with sketch

3. Describe the nomenclature of single point cutting tool with sketch

4. What are the tool holding devices in drilling machine with sketch?

5. How horizontal boring machine are classified, explain any one with sketch

6. Nomenclature of twist drill bit with sketch

7. Expain any 3 vertical boring machine operations with sketch

8. Explain the feed mechanism of drilling machine with sketch

Unit 2

1. Sketch double housing planer and label the parts

2. How belt drive used for quick return motion of planer table
3. State difference between shaper and planer
4. Explain the construction of shaper machine with sketch
5. Explain the automatic feed mechanisms of slotter
6. Explain the quick return motion of shaper with sketch
7. Name any 3 work holding devices in planer and explain any2 with sketch
8. Explain the quick return mechanism of slotter with neat sketch


1. Explain adapter and spring collet in a milling machine with sketch

2. Explain gear burnishing and gear grinding process
3. Explain any three type milling machine operations
4. What are the materials used for manufacturing gear
5. Explain column and knee type milling machine with neat sketch
6. Explain the gear hobbing process
7. Explain nomenclature of plain milling cutter with neat sketch
Manufacturing technology II - 12 mark questions

Unit 4

1. Explain the selection of grinding wheel

2. Draw a neat sketch of a cylindrical grinder and explain its working
3. Explain surface grinder with neat sketch
4. Explain continuous broaching machine
5. Explain mounting of grinding wheel with sketch
6. Explain vertical broaching machine
7. Sketch and explain the various parts of pull broach
8. Describe working of center less grinder with sketch

Unit 5

1. Explain the work of plasma arc machining

2. Explain 1. Piercing 2. Drawing 3. Blanking with neat drawing?

3. Explain 1.curling 2. Seaming with neat sketch

4. Explain with sketch of indexing drill jig , box jig , leaf jig

5. Name the different types of clamps, and explain any three of them.

6. Explain ultra-sonic machining

7. Explain the hydraulic press with sketch

8. Explain working principle of chemical machining with sketch

9. Explain progressive die with sketch

10. Explain combination die with neat sketch

11. Explain compound die with neat sketch

12. Explain electro chemical grinding

13. Electro discharge machining