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a deep trip into mexican spirits

Al Pastor: Raicilla Saté, Campari, flambed pinapple with red recado, pinapple juice,
agave nectar, bitter orange juice and coriander
Note: a foody cocktail for people who like to eat, talk and drink all at the same time, and talking about
time: we advise that this cocktail requires that the charming bartender work a little in your pinapple so
if you have no rush order it, it is worth!

Desert Spirit: Sotol Coyote Durango, St. Germain, apple shrub, coriander seeds and a
slice of jalapeño chili
Note: Ok, let’s take a train to Durango: you make a stop in Wadley, San Luis Potosi, desert and dryness,
you are thirsty and you want a fresh fruit, what's in hand? Apples, seeds and well, may be if you face the
South of the continent or you came from there, the remembrance of the sauco, you don't remember
sauco? Ok, don't worry, this cocktail speaks about memory.

Cactus Elixir: Bacanora Cielo Rojo, Chatreuse Verte, Angostura Bitters, absinthe, lime,
agave nectar
Note: Well, perhaps you are lucky and you arrive in tuna season so here begins this cocktail: cactus
fruit emanation and silky agave spirit, the elixir herbs that grow around the cactus and far away, in the
top of a mountain of ice: the green fairy appears! Is she the sister of Mezcalito?

Taan'anik: Mezcal Espadín Union, Ancho Reyes, lime, syrup of smoked chili, worm salt
Note: Or his girlfriend: Mezcalito is fire, burning pinapple submit to the slow coocking of sun, energy
condensed. Put it salt! Cries a woman at your back: you put salt, pasive, aquatic element and then: adaca-
dabra, you get ashes of chili- ok, to be honest. all this just for say: enjoy Mezcal in this maximum expres-

Burn the Conde: Mezcal Cuixe Gracias a Dios, Campari, Xila, cacao homade bitter,
grapefruit peel
Note: Wait! Its maximum expresion? Here we have Mezcal Cuixe, a muddy agave that grows the
pinapple outside the earth, with a chili and herbal Mexican liquor, plus the bitterness of Campari and
the chocolate, by the way: have you tried mole? Can you have a dry cocktail in a warmy jungle? Why
not? From here we go sublime.

Mexi-Fashioned: Casa Azul Reposado, La Pinta granadine liquor, Angostura Bitters,

agave nectar, orange peel
Note: Old Fashioned lover? Ok, welcome to México, sustitute cherry for granadine liquor, sugar for
agave nectar and let's see a Sam Peckinpah film.
punchy, fizzy & tiki
Intro: We are in México, yes, like googlemaps does confirm, but another thing that we can catch
from googlemaps is that from Tulum to Mexico City there is three times distance that from
Tulum to La Habana, Cuba. So let’s turn back and taste what it’s happening there.

Guava Queen: Angoustura White Oak Rum, Xoxtikal Mayan coconut liqour,
Amaretto Disarono, Galliano L’Autentico, guava shrub
Note: The fresh scent of guava plus the coconut explosion, almonds, vanilla and herbes, approach
you to a maximum Mai Tai, but because suggestion always win: no, your are not drinking a Mai
Tai, you are drinking a punchy cuban homage to Reynaldo Arenas, the Mai Tai came in a second.

Fizz in Red: Vodka Stolichnaya, berrys shrub, lime, red bell pepper, black pepper,
egg white
Note: Imagine a Russian in Haiti doing Voodoo, what? Well, at least try it because from that odd-
iness come this cocktail

Mai Tai Update: Havana 7 Rum, Rumchata Liquor, Grand Marnier, pinapple
shrub, lime
Note: Here is it the Mai Tai, everybody have a version of it, for example this one was created in
the theatre of the memory of a guy rowing a boat near Corn Island, Nicaragua, just for say some-
thing about the mysterius history of this cocktail.

Death In The Gulf Stream: Gin Tanqueray 10, Angostura Bitters, Lime (a lot and
also grated zest), NO SUGAR, well, a bit if you really need and also beacause global
warming compel us for a bit of sugar to avoid the dilution of the cocktail
Note: Creepy name for a cocktail, uh? Yes, but you are in front of one of the favorite of Hem-
ingway: citric, bitter, digestive, like Charles H. Baker said ‘no sugar, no fancying, strong and bitter
-but so is English ale strong and bitter, in many cases.We don’t add sugar to ale, and we don’t need
sugar in a Death In The Gulf Stream- or at least no more than one teaspoon. Its tartness and its
bitterness are its chief charm. It is reviving and refreshing; cools the blood and inspires renewed
interest in food, companions and life’

Note to the whole Menu: menus are in our memories, bartending needs stocastics methods,
aleatory combinations and testings; you can ask, to you and to the charming bartender, you can
propose or create at the moment, we invite you to interact with the jungle Bacchus psycho-