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ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE Words and Music by PHIL COLLINS ‘Moderately Fim e Bm? Fim? E Bm? eo of) Oe ie eR 2 Fn E Bn Fim? verse * FH ted et 1. She calls out to the man on the street, “Sir can you help_ See lyrics for verses 2, 3 & 4(%) mp e Fle? E Bm? es {He “I's cold and T've no - where to sleep, — aH ie bee! € 1989 Pu COLLINS LID. ne iT & RUN MUSIC PUBLISHING) LT. Align Conraled and Azminiered by EH APL MUSING. ‘nigh Reserved enaionel Cope Secure. Used by Perma Fim E/E Dmai7/F# think twice, ‘cos it's an - oth-er day for you and me in E/FE te think — twice, ‘cos it's a nother day for you, you and me in pa - ra- dise._ E e Bm? ttt en EB cn (8) Just think a-bout— it Think a-bout_ Fin? E = de iy recutes (8) Think a- bout it, BG Fam E 3“ i ‘att ane = — is there no-thing more a-ny-bo-dy can do,— di Ea ta there must be some-thing you can say,