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Title Essentials Startup time and fiddler



Resolution Inspecting Startup Times with Fiddler

If you are experiencing slow startup times with an Essentials site Fiddler can be a useful resource to help pinpoint the bottle neck. The two most common causes of a slow startup are slow map
issues such as firewall/antivirus settings holding up web requests.

The following steps will show you how to set up Fiddler in Essentials to enable you to monitor the web traffic to and from Essentials.

1. Download and install Fiddler (

2. Open Fiddler, and select Fiddler Options from the Tools menu. Make a note of the port that Fiddler listens on, and check the box to allow remote computers to connect:

3. Configure Geocortex Essentials application(s). In the web.config for the Essentials ADF or REST elements, add the following XML as a child of the <> element:
<proxy proxyaddress="http://localhost:8880" bypassonlocal="false" />
Change the URL and/or host to reflect the port and host machine of the Fiddler instance intercepting traffic, and save the web.config file.
4. Launch Essentials in IE and watch the web traffic in Fiddler. If you highlight a series of requests and select the Timeline tab you will see a graph with each request and how long it took

Below is a sample output from fiddler. We can see the majority of the time was spent in the Viewer.aspx loading each of the ArcGIS resources and we can also see which resources took the lon
particular map service needs to be optimized.
We also see the beginning of about 200 requests for the various js, css, and image files that make up the web site. Each of these requests should only take a fraction of a second to complete.
serviced by the browser's cache which will be indicated by a 304 result in Fiddler. If these requests are taking noticeably longer to complete there may be some sort of network obstruction impe

* Make sure to remove or comment out the proxy reference from the web.config when finished troubleshooting

Essentials Startup Time Explained:

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Created at 4/16/2010 1:58 PM by Colin Aspinall
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