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Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times Local News 3

Former County Commissioner, State Party Leader Passes Away

Founding Member of the Repub- officio Member of the Maryland
lican Women Leaders of Calvert. Transportation Commission.
Joyce was also a member of the Re- “Joyce Lyons Terhes is a true Re-
publican Women’s Federal Forum publican pioneer at every level, lo-
for 30 years and served on its Ex- cal, state and national!”
ecutive Board. Joyce is survived by several niec-
“Joyce was Calvert County Chair- es and their families.
man of the 2002 Ehrlich-Steele Condolences can be sent to: The
campaign and, after Governor Eh- Family of Joyce Lyons Terhes, c/o
rlich’s election served as his Dep- N. McRee, 4534 Secret Place, Sugar
uty Director for Intergovernmental Hill, GA 30518
Relations, as a member of the State
Roads Commission and as an Ex-

HSCC & Pilots N Paws bring you

Joyce Lyons Terhes in the official photo when she was county commissioner. Photo provided
The Fabulous Hubcaps!
by North Beach Mayor Mark Frazer. Saturday • September 8 • 5-10PM
Holiday Inn, Solomons, MD
By Dick Myers zens Association in 1984. Encour- 155 Holiday Drive, Solomons, MD 20688
Editor aged by the Reverend Bob Conway Humane Society of Calvert County is joining forces with Pilots N Paws (a non-
and Bob Johannesen, she became profit that arranges volunteer rescue flights for pups and dogs of all ages, taking
The first woman Republican Cal- politically active by going through them to their forever homes) to bring you a fun filled night of music - featuring
vert County commissioner, Joyce neighborhoods, precinct by pre- The Fabulous Hubcaps, dancing, raffles, silent auctions, and more!
Lyons Terhes passed away July 25. cinct, registering new residents. She Doors open at 5PM • No reserved seating
Terhes served two terms as county was a member of the Calvert County Hubcaps play from 6-10PM
commissioner (1986 to 1994) and Republican Central Committee from
later went on to head the state Re- 1984-86.
publican Party. “Joyce was very creative and in
Terhes lived in Silver Spring at the running for the Calvert Board of
time of her death but formerly lived County Commissioners in 1986, she
in Dunkirk and Prince Frederick. gave campaign workers squeegees
The Calvert County Republican and water buckets. After clean-
Central Committee issued the fol- ing windshields in parking lots,
they left notes: “Now that you see

Bowen's Grocery
lowing biography of Terhes:
“It is with great sadness that we more clearly, Vote Republican!
tell you that our very dear friend Vote Joyce Lyons Terhes!” Joyce
Joyce Lyons Terhes went home to the was elected to the Board of County Family Owned & Operated Since 1929
Lord on Wednesday, July 25, 2018. Commissioners, receiving the high- The Charm and Quality of the Past with the Convenience and Variety of Today
Joyce was injured in a recent fall est number of votes of all candidates
and was recovering from a broken and becoming the first Republican USDA Choice HAPPY
- Cut To Order
knee-cap and bone in her other leg woman to serve on the Board.”
Joyce served on the Board until
"Our Own"
Own" Freshly Ground Chuck
U.S.D.A Choice Beef - Steaks
when she succumbed to pneumonia. Country Sausage Standing Rib Roast - Boneless Rib Roast
We will miss her terribly as she was 1994. Meanwhile her voter registra- "Our Own" Frozen Hamburger Patties
Tenderloins • Boneless Pork Roast
the champion of all Republicans. tion efforts led to her appointment Loose • Links
as Chairman of Voter Registration Steaks • Roasting Pigs"Our •"Our
Baby BackGround
Own" Freshly RibsChuck
She was our mentor and leader and Own" Frozen Hamburger Patties
most of all our friend. for the Maryland Republican Party HamsCrab Meat • Fresh
Fresh Salmon
Stuffed Pork Chops
“Joyce Terhes was elected Repub- between 1983-85; her election as Smithfield Smoked With our Homemade stuffing
lican National Committee woman First Vice-Chairman of the Mary- FROMSpiral
Cut Honey GRILLIN’
Southern TIME
Maryland Stuffed Hams
for Maryland in 2002 and served in land Republican Party in 1983, and SWEET CORN Old
her selection as Outstanding Mary- Boars Head Sweet Slice Ham FullyBay Sausage
Cooked Boneless
this capacity until 2012. She was a PEACHES
member of the Republican National land Republican Woman of the Year Country Cured Old
Bags Chicken
• Halves • By Sausage
the Pound
Committee’s Executive Commit- in 1983. Joyce was an Electoral BLACKBERRIES Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst
tee and served as Chairman of the College Member in 1984 and 1988. FreshBLUEBERRIES
Local Oysters Freshly Baked Rolls
Northeast State Chairman’s Asso- She was elected Maryland Re- Pints • Quarts Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst
publican Party Chairman in 1989 CANTALOUPE White andItalian
ciation between 1998 and 2002. She Hot & Mild Sausage
received many awards and special and served in this post until 1998. 10" Homestyle Pies
Seasonings Jake & Amos Products
honors including selection by Cam- Her laser-like ability to focus on top Chorizo Sausage
paign and Elections Magazine in priorities, her persuasive talents and Deluxe
J.O. Brand Seafood Cakes Boars Head Natural Casing Franks
her boundless energy helped rescue Crab Mallets
"Tastes • Pickin'
Just Like Knives
Homemade" Large Selection
1993 as one of 74 women “who are
the Party from major debts and to Crab Table Covers • More Beer Bratwurst
changing American Politics” and
by Warfield’s Business Record in restore a “can do” spirit in the Par- From Our Deli Stoltzfus WINE
Meats Grillers
1996 as one of Maryland’s Top 100 ty’s membership. ICE-BAGS • BLOCKS
Women. Joyce was also active in the Homemade COLD
“A 1962 graduate from Mary Maryland and National Federation
of Republican Women. She served
Soups • Salads • Desserts Full Line of Groceries,
Washington College of the Univer-
sity of Virginia, Joyce soon became as Chairman of the 25th Biennial COLD
Butts Upand
Produce BBQ MeatsRubs
an award-winning teacher in Prince Convention of the National Federa- All Your Daily Needs
George’s County Schools and a civic tion of Republican Women when the
MFRW hosted this event in Bal-
activist in her home, Calvert County.
She was the founding President of timore in 1989. She served on the 4300
4300 Hunting
Hunting Creek
Creek Rd
Rd •• Huntingtown,
Huntingtown, Maryland
the Dunkirk Area Concerned Citi- NFRW Board of Directors in 1989,
1998 and 2000. Locally, she was a 410-535-1304 follow
follow us
us on
on facebook
facebook 410-257-2222
AM -- 99 PM
AM -- 99 PM
4 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

Buehler Family Eases out of St. Leonard Businesses

Both Market and Liquor Store are Being Sold
By Dick Myers cense and Patel’s sister-in-law Geetaben, will hold 90 i
Editor percent. The woman does not speak English and she
required translation by the young man who will eventu-
For the first time in more than 60 years there won’t ally be managing the store.
be a Buehler family-owned business operating on Main Maria Buehler, who is also a member of the Calvert
Street in St. Leonard. The grocery store business start- County Planning Commission, told The County Times
ed by Pat Buehler’s mother Bertie and carried on by that she intends to go back to school and pursue her
him and joined later by his daughter Maria is in the master’s degree. She holds an undergraduate degree
process of being sold. from George Mason University.
Buehler, a former county commissioner, told the Cal- As for her father, Pat says he intends to continue to
vert County Board of License Commissioners (liquor come into the stores to assist. On Monday, he said he
board) at their July 26 meeting that he was selling the had come in at 6:30 to help open the store. He lives
majority control of the liquor license he has held for 53 close by. “I’ll be around,” he said. Buehler has lived in
years, since he turned 21 years of age. St. Leonard all his life and at one time lived above the
That license is for Buehler Package Goods that sits grocery store.
next to Buehler’s Market, the iconic grocery store start- When The County Times interviewed Pat and Ma-
ed by his mother. In recent years the market building ria Buehler last October for a front-page feature, Pat
has been owned by his daughter, Maria and leased to was suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
another operator. Pat Buehler owned the liquor store Disease (COPD), which required him to carry around
building and he and Maria operated it. an oxygen tank. When he appeared before the liquor
That is all about to change. The two buildings and board, he appeared trim and healthy He said that was
the two businesses have been sold to a company called the result of a recent operation and that he is feeling
St. Leonard Libations, LLC, which is owned by Danny fine.
Patel; who owns 17 or 18 stores in the region, according During the liquor board meeting, member Jack
to Pat Buehler He said the size of Patel’s operation will Smack told Parel, “You have big shoes to fill.” That’s
give him the buying power that a small business like he something the Buehler’s regular customers for genera-
and Maria ran did not have. tions know first-hand.
Buehler told the liquor board that he will continue
to work at the store during the transition and that no
changes are anticipated for either the liquor store or the Pat and Mara Buehler in a photo taken last October.
market. Buehler will retain 10 percent of the liquor li-

State Auditor Cites Circuit

Court Clerk’s Office
Officials Agree to Changes
By Dick Myers

For the second time recently, the Office of

Legislative Audits of the Maryland Department
Repair, Refinishing, Antique of Legislative Services has cited the office of an
elected Calvert County official. This time it was
the Office of Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cal-
Restoration & Reupholstery vert County. Kathy Smith is the elected clerk.
The perceived problem was contained in a let-
ter from Legislative Auditor Thomas Barnickel,
II to the legislature’s Joint Audit Committee. Clerk of the Circuit Court Kathy
Barnickel wrote in the letter dated July 23: “Our
audit disclosed that land transfer transactions which totaled approximately $5.1 mil-
lion during fiscal year 2017, were not always subject to independent verification in
accordance with the Office’s procedure.”
In the same letter, Barnickel also noted a response from the judiciary to the find-
ings. A letter dated July 9 from Smith and State Court Administrator Pamela Harris
quickly conceded the findings and promised changes.
Their letter said, “We agree with the recommendation. Our policy has always been
that the Supervisor of Land Records, with assistance from Lead Workers when nec-
essary, would randomly test and record transactions for accuracy in collection of
fees and taxes, and keep a log of those reviews. Except during staff shortages, the
Supervisor is never a cashier. When the Supervisor needs to be a cashier, she has her
security rights changed. We agree with the recommendation that the review should
be done more often, and that extra care should be taken to ensure that the test review
of a document is never performed by the same person who was the initial cashier.”
Smith, a Democrat, has been Clerk of the Circuit Court for 20years. She is unop-
posed in the November general election and had no primary opponents.
301-884-3011 •
30507 Potomac Way, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622
Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times Local News 5

Cable TV Channel Showcases Calvert County Again

Chesapeake Beach Renovation Featured
By Dick Myers ern Maryland in the past few Montague knows from experi-
Editor years. A while ago Montague ence that renovation can be a
notified HGTV that she would be challenge, with many unknowns
For the second time in less than willing to participate on a show. ahead at the start.
two weeks, Calvert County’s wa- They contacted her as a real es- As the show will highlight, and
terfront will be on display for a tate agent asking if she had any as the pictures accompanying this
national audience. As reported clients who were renovating. She story show, the renovation of the
in The Calvert County Times said no, but by the way she was home two blocks from the Chesa-
last week, a family’s search for doing one herself. “We thought it peake Bay turned out quite well.
a vacation and weekend getaway would be a cool experience, kind The home is having a new lease
was featured on the HGTV show of fun,” Montague said about on life as a vacation rental. Mon-
“Beachfront Bargain Hunt.” The quickly agreeing to doing the tague said it has been rented the
couple and their two boys settled show. majority of the time this summer.
on a home in Long Beach, St. The show, like its first cousin Montague is getting ready to
Leonard. “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” fea- jump right back in with another After the renovation.
Now, on Saturday, August 4 tures the search for a house, but major renovation project, an old
at 10 p.m., another show with a in this case one in need of reno- farmhouse on Route 231. The
similar premise, “Beachfront vation., The episode with Mon- first step was hiring some goats
Bargain Hunt Renovation” will tague will show her looking at from a nearby farmer to eat the
spotlight a renovation project be- other houses that would be rep- underbrush.
ing done on a Chesapeake Beach resentative of her original search. Because the show this Satur-
home owned by Melanie Mon- Montague explained that film- day doesn’t start until 10 p.m. ,
tague. The house is located at ing of the one-hour show began Montague isn’t planning a view-
2713 27th Street. last October with a three-hour ing party. Instead, she is taping it
Montague is a realtor with session that shows the beginning and is planning a future viewing
Montague Properties, Keller of the renovation, Then, crews party at the Brick Bistro in Prince
Williams Realty Partners in returned about once a month fol- Frederick.
All proceeds to benefit these
Annapolis. She also renovates lowing different subcontractors
homes, having done 10 in South-
doing different parts of the job. Major Sponsors
After the renovation.

All proceeds to benefit these

Major Sponsors

Friday & Saturday All proceeds to benefit these

Major Sponsors

Friday & Saturday All proceeds to benefit these

Major Sponsors

Friday & Saturday

Admission Cost:
All proceeds to benefit these $10 | Children 8 and
Major Sponsors Friday &under
Saturday “FREE”
All proceeds to benefit these (Rain or Shine
Admission Cost: $10 | Children 8 and under “FREE”
Admission Event)Major Sponsors
Cost: $10 | Children 8 and under “FREE”
organizations (Rain or Shine Event)

Friday, August 3 Saturday, August 4

Admission Cost: $10 | Children Augustth
8 and under
All proceeds to benefit these
organizations (Rain or Shine
Major Sponsors
Event) Saturday, 4

Friday, Friday August 3 rd

(Rain or Shine Event)
Gates OpenSaturday, August 4 PM
2:00 th
& Saturday Gates Open Friday,
Trial RunsGates Open Saturday,
PM 3
6:00 PM Open August
Avenue 2:00
Open 4 th
3:00 PM
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Gates Friday,
Open August 5:00 3 PM
rd 5:00 PM Trial Runs 4:00 PM
Friday & Saturday Avenue DiscDogs 3:00 PM
Racing Starts
Avenue Open
DiscDogs 2:00
3:00 PM
Trial Runs7:00 PM6:00 PM
Racing Starts 7:00 PM
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Admission Open
Cost: 5:00
$10 | Children6:008 PM and under “FREE” Racing Starts 6:00 PM
Family Friendly Event : Moon Bounce, Kiddy Tractor Pull, Farm Equipment Display,
Trial Runs DiscDogs 4:00 3:00 PM
Admission Cost: $10 | Children 8 and under “FREE”
(Rain or Shine(Rain
Event) or Shine Event) John Deere Family Friendly
Toy Display, Event : DiscDogs,
Avenue Moon Bounce,
muchTractor Pull, Farm Equipment Display,

Racing RunsStarts 6:00
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John Deere Toy Display, Avenue DiscDogs, and much more…..

Saturday, August 4
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Friday, August 3
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Family Friendly Event : Moon Bounce, Kiddy Tractor Pull, Farm Equipment Display,
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Bowles Farms, A Maze N PlaceFarm Farm
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Food & RefreshmentsEvent : Avenue
Friendly Event DiscDogs,
Moon Bounce,
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Kiddymuch more…..
Pull, Farm Equipment Display,
Tractor Pull, Farm Equipment
Bowles Farms,
22880 22880
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Creek | Road
N Road
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| Clements, MD 20624
Clements,MD MDRoad)
234 & Pincushion 20624
John Deere Toy Display, Avenue DiscDogs, and much more…..
Admission Cost: $10 DiscDogs,
| Children
and much8 and under “FREE”
(Intersection of Rt.
Rt. 234 234or& visit
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John Deere Toy Display, Avenue more…..
No Coolers Permitted Camper Sites Available Call
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Bowles Farms, A Maze N Place Farm
Food & Refreshments
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No Coolers Permitted
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6 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

Quiet Please --- Election in Progress
By Dick Myers and troubling situation. per to cover that for our readers. the privilege of mingling with the
Editor Our involvement in this issue be- This event was billed as a fund- governor Our being there and writ-
gan when we received an email in- raiser and had a cost for attendance. ing a little story about it would have
Don’t tell anyone, but there’s an forming us of a Southern Maryland For more than 50 years I have been been a service to them.
election going on. for Governor Hogan event sched- going to such events. It has always We don’t know why the governor
No! Really! Don’t tell anyone. uled for Saturday, July 26 th at the St. been my policy not to pay to go to is keeping the press out of these
That’s what the campaigns of Leonard Volunteer Fire Department them because to do so would consti- events. Perhaps he wants to tell his
Republican Larry Hogan to get re- and Rescue Squad. It isn’t every day tute an endorsement of the candidate core supporters something that he
elected governor and Democrat Ben that the governor comes to Southern and our attendance to cover it was doesn’t want anyone else to hear. He
Jealous to unseat him are telling Maryland and we always feel it’s our as a neutral observer to report for is, after all, also courting Democrats

Medical Marijuana
Maryland’s news media. It’s an odd obligation community newspa- everyone. and needs their support this time, as
I can honestly say in those 50 he did four years ago, in order to get
years I have never been prevented re-elected.
CALVERT COUNTY’S FIRST & LARGEST from covering such an event. Can- This was a campaign function,

water pipes
& accessories

Pain Products … What is CBD?

ACCESSORIES STORE didates are always clamoring for
free publicity. They welcome stories
about what they say. With the cost of
and as such wasn’t covered by any
open meetings law, so legally he was
within his rights to bar me. But there
MARYLAN ACCESORIES STORE being a candidate so high, such free also were a slew of elected officials
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful anti-seizure medication,
shown to be a better anti-inflammatory than Ibuprofen.
coverage is money in the bank.
I did call the contact number on
at the event, and Maryland does
have an open meetings law govern-
Pain Products Because it is non-psychoactive, CBD is recommended

for treatment in children, elderly N TUanyone
T NOwants the notice to let them know I was ing them.
WHAT IS CBD? coming. I was told someone would Whenever a quorum of a public
to remain clear-headed. CBD can lower blood sugar,
& accessories
OPEN TUES - SAT which is significant for diabetics.
call back. No one did. So, I showed body gathers that triggers an open
CBD provides Medicinal Benefits for:
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful anti-seizure
medication, shown
• Inflammation to be •
• Nausea a Hot
better anti-inflammatory
Flashes up at the event only to be summarily meeting and requires everyone to be
told I wasn’t welcome. I was flab- let in and also requires notice. We
than Ibuprofen.•Because
• Headaches Joint Pain it• is non-psychoactive,
Back Pain • Anxiety CBD
• Digestive Issuesfor
is recommended • Spasticity
treatment • Insomnia
in children, elderly and
• Cramps • Frequent Urination • Irritated
anyone who wants to remain clear-headed. CBD can Skin
bergasted, to say the least. know for a fact there were quorums
To learn more about CBD,
lower blood sugar, which is significant for diabetics.
Let me be clear about this. The of elected officials in attendance at
To learn
more about CBD, visit
Medical Marijuana Registration personal inconvenience was irking. the rally. St. May’s County even has
I can assure you that personally on a stricter open meetings law only re-
Medical Marijuana Registration

a nice Saturday afternoon I would quiring three public officials, even

Maryland PipeDreams
Maryland Pipe Dreams is aNOT
is NOT a dispensary

3 Oxford Way • Huntingtown, MD 20639 in Huntingtown North Center • 443-486-7967 have preferred to be doing anything if they aren’t in the same elected
else other than working at a politi- body, to have an open meeting of the
Facebook: Maryland Pipe Dreams
Must be 18 years of age to enter and purchase merchandise
cal event. But, covering things is my gathering.
job. Covering things is the responsi- We believe Gov. Hogan, maybe
bility of the news media, and espe- unintentionally, created a situation
cially community newspapers who where the area’s elected officials,
seem to be the only ones left, some- also unbeknownst to them, broke
times, to do the job. state law by attending.
I can assure you that many times I Just to make sure we were fair
would rather not go to a school board about this, we contacted the Ben
meeting, attend a groundbreaking or Jealous campaign and were in-
watch a county commissioner meet- formed at least for now, reporters
ing. All of those events are likewise are also being barred from fund-
the responsibility of community raising events. This is particularly
newspapers like The County Times curious to us because Jealous is the
and reporters like yours truly. obvious underdog and needs all the
As I am writing this no one from coverage he can get.
the Hogan campaign has called to We think it is also hypocritical
apologize for not telling me I wasn’t for Hogan and Jealous to be mak-
welcome and save me a trip to St. ing comments about freedom of the
Leonard on a summer Saturday and press and the importance of commu-
putting a big hole in my weekend nity journalism in the wake of the
plans. I’ll get over that. tragedy at the Capital/Gazette and
What I won’t get over is the ut- then turn around almost in the same
ter disregard for the citizens of breath and say, sorry reporters, you
Southern Maryland that the Hogan aren’t welcome.
campaign has in adopting the news So, for those of you who are tired
media ban. The point is we aren’t at of politics anyway, don’t worry. For
these events for our own amusement. now, at least you really don’t’ have
We are there as a surrogate for ev- to think about it, according to Ho-
eryone else who is unable to attend. gan and Jealous.
There were many Hogan support-
ers who either couldn’t make such
an event on a Saturday or even were
out of town on vacation. Still others
couldn’t afford the $50 price tag for
Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times Cops & Courts 7

Annual “National Night Detectives Search

Out” Across Calvert For Liquor Store
Robbery Suspects
On Aug. 7, Calvert County will par- friendship,
ticipate in “National Night Out,” a na- and we
tionwide campaign that seeks to high- encourage
light the partnership between law en- residents to
forcement and local communities while join in this
focusing on making these areas better commu-
places to live. Sponsored locally by the n it y-wide On July 25, 2018 at 2:07pm the Calvert
Calvert Alliance Against Substance event,” stated Kristen DePhillip, Presi- Control Center was notified of a robbery
Abuse, Inc. (CAASA), in partnership dent, CAASA Board of Directors. at the Discount Liquor Store, located at
with the Maryland State Police, Barrack National Night Out is designed to: 5005 Solomons Island Road in Hunting-
“U” and the Calvert Sheriff’s Office, this (1) Heighten crime and drug prevention town. The caller advised the store was
event is a great opportunity for residents awareness, (2) Generate support for, and robbed at gunpoint by two suspects. The
to join together to promote the best of participation in, local anti-crime efforts, first suspect was described as a black
their neighborhoods and encourage part- (3) Strengthen neighborhood spirit and male wearing a bright yellow construc-
nerships with local law enforcement and police-community partnerships, and (4) tion style shirt/jacket with silver reflective
other agencies. Send a message to criminals letting them striping. This suspect displayed a black
Currently, 27 communities will par- know neighborhoods are organized and handgun with a bag over it. The second
ticipate in the August 7 event. They fighting back. National Night Out is the suspect was described as a heavyset black
include: Bayside Forest, Breezy Point, perfect time to meet new neighbors and female with an orange construction style
Calvert Collaborative for Children & interact with local community agencies shirt/jacket also with silver reflective
Youth (Harriet Brown Community Cen- and law enforcement. It is a fun night striping. The two demanded money at
ter), Calvert Pines Senior Center, Car- for everyone to enjoy music, food and which time the clerk gave the suspects an
undisclosed amount of money from the “Detectives have leads and are pursu-
roll Western Church, Chesapeake Ranch games. ing them,” Fridman said. “It’s very much
Estates, College Station, Dares Beach, CAASA extends its appreciation to cash drawer. The suspects fled the store in
a black 4 door Nissan passenger car bear- an active case.”
East John Youth Center, Huntingtown, SMECO for their financial support of Calvert Sheriff’s Detectives are actively
Long Beach/Calvert Beach, Lower Marl- National Night Out. If you need ad- ing a Maryland tag. The vehicle was last
seen fleeing northbound on Route 4. working this case. If anyone has any fur-
boro, Oakland Hall, Patuxent Palisades/ ditional information, call the CAASA ther information they are asked to contact
Shores of Calvert, Prince Frederick Vil- Office at 410-535-3733. A detailed list Capt. Tim Fridman, spokesperson for
the sheriff’s office, said the owner of the Detective Wayne Wells at 410-535-1600
lage, Prince Frederick Seniors, Calver- of participating communities including ext. 2595 or Wayne.wells@calvertcoun-
towne Town Homes, Symphony Woods, times and locations is located on our vehicle had been identified but detectives
found it had been reported stolen from
The Meadows, Timberneck, Town of website at
North Beach, Victoria Estates, Western dex.aspx?nid=186. Prince George’s County.
Detectives do not believe the owners of Calvert Sheriff’s Office PIO
Shores, White Sands and Yardley Hills. Staff Writer Guy Leonard
“It’s a wonderful night of fun, food and Press release by CAASA the car were involved in the robbery, Frid-
man said. contributed to this report

Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Crime Report

estimated value of stolen property is was broken. The value of the dam- Theft: 18-39867
$740. aged property is approximately $150. On July 26, 2018 Deputy Poun-
sberry responded to 8th Street, North
Burglary: 18-40142 Damaged Property: 18-40525 Beach for the report of a theft. The
On July 27, 2018 Deputy Flynt re- On July 29, 2018 Deputy J. Ward re- complainants advised an unknown
sponded to Potts Point Road, Hun- sponded to Oakwood Drive, Dunkirk suspect(s) stole two bicycles from
tingtown for a reported burglary. for the report of damaged property. their back yard. The value of the sto-
The complainants advised they came The complainant advised sometime len property is $350.
home and found their basement door between 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM an
open, however, nothing seemed to be unknown suspect(s) flattened her Theft: 18-40536
missing from inside. friend’s tire and broke her bedroom On July 29, 2018 Deputy Rzep-
window. The value of the damaged kowski responded to Mary Court,
Damaged Property: 18-39481 property is approximately $600. Huntingtown for the report of a theft.
On July 24, 2018 Deputy Lewis re- The complainant advised sometime
sponded to the Calvert County Parks Theft: 18-39262 between July 15th and July 29 th his tag
During the week of July 23 – July and Rec. Office in Prince Frederick On July 23, 2018 Deputy Lewis re- was stolen off of his trailer.
29 deputies of the Calvert County for the report of damaged property. sponded to the Calvert County Sher-
Sheriff’s Office responded to 1,393 The complainant advised on July iff’s Office for a theft that had pre- Theft: 18-40520
calls for service throughout the 20 th an unknown suspect was seen viously occurred. The complainant On July 29, 2018 Deputy Rzep-
community. pushing the electronic entry gate to advised on July 20 th her prescription kowski responded to Ward Road,
Breezy Point Beach in an attempt to bottle of Alprazolam was stolen from Dunkirk for the report of a theft. The
Burglary: 18-39878 exit the park. The estimated value of her purse. complainant advised sometime be-
On July 26, 2018 Deputy Ridgely damage to the gate is $1,200. tween July 15th and July 29 th an un-
responded to Bay Avenue, Prince Theft: 18-39443 known suspect(s) stole two kayaks
Frederick for the report of a bur- Damaged Property: 18-40297 On July 24, 2018 Deputy Bradley and a 5 foot trailer from behind his
glary. The victim advised sometime On July 28, 2018 Deputy Lewis responded to the Appeal Landfill for shed. The value of the stolen prop-
between July 25th at 11:00 PM and responded to Adelina Road, Prince the report of a theft. The complain- erty is $285.
July 26 th at 11:00 AM an unknown Frederick for the report of damaged ant advised on July 19 th an unidenti-
suspect(s) broke into his house and property. The victim advised some- fied subject left the landfill without
stole a laptop, an iPad, a guitar, time between July 25th and July 28th crossing the scales and paying.
DVDs, video games and a wallet. The a window on the front of her house
8 The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018


Saturday, August 4, 2018, 4—9 p.m.

FREE Fun for all Ages!
• Music Provided by Funkzilla • Sand Volleyball (Special thanks to
Great Mills Trading Post & AAA Materials
• Fire Truck Hose Down
for the Sand!) Visit
• Limbo, Hula Hoop, Jump Rope • Pickleball with SMC Dept. of Aging for details.
Contests, and Sack Races Sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of
- with prizes • Tug of War with CSM’s Wellness, Lexington Park,
Fitness and Aquatics Team Leonardtown & Charlotte Hall.
• Balloon Art from Kreative Kharacters
• Face Painting and Bubbles
• Strolling Juggler, Michael Rosman
• Classic Cars and Corvettes
• Dancing with Daughters of Veda
• Foundation 4 Heroes
• Zumba with Lisa Martoni
For More Information Contact:
• Moon Bounce, Water Slide & The Commissioners of Leonardtown In Leonardtown
Wrecking Ball (301) 475-9791 August 3, 5—8 p.m.

Thanks to our Sponsors:

The Commissioners of Leonardtown and the Leonardtown Business Association

This event was made possible in part by a grant

from the St. Mary’s County Arts Council, awarded
by the Maryland State Arts Council.
Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times 9
10 In Our Community The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

Public Meeting on Chesapeake Seashells and Science

Hills Course Clubhouse Rare Fossil Shell Collection Acquired
by the Calvert Marine Museum
collecting. Their finds include old and
modern fossil shells from up and down
the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico
and are from the Miocene, Pliocene, and
Pleistocene Epochs, dating back as far
as 23 million years. Mining regulations
require phosphate pits to be reclaimed
immediately, so fossil collecting is now
The Calvert County Department of Parks & Recreation will host a public meeting more restricted in the state of Florida.  
to gather input on future plans for the Chesapeake Hills Golf Course clubhouse. The Contraconus tryoni – A very large cone snail “The preservation of these shells is
meeting will be held Wed., Aug. 8 at 6 p.m. at the interim golf course clubhouse at from Florida. amazing and astonishing, and we are
11352 HG Trueman Rd. in Lusby. thrilled that our collection now encom-
The current clubhouse is in state of disrepair after sustaining significant structural A recent trip to Okeechobee, FL by the passes the east coast of North America,”
damage during a January 2018 snowstorm. County staff is preparing plans for a new Calvert Marine Museum’s paleontolo- said John Nance, collections manager at
clubhouse and is seeking public input on potential amenities for the new building. gists and summer interns resulted in the the Calvert Marine Museum. The shells
“We are in the early stages of planning for a new clubhouse,” said Department acquisition of a rare, one-of-a-kind shell will allow paleontologists to study and
of Parks & Recreation Director Shannon Nazzal, “but we want to hear ideas from collection for the Calvert Marine Mu- learn about the diversity of the fossils,
the community to help make this a facility that will serve the county well into the seum. The collection’s 12 cabinets and and the ecosystems that existed billions
future.” 178 drawers include over 15,000 shells of years ago.
The public meeting with feature clubhouse design concepts and serve as a focus collected and carefully documented by For more information, please contact
group for gathering community input. An online survey is also available for those Richard Duerr and Phyllis Diegel. Fos- John Nance at 410-326-2042, ext. 40 or
who cannot attend the meeting. Visit to offer sils include clams, snails, sea urchins, email John.Nance@calvertcountymd.
ideas through the survey. starfish, crabs, and coral. gov.
For more information on the clubhouse project, contact the Calvert County De- The couple were scientists that shared
partment of Parks & Recreation at 410-535-1600, ext. 2223 or email Tim.Hepler@ a passion for fossil hunting, and their Press release by CCM life’s work covered over five decades of

PRAD Inc. Seeking

Press release by Calvert County Government

Parade Participants
Family Style Festival - Rain or Shine Jay armsworthy Sound by Troy Jones
Concert area under Presents the MC’s Jay Armsworthy & Jack Tippett
permanent pavilion
30th anniversary
“L’iL” margaret’s
bLuegrass & oLd-time music festivaL
August 9, 10 & 11, 2018 Patuxent River Appreciation Days are celebrated on Columbus Day weekend, Oct.
6 and 7, at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. The an-
GoddArd FArm nual parade will commence at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 7.
21810 Clay Hill Road • Leonardtown, MD 20650 The PRAD Inc. committee is seeking parade participants. Non-profit organiza-
Dave Peterson Larry Stephenson
& 1946 (Friday) A special performance Band (Saturday)
tions—such as scouting groups, 4-H groups, school bands, schools, ROTC, Local
Navy and Coast Guard, boating organizations, police, fire and rescue, team mascots,
of past members of the
‘Bluegrass Cardinals’
with David Parmley, antique car clubs, etc.—are welcome to participate.
Prizes are awarded for best floats; first prize is $300, second prize is $200, and
David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition Larry Stephenson, and
(Saturday) Dale Perry” (Saturday)
third prize is $100. School bands will also receive a stipend for participation. For
more information, please contact Randy Geck by emailing
Farm Hands (Friday)
Williamson Branch
Press release by Calvert Marine Museum
Joe Mullins & the Radio Mickey Galyean & Cullen’s
Ramblers (Saturday) Bridge (Saturday)

Cousin’s In Harmony
(Saturday) Feinberg Brothers (Thursday)
Attention High School and College Students...
Age 12 and under Free
with an adult ticket
Joey Tippett & the California 15 Strings (Thursday) Looking for something to do this summer?

Ramblers (Friday)

County Times
TiCkeTS: 1. Please, no display of alcohol and no smoking in the
3 Day Advance: $55 each Friday Gate: $30 each concert area at any time
1:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. 2. No coolers allowed in concert area
3 Day Gate: $65.00 each
3. Absolutely No Drugs allowed
Thursday Gate: $25.00 Saturday Gate: $35 each 4. Pets are welcome, but not in the concert area and
3:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. must be kept on a leash at all times

Weekend advance ticket price is until July 14, 2018 5. Permission is required to distribute material or sell Ralph Stanley II & the
goods on property Clinch Mountain Boys
To order by mail, please make check or money order
6. Arm bands must be clearly displayed at all times
payable to “L’il Margaret’s Bluegrass” (Thursday)
7. No refunds
and send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

team is looking for

L’il Margaret’s Bluegrass - P.O. Box 741, California, MD 20619 8. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone
9. Not responsible for accidents, injuries, or losses
To order by credit card, go to:

Apply NOW
For more information call: 301-737-3004 visit
(301) 862-4100
official Bluegrass Hotel: LaQuinta Inns & Suites, 22769 Three Notch rd, California, md 20619,
Send resume to
and let’s discuss the possibilities.
Gates open Wednesday auGust 8, 2018 at 9:00 a.M.
Home cooked food, ice, non-alcoholic beverages and ice cream Electric & Water (30 amp hookups): $30.00 per day

for Immediate Consideration

Rough Camping: $20.00 weekend
301.247.7611 |
available for sale • Vendor spaces are available. Craft vendors are
welcome with prior approval. Call 301-737-3004 to reserve. Pay at the gate, but to reserve a specific site call 301-475-8191 Dump Station available $5.00

Bring your lawn chairs • Plenty of parking on site • 24 Hour Security

Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times In Our Community 11

Calvert Department July BOGO Color Sale

of Parks & Recs Buy 1, Get 2nd 50% OFF!
Athletic Field
Recent questions about the use of
athletic fields has prompted the Board
of County Commissioners to notify the
public on the procedures for assigning
athletic fields through the Calvert Coun- ALL Tubs,
ty Parks & Recreation (CCPR). Over the ALL 3”-4” ALL 6” ALL Seasonal Color Dish Gardens &
past year, CCPR has worked with lo- Annuals Annuals Hanging Baskets Color Bowls
cal youth sports organizations to create
the Youth Sports Provider Agreement
(YSPA) to facilitate requests for athletic
field use by private organizations.
County-owned athletic fields serve all
county residents. Calvert County cur-
rently provides field usage at no cost to
all user groups as requested and when
available. The YSPA ensures this re-
mains the case for organizations that
provide recreational opportunities to ALL Azaleas ALL Lilacs ALL Peonies ALL Viburnums
Calvert County youth and refines the Including Encores
process to secure athletics fields for
private organizations. The agreement
outlines priorities for scheduling, with
CCPR programs taking first priority due
to the importance of providing low-cost
recreational programs to all.
Private youth sports organizations
are required to sign the YSPA to avoid
confusion about athletic field assign-
ment and to codify the relationship with ALL ALL
CCPR while ensuring due diligence in ALL Dogwoods ALL Redbuds Flowering Cherries Purple Leaf Plums
providing services to the youth of Cal-
vert County.
To ensure the needs of all county
residents are met, CCPR uses the fol-
PrOject StarterS
lowing priority ranking for the use of
county-owned or operated field space: 1.
Calvert County-operated or contracted
programs; 2. Board of Education (BOE)
activities at facilities specified in BOE/
county government memorandum of
understanding (MOU); 3. Youth sports
providers (recreational sports programs) Flagstone - Random Black or Red Mulch
with approved agreement; 4. Youth All Fountain & Statuary Old English Block Wall
sports providers (travel/competitive
Sold By The Pallet 10 Bags for $3999
539 99 25%
Off Save 10%Off 2 cu. ft. bags
sports programs) with approved agree- Now Only
ment; 5. BOE activities not specified in
BOE MOU; 6. Non-profit youth orga- PrOtect yOur Lawn & Garden
nizations offering recreational sports;
7. Non-profit youth organizations offer-
ing travel (competitive) sports; 8. Gov-
ernmental agencies; 9. Private school
Calvert County Government re-
mains supportive of youth initiatives in
the county and must consider all con-
stituents when assigning athletic fields. Ortho WeedBGon Valley View
Sevin Bug Killer Spray Miracle-Gro Liquid Feed Landscape Edging
CCPR continues to identify additional Crabgrass Control
32 oz. RTU Now 8 4 pack Special 19
$ 77 $ 88
youth sports recreation facilities to ac- 32 oz. RTS Only 18
$ 77
20’ roll 1888ea.

commodate the growing demand for ath-

letics fields. Areas such as Ward Farm
Recreation and Nature Park in Dunkirk Now ScheduliNg For Summer iNStallatioN
and the planned 100-acre park in Lus- call today to Schedule aN eStimate 800-451-1427
by demonstrate ongoing efforts to meet
growing demand.
Wentworth Nursery
Prices Good Thru August 7th, 2018
For more information, please con-
tact CCPR Director Shannon Nazzal at Oakville
Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick 5 minutes North of Hollywood
or 410-535-1600, ext. 2224. 30315 Three Notch Rd, Charlotte Hall 20622 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, Prince Frederick 20678 41170 Oakville Road • Mechanicsville 20659
301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427
301-884-5292 410-535-3664 • 1-866-535-3664
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-3
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-7, Sat. 8-5, Sun. 9-5
Press release by Calvert County Government
12 Feature The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dominion Energy’s Lique

$4 Billion Lusby Facility Called “A Big
By Dick Myers time in 60 years, is an exporter of natural gas.” He said that’s a positive nally emerged after days of rain.
Editor for national security, the economy and geopolitically. Cove Point produces LNG for S
Perry said the message to U.S. allies is, ”U.S. energy will be flowing venture of Sumitomo Corporation a
“This is really a big deal,” said Maryland Commerce Secretary their way.” (USA) LNG, the U.S. affiliate of
Mike Gill. He was referring to the dedication of the $4 billion Do- Perry conceded, in response to a question, that President Trump is contracts. DECP’s liquefaction fac
minion Energy Cove Point LNG facility in Lusby, which he called, a “disrupter.” Perry noted he wasn’t as concerned about what the mar- 750 million cubic feet of natural g
“the most significant development project in the history of the state kets do or what Trump tweets. “He is negotiating every day to put the million gallons of LNG per day.
of Maryland.” country in a stronger position economically,” he said, adding that the The ceremony, in recognition of
“It’s a game changer” Gill said, adding it was a positive internation- tariff discussions would eventually “work themselves out.” some traditions from both countrie
ally, “but it also is a positive for Calvert County. It’s a positive for the “I am excited about where we find ourselves today in the energy eye was painted on a Japanese cere
ecosystem.” sector,” the energy secretary said. of the journey. At the dedication th
There’s been a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facility at Cove Point The press conference was held with the liquification plant in front bolize completion of that journey.
in Lusby since the late 1970’s, but it was an import facility. Domin- of everyone and a 60-foot high, 1,370-feet long wall behind them. The and ceremonially burned.
ion Energy Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas wall is intended to be a noise barrier between the plant and the com- Diane Leopold, head of Dominio
Farrell said the company made the decision seven years ago to become munity across Cove Point Road and Cove Point Park. Potential noise been with the liquefaction project si
“bi-directional” – both an exporter and importer. was one facet of neighborhood opposition. As visitors drove down Point’s daily workforce. She said, “
The Richmond, VA-based company had purchased the property in Point Road for the ceremony, they passed protestors along the side of first order.” Those successes, she sa
2002. With federal and state permits in hand, the company launched the road. including providing jobs and reven
that massive construction project that would employ 10,000 different Farrell said a plant dealing with natural gas has been on the site for the nation’s security; and protecting
workers, many of them highly skilled union laborers. almost 50 years “We are very conscious of our neighbors’ concerns. “We are committed to minimizin
“It came in on time and budget, one of the only LNG facilities in We listen to them very carefully. We are very satisfied. We have done environment and the Chesapeake
the world for that to happen,” Farrell boasted during a press confer- a very good job environmentally with the noise.” during the dedication ceremony.
ence held overlooking the new plant and just before the dedication and Perry noted that there’s an 800-acre buffer around the 200-acre Farrell noted there was a tanker
ribbon cutting ceremony. Former Texas governor and presidential can- plant site that is operated by the Sierra Club. mony. He said the operation which
didate, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, stood by Farrell’s side. The new plant’s two major customers are Japan an India, and rep- can jobs and jobs and prosperity fo
“This is a culmination of a lot of different changes that have gone resentatives from the embassies of both nations were on hand at the Perry said during his talk at the d
on in the world of energy,” Perry said. “The United States, for the first dedication ceremony, under a large air-conditioned tent as the sun fi- natural gas is helping reduce the c

Calvert County Commissioners, county staff, legislators and state officials participated in one of the ribbon cuttings for the Dominion Energy Cove Pt. Plant. Photo by Melissa Stiles.
Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times Feature 13

efaction Plant Dedicated

g Deal”
ST Cove Point, which is the joint
and Tokyo Gas, and for Gail Global
GAIL (India) LTD under 20-year
cility is designed to liquefy about
gas and produce approximately 8.3

the international partners, featured

es. Before construction began, one
emonial doll to symbolize the start
he second eye was painted to sym-
The doll will be taken to a temple

on’s Gas Infrastructure Group, has U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry (left) and Dominion Energy Chairman, President and Chief Dominion Energy VP/LNG Operations Michael D.
ince its inception. She praised Cove Executive Officer Thomas Farrell, II. Photo by Melissa Stiles. Frederick at the plant dedication ceremony. Photo by
“Cove Point is a success story of the Melissa Stiles.
providing overall benefit to the environment. tion. “The most
aid, include: economic development
President of the North American Building Trades Unions Sean Mc- important one
nue to Calvert County; improving
Garvey also spoke at the dedication on behalf of those 10,000 differ- was minimizing the impact on our neighbors.” That included an off-
g the environment.
ent tradesmen who worked on the construction project. He thanked site staging area (which is now being turned over to the county for a
ng our impact on our neighbors, the
Perry for “his warm remarks” from President Trump about the na- park plus a more than $1 million donation for start-up costs), sched-
Bay,” the company president said
tion’s unions. uled to minimize traffic on Cove Point Road, keeping the roads clean,
McGarvey noted that those workers were there throughout the regu- redoing the Little Cove Point Road intersection, and just answering
docked at the pier during the cere-
latory process to support the project. He said local union represen- complaints as they were received.
began in April, has created Ameri-
tatives, “did a spectacular job organizing, recruiting and deploying” At its peak there were more than 4,000 workers on site at a time, “so
or the Indian and Japanese partners.
the people with the “skill sets” to do the job. He also singled out the safety was always paramount,” Frederick said. There were no fatalities
dedication that the increased use of
substantial number of former military personnel who were trained for during the three-year construction period and no injuries at all during
carbon footprint around the world,
construction as a new career. 2017 and 2018. The injury rate was a tenth of what a typical construc-
Calvert County is receiving a $40 million annual Payment in Lieu tion site would be, he said.
of Taxes (PILOT) from the new facility. Vice President of LNG Op- Logistics in general was a huge challenge, Frederick said. “For ex-
erations Michael Frederick, a Calvert County resident, said he and ample, at the peak of construction we had 54 cranes operating on 54
other residents were beneficiaries of that. The Calvert County com- acres, which is significant. We were tracking more than 20,000 pipe
munity was represented at the dedication ceremony by Commissioner spools that were being manufactured at different places because basi-
President Evan Slaughenhoupt, Jr. cally the timing had to work, the trucks had to hit the site, then cranes
“Calvert County is proud to do its part to make America great had to pick the spool up and put it in place, because it was just that
again,” Slaughenhoupt said. tight of a construction site. The logistics effort was nothing short of
All of the commissioners, along with Delegate Jerry Clark and for- amazing.”
mer delegate and now Maryland Public Service Commission member Frederick credits Dominion’s team working with contractor, Kiewit,
Tony O’Donnell participated in one of the ribbon cuttings, along with with solving the logistics challenge.
county staff and Secretary Gill. Frederick is proud of creating a diverse worksite at Cove Point.
The day was special for Frederick, who was Master of Ceremonies They’ve hired from around the world, the country and the Tri-County
for the dedication ceremony. As he looked out over the audience and area. The workforce of more than 200 (not including the contract se-
saw all the partners and participants in the project, he said, “I was curity force) is twice what it was just being an importer. They have full
reflecting on how big a deal this is from a whole host of perspectives.” employment but there’s always turnover, so Frederick said prospec-
Frederick, in a phone interview after the dedication, noted it was a tive job seekers can go on the Dominon Energy website to find about
lengthy process (seven years) involving many of the company’s em- openings.
ployees. He was asked if he felt some relief. He responded, “Hum- Dominion has also worked with the College of Southern Maryland
bling. I felt humble to be involved.” to find potential employees with not a lot of experience but “with criti-
Dominion purchased the Cove Point property on September 5, cal thinking skills” who they can train on site.
2002, and Frederick headed up the transition team and has been in The construction project has had a ripple effect in the business com-
charge ever since except for several years when he moved to the Rich- munity. Frederick said he’s received a dozen letters along the line of
mond headquarters to work on a special project. “without your project, I don’t think I would be in business.”
Frederick grew up on a farm in south-central Pennsylvania. He Dominion has plans to do more community outreach, including
graduated from the University of Pittsburg with a degree in Mechani- open houses, but Frederick said they will do it “when we feel the tim-
cal Engineering and has been in the natural gas business since 1982. ing is right”
Working on a truck farm as a teenager taught him a work ethic “and “We know that getting through the construction phase of this re-
how to get things accomplished as a team.” quired some patience from the community,” Frederick noted and
“We were and still are an import facility,” Frederick said about thanked the community for that patience.
regular operations continuing while the massive construction project About reaching the day of the dedication, Frederick, reflecting Sec-
was underway. During that time, 14 import cargos arrived at the Cove retary Gill’s observations, said, “It’s a big deal for the local commu-
Point terminal, Frederick said. That importing will continue into the nity, for the state and the nation. It’s what we have been working for
future for customers such as Washington Gas Light Company. from a national perspective for a long time.”
As for the new exporting business, Frederick said the Indian and And, Energy Secretary Perry said during the dedication ceremony,
Japanese customers have contracted to purchase 50 percent each of “It’s a day to celebrate. It’s a great day for America.”
all that the plant can produce. He said they are now operating at 100
percent capacity, seven days a week.
Frederick said there were numerous challenges during construc-
14 In Our Community The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

Summer of Fun at Annmarie Garden!

From exhibits to special events, the folks at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts
Center have a slew of fun events and happenings for everyone in the family!

Big Fun Art – Through Sept. 23, 2018 at the Kay Daugherty Gallery in the
Murray Arts Building
Bright colors, bold scales, and a playful spirit are just what we need to distract us
from the worries of the day. Inspired by the likes of Yayoi Kusama, and the recent
addition to Annmarie Sculpture Garden of a work by Taiwanese artist Hung Yi, this
exhibit of 60 works is all about joy!

Of a Feather: Birds in Art – Through Aug. 26 in the Murray Arts Building

Annmarie’s exciting summer exhibit, “Of a Feather: Birds in Art,” features more
than 70 works that capture the vibrant spirit of aviary life, portraying beauty, diver-
sity and detail of the birds that fill our skies.

August Maker’s Market – Saturday, Aug. 4 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Annmarie Garden & Arts Center will host the August Maker’s Market, THE place
to find all things handmade, homemade, or homegrown. Among items showcased
will be crafts, hanging baskets, organic skincare products, farm fresh produce, cut
flowers, baked goods, batik and fleece clothing, handmade soaps and candles, herbal

teas, ornaments, folk art, handmade gifts, and more! Delight in the local treasures to

be found here! Admission to the market area is free!

Summer Public Art Project: Wildflowers: A Colorful Community Garden –

Daily Through Sept. 3 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The public is invited to participate in Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center’s
OF THE WEEK 2018 Summer Public Art Project Wildflowers: A Colorful Community Garden. Run-
ning through Sept. 3, this event will result in a display of ceramic wildflowers that
MEET MISS MARGARET will be installed at Annmarie Garden in early fall 2018. Inspired by a stunning visual
Need LOVE in your life? Then you display of ceramic red poppies at the Tower of London in 2014, our field of wildflow-
ers will honor the spirit and creativity of our community and friends. We wish to cel-
need me! I just love people and I ebrate our visitors, students, and friends who continue to be an important part of our
especially love men! My name is Miss mission of connecting people to art and nature. Hundreds of ceramic flowers were
Margaret and I’m about 5 years old. I’ll made by teens in Annmarie’s Counselors in Training program. Visitors are encour-
admit it, I’m a BIG FLIRT and I want to be aged to paint a ceramic piece. Annmarie Summer Interns and staff will assemble
your one and only. I’m a FUN LOVING, LOYAL, GOOD DOG the flowers. No two will be alike, but all will be colorful, creative, and collabora-
that would make a great addition to a lucky person or family tive. It will be a playful visual representation of the garden of friends we’ve grown!
who adopts me! UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is rare and special Annmarie Garden is open daily from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; regular admission applies.
so make that appointment to meet me and BE MY MIRACLE! I
know I can be yours! SPECIAL FAMILY EVENTS
Insectival – Sunday, Aug. 26 from 12 – 4 p.m.
PLEASE CHOOSE ME! Buzz on in as we celebrate and investigate through games, art activities, bug hunts
And remember, if there is room in the heart, there is room in and show and tell experiences! Indoor and outdoor fun with lots of hands-on activi-
the house! ties! Admission is free for members; $5 for adults; free for children 1 and under.
Come meet me and the wonderful gang at Tri-County Animal
Shelter (6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville) or call 301-932-
For more information about any of these events or exhibits, please visit
1713 for more information. To see more of my amazing friends, call (410) 326-4640, or email
available for adoption, “like” us on Facebook @ Tri-County
Animal Shelter Southern MD. Press release by Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center
Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times Education 15

Board of Education Homeschool Day at HSMC

Seeking Citizen Advisory
Committee Members

Registration is open for Historic St. the program will get a fast pass, which
The Calvert County Board of Edu- to 8:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of Mary’s City’s fall Homeschool Day, to allows easy admission during busy
cation is accepting applications for the each month during the school year. be held on Thursday, Sept. 27. Twice a morning check-in.
Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). Applicants must be residents of Cal- year, Historic St. Mary’s City opens its The cost is an affordable $5 per child
The CAC provides a means for taking vert County and may not be full- or part- doors to host a day filled with activities for children age 5 and older, with one
an active role in public education. The time employees of the school system. specifically designed for homeschoolers accompanying free adult. Each addi-
committee reports directly to the Board The application is available on the and their families. tional adult will be charged $10; children
of Education and serves in an advisory Calvert County Public Schools website Hands-on demonstrations and activi- younger than 5 are free.
capacity. It conducts studies in areas of ( under ties throughout the day may include the For more information about Historic
concern to the Board, provides commu- the “Board of Education” tab. Complet- following: colonial games, maritime St. Mary’s City, contact the Visitors Cen-
nity insight into pending policies and ed applications are due by Sept. 1, 2018. navigation, primitive technology, food ter at (240) 895-4990, 800-SMC-1634,
Board decisions, and discusses a variety For more information, contact Karen preparation, and colonial medicine., or visit our
of issues affecting school system opera- Maxey at 443-550-8006 or maxeyk@ To register for the program, or for website at
tions. The work of the committee is done more information, call (240) 895-4980
in accordance with Policy #1210 and the or email Press release by HSMC
corresponding procedures. Press release by CCPS Those who register prior to the day of
The committee meets from 6:30 p.m.

Taylor Gas Company offers full service installation and repair for a
breadth of propane related systems.
The customer is our top priority here at Taylor Gas. We provide 24 hour
emergency service and deliveries to the Sourthern Maryland area.
Combining extensive training with 68 years of on-the-job experience,
you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best service available.
16 Sports The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Tackle Box Fishing Report

By Ken and Linda Lamb
Contributing Writers

The rain stopped, the sun came out, and the fish went
crazy this past weekend.
Spot, croaker, perch, big red drum, spanish mackerel,
bluefish, flounder and rockfish all got busy feeding this
Spot and croaker are in the mouth of the Patuxent for
bottom fishermen both from boats and the fishing piers.
The Solomons pier had good catches of spot most ev-
ery night this week. There were many nice croaker and
perch too. Boaters found croakers and spot in Kingston
Hollow and from Town Creek to West Basin on the 30 Red Drum caught on Capt. Luke Koller’s charter boat Capt. Damon Williams on the Crack of Dawn scored on the
“Rock Star” drum out of Solomons Islands
foot edge.
The rockfish bite continues to be very good for troll-
ers on the oyster bars in the upper Potomac around
Swan Point and in the Patuxent from Half Pone Point
to Broomes Island. Scattered rockfish are active at dusk
and dawn in the shallows eager to hit most any lure.
Big red drum have been caught by trollers using col-
orful spoons below Cedar Point from outside the Targets
to Hooper’s Island light. Bluefish and spanish mack-
erel are hitting the spoons when the redfish are being
searched for.
Cobia are being chummed and chunked up in the
lower bay. Live eels in the chumline are working well.
There is a good run of crabs underway.
There are plenty of catfish in the upper regions of the
Potomac and Patuxent.
We have seen some really big largemouth bass all
week from ponds and St. Mary’s Lake. Bluegill and shell
crackers are eager for night crawlers or live crickets.
Leroy Granby with a catch of croaker, spot, perch and a lone catfish off Green Holly in the Patuxent

Is Your Roof Trying to Tell You Something? ARCHITECTURAL


Roo Long




Roofing trouble popping up like tulips now that winter is PAYMENTS
over? Listen to your roof and call Long Roofing today! AS LOW AS

+ NO
50 Year Full Replacement Value Warranty SLATE
Select ShingleMaster Earned by
1 year!

Only 1% of the Nation’s Roofers

Traditional Asphalt Shingles, Architectural,
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Expires 5/20/17. Valid initial visit only. Min. purchase required. PREMIUM
Many Colors & Options Cannot be combined with other offers. OAC thru GreenSky.


888-881-4340 LUXURY
Licensed, Bonded, Insured We build Trust and Peace of Mind SHINGLES
MHIC 51346, VA 2705048183A, DC 67006785, PA 115431 into every Long Roof
Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times Entertainment 17

No Green Jelly Beenz and L’il Margaret’s

Cowboy Mouth Opening for Bluegrass Festival:
George Thorogood at CMM
30 Years of Preserving
Bluegrass in SoMD
The annual L’il Margaret’s Bluegrass his band’s name, the 1940s. He’s a savvy
and Old Time Musical Festival is honored independent recording artist and a blue-
to announce it’s been chosen as an offi- grass singer who cherishes tradition.
cial “Maryland Summer of Music” event. Reigning as 2018’s Bluegrass Music’s
This is a new tourism initiative launched “Band of the Year,” Farm Hands are one
by Governor Larry Hogan that aims to of the most exciting and in-demand blue-
highlight Maryland’s diverse music scene grass bands in America. This talented
over the summer months. L’il Margaret’s foursome features veterans of the world
is proud to be chosen as one of just ten famous Grand Ole Opry.
highlighted events to attend in Maryland. Classy, sassy, and bluegrass-y, William-
Presented by promoter Jay Armswor- son Branch brings high-energy entertain-
Cowboy Mouth (pictured) will open, along with Southern Maryland natives No Green Jelly Beenz. thy, this year marks the 30th anniversary ment each time they take the stage. They
of the festival and will be held on Aug. 9, are a fun family with amazing talent.
On Friday, Aug. 10, ticketholders for local businesses. Sponsors include: 10, and 11 at one of Southern Maryland’s A Virginia Country Music Hall of
the George Thorogood and the Destroy- Prince Frederick Ford/Jeep/Dodge, PNC “little hidden treasures,” the Goddard Famer and five-time SPBGMA Male
ers concert are invited to come early and Bank, O’Brien Realty, Bozick Distribu- Farm in Leonardtown, MD. Vocalist of the Year, Larry Stephenson
enjoy specialty drinks, corn hole, great tors, Inc., Tidewater Dental, Sunshines The festival was created by Joseph and is highly regarded as one of bluegrass
food, prizes from Coors Light and of Catering, Roy Rogers, Equity Resourc- Margaret Goddard to honor their daugh- music’s finest high lead and tenor vocal-
course, live music in our new beer gar- es, Inc., AARP,, Holi- ter, ‘L’il Margaret.” Once again, Jay Arm- ist. Always a Southern Maryland favorite,
den. The event kicks off at 5 p.m. with day Inn Solomons, Quality Built Homes, sworthy is carrying on that tradition by he’s made numerous performances on the
local favorite No Green Jelly Beenz on 97.7 The Rocket, Bay Weekly, Quick bringing twelve of the finest traditional Grand Ole Opry and RFD-TV.
the side stage. The music then moves Connections, Southern Maryland News- bluegrass and hillbilly music groups from The great state of Ohio brings us Joe
over to the main stage to see Cowboy papers, Isaac’s Restaurant, Papa John’s New York to Nashville. This is a family- Mullins & the Radio Ramblers, whose
Mouth. Grab your friends and enjoy a Pizza, Comcast, Atlantic Broadband, friendly event and will offer a camping professionalism, engaging presentation,
night full of live music, friends, and fun Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, Com- experience for attendees with hundreds of and successful, heavily played record-
in Solomons! puter Aid Inc., TitleMax LLC., World electric and water hookups. ings have kept this band in demand with a
Tickets are on sale now and available Gym, and Asbury-Solomons.  Appearing in concert Aug. 9 will be national audience. Their energetic perfor-
for $31 – $69 (additional fees apply). Gates open at 5 p.m. with food and Ralph Stanley II & the Clinch Mountain mances have placed them at the National
Buy tickets at www.calvertmarinemu- beverages for sale on-site. Chairs and Boys, Feinberg Brothers, and 15 Strings. Folk Festival, Bluegrass Underground, or call the 24-hour hotline at coolers are not permitted. For additional Aug. 10 will feature Dave Peterson & Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman, and the
1-800-787-9454. information, please visit the website at 1946, Farm Hands, Williamson Branch, Grand Ole Opry. They are, indeed, a tra-
Proceeds from the Waterside Music To and the California Ramblers. The festi- ditional bluegrass band.
Series support the education and preser- reach a staff member, please call 410- val will wrap Aug. 11 with Joe Mullins Following tradition, the L’il Margaret’s
vation efforts of the Calvert Marine Mu- 326-2042, ext. 16, 17, or 18. & the Radio Ramblers, David Parmley Bluegrass Festival will return to three
seum. This event would not be possible & Cardinal Tradition, Larry Stephen- days of festivities this year. There will be
without the generous support of many Press release from CMM son Band, Mickey Galyean & Cullen’s food available for sale in the Goddard’s
Bridge, Cousins in Harmony, and a spe- “Bluegrass Kitchen,” providing the home

Dan Tyminski to Open for Brad Paisley cial reunion performance of past mem-
bers of the Bluegrass Cardinals, featuring
cooked food they’re known for, as well as
ice cream and non-alcoholic beverages.
at the Calvert Marine Museum David Parmley, Larry Stephenson, and
Dale Perry. Troy Jones will be providing
Various craft vendors will also be present.
Acoustic music pickers are encouraged to
Dan Tyminski, one of the premier vo- many local businesses. Sponsors include:  sound for the event, and Jay Armsworthy bring their instruments and jam around
calists in modern acoustic music, will Prince Frederick Ford/Jeep/Dodge, PNC and Jack Tippett will be your master of the campers throughout the weekend.
be joining Brad Paisley at the Calvert Bank, O’Brien Realty, Bozick Distribu- ceremonies. This event is rain or shine; it’s an out-
Marine Museum’s PNC Waterside Pavil- tors, Inc., Tidewater Dental, Sunshines Returning by request are the Feinberg door event with a covered stage pavilion.
ion on Thursday, August 23 at 7:30 p.m. Catering,, Holiday Inn Brothers, Mickey Galyean & Cullen’s It’s requested that participants bring their
Tickets are on sale now for $59 - $120 Solomons, Quality Built Homes, 97.7 Bridge, and David Parmley & Cardinal own lawn chairs. All facilities on the
(additional fees apply). Visit The Rocket, Bay Weekly, Quick Con- Tradition. With the exception of three farm are wheelchair-accessible. or call the 24- nections, Southern Maryland Newspa- local acts—15 Strings, The California Admission is available at $65 each for
hour hotline at 1-800-787-9454. pers, Isaac’s Restaurant, Papa John’s Ramblers, and Cousins in Harmony—the three days. Individual day tickets can
Tyminski, a member of bluegrass act Pizza, Kelly Generator & Equipment, remainders of this year’s lineup are all be purchased at the gate for $25 each
Alison Krauss and Union Station, has Comcast, Atlantic Broadband, Southern first timers to Southern Maryland. (Thurs.), $30 each (Fri.), and $35 each
racked up 14 Grammy Awards and 18 Maryland Blue Crabs, Computer Aid From deep in the Blue Ridge Moun- (Sat.). Camping is also available for $30
total nominations. He has contributed Inc., TitleMax LLC., World Gym, and tains of McClure, VA come Ralph Stan- per day; rough camping is offered for
guitar and/or harmony to projects by Asbury-Solomons.  ley II and the Clinch Mountain Boys. $20 for the whole weekend. Camping
Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Brad Gates open at 6 p.m. with food and Ralph is the son of legendary banjo play- can be purchased at the gate; to make
Paisley, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, beverages for sale on-site. Chairs and er, Dr. Ralph Stanley. “2” takes on his a reservation, call the Goddard Farm at
Kenny Chesney, LeAnn Rimes, Aaron coolers are not permitted. For additional daddy’s namesake with the Clinch Moun- 301-475-8191.
Lewis and Rob Thomas. information, please visit the website at tain Boys, and has earned the respect of To learn more about the festival, visit
Proceeds from the Waterside Music To Stanley fans everywhere while garnering, the
Series support the education and preser- reach a staff member, please call 410- praise as a strong new artist in his own State of Maryland Tourism site at www.
vation efforts of the Calvert Marine Mu- 326-2041, ext. 16, 17, or 18. right., or call 301-373-3004.
seum.  This series of events would not be From Nashville, Dave Peterson & 1946
possible without the generous support of Press release by CMM play traditional bluegrass from the era of Press release by L’il Margaret’s
18 Obituaries The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

In Remembrance
The Calvert County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Barbara Ann Faber ings MD 20736. Memorial services will

follow at noob at the funeral home.
40 years and was also the office man-
ager with Monumental Life Insurance
Brodnax of Baltimore and his former
spouse Maureen, great-granddaughters
Interment will be at Lakemont Me- Company. Danny was also a lifelong Madison and Michaila Brodnax, a sis-
morial Gardens, 900 West Central Av- farmer, raising tobacco, cattle and hay. ter Alice P. Hopkins of Cheverly, MD,
enue, Davidsonville MD 21035. He was a member of Huntingtown Unit- and many nieces and nephews. She was
Memorial contributions may be made ed Methodist Church, where he served also preceded in death by a sister Do-
to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foun- on numerous boards and committees. ris Smith and brothers Howard “Sonny”
dation, 26 Broadway, 14th Floor, New Danny was also a member of the farm Perrie and Edward Perrie.
York NY 10004, Phone: 800-533-2873; bureau and Ducks Unlimited. In his lei- Memorial contributions may
ebsite: or or Ameri- sure time he enjoyed traveling, going on be made to Calvert Hospice, P.O.
can Diabetes Association, Washington insurance company trips, working, and Box 838, 238 Merrimac Court
DC-MD Office 1025 Connecticut Ave., spending time with his family and his Prince Frederick MD 20678; Phone:
NW Suite 1005, Washington DC 20036- many friends and business associates. 410-535-0892; website: http://calvertho-
4104; website: Danny is survived by his wife Doro-
thy H. Gibson of Huntingtown, son Funeral arrangements were made by
Daniel Wayne Richard E. Ward and his wife Patti of
Huntingtown, grandchildren Tammi
Rausch Funeral Home.

“Danny” Gibson Gross, Chris Ward, Shelley Weber, Dorothy Maxine

Gary “Chip” Ward, and Charles Jeffrey
“CJ” Ward, 9 great-grandchildren and 1 “Mickey” Foley
great-great-granddaughter. He was pre-
ceded in death by his sons Charles and
Gary Ward and Jeffrey Gibson, his par-
ents, and a sister. 
Memorial contributions may be made to
Barbara Ann Faber, 87, of Owings Huntingtown U.M. Church, P.O. Box 550
and formerly of Deale, passed away Huntingtown MD 20639 or Calvert
July 27, 2018. She was born February Hospice, P.O. Box 838, 238 Merrimac
19, 1931 in Washington, D.C., to Walter Court, Prince Frederick MD 20678’
Henry and Anna C. (Bray) Yost. Bar- Phone: 410-535-0892; website:http://
bara was raised in D.C. and lived there
until moving to Deale in 1972. She was
employed as a store manager of High’s
and later 7-Eleven in Deale for many Mabel Lucille Vaughn
years. Barbara enjoyed reading, music
and western movies.
Barbara was preceded in death by her
husband Leonard George Faber, sons
Richard Daniel, Steven Wayne and Mi-
chael George Faber, sister Norma Lee
Daniel Wayne “Danny” Gibson, 81, of
Gormour, and grandson Richard Daniel
Huntingtown passed away July 26, 2018. Dorothy Maxine “Mickey” Foley, 97,
Faber. She is survived by son Robert
He was born August 24, 1936 in Hun- of North Beach passed away July 24,
Lee Catlin of Reisterstown, daughters
tingtown to Wayne Sylvester and Marie 2018. She was born December 31, 1920
Linda Lee Teets and husband Theo-
Elizabeth (Bowen) Gibson. Danny was in Providence, RI to Leon Bennett and
dore of La Plata, Debra Ann Johnston
raised in Huntingtown and graduated Edith (Alden) Lamb. Mickey was raised
of San Diego and Colleen Ann Janosik
from Calvert High School in 1954. Fol- in Cranston, RI and graduated from
and husband Richard of Accokeek, 14
lowing high school Danny served in the Cranston High School. During WWII
grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren
National Guard. He married Dorothy Mickey traveled the country following
and a sister Elaine E. Yost.
Hardesty Ward on July 28, 1960 and her husband and volunteered as a “Gray
Visitation will be Friday, Au-
they made their home and raised their Lady” with the American Red Cross,
gust 3, 2018, 11 a.m. to noon at
family in Huntingtown. Danny was em- assisting veterans and their families.
Rausch Funeral Home - Owings 
ployed as an insurance agent for over Mickey lived in Quonset Point, RI for
8325 Mount Harmony Lane, Ow-
55 years before moving to North Beach
Mabel Lucille Vaughn, 92, of
in 2009.
Dunkirk, MD passed away July 26, 2018
Mickey was a gifted musician and
at her residence surrounded by fam-
loved playing the piano, trumpet and
ily. She was born December 21, 1925
violin. She was employed as a piano
Now Offering... in Prince George’s County to Georgia
teacher for many years. Mickey was a
A. (Windsor) and Elmer George Per-
very artistic and talented seamstress,
RAUSCH CREMATORY P.A. rie. She was raised in Croom, MD and
graduated from Frederick Sasscer High making most of her children’s clothes,
including sport coats and wedding
Calvert County’s School in Upper Marlboro. She married
dresses. In her leisure time Mickey en-
Edward J. “Eddie” Vaughn and was em-
ONLY On-site Crematory joyed gardening, boating, and ballroom
ployed as a meat packer for Briggs Meat
dancing. She will be remembered as a
Company for over 30 years. She also
helpful person who often visited with
celebrated. worked for over 20 years at the Hair
Where Heritage and Life are
sick people and helped their families
Company in Wayson’s Corner, retiring
by going to the store and doing things
Serving Calvert, Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, and Prince George’s Counties at age 91. Mabel enjoyed R.V. camp-
around the house for them.
ing with her husband, working, and
Mickey was preceded in death by
Lusby Owings Port Republic spending time with family and friends.
her husbands George Milton Allwood
20 American Ln. 8325 Mount Harmony Ln. 4405 Broomes Island Rd. She was preceded in death by her hus-
and Francis J. Foley and brother Robert
band Eddie in 2004. She is survived
410-326-9400 410-257-6181 410-586-0520 Lamb. She is survived by her daughter
by her daughter Connie E. Thomp-
Sandy Foley of Owings, son David All- son of Dunkirk, a grandson Frank E.
wood and his wife Karen of Milford,
Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times Obituaries 19

DE, grandchildren Ted, Tim, Katie and

Michael Foley and Tyler Allwood, great-
Warren John Angela Nicole Angela Nicole “Ang” Boyd, 36, of
Lusby, MD, passed away on July 22,
grandchildren Penelope, Violet, Eliza- Hoffmaster “Ang” Boyd 2018 in Great Mills, MD.
beth, Lily and Porter Foley and Trey Born January 29, 1982 in Washing-
Allwood and cousin Norma McCloud.  ton, D.C., she was the daughter of San-
A Life Celebration Service dra (Mills) Boyd and Daniel Boyd.
will be held Sunday, August 12, Angela moved to the area from Ran-
2018 at 1 pm at Mickey’s House  son, W.V. in 1995 and graduated from
3941 2nd Street North Beach MD 20714. Patuxent High School in 2001. She was
Funeral arrangements were made by a processor for the Nordstrom Distrib-
Rausch Funeral Home. uting Center for four years.
Angela is survived by her parents,
Elizabeth Georgeann Sandra and Daniel Boyd; and her sis-
ters, Sarah Thomas and Megan Breton,
“Betty” English both of Lusby, MD.
Funeral arrangements courtesy of
Rausch Funeral Home.
Condolences to the family may be
made at www.rauschfuneralhomes.

Warren John Hoffmaster, 70, of Lus-

by, MD, passed away on July 23, 2018 at
the Burnett Calvert Hospice House with
his wife, son, and close family friend
next to him. Warren went by other
names, as well: Johnny, John, Dad, and
Born March 13, 1948 in Washington,
D.C., John and his family moved from
Beltsville, MD to Calvert County in
1981. He served in the U.S. Army and
Lynda J. Striegel & Andrea B. Baddour
career started at the U.S. Senate Dis-
Elizabeth Georgeann “Betty” Eng- bursing Office (U.S. Capitol), J.H. Wa- TRUSTS • BUSINESS LAW
lish, 70, of North Beach passed away ter Systems, Inc. (Owner), and eventu-
July 20, 2018. She was born January ally retired from Federal Government Free Estate Planning Seminar,
12, 1948 to Joseph L. and Elsie (Went- Service.
worth) Costello. Betty was raised in Mt. John had a passion for horses, even August 15, 2018 at 11AM at our office.
Rainier and attended Catholic Schools. owning one. He loved recalling his
She moved to North Beach with her cattle drives in Wyoming on horseback. 301-855-2246 •
husband in 1994. Betty was employed He was an avid dog lover, breeder, and
as an administrator at Georgetown showed dogs.  His hobbies in life were
University working in the Personnel gun collecting/shooting, boating, fish-
Department and Dental School before ing, photography, woodworking (he was Honor the memory of your cherished
moving to the History Department, re- never happier then when he and grand- A Tribute to the Loved One one by sharing the story of their life
with friends, neighbors and associates
tiring in 2008. In her leisure time Betty son Carson worked on special projects
enjoyed scrapbooking, shopping, travel-
ing to the beach, going to festivals, and
in the workshop), and he loved spending Whose Memory Lives here in the community.

time with his family, especially all of For details and to place
coloring with her grandchildren and
his grandchildren.
John is preceded in death by his
On Forever in Your Heart your notice of remembrance,
call 301-373-4125 for assistance.
Betty was preceded in death by her mother, Mary Rita Hoffmaster, and
husband Frank Howard English, Sr. in sister Mary E. “Peengie” Thompson.
2005, son Frank Howard English, Jr., John is survived by his wife of 45 years,
great-grandchildren James and Kayla, Joanne Conwell Hoffmaster, son, Brad-
brothers Joseph and Michael Costello ley John Hoffmaster and wife, Jill Hoff-
and sister Patricia Ann Friant. She is master, son, Jason “Gene” Hoffmas-
survived by her daughters Margaret ter and partner Richard Montgomery,
Levelle and husband David of North niece, Lisa Jordan, and nephews, Craig
Beach and Theresa English-Kircher and Brian Jordan.  He is also survived
and husband Robert of Washington, by his 7 grandchildren, Pablo, Arman-
D.C., grandchildren Elizabeth Forsyth do, Julio, Gabriel, Carson, Emmeline,
and husband James, Patricia Dugan and and Conner.
husband Josh Oaks, James Dugan III, A memorial service will be held on
Amanda Kircher and Caroline Kirch- Sunday, Aug. 19 at 2:00 p.m. at Rausch
er and great-granddaughter Desiree Funeral Home, 20 American Lane, Lus-
Roberts.  by, MD 20657.
Funeral arrangements were made by Flowers are welcome. Contributions REMEMBRANCES
Rausch Funeral Home. may be made to Joanne Hoffmaaster. IN PRINT & ONLINE
Condolences to the family may be
made at
20 Calendars The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

Community Calendar
To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

will lead the motorcade of veterans over the a light supper at the Museum. $50/person.
UPCOMING bridge to Solomons. The public is encour- Reservations required. Info: contact Me- Tuesday, August 7
aged to line the parade route, wave flags and lissa McCormick at 410-326-2042 ext. 41.
2018 Maryland Natural Resource cheer them on. Hosted by the Circle of An- National Night Out
Photo Contest gels Initiative, Inc. Harriet E. Brown Community Center,
The 15th Annual Maryland Depart- Astronomy Club 901 Dares Beach Rd., Prince Frederick
ment of Natural Resources Photo Contest WWII USO Night of Remembrance Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, 6:00 - 8:00 PM
runs through August 31. Winners will be and Music 10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard Annual community-building campaign
featured in DNR’s 2019 wall calendar and Solomons Island Riverwalk Pavilion 8:00 – 9:00 PM that promotes police-community partner-
published in the winter 2019 edition of the 6:00 - 9:00 PM Astronomy Club of Southern Mary- ships and neighborhood camaraderie to
magazine. Enter now for a chance to win Features SPAMtime T/5 Vince “SPAM” land meeting. JPPM Grounds. Free, open make our neighborhoods safer, more caring
cash, state parks passports and other terrific Turner and PFC Vincent “Bubba” Turner to the public. For information call 301-602- places to live. Free and open to the public!
prizes! Details: who will reenact a 1942 radio broadcast 5251 or email Sponsored by HEBCC/Calvert Parks &
photocontest.aspx of music from the WWII era. A solemn Recreation, along with Calvert Collabora-
wreath laying will be held to honor all who tive for Children and Youth, Inc. (3CY).
Thursday, August 2 have died in the service of our country. The Sunday, August 5 Info: 410-535-1600 x8200.
public is invited to this free USO-style com-
memoration hosted by the Circle of Angels
National Coloring Book Day Quarter Auction Benefit
Initiative, Inc. Bingo
Northeast Community Center, 4075 Gor- American Legion Post 274, Lusby
12:00 - 3:30 PM North Beach Volunteer Fire Dept.
don Stinnett Ave., Chesapeake Beach First Free Friday
Presented by The Fun Bunch & Friendz, 7:30 PM
2:00 – 4:00 PM Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons
Quarter Frenzy Team and the Solomons Doors open at 5:00. $8/person. Food and
Children between the ages of 4 and 7 will 5:00 – 8:00 PM
Steelers. Auction starts at 1:00. Paddles are drink available for purchase. More info
enjoy celebrating this day! Of course, there The museum is open and free to the pub-
$3 each or 2 for $5. For a list of participating please call 301-855-0520.
will be plenty of pages to color and some lic with docents in every gallery. The Drum
fun giveaways. $3. 410-535-1600 ext. 8210. sponsoring vendors, please visit our Face-
Point Lighthouse and Museum Store are book page at Quarter Auctions in SOMD.
open. Enjoy free 30-minute cruises on the
Info or reservations call 240-416-4224. Wednesday, August 8
Wm. B. Tennison. Live music provided by
Walking Meditation Indoor Labyrinth Chris James starting at 6 p.m. in the Harms
Middleham and St. Peter’s Episcopal Gallery. 410-326-2042. www.calvert- Flood Proofing Workshop
Church, 10210 HG Trueman Rd., Lusby Monday, August 6 College of Southern Maryland, Bldg A,
2:00 – 4:00 PM Room 119, Prince Frederick
Learn about and walk a 44-foot Farmers’ Market Junior Explorers Camp 1:00–4:00 PM and 6:30–8:00 PM
Chartres canvas labyrinth in the Par- 5th Street & Bay Ave., North Beach Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will
ish Hall of the Church. A facilitator will 6:00 PM 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Aug 6-10 hold two free flood proofing workshops
be available to answer your questions. Includes Classic Car Cruise-in and Art Grades: Entering 4-6. Learn about vari- open to local public officials and public em-
In order to care for the canvas labyrinth, Fair along Bay Avenue. www.northbeach- ous explorers, from Norsemen to early ployees from 1:00-4:00 and to citizens from
please come prepared to walk bare- European colonists, and discover the skills 6:30-8:00. Info, Calvert County Depart-
foot, in socks, slippers, or indoor shoes. and tools they used. At week’s end, put your ment of Planning & Zoning, 410-535-2348
Donations will be used to help re- abilities to the test and take a “daring voy- or email: 
construct and revitalize the laby-
rinth on the grounds of the Church,
Saturday, August 4 age” on the skipjack, Dee of St. Mary’s.
Public Meeting
$135. 410-326-2042, x41. www.calvert-
which is available to the community. Interim Golf Course Clubhouse,11352 From Nature Basket Workshop HG Trueman Road, Lusby
communications@middlehamandstpeters. Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum,
Pickleball Playday 6:00 PM
org 10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard
Beach Elementary School Tennis Courts, The Calvert County Department of Parks
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
7900 Old Bayside Road, Chesapeake & Recreation will host a public meeting to
Twined Container Basket. Use the ancient gather input on future plans for the Chesa-
Friday, August 3 way of twining to make a bag or basket. $15.
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM peake Hills golf Course clubhouse. It is in
Reservation required. 410-586-8501 or jef. a state of disrepair after a January 2018
Play with your child and learn the fast- snowstorm. An online survey is available to
MAC Lab Tour growing sport of Pickleball. Fast-paced,
doesn’t involve much running; played offer ideas through the survey: www.Cal-
Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, Old-Fashioned Church Picnic
with a wiffleball and a paddle. Free. 410-  Info: 410-
10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard Union Church, 8912 Chesapeake Ave.,
535-1600 ext. 8210. 535-1600, ext. 2223 or email Tim.Hepler@
1:00 – 2:00 PM North Beach
Enjoy a behind-the-scenes guided tour 12:00 - 4:00 PM
of the Maryland Archaeological Conser-
vation Laboratory (MAC Lab), a state-of-
Bar-b-que and many many picnic favor- Thursday, August 9
ites!  Music, Moon bounce, Corn Hole, and
the-art facility that houses over 8 million many other fun activities for the young and Tue., Aug. 7 & Thu., Aug. 9
artifacts, including collections from every young at heart!  It’s all FREE! with the Sons of the American Legion Meeting
county in Maryland. Free. Reservations, compliments of the Congregation.  Every- Sea Squirts: Marsh Detectives American Legion Post 206, Chesapeake
410-586-8554, e-mail: ed.chaney@mary- one is welcome. Questions? 410-257-3555.  Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons Beach www.jef.pat@, 10:00-10:30 AM and 11:00-11:30 AM 7:00 PM
Designed to invite adults and children to The Members of the Sons of the Ameri-
Operation Solomon Cradle of Invasion Historic Sunset Supper Cruise discover the museum together through mu- can Legion Stallings Williams Post 206
NAS Pax to Solomons Riverwalk Calvert Marine Museum, 14200 Solo- sic, stories, and special activities. Free drop- will hold its monthly meeting in the Upper
5:00 – 6:00 PM mons Island Rd., Solomons in program for children 18 months to three Level Meeting Hall of the Post.  All Mem-
A motorcade to honor all participating 5:00 – 7:30 PM years and their caregivers. 410-326-2042. bers are urged to attend and make their
WWII veterans. Aboard the historic Wm. B. Tennison, en- voices heard.  Info: Commander Ward at
Starting at 5:30, near the Naval Air Sta- joy a 90-minute cruise through history and 410-610-7217.
tion Patuxent River (NAS), motorcycles
Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times Calendars 21

Thursday, August 2
Summer Fun - Mike Rose. 7:00-8:00
For more information & to register for events visit

Summer Fun - Cape Science (Dunkirk

Firehouse). 2:00-3:00pm. Explore a va-
riety of hands-on science experiments
YoungatHeart By Office of Aging Staff
p.m. Magician Mike Rose’s new show that highlight the strange and wonderful
“Magic & Music & Stuff!” consists of properties of air pressure, electricity, and
National Night, Tuesday, August 7,
impossible magic tricks and off the wall combustion! Ages 5-up. Calvert Library Living Well with Diabetes 5:30 p.m. There will be great mu-
comedy all themed around music, sound Fairview Branch at the Dunkirk Volun- Living Well with Diabetes
and noises. The show features lots of au- teer Fire Department, 3170 West Ward sic, delicious food, and giveaways.
classes will be offered at: South-
dience participation. Many children will Road, Dunkirk, 410-257-2101. Pre-registration is required.
ern Pines Senior Center, Mondays,
become part of the show! All ages. Cal- The CREATE! for Seniors Pro-
August 27 – October 15, 9 – 11:30
vert Library Prince Frederick, 850 Cost- Manga Otaku Artist Nights. 7:00- gram will host its annual Luau
a.m. (No class on September 3
ley Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862. 8:30pm. On 1st Tuesdays and 3rd Mon- Luncheon, Friday, August 10,
and October 8); North Beach Se-
days, comics and manga fans ages 10 to 12:30 p.m. Wear your tropical
nior Center, Fridays, September 7
Green Crafting. 6:00-8:30pm. Make 17 gather at the Twin Beaches Branch to shirt and enjoy a Hawaiian themed
– October 12, 9 – 11:30 a.m. This
crafts out of materials that would typical- learn the techniques of drawing for com- lunch. Pre-registration is required.
workshop is for those with pre-
ly be thrown out. Crocheting, needlework, ics. Join us! Please register. Calvert Li- Diabetes or Diabetes. Register for
sewing, and simple tying techniques will brary Twin Beaches Branch, 3819 Harbor the workshop through the Calvert
North Beach
be used. Calvert Library Prince Freder- Road, Chesapeake Beach, 410-257-2411. County Health Department at 410- Senior Center
ick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or 535-5400, ext. 459. Have your blood pressure tak-
301-855-1862. Writers by the Bay @ the Library. en and health related questions
7:00-8:30pm. Looking for a writers’ Friends of Calvert answered with Ask the Expert –
Nurse and Talk program, Tuesday,
Friday, August 3 group? All writers and would-be writers
are welcome to come for critique & ca-
County Seniors, Inc. August 7, 10 a.m.
JobSource Mobile Career Center. 1:00- maraderie. Calvert Library Prince Fred-
Seeking Members Only about 13% of the popula-
4:00pm. Stop by to visit the JobSource Friends of Calvert County Se- tion is left handed. Celebrate this
erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or
Mobile Career Center for your job search niors, Inc. (FCCS) is a non-profit special group with National Left
needs! Get job counseling and résumé organization dedicated to improv- Handers Day, Monday August 13,
help, search for jobs and connect with ing the quality of life for qualified 11 a.m.
Southern Maryland JobSource. No regis- Wednesday, August 8 Calvert County seniors. FCCS
tration. Calvert Library Twin Beaches Summer Fun - Cape Science (Patuxent- provides funds for services which Southern Pines
will assist them in remaining in-
Branch, 3819 Harbor Road, Chesapeake Appeal Campus Appeal Building). 10:00-
dependent when governmental or
Senior Center
Beach, 410-257-2411. 11:00am. Explore a variety of hands-on Learn about computers with this
science experiments that highlight the grant funds are insufficient. FCCS
free class to help you build confi-
is seeking members. These are
Saturday, August 4 strange and wonderful properties of air
pressure, electricity, and combustion! volunteer positions. Contact Susan
dence with basic technology dur-
ing the Computer Class, Wednes-
MakePlayLearn. 2:00-4:00pm. Take Ages 5-up. Calvert Library Southern Justice at the Office on Aging at
days, August 1, 8, 15, 22, 10 a.m.
building and creativity to a whole new Branch at the Patuxent Appeal Campus, 410-535-4606. For more informa-
Enjoy a delicious dessert while
level at the library. We provide the space, primary building, 35 Appeal Lane, Lus- tion, visit the website at fccseniors.
learning about a phone that dis-
Legos®, and other building materials.. by, 410-326-5289. org.
plays texts of conversations and
you provide the imagination. Drop in. is a no-cost phone to individuals
All ages. Calvert Library Prince Fred- Summer Fun - Cape Science. 2:00- Calvert Pines with hearing loss at our Dessert
erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or 3:00pm. Explore a variety of hands-on Senior Center and Digital Talk, Friday, August
301-855-1862. science experiments that highlight the Enjoy a cookout with your neigh- 10, 12:30, Friday, July 27,
strange and wonderful properties of air bors in Calvert Pines I & II and 11 a.m.
Monday, August 6 pressure, electricity, and combustion! Chapline as we and other neigh-
bors across the nation celebrate
Ages 5-up. Calvert Library Prince Fred-
Parent/Tween Summer Book Meet- erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or
Up. 7:00-8:00pm. Parent/Tween Sum- 301-855-1862.
mer Book Meet-Up! Parents and tweens
(entering grades 5-7) will meet up to

Eating Together Menu

Book Discussion - (Lotus Cafe). 6:30-
talk about The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: 8:30pm. Recurring monthly book dis-
Squirrel Meets World by Dean Hale and cussion held at Lotus Cafe. This month’s
Shannon Hale. Register in person at your book is Edgar & Lucy by Victor Lo-
branch starting July 2nd and pick up your dato. Calvert Library Southern Branch, Potato, Seasoned Spinach, Dinner
copy of the book! Space is limited! Cal- Monday, August 6
13920 H. G. Trueman Road, Solomons, Fish Patty on a Bun, Lettuce & Roll, Fruited Jell-O
vert Library Fairview Branch, Rt. 4 and 410-326-5289.
Chaneyville Road, Owings, 410-257-2101. Tomato, Marinated Cucumbers & Thursday, August 9
Onions, Mediterranean Chickpea Stuffed Pepper, California Blend,
Tuesday, August 7 Thursday, August 9 Salad, Applesauce Corn, Dinner Roll, Strawberries
Parent/Tween Summer Book Meet-
Summer Fun - Cape Science (North- Up. 7:00-8:00pm. Parent/Tween Sum- Tuesday, August 7 Friday, August 10
east Community Center). 10:00-11:00am. mer Book Meet-Up! Parents and tweens Egg Salad Sandwich, Lettuce & Sweet & Sour Pork over
Explore a variety of hands-on science ex- (entering grades 5-7) will meet up to Tomato, Tossed Salad, Pickled Brown Rice, Mashed Sweet
periments that highlight the strange and talk about The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Beets, Cubed Cantaloupe Potatoes, Broccoli, Dinner Roll,
wonderful properties of air pressure, elec- Squirrel Meets World by Dean Hale Pineapple Tidbits, Pineapple
tricity, and combustion! Ages 5-up. Cal- and Shannon Hale. Register in person at
Wednesday, August 8
Oven Fried Chicken, Baked Sweet Upside Down Cake
vert Library Twin Beaches Branch at the your branch starting July 2nd and pick
Northeast Community Center, 4075 Gor- up your copy of the book! Space is lim-
don Stinnett Road, Chesapeake Beach, ited! Calvert Library Southern Branch,
Lunches are served to seniors, aged 60-plus, and their spouses through Title IIIC of
the Older Americans Act. Suggested donation is $3. To make or cancel a reservation call:
410-257-2411. 13920 H. G. Trueman Road, Solomons, Calvert Pines Senior Center at 410-535-4606, North Beach Senior Center at 410-257-2549,
or Southern Pines Senior Center at 410-586-2748. Lunches are subject to change.
22 The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

Would you like to place a Business or Classified Ad in our paper? Email or

Fax 301-884-2884

Cross, Wood
Cross, W & Wynkoop
ood & Wynkoop
And AssoCiAtes, inC.
and Associates, Inc.
28231 Three The
Road, Suite 101 •Since 1994 MD 20659
301-884-5900 (office) • 301-934-4680 (office) • 301-884-0398 (fax)
Group Health Insurance • Individual Market Health Insurance
Dental • &Vision

Life Insurance • Short & Long Term Disability

Payroll Services

Julie E. Wynkoop John F. Wood, Jr. Katie L. St. Clair

Do you President Vice President Customer Service Mgr.
need lower Call 301-884-5900 • 301-934-4680 • Fax 301-884-0398 •
office over-
Flexible lease terms to work with your contract schedule
Full service terms including electric and janitorial expenses
Only 3 miles from Gate 2
Only .03 miles from Gate 3
Lovely, quiet campus setting

1200 to 6,000 sq ft available

including lab/conference space

Barbara Svenson 48015 Pine Hill Run Road,

(301) 502 -7876 Lexington Park. MD 20653
Thursday, August 2, 2018 The Calvert County Times 23


Commercial HVAC contractor seeks
experienced service technicians.
Excellent pay, benefits, & health insurance.
Cash Paid For Farm & Minimum 5 years experience in the trade preferred.
Construction Equipment New employee/hire bonus up to $2,000!
Please call 301-731-7105 or email resume
Call 301-536-6039 to

F & GA M E
u n S
33. Doctor 14. Musical instrument
34. Front feet 17. It’s in a plant
36. Insurance option 18. One-time special
37. Some is “wicked” prosecutor
38. Type of weaving 20. Indigenous people of
39. Religious woman Brazil
40. One point east of 23. Mothers
southeast 24. Mongolian desert
41. Prestigious literary prize 25. Great Britain, Scotland and
44. Tiny humans Northern Ireland
45. Relish over 26. British air aces
48. Computer manufacturer 29. A lover to Zeus
49. Envelops 30. Frequently
50. One type is dippin’ 31. Get together again
51. Bequeaths 32. Gives a permanent post
35. Sun worshippers love one
CLUES DOWN 36. Ammonia-producing
1. Dice game process
2. Greek goddess of youth 38. 4th month of the Jewish
3. Piers Anthony protagonist calendar
CLUES ACROSS 16. Ivanovic and Gasteyer
4. One-thousandth of an inch 40. New England river
1. The winners 17. Horror movie franchise

5. JFK Library architect 41. Stores grain

7. A place to relax 18. Grab
6. A type of corrosion (abbr.) 42. Confess openly

10. Monies to pay debts 19. Iranian city

7. Beat up 43. Quarterbacks do it
12. Horse mackerel 21. Yearly tonnage (abbr.)
8. Political action committees 44. Not good
13. Type of steroid 22. One’s illicit lover
9. Antidiuretic hormone 45. Witness
14. Make dry 27. Fake smarts (abbr.)
10. Of the desert 46. Author Coulter
15. The Godfather’s adopted 28. Where Jersey natives
11. Oblivious of 47. Type of screen
son depart from
12. Actress Lathan

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24 The Calvert County Times Thursday, August 2, 2018

FRE 24



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Patio & Door
Door Glass • Storefronts Bdlg. & • Windshield Replacements
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Mirrors •Window
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Table tops
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Fireplace Windows
Windows • Window Motor & Regulators
•• Marine • Fireplace
Picture Frames • Door Repair • Heavy Equipment Machinery
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• Beveled Glass & Mirror • Panic Hardware • E-File of Insurance Claims
• Beveled Glass & Mirrors • Panic Hardware • E-File of Insurance Claims

15% OFF
Table Tops & Screens
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$20 OFF
Automotive Glass
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Table Tops & Screens
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