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Universal Gun Mounting Kits

Maximizing the flexibility of your adhesive applicators.
The brackets will mount onto any vertical or horizontal square bar 16mm to 20mm in diameter. A universal
clamp design allows for easy installation. The brackets also come standard with cool-touch handles to allow for “tool-
less” installation, removal, or adjustment and are capable of holding 1/2” round bars for easy applicator installation and

’s Brackets:

Universal square bar clamp within 16mm to 30mm diameter Bracket Types:
“Tool-less” installation and adjustment using quick turn
The 579xx398 bracket
allows for X, Y, and Z
Versatile installations by allowing for 3 axis adjustment axis adjustment.

Easily adaptable onto any existing machine

Bracket Bridge Package provides fixed mounting bar when

none is available

Variable configurations fit nearly any application

The 579xx397 bracket

is adjustable on the X
and Y axis.

Variable “L” bars can

offer many different

An example of a typical mounting.

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Universal Gun Mounting Kits


The range of products offer a complete selection
of hot melt components and support equipment:

RTD hot melt hoses

Manual and automatic dispensing valves

Nozzle and applicator styles

Mounting bracket packages

Additional Mounting Bar Options:
Solid-state pattern control systems
Applicator Mounting “L” Bars:
582xx565 - 1/2” round “L” bar, 4” x 18”
582xx704 - 1/2” round “L” bar, 4” x 10” In-line filters
582xx703 - 1/2” round “L” bar, 10” x 12”
Replacement parts for competitive systems
Scanner Mounting Bars:
581xx129 - Vertical “Flag” bracket High-performance hot melt adhesives
(Standard or Laser Scanner styles)
581xx126 - Horizontal “Flag” bracket Cost-effective rebuild/exchange programs
(Standard or Laser Scanner styles)
579xx211 - Universal Laser Scanner bracket
(Laser Scanner only)

Bracket Bridge Kit

The Bracket Bridge Kit (579xx399) includes two bridge mounting bases
and a 42” square bar. The bridge bases allow mounting heights from 2” to
8” high. The 5/8” square bar mounts horizontally across the machine,
providing a bridge for the applicator and scanner brackets to attach.
(This kit includes basic mounting hardware.)

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