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Cadbury India is a fully owned subsidy of Kraft Foods Inc. The combination of Kraft Foods and Cadbury creates a global powerhouse in snacks, confectionery and quick meals. With annual revenues of approximately $50 billion, the combined company is the world's second largest food company, making delicious products for billions of consumers in more than 160 countries. We employ approximately 140,000 people and have operations in more than 70 countries. IMC APPROACH:ADVERTISING - Cadbury New Campaign

Mumbai, July 2, 2010: Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM), the flagship brand of Cadbury India, launched a new campaign, “Shubh Aarambh” today. This campaign is based on the concept of the Indian tradition of having something sweet before every auspicious occasion, with the belief that it leads to a favorable outcome. Over the years, CDM has been a special part of every Indian's moments of happiness, joy and celebration. This year, for the first time ever, CDM urges consumers to also enjoy their much loved chocolate before embarking on an important task, in anticipation of a successful outcome.

Mumbai, July 2, 2010: To further build on the strong connect that patrons share with Cadbury 5 Star, the brand recently launched its new television commercial. In line with its “Jo khaye, kho jaaye” advertising campaign, the commercial takes the brand proposition one step forward, of

losing one self in every bite of the delicious Cadbury 5 Star. With humour as the trademark of all its communication, the film uses friendship as a platform to reinforce the brand‟s appeal amongst teenagers

The colourful pandas create more masti with Ben 10 toys in the new commercial Monday, 23rd May, 2010: Cadbury Gems today launched a television commercial for its exciting new variant - Gems Surprise. Taking Fun & Masti one step forward, Kids can now enjoy Cadbury Gems - colourful chocolate buttons - with a Ben10 toy, all of this packed in an attractive ball. To bring this offering alive, the new commercial features the Pandas in an exciting interface with the popular Ben10 toys, while they savour their much loved colourful Gems.

Sales promotion :Sales promotion is the process of persuading a potential customer to buy the product. It can be part of the personal selling process. The main methods of sales promotion are: Money off coupons – Cadbury customers receive coupons, or cut coupons out of newspapers or a

products packaging that enables them to buy the product next time at a reduced price. Competitions – buying the product will allow the customer to take part in a chance to win a prize (e.g. Cadbury win contest). Discount vouchers – Cadbury provide voucher (like a money off coupon). Free gifts – Cadbury provide a free product when buy another product in festival discounts .. Point of sales materials – e.g. posters, display stands – ways of presenting the product in its best way or show the customer that the product is there. Loyalty cards –those who buy Cadbury at large they get loyality cards; where customers earn points for buying certain goods or shopping at certain retailers – that can later be exchanged for money, goods or other offers. Examples of recent sales promotions are: Cadbury‟s sport in the community Loyalty cards have recently become an important form of sales promotion. They encourage the customer to return to the retailer by giving them discounts based on the spending from a previous visit.

Packaging :CDM brings new vibrant look     Swirls in new logo drawn on Cadbury „milk goodness‟ cues. Cadbury signature enlarged = stamp of quality. Dairy Milk brand endorsement across all variants. Colour coding ensures maximum impact and product differentiation

      

Increased Prominence of Use of Dairy Milk Umbrella Colour Coding for Differentiation Maintain „Glass and Half‟ Maintain „Purpilisation

Internet marketing :FRakhi with Cadbury Celebration :Ccaadbury celebration gift items are one of the most preferred gifts, from years to come. The best part of this Rakhi gift is that sisters also gift it to their brothers as these are sweet and loved by all. Innternet marketing has given a great benefit of sending Rakhi gifts through online shopping portals. Sisters can send Rakhi through these portals with full confidence. Shopping portals also gives special scheme on festivals for their customers. Sisters living outside India can also send Rakhi combined with sweets to their brothers. Free Rakhi with Cadbury celebrations is one of the best ways to send feelings and wishes. Communicating the Strategy

To promote the new Dairy Milk Megabrand, Cadbury implemented a comprehensive "360 degree support" campaign. This involved a highly coordinated set of promotional activities across various communications channels ,each activity bearing the same message. This approach

is known as integrated marketing communications and ensures that consumers receive a clear and consistent message about a brand. The 360 degree support campaign included a point of sale competition to win a "new look", new display units, a buy-two-get-one free promotion on 100g bars, PR and ads in the trade press. The result was that sales of the new Megabrand products exceeded targets by 12%!

Promotional campaigns
Cadbury Bytes
Market Background:

Cadbury is the market leader in chocolates but was a new entrant in the packaged snacking category. The company had a loyal child following but snacking was driven by teens and adults. The Indian palette also showed a distinct preference for salty snacks. Overall brand Cadbury strengths in the confectionery market were weaknesses in the packaged snacking market. Snacks were also largely driven by shared consumption vis s avis confectionery which is largely an impulse individual consumption Competition Well entrenched competitors and local unorganized players which are synonymous with snacking and dominated the market. The Brand Cadbury Bytes was a one of a kind snack, in that it was sweet and not salty and had the irresistible taste of Cadbury chocolate in it. To be positioned effectively as a snack it had to offer the irresistible taste of Cadbury chocolate in the context of shared snacking The Brand Objective Position Cadbury Bytes as the "people magnet" of snacking which led to being creatively expressed as "Bytes Jahaan Public Wahaan!" The Results Cadbury Bytes expands the chocolate category.

Cadbury 5 Star Crunchy
Market Background:

Cadbury is the market leader in the chocolates category, with Cadbury 5 Star being its second largest brand. Cadbury 5 Star which is unique bar of nougat and caramel enrobed in Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate provides one of the most distinctive and involving chocolate eat experiences. However in recent years the Cadbury 5 Star franchise was in decline. Competition The brand was under threat from other more offerings in the market. The Brand Cadbury 5 Star needed to introduce an element of surprise in its eat experience to gain share among lapsed consumers. To do this the variant Cadbury 5 Star Crunchy was launched- which still had the richness of caramel, chewiness of nougat but also contained rice crispies.


The campaign was built around the proposition of an " unexpected surprise" which had a surprise in every bit. This was creatively expressed as " Naya Five Star Crunchy.. Ab har bite main Arrey!" The campaign targeted at youth was executed in a lighthearted vein built around a boy-girl relationship. In order to engage youth the campaign was executed acrossTV, radio, internet, outdoor and print media.

The Results The brand registered double digit growth post the launch

Cadbury Dairy Milk
Background: Cadbury dominates the chocolate market in India with a 70% share of the market. Cadbury Dairy Milk is its largest chocolate brand which accounts

fro a third of every chocolate bar consumed. The Task: In 2005 the task before Cadbury Dairy Milk was to increase its consumer franchise. The Strategy:
  

The task was to get the youth audience to adopt Cadbury Dairy Milk in the sweet eating or " muh meetha karna" moments The campaign of " Jab Pappu Pass Ho jaye, Kuch Meetha Ho jaye" captured the thought of celebrating a moment of delight with Dairy Milk A campaign was built around the idea of how "pappu" celebrated passing his exams with Dairy Milk

The Media:
  

A multi-media campaign was launched on TV, Internet, Radio and Outdoor The key was how do own the moment of " pappu passing his exams" in the media space An innovative tie -up with Reliance webworld was executed, wherein students across 66 examination boards across the company could access their results on Rworld through their Reliance mobiles. If they passed a message congratulating them on their moment of delight from Dairy Milk was displayed

The Results: The activity contacted 20 MN students across the country and was awarded a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Media awards in 2005

Cadbury communication through –internet medium

Cadbury advertising

Cadburys advertisement in ATM machine to take the attention of consumer and connected with the consumer

Cadburys dairy milk associates itself with the occasion of passing school exams “pappu pass ho Gaya campaign “

In today’s competitive business environment brands have assumed a role of growing importance. They can differentiate a company’s products and develop customer loyalty, helping to sustain profitability in the long term. The Cadbury Dairy Milk brand has evolved into a Megabrand, incorporating a range of products each with their own identity, but now under the Dairy Milk brand. This initiative is intended to leverage the strength of the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand to the full. The strategy involved a packaging and range refreshment strategy which has resulted in a unified, m innovative Dairy Milk brand. Having exceeded initial sales targets by a considerable margin, the strategy can be considered a success

Suggestions :1. Come up with more new product and always do product innovation to come up more new variety of chocolates. 2. come up with more good advertisement related to new product so that consumer can attracted. 3.always give the good customers services so that customers keep on purchasing the product.

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