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The cans are fed by hand and with the can in position, the foot pedal is depressed. This activates the spiring head with its four
seaming rolls. Seaming is performed in two operations. During the first operation, the curled edge of the round container-end
interlocks with the flange of the can body. During the second operation, the seam profile is completed thus giving a compact
seam that will be hermetic during subsequent handling.

SEAM ER SpEcifics:
Cans ranging in diameter from 2" to 7" can be seamed on this machine. The machine can be supplied with individual motor drive
or line shaft drive. A mechanism is available for feeding the ends automatically. Cans, however, have to be fed and removed by hand.
Change parts comprise of end feed, can slide can guide and seaming chuck for each diameter. Standard seaming rolls are suitable
for cans upto 5. I," and gallon profile seaming rolls are required for cans above 5.1/8" diameter.


MACltiNE SpEcificATioN:
24 DS seamer is suitable for seaming cans within the 200-700 (51mm-178mm)dia.
range and 200-700 (51mm-248mm) height range.
Output: 15 - 40
Below 404 dia. : 40 cans per minute
404 - 502 : 30 cans per minute
Above 502 - 509 dia.: 25 cans per minute
603-700 dia. : 20 cans per minute
Arranged for Motor Drive less Motor, Starter and Switch Gear and Automatic End Feed.
Complete with: Motor Base Plate Guard, 2 - Vee Belts Toolkit,1 set of full electricals.Cable, conduit and fittings :1-2 H.P., 930rpm,
squirrel cage lE.F.C. Motor, Frame number 100L to suit 400/440 Volts, 3 phase, 50 cycle supply
Change parts: 1 - Seaming Chuck, 2 - Seaming Rolls,1 - Can Slide Can Guide
1 set Hopper change parts for Automatic End Feed.
NOTE: Customer to specify size and type (Std. End of Lever Lid type) of End.
NOTE: By incorporating certain additional machine parts and using slightly different
change parts, it is possible to seam cans of 114 (47mm) dia range, but without end feed.

CAPAcity SpEcificATioNS:
Smallestdiametercan machinewill close(Special) 1.118" Dia. 47mm
Smallestdiametercan machinewill close 2:'dia. 51mm
Largestdiametercan machinewill close 7"Dia. 178mm
Minimumheightof can machinewill close 2:' 51mm

Output,dependenton operator ======= 40 cansperminute

PulleySpeed 720R.P.M.
PulleySize(2 GrooveV Belt) 6.7/8"P.C. Dia 175mm
H.P.Required 2 1.49Kw
Floorspace- Leftto Right 45" 1.14m
Floorspace- Frontto Back 42:' 1.07m
Heightof machine
====== 72" 1.83m
Nettweight(approx.) 1,400Ibs 791Kg
Shippingweight(approx.) 1,7401bs 791Kg


;;;;measuremen~~~;;:;;t;;;;;:;;;========:=:82.32 Cubicfl 2.33m

All metric measurements are approximate.