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Background This year’s conference will highlight the role of farm

tourism in attaining the United Nation’s Sustainable

“One of the most exciting things that happened in the Development Goals through:
history of tourism after ecotourism is sustainable tourism.” 1. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth;
(Costas Christ, Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic 2. Social inclusiveness, employment, and poverty
Traveler) reduction;
3. Resource efficiency, environmental protection, and
In the call for a sustainable future, there is growing climate change;
interest in more healthy forms of travel and experience. 4. Cultural values, diversity, and heritage; and
Farm tourism is one such nature-seeking activity that 5. Mutual understanding, peace, and security.
provides a different kind of pleasure and experience.

Farm tourism is the business of attracting visitors and

travelers to farm areas, generally for educational and
recreational purposes, that encourages economic
Conference Objectives
activity and can provide both farm and community
income. The three-day conference aims to:

An enhanced consciousness of healthy living, • Increase awareness on the benefits of adding a

reconnecting with nature, and thirst for new experiences tourism component to farms;
has led people to rediscover agriculture through farm • Share best practices and success stories from local
tourism. and international experts;
• Provide experiential learning through farm visits;
This global trend has created new livelihoods for farm • Promote farm tourism destinations, travel packages,
families and contributed to the rural economy. and products;
The International School of Sustainable Tourism (ISST), • Provide a venue to promote and sell raw farm
with like-minded institutions, continues in its mission to produce such as vegetables and fruits, packaged
bring farm tourism in the Southeast Asian region and food items, non-edible souvenir items, or other
other regions to new heights through the Global Farm innovative retail items that would showcase the
Tourism Summit (GFTS2018). country’s products and services; and
• Create a directory of farm tourism establishments and
GFTS2018 will gather vast experiences, practices, sites for network building.
insights, technologies, and products from all over the
world. It will open channels and networks from one
country to another for farm tourism development. Photo credits:
Ephrathah Farms, Iloilo, Philippines
MoCA Family Farm RLearning Center, Batangas, Philippines
Sampran Riverside, Nakorn Phatom, Thailand
Keynote Address


Department of Tourism

Conference Topics

The conference will include presentations by experts and practitioners, panel sessions, and open floor Q&A sessions
designed to provide a venue for participants to reflect and learn from the resource speakers.

The More, the Learn New Start ‘Em Young:

Merrier: Success Marketing Strategies Listen to Experiences
Stories from Farm for Your Farm of Millennial Farmers
Tourism Communities

Share Easy and Preserve Natural Climate-resilient Make Your Farm Stay Do-it-yourself:
Doable Organic and Cultural Farm Tourism One-of-a-Kind Innovative
Practices Heritage through Practices Farm Products
Farm Tourism
Inclusive of registration fee, {( 2-day conference pass, event kits, certificate, AM and PM snacks, lunch, dinner) and 1-
day farm visit (entrance fee, meals and transportation)}.

Local& Foreign Delegate

Philippine Government Delegate
Php 7,500.00 (USD 145)
Php 6,500.00
EARLY BIRD & Group delegation (min. of 3) : Php 6,500.00 (each participant)
Note: For special arrangements, please contact secretariat.

Registration Procedure
1) Reserve a slot by filling out the online registration form at: BANK/BRANCH: Philippine National Bank (PNB),
Suite 101, CTC Building, 2232
2) Await the confirmation email with payment details. Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, 1300

3) Guarantee your slot by settling payment via check or ACCOUNT NAME:

cash deposit. Send the deposit slip to International School of Sustainable Tourism Inc.
ACCOUNT NO: 1514 7000 5179
4) You will receive a confirmation email with reminders

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Mark Tinao Ms. Nova A. Ramos Ms. Leah Rasonabe

Head of Business Development Program Specialist Tourism Operations Officer II
International School of Sustainable Tourism Training Unit-Knowledge Management Dept. Office of Farm Tourism, Ecotourism
1 Sta. Escolastica St., cor Roxas Boulevard Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate and Convergence Programs
Service Road, Pasay City, Philippines Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) Department of Tourism
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