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I have completed my internship in ACI Foods Limited. My internship report won’t be possible
without contribution of few people.

Firstly, I would like to thank Almighty Allah for his blessings upon me to make it this far and for
giving me an opportunity to work in one of the largest conglomerate of Bangladesh.

Special gratitude to Prof. Dr. M. Alimullah Miyan, (Founder and Vice Chancellor of
International University of Business Agriculture and Technology) for providing me such an
opportunity to conduct an internship program on ACI Foods Limited.

My special thanks to Mr. Tanvir H Dewan, Coordinator, College of Business Administration

(CBA) for helping to take right decision and his encouragement.

Secondly, I would like to convey my special thanks to my honorable academic supervisor and
instructor Mirza Ahsanul Hossain Faculty, CBA, IUBAT-International University of Business
Agriculture and Technology for his generous help and day to day suggestion in the process of my
internship report.

Then, I would like to acknowledge the help of my organizational supervisors, Md. Nazzar
Choudhuri, Senior Product Executive, ACI Foods Limited, for sharing his insights into the topic
and providing me the support I needed and allowing me to spend extra hours behind this project
besides my regular work. I would also like to thank Mrs. Faria Yasmin, Business Director and
Group Product Manager, Md. Saidur Rahman, ACI Foods Limited, for extending their support
and sharing their knowledge about the topic.

Letter of Transmittal

Date: 15th April, 2017

Prof. Dr. Alimullah Miyan
Founder and Vice Chancellor
IUBAT- International University of Business Agriculture and Technology.
4 Embankment Drive Road
Sector-10, Uttara Model Town
Subject: Submission of Internship Report

Dear Sir,
I am pleased to prepare my internship report and submit to you on “Brand Challenges and
Competition Faced by ACI in Promotion of Fun Cake”. It was a great opportunity for me to
complete the internship from ACI Foods Limited. It is my pleasure to carry out the internship
report under your supervision.
But there may be some mistakes due to various limitations. Therefore, I beg your kind
consideration in this regard. I hope this internship report will be of great value to you.

Thank you.


Md. Wajadul Islam Chowdhury
Program: BBA
International University of Business Agriculture and Technology

ii | P a g e
Student Declaration

I am the student of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, at the IUBAT-

International University of Business Agriculture and Technology and declaring that, this
internship research report on the topic of “Brand Challenges and Competition Faced by ACI
in Promotion of Fun Cake” has only been prepared as a partial fulfillment of the Bachelor of
Business Administration (BBA) program.

This Research report is not prepared for any other purpose like reward or publication.

Thank you
Sincerely yours,

Md. Wajadul Islam Chowdhury
Program# BBA
Major in Marketing

iii | P a g e
Supervisor’s Declarations

This is to certify that Md. Wajadul Islam Chowdhury student of BBA program of our university
bearing ID#13202020, has successfully completed the internship report on “Brand Challenges
and Competition Faced by ACI in promotion of Fun Cake”. In this regard he practically worked
in the ACI Foods Limited under my supervision and instruction.

This paper has been prepared under my guidance and is a record of the bona fide work carried
out successfully. Here by, I accept the report as the successful completion of the internship

During the program he was sincere, proactive and attentive to his work and I wish him success in

Mirza Ahsanul Hossain
Faculty of CBA
IUBAT-International University of Business Agriculture & Technology

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Executive Summary

In this report, I tried to explore how ACI FUN CAKE handles the challenges and competition
they face in the market. I also tried to explore how product development and its marketing and
promotion is carried out in the real world of Marketing. This report also reflects how the
company is maintaining its standards, policies and practices. The report also covers the
organizational background and details the company. It covers the findings of the research I made
on ACI FUN CAKE. I also tried to show the positions of other competing brands of FUN CAKE
in the market. Finally, I mentioned the drawbacks of FUN CAKE that I found while doing my
research there and recommended on what can be done to strengthen its position in the market. I
also gave some recommendations on what can be done to improve the overall environment of the

Table of Contents:

Preparatory Part

Title Fly
Acknowledgement i
Letter of Transmittal ii
Student Declaration iii
Supervisors Declarations iv
Executive Summary v
Table of Contains vi-xi
Part One: Introductory Part 1

1.1 Introduction 2
1.2 Origin Of the report 2-3
1.3 Research Aim 3
1.4 Objective of the report 3-4
1.4.1Broad Objective 4
1.4.2 Specific Objective 4
1.5 Scopes of the Study 4
1.6 Research Methodology 5
1.6.1 Data Collection 5
1.6.2 Primary Sources 5
1.6.3 Secondary Sources 6
1.7 Limitations of the Study 6
1.8 Ethical Considerations 6
Part Two: Organizational Part 7

2.1 Background of the Organization 8

2.2 Chairman Profile 9
2.3 Company Logo 9

vi | P a g e
2.4 Decision-making 9
2.5 Corporate Governance 10
2.6 Corporate Structure 11
2.7 Distribution Network 12
2.8 Global Presence 13
2.9 Mission 14
2.10 Vision 14
2.11 Company Values 15
2.12 Company Policies 15
2.13 Product and Service of ACI 15
2.14 Strategic Business Unit 15
2.14.1 Pharmaceuticals 15
2.14.2 Consumer Brands & Commodity Products 15
2.14.3 Agribusiness 16
2.14.4 Subsidiaries 16
2.14.5 Joint Ventures 16
2.14.6 Fundamental Departments of ACI 17
2.15 Departmen t of CB (Consu mer Brands) 17
2.16 Quality Policy 18
2.17 Environmental Policy 18
2.18 porters Five Forces 19
2.18.1 Threat of New Competitors 19
2.18.2 Threat of Substitutes Products 19-20
2.18.3 The Bargaining Power of Buyers 21
2.18.4 The Bargaining Power of Suppliers 21
2.18.4 Rivalry among Existing Firms 21
2.19 SWOT Analysis 22
2.19.1 Internal Environment 22 Strength 22

vii | P a g e Weakness 23
2.19.2 External Environment 23 Opportunities 23 Threats 23
2.20 Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) 24
2.21 External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) 25
2.22 Strategically Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) 26
2.23 TOWS Matrix 27
Part Three : Topic Part 28

3.1 Definition of Brand 29

3.2 The 10 key Functions of a Brand 29
3.3 Brand Awareness 30
3.4 Competitive Advantage 30
3.5 ACI Fun Cake 30-31
3.6 Market Overview 32
3.7 Promotional Strategy of FUN CAKE 32-33

3.8 Distribution Network of FUN CAKE 33

3.9 Target Market of Fun Cake 33-34

3.10 Prospective Target Market 35

3.11 Preferred Price of consumer 35

3.12 Competitors 35-36

3.13 Competitor’s Prices 36-37
3.14 Marketing Mix 37
3.14.1 Product 38
3.14.2 Price 38
3.14.3 Place 39
3.14.4 Promotion 39
3.14.5 Physical Environment 40

viii | P a g e
3.14.6 People 40

3.14.7 Process 40

Part Four : Actual Task Part 41

4.1 Job Description 42

4.2 My Daily Routine 43
4.3 Office Work 44
4.4 Specific Responsibilities of the Job: Survey and Market Research of FUN 44
4.4.1 Preparing a Questionnaire and Conducting Market Survey 44
4.4.2 Conducting a Market Research on the Available Cake Brands 45
4.4.3 Taking Part in Promotion of the Brand 46
4.5 Specific Responsibilities of the Job: Sample Testing of Stick Noodles and 47
Mixed Spices
4.6 Specific Responsibilities of the Job: Others 47

4.6.1 Promotion of the Facebook page of ACI PURE FOODS 47

4.6.2 Campaign visit for the promotion of new product 47
4.6.3 Market Audit 48
4.6.4 Contact with dealers and supervisors 48
4.6.5 Delivery 49
4.6.6 Contact with Production 50
4.6.7 Contact with bank 50
4.6.8 Making Presentation 50
Part Five : Research Part 51

5.1 Problem Statement 52

5.2 Background of the Problem 52
5.3 Project Timeline 53
5.4 Budget Information 53

ix | P a g e
5.5 Research Methodology 54
5.5.1 Research Approach 54
5.5.2 Research Philosophy 54
5.5.3 Type of Research 54
5.5.4 Method of Data Sources 54
5.5.5 Method of Data Collection 55
5.5.6 Population and Sampling Method 55
5.5.7 Research limitation 55
5.6 Data Analysis and Interpretation: 55-56
5.6.1 Hypothesis Development: 56
5.6.2 Hypothesis Scale 57
5.6.3 Hypothesis Table 57
5.6.4 Graphical Representation 58-64
5.7 Findings 64
5.8 Recommendation 65
6. Conclusion 66
References 67

Appendix 68

List of Abbreviation 69

My Internship Certificate of ACI Foods Limited 70

Survey Questionnaire 71-73

MY Internship ID Card and Photo with my Organization supervisor 74

List of Figure

Figure 01: Strategic Business Units (SBU‟s) 08

Figure 02: Corporate Structure 11
Figure 03: Consu mer Brands 17
Figure 04: Porter five Forces 19

Figure 05: Porter five Forces 22
Figure 06: Cake Sales 31
Figure 07: Consumption Pattern 34
Figure 08: Age Group 34
Figure No: 09 Marketing Mix 38
Figure No: 10 Overall Market Share 52
Figure No: 11 Response of Hypothesis 01 58
Figure No: 12 Response of Hypothesis 02 59
Figure No: 13 Response of Hypothesis 03 60
Figure No: 14 Response of Hypothesis 04 61
Figure No: 15 Response of Hypothesis 05 62
Figure No: 16 Response of Hypothesis 06 63
List of Table

Table No: 01 Internal Factor Analyses 24

Table No: 02 External Factor Analyses 25

Table No: 03 Strategically Factor Analysis Summary 26

Table No: 04 TOWS Matrix 27
Table No: 05 Competitor’s Prices 37
Table No: 06 Project Timeline 53

Table No: 07 Budget Information 53

Table No: 08 Hypothesis Development 56

Table No: 09 Hypothesis Scale 57
Table No: 10 Hypothesis Table 57

xi | P a g e