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Lesson Plan: Mail Merge

Module 3.1 Computers, part of you life – part 2

A textbook for Computer Applications Technology
Learner group: 12 Date: 12 Periods:

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Standards

12.2.1 Apply productive methods, procedures and techniques to accurately input data.
12.2.2 Apply advanced word processing techniques in various contexts.
12.2.6 Apply logical thinking to respond to challenges in a variety of contexts in the end-user computer application
environment using techniques of integration.
12.2.7 Interpret written and electronic layout and editing instructions to produce accurate output in a competent
12.2.8 Communicate information effectively by selecting and using appropriate communication modes and tools.

Content Use the word processor’s mail merge facility to do a mail merge by combining a main document with
analysis a data source.
Scenario and
Theme: Data processing for your business
I can
 explain what mail merge is by referring to a main document, data source and merged
Outcomes  name examples of data sources that can be used for mail merge.
 make use of the mail merge facility of a word processor to execute a mail merge by merging a
data source and main document.

LTSM Textbook

Learning activities
Teacher activities Learner activities
Identify examples from real life where it is being implemented – junk mail,
Discuss the concept of mail merging.
Explain roughly how mail merge works.
Refer to terms and give examples such as
data source, main document and merged
Activity 1: Create a letter and follow simple example
Activity 2: Design letter to clients that belong to the Housesitting club
Activity 3: Task where some records are omitted
Display the steps that must be followed to
Activity 4: Design letter to the paretns of the members of the orchestra,
execute mail merge.
and sticker on instruments
Activity 5: Checklist
Activity 6: Design diploma to pre-schoolers
Evidence of achievement / Daily assessment
Assessment Method
Task #: AS Nature of task
by whom? of assessment
12.2.1, 12.2.2,
Activity 1 12.2.6, 12.2.7, Practical task Teacher Observation
Activity 2 12.2.1, 12.2.2,
12.2.6, 12.2.7, Practical task Teacher Observation
Activity 3 12.2.1, 12.2.2,
12.2.6, 12.2.7, Practical task Teacher Observation
12.2.1, 12.2.2, Check if knowledge and
Activity 5 12.2.6, 12.2.7, skills have been Self Checklist
12.2.8 mastered

Reflection (What worked and what did not work.)