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Rachel Braynin, MBA

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MBA, Bryan School of medium-sized company requiring expert Project Management skills, a
Business. UNC, relentless commitment to management by metrics, and an abiding desire
Greensboro, NC 1998 to mentor and develop staff
* MBA Exchange Student MY MOTTO: I NEVER "DON'T." I ALWAYS "DO"
Royal Melbourne
Institute of Technology.
Eight years successful Defender of metrics- Capable builder of
BS (Statistics) NC State Director/VP experience in based management, effective, motivated,
Raleigh, NC 1992 these online industries: the Numbers Story, and enthusiastic, and
forms, retail, self- customer score cards successful teams
CERTIFICATES publishing, and ad-serving
PMP Certified 2007 Relate effectively with C- Apply Project Mgt. tools Live and breathe
Scrum Master Certified Suite, managers, and to improve bottom line personal responsibility
* 2017, 2009 individual contributors for myself and my team
Delight in getting the job Strong affinity for Take special pride in
TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES done right the first time, technology for the employee development
Software every time Voice of the Customer
MS Excel Power User
MS Project
MS Word
ZenDesk) Atlassian Product I know of no other place where the saying, "One bad apple can spoil the bunch" is more
Suite (Jira, Confluence)
relevant than in an online self-help forum of self-published authors. When I first arrived
Aha! at Lulu and was responsible for the Customer Voice, I inherited an active customer base
in our Forums where our authors helped each other. With every author but one, I was
Other effective in fostering a sense of "we're all in this together." He was a particularly difficult
Agile Methodology forum contributor who could not control his snide, sarcastic comments, using all the text
and font colors to express his nasty attitude and give hurtful feedback. Working with him
Special Expertise and with our management, I was unsuccessful several times to get him to modify his
* Excellent communicator: behavior. Left with no choice, I fired him from the community. Immediately, the spirit
* Able to synthesize, and feeling of community returned to that Forum and members were grateful. Effective
organize, summarize and
present data for Executives and on-going peer self-help was an important part of our business model because it
* Proficient in Social Media reduced the number of inbound inquiries for the Customer Voice team to handle, freeing
Platforms (FB, Twitter, them up for other duties.
SnapChat, Linked-In)
* Quickly and effectively apply Continued - Page 2
new technology

Rachel Braynin, MBA
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Phone email@address
I am all about doing everything I can so customers have an absolutely wonderful experience. When I started at
F2B as VP Customer Service, customers would wait days, weeks, or even months to complete the onboarding
process. Our product was excellent, and while customers were patient, I was not. I dropped Dynamics and
implemented Zendesk and added three technical implementation engineers and an additional tech support
representative. I ramped up various levels of internal training and implemented a turnaround goal of 24 hours
(although once they got comfortable with the new way of doing things, turnaround dropped to between two and
four hours, max.) I attribute our improvement to one policy I implemented: that of making certain we knew
precisely what the customer wanted before we began a project. The results were outstanding, with Professional
Services revenue increasing in March 2018 by 200% and customer retention/renewal hit 100% in the same time
period. The Support Queue was cleared out each day, as all items were either successfully closed or escalated to


I'm proud to say that once a customer engaged with our Customer Success team, without fail, they renewed their
contracts. I don't know of any other customer service head who can say that. Prior to my assuming the position of
VP Customer Success, our renewal rate hovered around 75%. A major factor in getting us to our goal of 100%
renewal was that I mandated that a second Tech Engineer or Tech Support person would QA someone else's
completed work before releasing it to the customer, thus ensuring that we never sent mistakes back to the
customer. I expedited their work by using Zendesk to create a library of Javascript and SQL commands that were
common across customers. This reduced our workload and improved turn-around time from request to
delivery. And finally, I managed the shift of housing all documentation from SharePoint as PDFs to interactive
searchable content in Zendesk Guide. Once completed, we were able to sunset the legacy documentation,
reducing the touch points our internal and external customers needed to be able to successfully use our


Since business is 24/7, any company that presents itself as global must offer 24/7 customer service. Yet many do
not. ChannelAdvisor was one that did and I was responsible for it. I implemented an around-the-clock coverage
schedule. I started in the East Coast by creating 2 shifts, one to cover from 8am and the second to cover until
8pm. When the company opened a Sales office in Melbourne, Australia to manage the Far East time zone, I
immediately got approval to hire a Technical Support member to provide coverage in the time zone. One of our
senior team members spent a month in the office providing in-depth, hands-on training. It was a great success.
The next time zone covered Europe, and the previous team opened a Development Center in Ireland. I used this
office to bring on Support team members who covered the EU to 8am ET shifts. Lastly, we opened a Business
office in Seattle, and I transferred someone from Raleigh to cover to end the 8pm shift. We truly had around-the-
world coverage for the customer base.


In many companies today, team managers unknowingly engage in a team-spirit-crushing Catch-22 that damages
productivity and morale: Too often team managers emphatically say, "we're a team" and then give the lie to their
words by autocratically imposing their will and denying team members the opportunity to speak freely, voice
concerns, and meaningfully contribute. I was a Scrum Master and using a range of tools was able to help the
Development Team improve their output and better plan release success. By gently leading discussions and
allowing the team to express frustrations or issues during a Sprint, and then honestly discussing actions to
remove impediments to action, I was able to give the team increased confidence in their ability to deliver on their
commitments. I achieved this through patience, excellent communication and note taking skills, and passive
questioning to let Engineers do what they do best, solve problems.

Rachel Braynin, MBA
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19th Century American philosopher Elbert Hubbard said, "If you want to get a job done, give it to a busy man. The
others have no time." Updating that for today's world, he is describing me. Every day I have a seemingly
insurmountable task list of personal and professional activities, and through experience I've learned that
multitasking is a trap. I look at the body of work as a whole and I'm meticulous about prioritizing activities. I pick
the ONE thing I can do that will move things forward, that will make a difference, that is necessary to achieve a
goal, influence revenue, find success. And then I go as far as I can on it, and then move on. This ensures I don’t
stall on inaction because the tasks seem insurmountable.


As Director of Customer Voice at Lulu Press, I was surprised when the CEO asked me to manage all aspects of our
physical move from downtown Raleigh to RTP. Unable to pass up a challenge to do something meaningful, I
accepted. I'm a committed believer in teams, and simultaneously formed a moving team and established a strong
working relationship with the outside coordinator of the moving company. My overall strategy was to over-
communicate with all stakeholders, set and share all milestones and progress, and celebrate our successes, both
small and large. I overcame a range of challenges - internet, telephone, office assignments, furniture selection,
and bruised egos. When the move was complete, we celebrated in memorable style. We completed the move
within our allotted window and were within budget. Because Executive leadership trusted me, they did not
micro-manage me. I was selected because I am natural leader, am self-confident, have people's trust, and don't
take "no" for an answer. We got it done.


I am hyper-vigilant to find new-hires or current employees with talent and drive whom I can mentor and start
them on their new careers. I have many examples of my former employees who started as trainees or individual
contributors and who are now managers, senior managers, directors, and one vice president. I look for
enthusiastic, passionate, can-do people who love to help others, and then provide them with the support, tools
and challenging opportunities to grow. My mantra is: To successfully mentor competent people, give them
guidance and opportunity, then get out of the way. I love it when my employer wants to "promote from within,"
and it thrills me to train employees and then willingly release them for other opportunities within the company.
Looking around Lulu, so many successful employees started on the Customer Voice team, and worked their way
to new opportunities within the company. At ChannelAdvisor, many of the initial employees in Customer Voice
moved on to bigger roles. "Zee" is my biggest success story. She started as an individual contributor, had great
stats in her work and was hungry to do more. She earned promotions to Team Lead, then Manager. She is now a
Vice President and won Triangle Business Journal Women in Business award.

I'm from humble beginnings and I have fearlessly taken every growth opportunity to further my education,
develop my character and my skills. While employed at IRI, Inc., my most interesting Market Research customers
had MBAs. Inspired by a desire to grow my career, I sought a part-time MBA program. I started at UNC-G Bryan
School of Business. When LifeSavers, my primary account, relocated to New Jersey, I declined a transfer,
preferring instead to go full-time and finish my MBA. I designed it to include a grant-based Work-Study program
at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. I took 4 classes and returned to UNCG with the highest grades
they had seen come back from RMIT from any student. Committed to making the most of whatever opportunities
I have, I made time to backpack around the country for 5 weeks, become SCUBA-certified, and played soccer for a
local club. (I was honored with "Best-on-Ground" in three games.) THE POINT OF THE STORY: I see an opportunity,
and I find a way to make the most of it. I promise to be as focused and fearless in achieving company goals as I
am in my personal life.

Rachel Braynin, MBA
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Sr Project Manager, Self-Employed. June 2018 – Present
Work with conducting project management assistance on a contract basis to assist
and guide the Lulu 2.0 Launch efforts. Approached by former manager to provide expertise,
leadership, and direction to fill the Project Manager gap. Deliverables include business and
competitive analysis to guide priority setting by Senior Management. Using my extensive, self-publishing, and software delivery knowledge to track project progress and lead
team to success.

Field2Base. Morrisville, NC
Vice President, Customer Success. August, 2017 - June, 2018
Position was one of many eliminated when the 24 person company was shrunk down to 11
when funding ran out.
Led team of Technical Implementation Engineers and Technical Support personnel to
provide customized solutions based on the SaaS offering, customizing, integrating and
automating the forms experience. My decisions and actions impacted $120K of annual
gross revenue

Lulu Press, Inc. Morrisville, NC (June, 2011 - June, 2017)

Senior Program Manager. January, 2017 - June, 2017
Scrum Master using Agile software and working closely with Engineering to ensure we
met customer deliverables. Oversaw and executed the company's roadmap of
improvements and new products
Director of Customer Voice. June, 2011 - January, 2027
Led Customer Voice team of support professionals, including International Agents and
Team Leads to create customer advocates for our brand. My decisions and actions
impacted on ~$19M of annual gross revenue

ChannelAdvisor. Morrisville, NC. January, 2010 - May, 2011

Director of Customer Voice.
Profitably managed multiple technical support teams across 5 product lines across
the US and around the world. in online retail industry. Active contributor during
quarterly strategy-setting sessions. My decisions and actions impacted on ~$50M of
annual gross revenue

Microsoft. Raleigh, NC. October, 2008 - January, 2010

Senior Manager, Technical Support.
Managed 3 technical support teams and their managers across multiple product lines
in the ad-serving industry. Primary focus: program development based on market

Rachel Braynin, MBA
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Peopleclick. Raleigh, NC. November, 2000 - December, 2008

Senior Manager, Service Support. March 2007 – September 2008
Managed 16 technical support team members across 2 product lines, Tier I, II, and III.

Senior Project Manager, PMP. November 200 – March 2007

Fully responsible for managing billable projects, from initiation through delivery.
Participated in the Migration of customers from legacy to the new platform.


IBM. Research Triangle Park, NC. 1998 - 2000

Operational Commodity Manager.
Managed inventory for PCs and Laptop manufacturing with focus on CD/DVD drives
across multiple locations and suppliers

Information Resources, INC. Winston-Salem, NC. 1993 - 1996

Project Director (Reynolds and LifeSaver Company).
Marketing research and analysis. Ate a lot of candy and gum

SEER Technologies. Cary, NC 1992 - 1993

Action Line.
Implemented SEER's first Help Desk for their banking customers; responsible for
recording and triaging inbound cases.

• Playing soccer
• Reading
• Walking my dog
• Watching movies
• Cooking