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Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Ltd.

1 Vision and Mission 6 Advantages & Bankability

2 History 7 New Technology and New Products
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4 Global Manufacturing Bases 9 Project References
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Vision and Mission

To develop and enhance solar technology and

provide the most reliable and affordable solar
energy in global markets.

To gain complete control over a vertical-value-

chain, from manufacturing materials and modules
to providing solar technical services for solar
systems and power plants.

To be a worldwide leader for PV technology.

To be a public company taking more social


From U.S.A, For the World.

Amerisolar History
1993 Founded in California, USA

2007 Amerisolar established

2008 100MW factory built in China

2008 Certified by TUV, MCS and UL

2009 Certified by KEMCO

2010 Certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001

2013 Certified by J-PEC and JET for Japan

2014 Expand production in Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea

2014 Replace old equipment with automatic production lines

2014 Excellent outdoor module yield performance demonstrated by Photon Lab

2014 Production capacity reaches 980MW

2015 Certified by Inmetro for Brazil

2 ……
Corporate Strategy

Amerisolar is on the way to IPO in China stock market as a

solar company with leading solar technology, technical
service and solar power plant investment.

Office & Buildings

Production lines

--- Automatic Soldering ---

Laying IV testing


Testing Center

The system for testing the cross-link rate of EVA

Temperature & Humidity chamber

High and low temperature alternating

damp heat test chamber
UV preconditioning test chamber

Show Room

Manufacturing Base in Different Countries

USA Factory - California - 60MW

China Factory - Nantong - 500MW Production Capacity

980MW in 2016
Taiwan Factory - Xinzhu - 160MW

Vietnam Factory - Hanoi - 100MW

South Korea Factory - South Seoul - 160MW

Strict Quality Control

1st EL Test 2nd EL Test EL Recording

Each piece of Amerisolar panel has been strictly tested and

only 100% Qualified products could be shipped to our clients worldwide.

Amerisolar Competitive Advantages

Leading Solar Technology Worldwide

High Quality Products
No Anti-Dumping Tariff for EU & USA
Door-to-Door Logistics Services

Quality and Warranty Advantages

 30-Year-Warranty
• Guaranteed power output: 0~+3%
• Over 12 years repair & replacement product warranty
• Over 12 years 91.2% power output warranty
• Over 30 years 80.6% power output warranty

 CHUBB Insurance

 R & D – Exclusive Patents

AS-5M-210W AS-6M30-260W AS-6M-330W • Over 136 patents for Amerisolar modules to ensure
perfect products
• Product ranges from 70w to 330w
• High efficiency solar cell up to 19.2%
• High-transmission-rate glass with Anti-reflecting coating
• Robust aluminum frames which ensure modules to
withstand snow loads up to 5400Pa
• Water proof junction box plus MC4 connectors
• Manufacturing certificates ISO 9001:2008,
ISO14001:2004, and OHSAS18001:2007
• Certified by UL, ETL, CE, TUV, IEC, MCS, KEMCO, JET, J-
AS-5M12-70W AS-6P30-255W AS-6P-315W PEC, PV-CYCLE, CEC listed (Australia), FSEC (FL-USA) and
CSI Eligible (CA-USA).
Amerisolar Competitive Quality Advantages

The Performance Ratio of Amerisolar mono 190W solar panel is 99.9%, which is the highest compared to
other first-class manufacturers in the world.
Amerisolar Competitive Quality Advantages

CHUBB - USA Insurance Company

Top 500 Fortune

Amerisolar Bankability

PROTOS S.P.A. is a professional technical

surveyor organization who is in Uni-credit's

Amerisolar Bankability

Amerisolar has received a highest-level

evaluation for its product quality and
factory facilities from PROTOS Research
Institute, and been bankable in the
following main banks…

Amerisolar New Technology and New Products

Super Thin Transparent Colorful

AgriSun ™ Bifacial
Packing & Shipment

Global Impact

Amerisolar Project References

Yamagata-ken, Japan
Saitama-ken, Japan

993KW 57KW
Hyogo-ken, Japan Chiba-ken, Japan

2MW 1.8MW 14.5MW
Denizli, Turkey Valencia, Spain Foggia, Italy

400KW 4MW
1.63MW Arad, Romania
Germany Athens, Greece

570KW 100KW 1MW

Baunatal, Germany Daugavpils, Latvia Churchstoke UK

20 More Installations to be continued…
S&Future, South Korea Semyeong, South Korea

350KW 700KW
Poeko, South Korea South Korea

Amerisolar Global Solar Show

22 Munich –Tokyo – Shanghai – Las Vegas –Melbourne –South Africa –South Korea
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